Ol' Fiddler & Irish Party House Radio Shows
Vol. 9/33, No. 3
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No. Trk M Artist Album Cut
Ol' Fiddler
1 2 D Cammy Romanuck CGM 2003 Gisele's Waltz, Blackthorn…Jig, etc
2 12 D Jerry's Hayshakers - Silvery Bells, Down Yonder
3 8 D Don Messer PEI Series, Vol. 3 Tuggerman's Jig
4 6 D T.Makem&Clancy Bros Freedom's Son's Freedom's Son's
5 7 D Jerry Holland Fiddler's Choice Paul Cranford's Medley
6 3 D Paul Cranford The Lighthouse Jigs: A Night in the Glen, N.F.
7 11 D The Cottars Forerunner Honeysuckle Medley
8 2 D Tommy Makem Songbag The Little Beggarman
9 1 D Charlie Lennon Turning the Tune Farrell O'Gara Reel
10 2 D Peter Horan & J.H. The Merry Love to Play Idle Road, Molloy's Favourite Jigs
11 2 D Burke,Conway,Dolan Tribute to And McGann Crowley's Reels
12 7 D Tommy Makem Live at the Irish Pavilion The Boys of Killybegs
13 15 D Jerry's Hayshakers - Cape Breton Breakdown
Irish Party House
1 13 D John McCormack Songs of My Heart The Bard of Armagh (8/9/40)
2 12 D Tommy Makem Live at the Irish Pavilion If I Was a Dog
3 6 D Tommy Makem Live at the Irish Pavilion The Winds Are Singing Freedom
4 5 D Beginish Beginish The Taylor's, Ansty's Barndances
5 2 D Josef Locke Hear My Song I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
6 2 D Seamus Kennedy Party Pieces Back in the Clydesdale
7 4 D K. O'Reilly, M. O'B Kitty Lie Over Biddy from Sligo Jigs
8 6 D Tommy Makem CB & TM Johnny McEldoo
9 9 D T.Makem&Clancy Bros Freedom's Son's Lord Nelson
10 3 D Brian McNamara, TC Reed Only Goof Natured Man, West End Hp.
11 19 D Tommy Makem Songbag Bold O'Donahue
12 20 D Tommy Makem Songbag Four Green Fields
13 16 D McCusker Bros. C.Band - Miss Monaghan's Reel