Artist 2nd Artist / Notes Label Cat No CC Media Grade Side 1 Side 2
MacDonald, Jeanette   VIC 18316 Ir 78   The Kerry Dance Ouvre Ton Coeur
Macdonaugh, Harry Clark, Helen VIC 18488 Ir 78   Goodbye Mother Machree One For All & All For One
MacFarlane, George   VIC 45112 Ir 78   What An Irishman Means By ‘Machree’ Won’t Yez Kape Me Company?
MacFarlane, George   VIC 45074 Ir 78   Ireland My Own Home Town in Ireland
Maguire, Joseph w/Killoran Trio DEC 12136 Ir 78 E+E+ By Lurgan Stream Lovely Lough Erne
Maguire, Joseph   DEC 12146 Ir 78 V+ McNamara From Mayo Down By the Nut Bushes
Maguire, Joseph   DEC 12147 Ir 78 E By Kells Water The County Tyrone
Maguire, Joseph   DEC 12160 Ir 78   The Rakes of Paddy Roe Star of Drum
Maguire, Joseph   DEC 12163 Ir 78 E The Whistler from Bawn My Charming Jenny Shea
Maguire, Joseph   DEC 12168 Ir 78   The Wicklow Mt. High Corrigan (The Irish Airman)
Maguire, Joseph   DEC 12188 Ir 78   The Boy from Ballytore The Millstone
Maguire, Joseph   DEC 12199 Ir 78   Kate from Ballinamore I Know A Church Covered With Ivy
Maguire, Joseph   DEC 12230 Ir 78   The Dublin Brigade Round the Lovely Banks of Boyne
Maguire, Joseph   DEC 12239 Ir 78   Round Our Old Cottage Home in Old Ireland An Irish Greeting
Maguire, Joseph   DEC 12243 Ir 78   Soldiers of Old Ireland At the Foot of Rooskey Hill
Maguire, Joseph   DEC 12261 Ir 78 V+,c/m Hello Patsy Fagan Far From Erne's Shore
Maguire, Joseph   DEC 12264 Ir 78 E The Ould Sunday Dinner Barney O'Hare (from Co. Clare)
Maguire, Joseph w/ Killoran Trio DEC W.4238 Ir 78   Nest Monday Morning Tatterin' Pat O'Hara
Maguire, Joseph   GLN W178 Ir 78   Home to Tyrone My Darling Child
Maguire, Joseph & Pride of Erne Orch   DEC 12262 Ir 78   Jig: Rose in the Heather, Frost Is All over Reel: Maid of Mt. Kisco, Hand Me Down the Tacklin
Maguire, Leo   GLN W118 Ir 78 E Love Thee Dearest Hills of Connemara
Maguire, Sean   LON P.18238 Ir 78 V/V+ Tim Hogan's Fancy, My Darling Asleep Jigs King of the Fairies
Maguire, Sean   DEC W.5275 Ir 78 V+ Fox Hunter Sip Jig Madame Bonaparte Set Dance
Maguire, Sean   LON P.18239 Ir 78 V+ The Three Sea Captains Set Dance Sally Gardens, Dawn Slow Reels
Maguire, Sean   LON P.18237 Ir 78 V+ Lodge Road Set Dance Rise a Mile, Dusty Miller Slip Jigs
Maguire, Sean   DEC W.5274 Ir 78 V+ Skylark, Copperplate, Maid Behind the Bar Reels Honeysuckle, Friendly Visit Hornpipes
Mahaffey, Michael violin HAR 5105-H Ir 78   Maggie in the Woods Girl I Left Behind Me
Mahoney, Jerry   CEL CL1017 Ir 78   Old Skillara Hat McNamara From Mayo
Mahoney, Jerry   CEL CL1026 Ir 78   Galway Dan McCann They Were All Far Downs But Me
Mahoney, Jerry   CEL CI 1016 Ir 78   Patsy Fagan Mick McGilligan's Daughter Mary Ann
Mallet, Le   IMP 865 Ir 78   Irish Reels Medley of Irish Jigs
Malone, Paddy Accordion Band   REX 15032 Ir 78   Irish Reels: boys of Limerick, Rakes of Mallow, .. Irish Jigs: Geese in the Bog, Blackthorn Stk, 10 P.
Malone, Paddy Accordion Band   REX 15052 Ir 78   Scottish Reels: Speed the Plough, McLeods, Fairy D Highland Schottische: Lady Madeline Sinclair, ...
Malone, Paddy Accordion Band   REX 15053 Ir 78   Polka: See Me Dance .., Little Brown Jug, Swiss,. Hornpipes: High Level, Liverpool, Belfast, Fishers
Martin, Denis   DEC 12279 Ir 78 E When You Look in the Heart of a Shamrock Killarney in the Spring
Massinger, Charles   VIC 79263 Ir 78   Little Town in the Ould Co. Down A Shawl of Galway Grey
McCarthy, Jimmy & his Irish Aces   CTN C-1031 Ir 78 V+ Mother's Silver Curls Paddy
McCarthy, Pat   DEC 12193 Ir 78 E- Along the Rocky Road to Dublin Sailing
McConnell's 4 Leaf Shamrocks   VIC 19446 Ir 78 V+V+ Jig: Dublin, Geese in the Bog, Connaughtman's Ram Reel: Old Torn Petticoat, Off to Dublin, Boys of Lo
McConnell's Irish Band   GEN 4892 Ir 78 E- Orange Airs: Protestant Boys, God Bless Prince of … Orange Airs: Red, White & Blue, Men of Harleach, ..
