Recent Notes on this Site


1. History: This site was constructed about 2004. It was constructed with Dreamweaver software with updates done in Mac iWeb software. Both of these software packages are outdated and no longer used. They still work on my computer and therefore I’m still using them for this major, first revision ever, in 7/2020. The site has not been revised for SEO (search engine optimization), therefore it doesn’t pop to the front in most searches.


2. Radio Shows: We retired the “Irish Party House” and “Ol’ Fiddler” Radio Shows on 6/20/2017 after 43 years. Many thanks to all our listeners and supporters! There are still some old playlists on this site.


3. Records & Books: My record and book collections have gone to the Ward Irish Music Archives in Milwaukee ( The record & book lists on this site will not be further updated and remain here for information only.


4. In the near future, I plan to add more discographies and button accordion information.