John McCormack 78's - Sale or Trade

Grade LAB ID Number Front Side Back Side
E- HMV DA 305 My Dreams Because
E,V+ HMV DA 1171 Garden Where the Praties Grow The Harp That Once...
E- HMV DA 1285 Bless This House Once in a Blue Moon
V+ HMV IR 210 The Irish Emigrant By the Short Cut to the Rosses
V+ HMV IR 212 Terrance's Farewell to Kathleen The Dawning of the Day
V+ VIC 746 The Harp That Once Thro’ Tara’s Halls Believe Me....
E VIC 754 I Hear You Calling Me Dear Love, Remember Me
E,E VIC 768 A Little Bit of Heaven Mother Machree
E- VIC 769 Little Boy Blue Tommy Lad
E- VIC 772 Little Town in the Ould Co. Down My Irish Song of Songs
E VIC 776 The Rosary Mother O’ Mine
E- VIC 1040 Bridal Dawn When
E VIC 783 Somewhere A Voice is Calling Sunshine of Your Smile
V+ VIC 785 That Tumble Shack in Athlone Mother in Ireland
E- VIC 918 Sometime You’ll Remember Remember the Rose
E- VIC 983 The Bard of Armagh Would God I Were the Tender Apple B
E-V+ VIC 1011 Indiana Moon Marcheta
E-,E- VIC 1020 A Love Song Little Yvette
E-,E VIC 1067 Rose Marie All Alone
V+ VIC 1092 The Sweetest Call Moonlight and Roses
E- VIC 1133 Through All the Days To Be Just A Cottage Small
V+ VIC 1137 Mother My Dear A Brown Bird Singing
E VICr 1247 Marchetta Somewhere A Voice Is Calling
E+ VIC 1435 Feldeinsamkeit, Op. 8, No. 2 Par Dicesti, O Bocca Bella
E- VICs 1303 The Little Silver Ring Bird Songs at Eventide
E VICr 1306 None But A Lonely Heart Who is Sylvia?
E+ VIC 1434 Ridents La Calma, K. 152 Come My Beloved (sm scratch)
E VIC 1437 There is a Flower Goodbye, Sweetheart, Goodbye
E VICr 1700 Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair Sweetly She Sleeps My Alice Fair
E- VIC 3024 Crucifix The Moon Has Raised Her Lamp
E- VIC 6208* Adeste Fideles (3/31/15) The Lost Chord
E- VICrs 6607* Adeste Fideles (10/1/26) The Palms
E VIC 6708* Panis Angelicus (5/6/1927) Christ Went Up Into the Hills
E VICrs 6776* Kathleen Mavourneen Love’s Old Sweet Song
E- VICs 6926* Hark, Hark the Lark; Hedge Roses, W Holy Night; Trout; Impromptu; Ly.
E VICr 8032* Bercuese-Angels Guard Thee Lullaby Ave Maria (Bach, 3/31/14, NY)
V VICs 14611* The Kerry Dance She is Far From the Land
E,E- VIC 64120 I Hear You Calling Me - (1-1910, 2-1911)
V+ VICd 64174 I’m Falling In Love With Someone -
E VIC 64181 Mother Machree -
V+ VIC 64205 Macushla -
E- VIC 64257 The Rosary -
E VICd 64260 Silver Threads Among the Gold (1913) -
E VICd 64302 At Dawning -
E,E- VIC 64309 Sweet Genevieve (1/2/1913) -
E VICd 64310 My Dreams -
E,E VIC 64311 Where the River Shannon Flows -
E,E VICd 64316 Molly Branigan -
E VICd 64318 Dear Love, Remember Me -
E VIC 64340 I Hear A Thrush At Eve - Serenade -
E- VIC 64341 Eileen Allanna -
V+ VICd 64342 Goodbye-Sweetheart-Goodbye -
V+ VIC 64405 Somewhere A Voice Is Calling -
E- VIC 64427 Bonnie Wee Thing -
E VIC 64433 Ben Bolt -
E VIC 64434 A Dream -
E- VIC 64476 It’s A Long, Long Way to Tipperary -
E- VIC 64497 When the Dew is Falling -
E- VIC 64499 The Vacant Chair -
V+ VIC 64532 Sing! Sing! Birds on the Wing -
V+ VIC 64543 A Little Bit of Heaven -
E- VIC 64546 Forgotten -
E- VIC 64606 Cradle Song 1915 (scratch) -
E VIC 64630 Tommy Lad! -
E VIC 64694 There's A Long Long Trail (scf) -
E- VIC 64699 Any Place is Heaven if You Are Near -
V+ VIC 64712 Crucifix -
E- VIC 64726 The Lord is My Light -
E VIC 64741 Send Me Away With A Smile -
E VIC 64773 God Be With Our Boys Tonight -
E- VIC 64778 Little Mother Of Mine (sticker) -
E,E VIC 64785 Dear Old Pal of Mine -
E VIC 64796 My Irish Songs of Songs -
E-,E- VIC 64814 When You Look in the Heart of A Rose - (scf)
E- VIC 64860 Your Eyes Have Told Me So -
E- VIC 64878 The Barefoot Trail -
E- VIC 64901 Honour and Love -
V+ VIC 64982 Learn to Smile -
E VIC 64994 Little Town in the Ould Co. Down -
E- VIC 66112 Mother in Ireland -
E VIC 66122 Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All -
E VIC 74158* Come Back To Erin -
V+ VIC 74237* The Irish Emigrant -
E VICd 74232* In A Persian Garden, Ah! Moon Of My -
E VICd 74236* Kathleen Mauourneen -
E VICd 74243* An Evening Song (dig) -
V+ VICd 74299* Asthore -
E VIC 74346* Goodbye -
E- VIC 74428* When My Ships Come Sailing Home -
E VIC 74432* The Trumpeter -
E VIC 74434* Come Into the Garden, Maud -
E VIC 74436* Adeste Fideles (3/31/15) -
E- VIC 87191 Serenade: Softly Thru the Night is Calli -
E VIC 87232 Flirtation -
E VIC 87573 Since You Went Away -
E- VIC 87576 The Last Hour -
E- VIC 74242* She Is Far from the Land  
    * 12"    

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