McCusker Bros. Ceilidhe Band   HMV B.D.1326 Ir 78   Polkas Heilans
McCusker Bros. Ceilidhe Band   HMV B.D.1324 Ir 78   Sweets of May Man from Newry
McDonough, Charles   PAR E3568 Ir 78   Green Groves of Erin Reel Liverpool Hornpipe
McDonough, Tom acc ERI 131 Ir 78 V++ Committee Meet, Connaughtman's Rambles Jigs Thornton's, Miss McLeod's Reels
McElligott, William   DEC 12200 Ir 78   Codliver Oil It's An Irishman In Paris
McElligott, William   DEC 12194 Ir 78   Queenstown Harbor Ireland Shall Be Free
McElligott, William   DEC 12002 Ir 78 x2 Washington Hornpipe Jackson's Polka
McFadden, Grania   CEL CL1029 Ir 78 V+,c/m Tri Colored Ribon Green Grows the Laurel
McGettigan, John and his Irish Minstrels BLU B-4500 Ir 78   Three Leaf Shamrock From Glenore Highland Flings (also Sullivan 35w)
McGettigan, John and his Irish Minstrels BLU B-4502 Ir 78   Co. Galway & Nora McShane Cutting the Corn...
McGettigan, John   BLU B-4504 Ir 78   Hornpipes Where the 3 Leaf Shamrocks Grow
McGettigan, John   BLU B-4506 Ir 78 c/m The Dying Rebel Ireland's 32
McGettigan, John and his Irish Minstrels BLU B-4507 Ir 78   Erins Lovely Lee Jigs
McGettigan, John   BLU B-4508 Ir 78 ec/ap Where the Shamrock's Still Grow The Banks of Kilrea
McGettigan, John   BLU B-4509 Ir 78 c/m Maid of the Moorlough Shore Medley of Reels
McGettigan, John   BLU B-4900 Ir 78   Irish Soldier Boy Rambling Irishman
McGettigan, John   BLU B-4901 Ir 78 V+,c/m Hills of Donegal Boys From Co. Mayo
McGettigan, John   BLU B-4906 Ir 78   The Dying Rebel Ireland's 32
McGettigan, John   BLU B-4913 Ir 78   Mulroy Bay, Parts 1 & 2  
McGettigan, John and His Irish Minstrels BLU B-4981 Ir 78 E Londonderry on the Banks of the Foyle Katie Connor - dance
McGettigan, John and his Irish Minstrels BLU B-4982 Ir 78 V++ Shoe the Donkey Sinn Fein Amain
McGettigan, John and his Irish Minstrels BLU B-4996 Ir 78 wrong label FLower of Sweet Strabane Hornpipes: Fisher's, Cliff
McGettigan, John   BLU B-4997 Ir 78 V, echp Jackets Green Medley of Jigs
McGettigan, John   BLU B-4999 Ir 78 V Star of Donegal Maggie in Woods, Spanish Lady, Rose Tree Polkas
McGettigan, John   DEC 12010 Ir 78   White, Yellow & Green Terry My Blue Eyed Irish Boy
McGettigan, John   DEC 12039 Ir 78   Buacaill Ruad Norah McGee
McGettigan, John   DEC 12051 Ir 78   Coleen Dhas Lovely Old Fintown
McGettigan, John   DEC 12082 Ir 78   The Night of the Big Wind The Turfman From Ardee
McGettigan, John   DEC 12083 Ir 78 pc missing Irish Jaunting Car My Mother's Last Goodbye
McGettigan, John   DEC 12086 Ir 78   Little Old Thatched Cabin On The Hill Green Fields of Dromore
McGettigan, John   DEC 12207 Ir 78   The Fanad Mare The Home I Left Behind
McGettigan, John   DEC 12218 Ir 78   Johnston's Motor Car The Hillside Way Up In The Corner
McGettigan, John w/ Paddy Killoran's Orch. DEC 12226 Ir 78 E Ballard Strand Sweet Leenane By the Sea
McGettigan, John   DEC 12235 Ir 78   Erin's Flag Sweet Donegal
McGettigan, John   DEC W.4486 Ir 78   The Hame I Left Behind Sweet Leenane By the Sea
McGettigan, John Sheridan, John RCA 26-7501 Ir 78   Rare Old Irish Whiskey Ballyjamesduff
McGettigan, John   RCA 26-7510 Ir 78   Sinn Fein Awain Reel w/Danny Marquette,acc & Jim McDade,guita
McGettigan, John   RGZ IZ 588 Ir 78   The Jackets Green Sailing Away From Donegal
McGettigan, John   VIC 21380 Ir 78   Fitzmaurice, the Dublin Flyer (w/Ed Reavy) Mary Malone
McGettigan, John   VIC 29019 Ir 78 E Rare Ould Irish Whiskey The Boys from the Co. Mayo
McGettigan, John   VIC 29024 Ir 78 E Me Husband's Flannel Shirt McManus & Kehoe
McGettigan, John w/ Three Leaf Shamrock Orch. VIC 29077 Ir 78 V+ I'm Proud of the Irish Now McGettigan's Jig Medley: 10p Bit, Geese in the Bog
McGhee, John   BNR 5/12/59 Ir 78   You Are As Welcome As the Flowers in May The Maple on the Hill
McGreevey, Johnny   DEC 12062 Ir 78   Set Dance: Jockey to the Fair Hp: Slievanamon, Dublin
McGreevey, Johnny Pat McGovern, flute DEC 12059 Ir 78   Bank of Ireland, Cavan Lassies Leitrim's Fancy, Dunphy's Hornpipes
McIntyre’s Irish Volunteer Orch. (also BNR 2040) TNG 9088 Ir 78   Stack of Barley Highland Schottische
McKee Trio   VIC 17835 Ir 78   Mother Machree A Perfect Day
McKee Trio   VIC 17898 Ir 78   A Little Bit of Heaven Where the River Shannon Flows
McKenna, John Gaffney, Michael DEC 12042 Ir 78   Polka: Up & Away, The Merry Girl Barn Dance: The Ballroom Favorite
McKenna, John Gaffney, Michael DEC 12011 Ir 78   Reel: Col Roger's Favorite, Happy Days of Youth Jig: Dever the Dancer, Connie the Soldier
McKenna, John Meehan, Eddie DEC 12104 Ir 78   Reel: Tripping to the Well, The Kiss Behind the Door Hp: Sandlark, Lawson's
McKenna, John Gaffney, Michael DEC 12041 Ir 78   Jig: The Nightcap, Mysteries of Knock Reel: Lucky in Love, The Bloom of Youth
McKenna, John Morrison, James COL 33342-F Ir 78   Reel: The Highland Skip, Sailor's Bonnet Polka: Thady Regan, Tripping on the Mt.
