Patrick Gaffney, Fiddler


Patrick Gaffney discography (except where noted):

Matrix number (manufacturer sequential number pressed in the wax) in 1st. first col.

Label catalog numbers (printed on label) after tune name.

Ok=Okeh, Pa=Parlophone, RZ=Regal Zonophone, Co=Columbia, Ha=Harmony

71117 Mullingar Races Reel        Ok 21011, Pa E3029, RZ MR3224

71118 Jolly Corkonian Jig        Ok 21011, Pa E3029, RZ MR3225

    recorded in NY ca. December 20, 1922, John Muller, piano

71404 Paddy on the Turnpike            Ok 21013, Pa E3030

71407 Hide & Seek, Top of Cork Road Jig    OK 21013, Pa E3030

71405 McAllister’s Fling, Girl I left Behind    Ok 4840, Pa E3180

(71351 Bert Flynn playing The Blackbird    Ok 4840, Pa E3180)

    recorded in NY April 10, 1923

72113 Maid Behind the Bar Reel    Ok 21018, Pa E3052

72115 Paddy Ryan’s Dream Reel     Ok 21018, Pa E3052

    recorded NY December 1923, Susan Peters, piano

72770 Jim Haley’s Favorite Reel    Ok 21023, Pa E3095

72771 Sweep’s Hornpipe        Ok 21023, Pa E3095

72772 Willie Walsh’s Jig        Ok 21024, Pa E3096

72778 Leinster Reel            Ok 21024, Pa E3096

72774 Saddle the Pony Jig        Ok 21025, Pa E3097

72775 Fermoyle Lassie Reel        Ok 21025, Pa E3097

    recorded NY August 20, 1924

140127 Southern Shore Hornpipe    Co 289-D, Co 33056-F, Ha 5114H

140128 My Love is But a Kassie Quadrille Co 289-D, 33056-F, Ha 5114H

140129 Maggie in the Woods Polka    Co 251-D, Co 33058-F, Ha 5102H

140130 Girl I left Behind Me        Co 251-D, Co 33058-F, Ha 5102H

    recorded Ny Nov. 8, 1924, Susan Peters, piano

(Harmony 5102H and 5114H were also issued under the name of Michael Mahaffey)

140472 Green Grow the Rushes Oh    Co 350-D, Co 33057-F

140473 Jerry Daly’s Hornpipe    Co 350-D, Co 33057-F

    recorded March 27, 1925, Susan Peters, piano

Above from Dick Spotswood Ethnic Music, Columbia 33000 Irish Series by Pekka Gronow, and Parlophone E3000 Series by Arthur Badrock