William Hannah, Scottish accordionist - Played Wilkinson’s Excelsior accordions.

Paul Groff’s 1920 Wilkinson is in BC tuned to 452.5 which was common at the time. Because of the high pitch, it could probably also be played as a CC#. There is a picture of Hannah playing his Wilkinson on “Melodeon Greats”, Topic lp 376. The Wilkinson’s may have been made by Hohner as they were buying up small companies at the time.

Hannah, Wilkinson, and Parlophone records must have been in collaboration in advertising. Note the Hannah name on the Wilkinson accordion and the Wilkinson name on some of Hannah’s ‘E’ and ‘F’ series Parlophone records. Play the record by clicking on the arrow. See examples below:

Wilkinson Accordions

See below: “As Played by Wm. Hannah” ; Red box above - Wilkinson from the 70’s.