McKenna, John   COL 33274-F Ir 78 V+ Back in the Garden, Flowers of Red Hill Clancy's Dream, Leitrim Town
McKenna, John Morrison, James COL 33296-F Ir 78 V+,c/m My Love is But A Lasie Yet, Dark Girl Polka Gardner's Favorite, Streams in the Valley Reels
McKenna, John   GEN 5649 Ir 78 V+ The Buck from the Mountain, McPartlins Style Sailor on the Rock, The Corry Boys Reels
McLoughlin, Manus   COL 33347-F Ir 78   Molly from Longford Reel Fair Hills of Donegal, Little Peggy's Jig
McManus, Dorothy   COP 9-151 Ir 78 x2 Three Flowers Three Lovely Lassies....
McManus, Dorothy   COP 9-152 Ir 78   Spinning Wheel Come Back Reilly
McManus, Dorothy   COP 9-153 Ir 78   The Irish Soldier Boy A Mother's Love is a Blessing
McManus, Dorothy   COP 9-154 Ir 78 E+ If I Were A Blackbird Sittin' On the Bridge Below the Town
McManus, Dorothy   COP 9-155 Ir 78 x2 Moonshiner Little Black Mustache
McManus, Dorothy   COP 9-156 Ir 78   Girl from Donegal Rose of Aranmore
McManus, Dorothy   COP 9-157 Ir 78   Homes Around Ballinahone Little White Cross
McManus, Dorothy   COP 9-158 Ir 78   Goodbye Johnny Dear Biddy Donahue
McManus, Dorothy   COP 9-159 Ir 78   Take This Message to My Mother Rose of Mooncoin
McManus, Paddy   HMV IM 1125 Ir 78   Queen of Connemara Black Velvet Band
McNally, Joseph   GLN W151 Ir 78   Come to the Ceili How Dear to Me the Hour, The Time I've Lost in Wooing
McNally, Joseph   GLN W153 Ir 78   By the Light of the Moon At the Mid Hour of Night
McNally, Joseph   MGM 30177 Ir 78 E- The Low Backed Car Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
McNally, Walter   COL 33228-F Ir 78   Come to the Fair The Irishman
McNally, Walter   COL 33204-F Ir 78 V+,c/m God Save Ireland The Donovans
McNamara Trio   COL 33001-F Ir 78 E- Kinnegad Slashers, Mouse in the Cupboard Bridge of Athlone, Road to Glory, Polkas
McNamara Trio   GEN 5751 Ir 78   Kerry Hornpipe Brian Boru
McNamara Trio   VOC 14420 Ir 78   Stack of Barley Medley Hp: Riley's, Rights of Man, Red Haired Boy
McNamara Trio   VOC 14730 Ir 78 V+V+ The Jockey at the Fair Blackbird
McNamara Trio   VOC 14845 Ir 78 V+V+ Kincora Reel Medley Garryowen Jig Medley
McNamara Trio   VOC 15059 Ir 78 E- Green Groves of Erin Reel Love Will You Marry Me, Green Grow…H. Schottische
McNamara Trio   VOC 15120 Ir 78   Irish Jigs Irish Reels
McNamara, P. J.   COL 33074-F Ir 78 E- Boys from the Hill Reel Walls of Limerick
McNamara, P. J.   VIC 79001 Ir 78   Horse & Jockey Reel Shannon Breeze Hornpipe
McNamara, P. J. Quartet   VIC 79000 Ir 78 X2 Come in Out of the Wet Polka Tipperary Hills, Cup of Tay Jigs
McNamara, P. J. Quartet   VIC 79324 Ir 78   Reels: Morning Star, Little Judy’s The Cashel Set Jig Medley, Geese in the Bog
McNamara’s Emerald Orch.   GEN 5455 Ir 78   Two Step: Blarney Roses, Irish Counties, Foggy De One Step: Boys of Kilkenny, Tanyard Side
McNamara's Emerald Orch.   GEN 5456 Ir 78 E, c/m The Sally Grove, Black Swan, Tallow Boys Polkas Garden of Daisies Set Dance
McNulty Family   COP 9-226 Ir 78   Fair Roscommon Polka Hills of Knocknashee
McNulty Family   COP 9-227 Ir 78 V+,V+ My Charming Nell McCoy Queenstown Harbor
McNulty Family   COP 9-256 Ir 78   When You're Winging Your Way Back to Ireland Someone's Waiting For Me Back in Ireland
McNulty Family   COP 9-260 Ir 78   Irish Rover We’ll Take You Back To Ireland
McNulty Family   COP 9-266 Ir 78   Boys From the Co. Armagh Homes of Donegal
McNulty Family   COP EP9-8 Ir 78   Roscommon Polka; Knock-Na-Shee Charming Nell McCoy; Queenstown Harbor
McNulty Family Eileen & Peter & Orch. DEC 2963 Ir 78   I'm Living the Life O Reilly Eileen O'Dair
McNulty Family   DEC 12071 Ir 78 E+ Master McGraw Hills Of Donegal
McNulty Family   DEC 12072 Ir 78 V+V+V+ The Half Door Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door
McNulty Family   DEC 12073 Ir 78   Mother's Silver Curls Polly O The Automat
McNulty Family   DEC 12087 Ir 78   Boys of the Co. Cork McNulty’s Irish Showboat
McNulty Family   DEC 12088 Ir 78 E Morriarty, The Happy Cop Old House Far Away
McNulty Family   DEC 12089 Ir 78   I'm Sighing Tonight For Killarney And You Back To Donegal
McNulty Family   DEC 12099 Ir 78 EEEnfs Ireland Boys Hurrah! D=ok Jig: Rollicking Skipper (J=HapO Me Thumb, D=ok)
McNulty Family   DEC 12100 Ir 78 V+,x2 Let Mr. Maguire Sit Down Highland Mary
McNulty Family   DEC 12107 Ir 78 E+,E- Song of the 32 Counties D=ok A Mother's Lament (J=Star Co. Down, D=ok)
McNulty Family   DEC 12108 Ir 78   Moon Behind the Hill D=ok Star of the Co. Down D=ok
McNulty Family   DEC 12118 Ir 78   When Rafferty Brought the Rumba to the Town of... Galway Rogue (J=Bandon Blarney Stone)
