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Artist Description Label Number Grade
All Star Trio & Their Orch. Birds of a Feather FT, Leave Me With A Smile FT Victor 18834 E
Arden, Victor-Phil Ohman & Their Orch. Chiquita Waltz, 12 O'Clock Waltz Victor,s 21513 E
Austin, Gene Ramona, Girl of My Dreams Victor,s 21334 E
Autry, Gene Three Little Dwarfs, 32 Feet - Eight Little Tails Columbia 39543 V+
Autry, Gene Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, If It Doesn't Snow Columbia 38610 V+
Autry, Gene Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, If It Doesn't Snow Columbia MJV56 E-
Beaver, George Just A Girl That Men Forget, Wait Till Your Blue Cameo 409 E
Bennett, Tony Since My Love Has Gone, Silly Dreamer Columbia 39635 V+
Benson Orch. of Chicago Just For To-night, Drifting Back to Dreamland Waltz Victor 19101 E/E-
Benson Orch. of Chicago My Sunny Tennesee FT, Ma! One Step Victor 18819 E/E-
Benson Orch. of Chicago When Lights Are Low Waltz, Lonesome & Blue Waltz Victor 19198 E/E-
Benson Orch. of Chicago Tuck Me to Sleep in Old 'Tucky Home, Wabash Blues Victor 18820 E/E-
Berlin, Irving All-Soldier Show This is the Army', 4 record set Decca 340 E
Blasorchester (Polyglot Band) Paloma Walzer/Mein Schatz Walzer Odeon 10298 E+
Blu & Wht Marimba Band,Ferera&Franchini My Isle of Golden Dreams, Let Rest of World Go By Victor 18716 E/E-
Boyd, Jimmy I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Thumbellina Columbia MJV152 V/V+
Brigadoon Peformed by Members of the Original Cast, 5 rec set RCA P-178 E-
Burr, Henry & Frank Croston, Peerless Q Weeping Willow Lane, When I'm Gone You Soon Forget Victor 18609 E/E-
Burr, Henry, Burr & A. Campbell Old Pal Why Don't You Answer Me, Feather Your Nest Victor 18708 E-
Burr, Henry, Charles Hart All She Is-Old Fashioned, Don't Steal Daddy's Medal Victor 20025 E+/E
Burr, Henry, Chas. Harrison Was There Ever A Pal Like You,You're a Million Miles Victor 18645 E
Casino Dance Orch, Westchester Bilt. Orch Japanette, It Ain't Gonna Rain No More Perfect 14229 V+
Chamlee, Mario Dreams of Long Ago/For You Alone Brunswick 15161 E+
Chapman, Jack & his Drake Hotel Orch Dream Daddy FT, The Only Girl FT Victor 19201 E
Chicagos Lietuviu Orkestra Sesute Polka/Susapnuota Polka Okeh 26109 E+
Chordettes Mr. Sandman, I Don't Want to See You Crying Cadence 1247 V+
Christian, Tommy & His Orch. Ting-A-Ling/In A Little Spanish Town Harmony 304H V+
Christian, Tommy & His Orch. If My Baby Cooks/Schultz Is Back Again Harmony 333H V+
Club Royal Orch. Who'll Take My Place When I'm Gone FT, Georgette FT Victor 18919 E/E-
Columbia Lietuviu Orkestra Zanaviku Prasmatnybes Polka/Dzuku Dzyvai Polka Columbia 16105F E+
Como, Perry & Eddie Fisher Maybe, Watermelon Weather RCA 20-4744 V+
Coon Sanders Orch. Darktown Strutters' Ball, After You've Gone Victor 22342 V+
Crawford, Jesse In A Little Spanish Town, Just a Birds-Eye View of Victor,s 20458 E+
Crawford, Jesse Roses of Picardy, At Dawning Victor,s 20110 E
