Ol' Fiddler & Irish Party House Radio Shows
Vol. 10/34, No. 9
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No. Trk M Artist Album Cut
Ol' Fiddler
1 1 D Nancy Roach Double Scotch Fr. Eugene's Welcome… etc.
2 9 D Graham Townsend The Inimitable … Little Robbie's Jig
3 5 D Denis Lanctot For the Love of Tara Sheep Shanks, etc. Reels
4 7 D Brendan Shine Play 1005 Do You Want Your Old Lobby …
5 4 D Winston Fitzgerald Classic Cuts Marchioness of Huntley, etc.
6 7 D Jerry Holland Fiddlers Choice Paul Cranford's Set
7 1 D Martin Byrnes Masters of Irish Music Duke of Leinster & his Wife Reels
8 7 D Liam Magee Songs Across the Water Leave Her Johnny
9 1 D Dady Bros. Soul Lilt Leather Britches Medley
10 8 D Dennis Harrington Canadian Champion Durang's Hornpipe
11 3 D Graham Townsend Down Home Fiddling Mountain Hornpipe
12 14 D Corries Scottish Love Songs Annie Laurie
13 11 D Chris Droney Down From Bell Harbour Parcel of Land, Kilfenora Reels
Irish Party House
1 4 D The High Kings - Black Velvet Band
2 13 D Oisin,Michael,Brian Trad. Irish Music Tommy People's,Michael Dwyer's J
3 12 D Glen Curtin - Banks of My Own Lovely Lee
4 4 D Tommy Peoples The Quiet Glen Mouse in the Attic, Fat Cat Hp.
5 14 D Young Wolfe Tones The Night is Young Sergeant William Bailey
6 2 D Eoin Reavy Handed On Tomgraney Castle,Spellan Fiddler H
7 3 D Brendan Shine RTE73 Races at Kiladoon
8 4 D Dady Bros. In Concert Steal Away
9 115 D Altan Best of … Drowsy Maggie, etc.
10 3 D Liam Magee Songs Across the Water Maid in the Calico Dress
11 8 D Kathleen Loughnan Affairs of the Harp McConnell's, Kitty Sheain's Barn D
12 13 D Peg Dolan The Missing Peace The Patriot's Game
13 1 D Providence A Fig for A Kiss Rakes of Westmeath, etc.