McNulty Family   DEC 12119 Ir 78   I Don't Care If I Do Slippin' the Jig
McNulty Family   DEC 12126 Ir 78 V+ Come Out of the Rain Barney McShane Over the Hills and Far Away(Grooves=Sail..Dublin)
McNulty Family   DEC 12127 Ir 78   Irish Greens and Bacon I’d Sing Like a Thrush(J=If She'd Only Have a Eye)
McNulty Family   DEC 12148 Ir 78 V+V+ We'll Take You Back To Ireland Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe
McNulty Family   DEC 12154 Ir 78   Dawing of the Morning Shall My Soul Pass Through Old Ireland
McNulty Family   DEC 12155 Ir 78 V+V+ Barney Brannigan Erin's Green Shore
McNulty Family   DEC 12161 Ir 78   Real Old Mountain Dew My Beauty of Limerick
McNulty Family   DEC 12169 Ir 78   Let Ye All Be Irish Tonight Old Potato Cake
McNulty Family   DEC 12176 Ir 78 E+ Waltz Me Around Again Willie Walker Walked Away
McNulty Family   DEC 12183 Ir 78   Christmas in Exile The River Moy
McNulty Family   DEC 12189 Ir 78   Kerry Long Ago Grandfather Brian
McNulty Family   DEC 12195 Ir 78 E Mother Malone Haste to the Wedding
McNulty Family   DEC 12196 Ir 78 E O Son Remember My Love If You Ever Go Over
McNulty Family   DEC 12197 Ir 78 V+ Biddy Donahue Goodbye Johnny Dear
McNulty Family   DEC 12198 Ir 78 E,V+,c/m Knock At My Window Tonight Love D=ok Thief of the World D=ok
McNulty Family   DEC 12208 Ir 78   House Under The Hill D=ok, both sides They Sailed Away From Dublin Bay(J=Thief of Wo)
McNulty Family   DEC 12209 Ir 78   The Kelly's McDonnelly's Old Tin Roof
McNulty Family   DEC 12210 Ir 78 V+ Denny McCall Dunloe Fair
McNulty Family   DEC 12217 Ir 78   I Ne'er Loved Another But You John Mitchell
McNulty Family   DEC 12222 Ir 78   I Don't Work For A Living Amber Tresses Tied In Blue
McNulty Family   DEC 12236 Ir 78 V+ O'Brien Has No Place To Go Kelly From Killane
McNulty Family   DEC 12240 Ir 78   Old Ballymoe Groves of Kilteevan
McNulty Family   DEC 12241 Ir 78 E- There's A Sweetheart Waiting For You At The Close of an Irish Day
McNulty Family   DEC 12246 Ir 78 V+ Golden Jubilee Daisy Bell
McNulty Family   DEC 12247 Ir 78 V+V+paint Tipperary Daisy Seamus O'Brien
McNulty Family   DEC 12252 Ir 78 E- Rose of Aranmore Limerick Races
McNulty Family   DEC 12253 Ir 78   Polkas:Bonnet... Blue, Maggie in the Woods Reels: Rolling Rocks of Glan, River Meadow
McNulty Family   DEC 12254 Ir 78 E-E+nfs Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake A Mother's Love Is A Blessing
McNulty Family   DEC 12255 Ir 78   Reel: Flowery Dell, Miss Dury's Jig: Chasing the Chicken, Maid on the Green
McNulty Family   DEC 12256 Ir 78 V+E- Susie O'Malley Far Away in Australia
McNulty Family   DEC 12257 Ir 78 V+ Molly Bawn Mickey Hickey's Band
McNulty Family   DEC 12258 Ir 78   Jig: Garryowen, Three Little Drummers Reel: Rattigan's Fancy, Blackberry Blossom
McNulty Family   DEC 12259 Ir 78   Foggy Dew My Sweetheart
McNulty Family   DEC 12263 Ir 78 E- Irish Soldier Boy When It's Tea Time In The Meadow
McNulty Family   DEC 12270 Ir 78   Hills of Glenswilly Drum Collier
McNulty Family   DEC 12271 Ir 78   Eileen McMahon The Galway Rogue
McNulty Family   DEC 12272 Ir 78 V+E- My Old Home Town My Own Dear Galway Bay
McNulty Family   DEC 12273 Ir 78 V+V+c/m Stack of Barley Kielrow, Ma McNulty’s Favorite
McNulty Family   DEC 12274 Ir 78 dmg S1 Eileen I'll Forgive And I'll Try To Forget
McNulty Family   DEC F.18008 Ir 78   Haste to the Wedding If You Ever Go Over
McNulty Family   DEC W.4672 Ir 78 V+ Old Ballymoe There's a Sweetheart Waiting for You
McNulty Family   DEC W.5217 Ir 78 V+ McLeod's Reel, Swallow's Tail Stack of Barley, Ma McNulty's Favorite
McNulty Family   STD F-14007 Ir 78 V+V+ Likable Lovable Leitrim Lad 3 Leaf Shamrock From Glenore
McNulty Family   STD F-14008 Ir 78   McNamara From Mayo Flower of Sweet Strabane
McNulty Family   STD F-14009 Ir 78   Auld Skillara Hat Somewhere In Ireland
McNulty Family   STD F-14013 Ir 78   Off to Phladelphia Pat Murphy's Meadow
McNulty Family   STD F-14016 Ir 78   Green on the Green Dora My Darling
McNulty Family (Peter)   COP 9-244 Ir 78   Breakfast in Bed on Sunday Morning It's Nice to Get Up In the Morning
Meehan, Eddie & Rosaleen Quartet   DEC 12120 Ir 78   Jig: Newport Lass, Hag With the Money Reel: Maid Behind The Bar
Melton, James   RCA Nov-99 Ir 78   Mother Machree Rose of Tralee
Melton, James   RCA Nov-00 Ir 78   Macushla She Moved Thru the Fair
Melton, James   RCA Nov-01 Ir 78   Kathleen Mavourneen Minstrel Boy
Melton, James   RCA 10-1052 Ir 78   The Little Irish Girl; Kitty My Love Will You ... Ballynure Ballad; The Low Backed Car