Crawford, Jesse At Peace With the World, Valencia Victor 20075 E
Crawford, Jesse I Wonder What's Become of Sally,The Pal That I Loved Victor 19567 E
Crawford, Jesse You Forgot to Remember, Sleepy Time Gal Victor 19906 V++
Crawford, Jesse & Nat Shilkret Orch. Within the Prison - Dreams, Put Your Arms Waltzes Victor,s 20368 E+
Crumit, Frank Good-bye Dixie Good-bye/Don’t Take Away Those Blues Columbia A2965 V+
Crumit, Frank I'se Goin from the Cottonfield,The Parlor is Pleasant Victor 19777 E-
Dalhart, Vernon/Billy Clark Open Your Arms My Alabamy/Coal Black Mammy Banner 1149 V+
Damone, Vic Ave Maria, Our Lady of Fatima Mercury 5535 V/V+
Day, Dennis Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, All the Things You Are Capitol 10013 E-
Day, Doris A Bushel and a Peck, The Best Thing for You Columbia 39008 V+
Draper, Rusty Shifting Whispering Sands, Time Mercury 70696 V+
Faith, Percy and Orch. Delicado, Festival Columbia 39708 V+
Farrar, Amparito Madelon/When Johnny Comes Marching Home Columbia A2716 E
Fenton, Carl Orch. Alone at Last FT, Say Arabella Brunswick 2925 E
Ferera, Frank & Anthony Franchini Drowsy Head Waltz, Isle of Paradise Waltz Victor 18771 E
Ferruzzi Orchestra The Bayadere/Doris Waltz Odeon 3552 E+
Four Aces Shine on Harvest Moon, Love is A Many-Splendored Decca 29625 V/V+
Foy, Tom My Girl’s Promised to Marry Me/Courting Zonophone 578 E-
Foy, Tom I’m Excited/I’m Upset Zonophone 883 E
Foy, Tom My Bunker Bump, Wot's t' Time Zonophone 963 E-
Freundorfer, Georg & Ernst Boecker Freundorfer Laendled/Tempo Der Zeit Odeon 10488 E+
Fry's Million Dollar Pier Orch. I Love the Girl Who Kisses FT, Cover Me Up With ..FT Perfect 14222 V+
German Accordion with Orch. Schon Weanerisch/Franzl Walzer Odeon 10256 E+
German Band Mariechen Walzer/Dispositionen Odeon 10096 E+
German Military Band Deutschmeister Regiments Marsch/Kartner Leider Marsch Odeon 10197 E+
German Military Band ReichsBanner Marsch/Hessen Marsch Odeon 10410 E+
German Military Band Rakoczy Marsch/Hoch Habsburg Odeon 10455 E+
German Orch: Kunstlerkapelle Albert Gluhwurmchen/Traum Der Sennerin - Idyll Odeon 10169 E+
German Orch: Kunstlerkapelle Dajos Bela Wonnetraeume/Poem Odeon 10438 E+
German Violin, Harp & Flute Grossmutterchen/Herzen Und Blumen Odeon 10119 E+
Godfrey, Arthur Slow Poke, Dance Me Loose Columbia 39632 V+
Gold, Lou & His Orch. Pleading/Just the Same Harmony 416H E-
Gold, Lou & His Orch. Luscious/I’m Waiting for Ships that Never Come In Harmony 616H V++
Gold, Lou Orch/Broadway Bell-Hops I’d Love to Meet That Old Sweetheart of/In A Little Garden Harmony 225H V+
Gould, Martin & his Orch. South of the Border, 4 record set Columbia M593 E
Great White Way Orch, Brooke Johns Orch Blue Hoosier Blues FT, Annabelle FT Victor 19108 E-
Green Bro Marimba Orch,Hackel-Berge Or Moon River Waltz, Love Sends A Little Gift of Roses Victor 18907 E
Green Bros. Marimba Orch. Down Hawaii Way Waltz, When It's Love Time in H. Victor 19589 E-
