The list of records - 78's, 45's, albums, tapes, and CDs are long so I broke them into 11 separate lists.This should facilitate ease of access for folks with dial up connections, however will make it more difficult for those who want to check artists or tunes across all media. For those who have been here before, note that the lists are organized a little differently than before. All lists are sorted alphabetically by artist except the John McCormack list which is sorted by record catalog number. Note that Irish 78's are covered by 2 lists and albums are covered by 4 lists.

NOTE that the actual media in these lists is now in the Ted McGraw Collection at the Ward Irish Music Archive in Milwaukee where it will be professionally cared for and made accessible to researchers (2018).

For SEARCH, use the Find capability in the Edit menu of your Browser. All lists UPDATED 2/15/07 unless otherwise noted.

78s Irish - A to L (updated 12/06/15)

78's Irish - M to Z (updated 12/06/15)

78's Scottish (updated 11/24/15)

78s Canadian & Misc. (updated 11/23/15)

78s John McCormack

78s American - Updated 12/28/06

45's Mix (updated 11/23/15)

Vocal & Instrumental Albums, Irish & Scottish - 4 Alphabetical Lists:

    Albums A to C (updated 11/23/15)

    Albums C to J (updated 11/23/15)

    Albums K to N (updated 11/23/15)

    Albums O to Z  (updated 11/23/15)

Canadian & Misc. Albums (updated 11/25/15)

Complete List - Updated 1/7/05 NOTE that this list has NOT been updated, and may be removed shortly.

Media Production companies - Albums

Media Production companies - Singles

List Field Definitions:

There is much information that is not in this data base, but it does contain artist, album title or content for singles, label, and catalog number. See field explanation below. We hope to keep adding data. At some point we would like to add our music and book collection, and homemade tapes.Please let me know if you find any errors - the lists have been well scrubbed but a few errors will always exist in a file this large.

NOTE: Some cross reference data and matrix numbers are in my data base but not on the web to keep these files as small as possible. I will be happy to answer questions on any items in these lists.

Col. A - Artist

Col. B - 2nd Artist/Notes/Title

Col. C - Label, a 3 letter abbr. of the media production company - see above list.

Col. D - Catalog number of the media

Col. E - Country Code - Irish, Scottish, Canadian, American, Welsh, British.

Col. F -Media - 78, 45, CD, LP, Cassette. Size indicated if not normal, eg. 10" lp or 12" 78

Col. G -Shelf Number (a local finders aid)

Col. H- Content of Side 1 of the record, singles only.

Col. I- Content of Side 2 of the record, singles only.