Miller, Randy & Jack Perron Yeats, Caitriona PRT PT-1 Ir 78   Hp: Byrne's, Queen of the West Carrickfergus
Milligan, Peter   DEC W.4209 Ir 78 E Blarney Roses Mountains of Mourne
Moate Ceilidhe Band   COL 33522-F Ir 78   Hp: Sunshine, Sailors March: Bold Fenian Men, Clare's Dragons
Moate Ceilidhe Band   COL 33531-F Ir 78   Jigs: Kinnegad Slashers, Lark in the Morning Reels: Lady Carbery, The Scholars
Moate Ceilidhe Band   RGZ IZ 988 Ir 78   Jig: Fasten the Leg in Her, Old Grey Goose Set Dance: Parnell's, Three Sea Captains
Moate Ceilidhe Band   RGZ IZ 1276 Ir 78   Salamanca, Roaring Mary Reels Barn Dance Selection
Molloy's, Leo Siamsa Gaedheal Band DMN A.117 Ir 78   Copperplate, Broom, Traveler Reels Repeal of Union, Hum. Ballinafad, Jackson's Jigs
Mooncoin Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM 1611 Ir 78   Hp: Galway O'Rahilly's March
Morris, Agnes   COL 33314-F Ir 78   Teddy O'Neill Irish Lullaby
Morrison, James   COL 33536-F Ir 78 V+ Curlew Hills, Peach Blossoms Barn Dance The Happy Birdie, Blue Bell Polka
Morrison, James   GEN 5445 Ir 78 V+ Highland Bonnet Schottische Kitty's Wedding (The Rambler) Jigs
Morrison, James   OKE 21009 Ir 78 V+ The Girl Tha Broke My Heart, The Galway Reels The Mist on the Meadow, Castlebar Races Jigs
Morrison, James & His Orch.   COL 33505-F Ir 78   Dawning of the Day, Old Rustic Bridge Maggie, Little Mud Cabin, Let Erin Remember
Morrison, Tom Reynolda, John COL 33260-F Ir 78 V+ Indian on the Rock, Jolly Ploughboy, Fox Chase Reels Maggie in the Woods Polka
Morrison, Tom Reynolds, John COL 33293-F Ir 78   Reels: Connaught, Shepard’s Daughter The Cow That Ate The Blanket Jig (solo)
Morrison, Tom Reynolds, John COL 33308-F Ir 78   Reel: Kregg's Pipes, The Boys From Mayo Polka: The Little Green Cottage
Morrison, Tom Reynolds, John COL 33370-F Ir 78   Holy Land, Star of Kilkenny Reels The Boys of Galway Polka
Morrison, Tom Reynolds, John COL 33503-F Ir 78 E+,V+ London CLog Roscommon Reel
Morrison, Tom Reynolds, John VOC 84037 Ir 78   Pretty Girls from the West Jig Rattling Rover, Westport Reels
Morrison, Tom Ed Geoghgan, piano NRP 2332 Ir 78 V-,c/m Indian on the Rock, Maids of Fair Hill Maggie in the Woods Polka
Morrison, Tom (d.2/8/58 @ 77) Reynolds, John COL 33210-F Ir 78   Reel: Dunmore Lasses, Manchester, Castlebar Trav Schottische: Sweet Flowers of Milltown, Boys fro
Morrissey, Ruthie   CEL CL1053 Ir 78   Wild Colonial Boy Noreen Bawn
Morrissey, Ruthie   CEL CL1056 Ir 78 E Banks of the Foyle Old Fenian Gun
Morrissey, Ruthie   CEL CL1057 Ir 78 x2 My Irish Lass from the Co. Mayo Isle of Innisfree
Morrissey, Ruthie   CEL CL1060 Ir 78 x2 Patsy McCann No One to Welcome Me Home
Morrissey, Ruthie   CEL CL1062 Ir 78   Home to Mayo County Kerry Mary
Morrissey, Ruthie   CEL CL1063 Ir 78   Green on the Green Rocking Alone in an Old Rocking Chair
Morrissey, Ruthie   CEL CL1064 Ir 78 E- Dying Rebel She's A Lassie From Donegal
Morrissey, Ruthie   COP 9-234 Ir 78   Home to Mayo Claddagh Ring
Morrissey, Ruthie   COP 9-235 Ir 78 x2 Green on the Green Dying Rebel
Morrissey, Ruthie   COP 9-237 Ir 78   Roving Journeyman Pat O'Donnell From Donegal
Morrissey, Ruthie   COP 9-239 Ir 78   Gramachree, I'd Like To See Old Ireland Free Once Sweet Are the Flowers That Bloom in Dear Kerry
Morrissey, Ruthie   COP 9-240 Ir 78   Wrap th Green Flag Round Me Boys Songs We Love to Hear On St. Patrick's Day
Mouquin, Al   CLR 1129 Ir 78   Irish Waltz: Believe Me.., Wearing of Green, etc Irish Waltz: Killarney, Low Backed Car
Muinebeag Mel Makers Ceili Band   HMV IM 604 Ir 78   Hp; Boys of Blue Hill, Dunphy's, Green Castle Jig: Mug Brown Ale, Ram...Pitchfork, Maid Green
Mulhair, Martin   DUB 110 Ir 78 E+ O'Brien's, Yellow Tinker Reels Sheep in the Meadow, Cat in the Corner Jigs
Mulhair, Martin   DUB 111 Ir 78 E+ Steeplechase, Reevies #9 Reels O'Maanhoney's Fancy, George White's Favorite Reels
Mullan James J.   RGL MR343 Ir 78   Fish & Chips Murphy
Mullaney, E Stack, P VIC 79003 Ir 78   Reel: Maid in the Cherry Tree Jig: Rambling Pitchfork
Munn, Frank   BRU 4757 Ir 78   Rose of Tralee A Pair of Blue Eyes
Murchie, R.   APX 441 Ir 78 x2 Paddy's Reel Sailor's Hornpipe
Murphy, Angela   HMV IM 957 Ir 78 E+ The Road to Bandon The Devil and the Bailiff
Murphy, Angela   HMV IM 958 Ir 78   Bonnie Boy in Blue The Dacent Irish Boy
Murphy, Angela   HMV IM 1007 Ir 78 E+ Mary of the Moorlands If You Marry Me
Murphy, Delia Hayward, Richard HMV IM 576 Ir 78   Molly Bawn & Brian Og What Would You Do Love
Murphy, Delia Hayward, Richard HMV IM 618 Ir 78   Humour Is On Me Now Whiskey In My Tea
Murphy, Delia   HMV IM 646 Ir 78 x2 Spinning Wheel Three Lovely Lassies...