Griffin, Ken Adeste Fideles, Silent Night Columbia 38909 V+
Gunsby, Maurice Why Do I Always Remember, Lay My Head Beneath Victor,s 20051 E
Gypsy String Quartet Dreams & Fairy-Tale/Fiora Columbia E7304 E+
Hackett, Charles Duna Columbia 79521 E
Hackett, Charles Because Columbia 79879 E
Hackett, Charles Mother Columbia 79060 E
Hall, Wendell Red Headed Music Maker, It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' Victor 19171 E
Hamp, Johnny Kentucky Serenaders The Promenade Walls FT, Cecilia FT Victor 19756 E-
Hanford, Ford, Meyers & Hanford My Old Kentucky Home, Down in Arkansaw Victor 18767 E-
Happy Six/Yerkes Southern Five Shake Your Little Shoulder/Railroad Blues Columbia A2929 V+1
Haring ,Bob & His Orch. Could I?, Reaching For the Moon FT Cameo 926 E
Haring, Bob Orch, Broadway Broadcasters Talkin' t othe Moon FT, Lonesome & Sorry FT Cameo 912 E
Harrison, Charles, Elsie Baker When You & I Were Young Maggie, Silver Threads … Victor 17474 E-
Hart, Charles&Lewis James, Henry Burr When Harvest Moon is Shining, Mother's Hands Victor 18668 E
Hart, Chas & E. Shaw, Peerless Quartet There's Only Pal After All, Sleepy Head Victor 18786 E/E-
Hilo Hawaiian Orch. Hawaiian Dreams Waltz, Honolulu Moon Waltz Victor,s 20596 E
Hilo Hawaiian orch. Sweet Hawaiian Dreams Waltz,Hawaiian Sunset Waltz Victor 20022 E
Int Novel Orch, Glen Oswald's Serenaders Show Me the Way to Go home FT,Feelin Kind o Blue FT Victor 19809 E/E-
International Novelty Orch. The Prisoner's Song Waltz, After the Ball Waltz Victor 19714 E/E-
International Novelty Orch. O Sole Mio Waltz, La Paloma FT Victor 19002 E-
International Novelty Quartet My Love Waltz, In the Green Woods Schottische Victor 77210 E/E-
James, Lewis I Don't Care What you Used to Be, Oh How I Miss You Victor 19623 E/E-
James, Lewis, Charles Harrison For Sake of Auld Lang Syne, Call Me Back Pal O Mine Victor 18944 E
Jodler Gruppe Allgau Immienstadt Der Waldbua/Gruss Vom Immenstadter Horn Odeon 10539 E+
Jolson, Al Sonny Boy, There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder Brunswick 4033 E-
Jones, Billy & Ernest Hare, Eddie Healy Maybe, You're OK Katy With Me Cameo 511 E/E-
Jones, Isham Orch. I Can't Realize FT, Lady of the Nile FT Brunswick 2833 E/E-
Judson, Robert Carolina in the Morning, Down in Maryland Perfect 12037 V+
Kaye, Sammy I Only Have One Life to Live, The Three Bells Columbia 39602 V+
Keefe, Matt Sleep, Baby, Sleep/Strolling Yodeler Pathe 22151 E
Kreisler, Fritz From the Land of the Sky-Blue Water, Aloha Oe Victor 1115 E-
Lange, Arthur Dance Orch, Harings Orch. Egyptian Rose FT, Yes! We Have No Banans FT Cameo 344 V+
Lange, Arthur Orch, Bob Haring orch. In Love With Love FT, Linger Awhile FT Cameo 439 E/E-
Lange, Arthur Orch, Joe Basile Orch. Come On Over FT, I Wonder What's Become of Sally Cameo 599 E-
Lanin, Sam & His Orch. Sailin' On FT, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Perfect 14894 V+
Lewis, Ted & His Band No/I’ve A New Baby Columbia 600-D E