Murphy, Delia   HMV IM 662 Ir 78   If I Were A Blackbird Down By The Glenside
Murphy, Delia   HMV IM 676 Ir 78   Castle of Dromore After Aughrims Great Disaster
Murphy, Delia   HMV IM 747 Ir 78   Moonshiner Roving Journeyman
Murphy, Delia O'Higgins, Michael HMV IM 775 Ir 78   The Peeler & the Goat Reilly the Fisherman
Murphy, Delia   HMV IM 777 Ir 78   Boston Burglar Courtin' in the Kitchen
Murphy, Delia   HMV IM 808 Ir 78   Girl From Donegal Send Back My Barney to Me
Murphy, Delia   HMV IM 813 Ir 78   Cailin Deas I Wish That I Never Was Wed
Murphy, Delia   HMV IM 816 Ir 78   I was Told By My Aunt My Bonny Irish Boy
Murphy, Delia O'Higgins, Michael HMV IM 818 Ir 78   The Cailin Ruadh The Shepherd's Lamb
Murphy, Delia   HMV IM 819 Ir 78 E-,E The Green Bushes (w/Michael O'Higins) The Lowlands of Holland
Murphy, Denis   CEL CEL 1045 Ir 78 E-,x2 Reel: Col. Fraser, Pipers Despair Hp: Fisherman's, Welche's
Murphy, Denis Joe Heaney GAL CE4 Ir 78   Col. Fraser, An Bad Gaile Reels Bean an Leanna
Murphy, Frank White, Pat BLU B-4993 Ir 78   Rakes of Clonmel Jig It’s The Same Old Shileagh
Murphy, Frank   VIC 21480 Ir 78   Cuckoo’s Nest Reel Stirling Castle Fling
Murphy, Frank   VIC 21318 Ir 78   Eel in the Sink Reel Mayo Hornpipe
Murphy, Jack   VIC 21001 Ir 78   Comedy: I Was Driving My Cart to Ould Castle Fair Barn Dance:Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her
Murphy, James, b.acc   COL E4792 Ir 78 E- Maid of Athlone Jig Maid Behind the Bar Reel
Murray, Billy Collins & Harlan VIC 16365 Ir 78   The Hat My Father Wore on St. Patrick’s Day Down at the Huskin’ Bee
NiScolaidhe, Maire   HMV IM 566 Ir 78 E- Eibhlin a Ruin Fath mo Bhuarcha
NiScolaidhe, Maire   HMV IM 672 Ir 78 E- Caomead na dTti Muire Cuaicin Gleann Neifin
NiScolaidhe, Maire   HMV IM 976 Ir 78 E- Mo Cheallaichin Fionn An Caisideach Ban
NiScolaidhe, Maire   HMV IM 977 Ir 78 E- Deirin De Sceilpin Droighneach
NiScolaidhe, Maire   HMV IM 979 Ir 78 E- Oro Mo Bhaidin Caislean Ui Neill
Nolan, Jimmy   TEM TR540 Ir 78 E- Cruiskeen Lawn Rose of Tralee
Nolan, Neil, banjo Dan Sullivan, piano HMV 29000 Ir 78   Boys of Lough, Teetotaler Reels Floggin', Miss McCloud Reels
Nolan, Sean violin HMV 79004 Ir 78   Reels: Teddy O’Neil, Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow Flings: Little Stack of Barley, Rights of Man
Nolan, Sean violin HMV 79264 Ir 78 E-,V+ Hornpipes: Leinster Echo, Honeysuckle, Star Jigs: Bantry Hunt, Glengariffs’ Pride, Pet of Pipe
Nolan‘s, Sean Dublin Orch.   VIC 20764 Ir 78   Thomond Bridge, Standing Abbey Hp. Crazy Fiddler, New Fiddle Hp.
Nolan’s, Sean Dublin Orch.   VIC 21181 Ir 78   Hornpipe: Morehampton, 21 Mt Shannon, Martin’s Reel: Sheehan’s, Soldier’s Joy, Peeler’s Jacket
Nolan’s, Sean Dublin Orch.   VIC 21479 Ir 78 E Irish Washerwoman St. Patrick's Day
Nolan’s, Sean Dublin Orch.   VIC 79005 Ir 78   Jig: Repeal of the Union, Galbally Farmer, Wedding Hornpipe: Green Castle, Derry, Liverpool
Nolan’s, Sean Dublin Orch.   VIC 79219 Ir 78 E- Shaskeen, Hawthorn Bush, Galway Reel Showman's Fancy, Vinegar Hill, Boys of Blue Hill Hp.
Nolan's, Sean Dublin Orch.   VIC 20815 Ir 78 V,heat Larry Coggan, Saddle the Pony, Jackson's Jigs Avonmore, Green Gate, Honeymoon Reels
Nolan's, Sean Dublin Orch.   VIC 21157 Ir 78 E+ Kinnegad Slashers, Ticknock, Jigs Pledge, Maids of Tulla, Mooncoin Reels
Oakland, Will   COL (19255m) Ir 78 E The Lass From the Co. Mayo You Can't Make Me Stop Loving You
O’Dell, Doye   EXC 1136 Ir 78   In the Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me Give Me Texas
O’Farrell, Shaun   VIC 21178 Ir 78   The irish Volunteer Mary, You’re Contrary (Whistlin’ Phil McHugh)
O’Flynn, James & Orch.   IMP 1039 Ir 78 E- Ir Wash..., Connaughtman’s Rambles, Fr. O’Flynn Stack of Barley
O’Flynn, James & Orch.   IMP 1041 Ir 78   O'Donnell Abu Rickett's, Fisher's, Durang's Hornpipes
O’Flynn, James & Orch.   IMP 1042 Ir 78   Paddy Whack, Rory O'More, Larry O'Gaff Jigs Garryowen, Paddy O'Rafferty, Sprig of Shillelagh
O’Malley, Franklyn   PER 11203 Ir 78   Killarney Believe Me If All Those...
O’More, Colin   VIC 21013 Ir 78   That Old Irish Mother of Mine That Tumble Down Shack in Athlone
O’More, Colin   VIC 21179 Ir 78   When Irish Eyes Are Smiling The Hat My Father Wore Upon St. Patrick's Day
O’More, Colin   VIC 21330 Ir 78   Danny Boy Kitty of Coleraine
O’More, Colin   VIC 21595 Ir 78   The Exiles Return When Shall I Again See Ireland
O’More, Colin   VIC 21719 Ir 78   She is Far From the Land Cockles & Mussels
O’More, Colin   VOC A24034 Ir 78   Heaven at the End of the Road Because of You
O’Neil, Danny   PIL Alb108 Ir 78      
O’Nolan, Shaun   COL 33085-F Ir 78   The Fisherman’s Widow Jig Gilda Ray Hornpipe
O’Nolan, Shaun   COL 33092-F Ir 78   Kerry Long Ago Dan McCann
O’Sullivan, Cornelius   VIC 79346 Ir 78   Ould Ireland, You’re my Darlin’ The Fair Headed Boy (Bouchal na Gruiaga Brabuie)
O’Sullivan, Cornelius   VIC 79126 Ir 78   St. Patricks Day I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Every Day
O’Toole, Emmet O’Kennedy, Liam OKE 21008 Ir 78   Wrap the Green FLag Round Me Boys Sinn Fein Awahn
Oakley, John   COL 33188-F Ir 78   Bold Jack Donohue Bantry Bay
Oakley, John   COL 33288-F Ir 78   Winding Banks of Erne Queen of Connemara
Oakley, John   COL 33174-F Ir 78   Fr. O'Flynn O'Donnell Abu
Oakley, John   COL 33266-F Ir 78   My Dark Rosaleen Heart Bow'd Down
O'Boyle, Neil   COL IFB.261 Ir 78   Biddy of Sligo, Connaught Man's Rambles Jigs Pigeon on the Gate, Jenny Picking Cockles Reels
O'Brien, George   COL 33186-F Ir 78   That Old Irish Mother of Mine A Shawl of Galway
O'Brien, George   COL 33203-F Ir 78   Casey the Fiddler Rory O'More
O'Brien, George   COL 33232-F Ir 78 x2 Green Isle of Erin For Killarney and You
O'Brien, George   COL 33294-F Ir 78   There's A Mother Back in Ireland Waits for Me They Call It Old Ireland
O'Brien, George   COL 33325-F Ir 78 E Mavourneen Roamin' Ireland
O'Brien, George   VIC 79065 Ir 78   Blarney Roses Skibbereen
O'Brien, George   VOC 84079 Ir 78   Killarney My Home O'er The Sea Come Back To Erin
O'Brien, Jerry see also O'Leary's Ir Minstrels COP 9-102 Ir 78   Jig: Saddle the Pony, Butcher's March Hp; Friendly Visit
O'Brien, Jerry   COP 9-103 Ir 78   Red Haired Boy Hornpipe Jig: Rose in the Heather, Katie's Fancy
O'Brien, Jerry   OBD 9-101 Ir 78   Gypsy Hornpipe Reel: Duke of Leinster, Sligo Maid
O'Brien, Jerry   COP 9-100 Ir 78   McCarthy's Hornpipe Cuckoo's Nest Reel
O'Brien, Paddy   COL IDB 499 Ir 78   Hp: O'Kelly's Fancy, Cuckoo Reel: Mason's Apron, Paddy Murphy's Wife
O'Brien, Padric Shaun McClaskey EMS 9212 Ir 78   When Ireland Comes into Her Own Soldiers of Erin
O'Brien, Thomas   COP 9-197 Ir 78 E-,c/m Thine Alone Hills of Donegal
O'Callahan, Joe   COL 33087-F Ir 78 V+ Rocky Road to Dublin Molly O'Shea
O'Connor, Cavan   REX 15003 Ir 78 E Bantry Bay My Irish Song of Songs
O'Connor, Cavan   REX 15004 Ir 78 x2 My Wild Irish Rose Little Town in the Old Co. Down
O'Dea, Jimmy Harry O'Donovan COL G33467-F Ir 78   Mrs. Mulligan & the Motor Car Mickie at Ellis Island
O'Dea, Jimmy H. O'Donovan & R. Hayward DEC F.5127 Ir 78   Hands Across the Border, Parts 1 & 2  
O'Dea, Jimmy Harry O'Donovan PAR E3634 Ir 78   The Irish Schoolmaster Sixpence Each Way
O'Dea, Jimmy Harry O'Donovan PAR E3764 Ir 78   Mrs. Mulligan in the Tram Mrs. Mulligan at the Talkies
O'Dea, Jimmy O'Donovan, Harry & Drago, K. REX 15009 Ir 78   Charladies Ball (2 sides)  
O'Dea, Jimmy H. O'Donovan & R. Hayward REX 15013 Ir 78   Hands Across the Border, Part 1 Part 2
O'Dea, Jimmy   RGZ IZ 201 Ir 78 E+ The Vamp of Inchicore The Matrimonial Bureau
O'Dea, Jimmy   RGZ IZ 230 Ir 78 E Mrs. Mulligan at the Abbey Theatre, Pt. 1 Pt. 2
O'Dea, Jimmy Harry O'Donovan RGZ MR1099 Ir 78   Mrs. Mulligan, Smuggler The Barber & the Sweepstakes
O'Doherty, Seamus Smith, Josephine, piano GEN 5724 Ir 78   Haste to the Wedding Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33079-F Ir 78   Emmet's Farewell to his Love The Cuckoo's Call
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33095-F Ir 78   Pearse to Ireland Danny Boy
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33098-F Ir 78   Skibbereen Leprechaun
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33101-F Ir 78   The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe The Old Plaid Shawl
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33109-F Ir 78   The Blarney Roses The Jug of Punch
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33116-F Ir 78   Eileen Aroon Una Waun
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33137-F Ir 78   Bells of Shandon Mountains of Mourne
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33146-F Ir 78   The Stutterin' Lovers The Pride of Tipperary
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33196-F Ir 78   When It's Moonlight in Mayo Nellie, Me Love and Me
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33205-F Ir 78   I Left Ireland & Mother Because We Were Poor I’ll Be With When The Roses Bloom Again