Lewis, Ted & His Band Homesick/To-morrow Columbia A3709 V+
Lewis, Ted & His Band Steppin' Out FT, Unfortunate Blues FT Columbia 48-D E-
Liaudies Orkestra Gaidzio Polka/Letute Polka Columbia 16093F E+
Lietuviu Tautiska Orch. Trimula Ploka/Kregzdute Polka Columbia 16087F E+
Lua, Pale K. & David K. Kaili Kohala March, Honolulu March Victor 17710 E/E-
Lua, Pale K. - David K. Kaili Kilima Waltz, Hawaiian Waltz Medley Victor 17701 E
Lucas, Nick Dreamer of Dreams, My Best Girl Brunswick 2768 E
Mahanojaus Lietuviska Maineriu Orkestra Kalvaruos Polka/Raudona Kepuraite Mazurka Columbia 16119F E+
Mariners I See the Moon, I Just Want You Columbia 40047 V+
Masterpiece Concert Orch. Strauss Waltzes, 5 record set Musicraft A3 E+
Maurel, Barbara At Eventime/Do Dreams Come True Columbia A 3607 E
Memphis Jug Band Memphis Jug - Blues, Newport News - Blues Victor 20576 V+
Mille Bros. Glow Worm, After All Decca 28384 V+
Miller, Mitch Yellow Rose of Texas, Blackberry Winter Columbia 40540 V+
Miller, Ray & his Orch. Moonlight & Roses FT, Just A Little Drink FT Brunswick 2866 E-
Moran & Mack Two Black Crows, Pts. 1 & 2 Columbia 935-D E+
Murphy, Lambert, Olive Kline Rose Marie, Indian Love Call Victor 45456 E/E-
Murray, Billy You'd Be Surprised, Freckles Victor 18634 E
Murray, Billy, B. Murray & Ed Smalls Sally Green, I've Got the A-B-C-D Blues Victor 18704 E
Murray, Billy, Victor Roberts Oh Gee! Say Gee! You Ought.., My Hometown is a … Victor 18712 E-
Native Hawaiian Troupe Flower of Hawaii/Thru the Night Pathe 20834 E
Neapolitan Trio Evening Chimes, Woodland Echoes Victor 17523 E+/E
Neapolitan Trio, Francis Lapitino Silent Night Holy Night, Christmas Hymns Selection Victor 18389 E
Odeon Tanz Orch. (German) Machen Wir’s Den Schwalben Nach/Unter Der Brucke Von Paris Odeon 10373 E+
Olsen, George and His Music Bye Bye Blackbird FT, What's the Use of Talking Victor,s 20089 E
Olsen, George and His Music Hello Aloha How Are You? FT, Let's Make Up FT Victor,s 20060 E
Original Dixieland Jazz Band Margie FT, Palesteena FT Victor 18717 E-
Osborne, Will & His Orch. When the Sweet Magnolias Bloom Again/Moonlight Down in Lovers Lane Perfect 15793 E-
Paul, Les Whispering, The World is Waiting for the Sunrise Capitol 1748 V+
Peerless Quartet, American Quartet I'm Missin Mammy's Kissin, Nestle in Daddy's Arms Victor 18751 E/E-
Peerless Quartet, Charles Harrison When You're Gone…, There's A Vacant Chair at Home Victor 18705 E/E-
Peerless Quartet, Henry Burr My Dream of the Big Parade, Prisoner's Sweetheart Victor,s 20098 E/E-
Pikkolo-Floten Duet mit Orchester Die Grasmocken Polka/Die Beiden Kleinen Finken Odeon 10563 E+
Reisman, Leo & His Orch. When You & I Were 17 FT, Peter Pan FT Columbia 307-D E/E-
Reser, Harry & His Eskimos Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf/You Gotta Be a Football Hero Perfect 15827 V+
Rose, Vincent & his Montmartre Orch Since You've Been Gone, I Don't Know Why I Love You Victor 19515 E
Rosen Max Traumerei/Mazurka in A Minor Brunswick 15135 E+
Salt & Pepper I'll See You in My Dreams, I Ain't Got Nothin' Now Cameo 706 E/E-
Santrey, Henry Orch, Varsity Eight Tell Me You'll Forgive Me Waltz, Doodle Do Do FT Cameo 559 V+
Selvin, Ben & His Orch. Ramona/In My Bouque t of Memories Columbia 1337-D E
Serenaders The Waltz is Made for Love, A Kiss in the Dark Waltz Victor 18972 E-
Serenaders Thru the Night Waltz, Red Moon Waltz Victor 18996 E-
Shilkret, Nat & Victor Orch. Barcelona FT, On the Riviera FT Victor,s 20113 E/E-
Shilkret, Nat & Victor Orch. There's Everything Nice About You FT, The More We Victor,s 20603 E
Shilkret, Nat & Victor Salon Orch. Neapolitan Nights, Allah's Holiday Victor,s 20035 E/E-
Smith, Joseph C. & His Orch. Three O'Clock in the Morning Waltz, Lola Lo FT Victor 18866 E
Speciale, Mike Orch, Bill Wirges Orch. I Love My Baby FT, Don't Wake Me Up FT Perfect 14536 E
Spike Jones Peter Cottontail, Rhapsody from Hungar(y) RCA 20-4055 E
Stafford, Jo Jambalaya, Early Autumn Columbia 39838 V+
Stanley, Aileen & Johnny Marvin Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away, Side By Side Victor,s 20714 E
Stanley, Bob and His Orch. Dance to Bob Stanley - Musical Bouquet Sonora MS480 E
Sterling Trio, Chas. Hart & Elliott Shaw Louisiana, Beautiful Annabelle Lee Victor 18726 V+
Sterling Trio/Dolly Connolly Pickaninny Blues/Daddy You’ve Been A Mother to Me Emerson 10159 E-V+
Stracciari, Riccardo Until Columbia 78099 E
Swenson, Kapelle Schwedischer Walzer/Rio Nights Walzer Odeon 10356 E+
Troubadours Paga Love Song Waltz, The One Girl FT Victor,s 21931 E
Troubadours Kashmiri Song Waltz, Merry Widow Waltz Victor 19532 E-
Van Loan, Paul Orch, Dale's Dance Orch. Where's My Sweetie HidingFT, Blue Eyed Sally FT Lincoln 2239 E/E-
Van Loan, Paul Orch, Varsity Eight Underneath Yum Yum Tree, Yes Sir That's My Baby Cameo 750 E/E-
Virginians Blue FT, Why Should I Cry Over You Victor 18933 E-
Waring's Pennsylvanians,Int. Novelty Orch Peter Pan FT, All Alone FT Victor 19570 E/E-
Whiteman Paul Orch, Int. Novelty Orch. Do It Again FT, Swanee River Moon Waltz Medley Victor 18882 E/E-
Whiteman, P. Orch, Great White Way Orch Homesick FT, All Over Nothing at All FT Victor 18963 V++
Whiteman, Paul & His Ambassador Orch. Whispering FT, The Japanese Sndman FT Victor 18690 E/E-
Whiteman, Paul & His Orch. What'll I Do Waltz, Lazy FT Victor 19299 E
Whiteman, Paul & His Orch. Rosie FT Medley, Honolulu Eyes Waltz Medley Victor 18721 E/E-
Whiteman, Paul & His Orch. If I Can't Get the Sweetie I, Last Night on Back Porch Victor 19139 E
Whiteman, Paul & Orch, The Virginians Hot Lips-Blues FT, Send Back My Honeyman Victor 18920 E/E-
Wilbur, Joe My Angel, Laugh Clown Laugh Perfect 12436 E
Williamson's Beale St. Frolic Orch. Bear Wallow Blues, Memphis Scronch Victor 20555 V+
Willing, Ray & Riders of the Purple Sage Cool Water, Have I Told You Lately Majestic 6000 V/V+
Yound, Margaret I Want to See My Tennessee, Eliza Brunswick 2785 E

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