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33219-F Ir 78   Darling Girl From Clare Glen of Aherlow
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33241-F Ir 78   Ned O' the Hill Shall My Soul Pass Through Old Ireland
O'Doherty, Seamu   COL 33257-F Ir 78 V++ Just A Rose in Old Killarney A Little Bunch of Shamrocks
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33273-F Ir 78   She Lived Beside the Anner John Mitchell
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33289-F Ir 78   By the Short Cut to the Rosses Next Market Day, Ballynure Ballad
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33313-F Ir 78   My Irish Home Sweet Home Mother in Ireland
O'Doherty, Seamus   COL 33399-F Ir 78   When the Fields Are White With Daises Dhreenaun Dhoun
O'Doherty, Seamus   VOC 84068 Ie 78 E+ Rose of Tralee Old Bog Road
O'Donnell, Danny   RGZ IZ 1010 Ir 78 E- Reel: Mullingar Races, Drowsy Maggie Jig: 10 P Bit, Shandon Bells, Boys of the Town
O'Donnell, Joe   VIC 21095 Ir 78 E- O'Hoolihan's Wake, Pt. 1 Pt. 2
O'Dowd, Thomas   PMT special issue Ir 78 V++ Up! DeValara The Orange, White and Green
O'Duffy, Michael   HMV IM 1115 Ir 78   Avourneen I Wish You Were By My Side
O'Duffy, Michael   HMV IM 1113 Ir 78   Greensleves The Old Refrain
O'Duffy, Michael   HMV IM 799 Ir 78 E+,E- Mountains of Pomeroy Blue Hills of Antrim
O'Duffy, Michael   HMV IP 452 Ir 78   My Lagan Love The Old Refrain
O'Duffy, Michael   RCA 26-7516 Ir 78 E+ Rose of Mooncoin Garden Where the Praties Grow
O'Flynn, James & Orch.   IMP 1039 Ir 78 E Irish Washerwoman Stack of Barley
O'Flynn, James & Orch.   IMP 1041 Ir 78   O'Donnell Abu Rickett's, Fisher's, Durang's Hornpipes
O'Flynn, James & Orch.   IMP 1042 Ir 78   Paddy Whack, Rory O'More, Lary O'Gaff Jig Garryowen, Paddy O'Rafferty, Sprig of Shillelagh
O'Hagan, Patrick   DEC W.5260 Ir 78 E Noreen Bawn There'a Only the One Killarney
O'Hara, Dennis, violin   APX 698 Ir 78   Irish Jigs 1 Irish Jigs 2
O'Higgins, Michael   RGZ IZ305 Ir 78   Ould Plaid Shawl Green Isle of Erin
O'Higgins, Michael   HMV IM750 Ir 78   Star of the Co. Down Galway Bay
O'Higgins, Michael   HMV IM 823 Ir 78   The Old Turf Fire The Kylemore Pass
O'Higgins, Michael   HMV IM 968 Ir 78   When He Who Adores Thee A Dream
O'Higgins, Michael   HMV IM 969 Ir 78   The Valley Lay Smiling Before Me Farewell! But Whenever You Welcome the Hour
O'Higgins, Michael   HMV IM 335 Ir 78   My Lagan Love An Eriskay Love Lilt
O'Higgins, Michael   HMV IM 358 Ir 78   She Moved Thro' the Fair Diarmuid's Lament
O'Keefe, James   RGZ IZ 877 Ir 78 V Heathery Breeze, Bonnie Kate Tailor's Twist, Sailor's (Rickett's) Hornpipe
O'Keefe, Michael Gus   COL 33409-F Ir 78   The Felons of Our Land Savourneen Deelish
Olcott, Chauncey   COL A1309 Ir 78   Molly O Sweet Inniscarra
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels see 436g under J. Griffin COL 33119-F Ir 78   Jackson's Morning Brush Rakes of Kildare, Trip to the Cottage
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   COL 33120-F Ir 78   4th Fig: Larry O’Gaff, Strop the Razor 3rd Fig: Paddy’s Land, Soldiers Joy
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   COL 33121-F Ir 78 V+ Bold Jack Donohue, Irish Eyes are Smiling Swallowtail, O'Connell's Reels
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   COL 33122-F Ir 78 E New Stack of Barley, Flowers of Edinboro Hp. Sch. Liverpool, Rickett's Hp. Schottische
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   COL 33129-F Ir 78 V+ Teetotaler's Reel In the Valley Near Slievenamon Waltz
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   COL 33139-F Ir 78 V+ Wind that Shakes the Barley, Bonnie Kate Reel I've Got a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue, Polkas
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   COL 33146-F Ir 78   Old Man Dillon, Walls of Lisacara Jig Maid on the Green, Three Little Drummers Jig
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels Jerry O'Brien COL 33312-F Ir 78   Turkey in the Straw, 5th Fig., Set 2 Kildare Fancy Hornpipe (solo)
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   COL 33353-F Ir 78 E+ My Wild Irish Rose Pigeon on the Gate Reel
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   COL 33455-F Ir 78   The Blackbird The Bould Sojer Boy
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   COL 33500-F Ir 78   God Save Ireland, Wearing of the Green O'Donnell Abu, Boys of Wexford
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   COL 33505-F Ir 78   Rakes of Mallow Jig: Jack McGrale's
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   OKE 84024 Ir 78   Paddy in London Jig, 1st. Fig. Irish Rover Jig, 2nd Fig.
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels Jerry O'Brien VOC 84029 Ir 78   Drowsy Maggie (5th Fig. of Set 3) Little Judy (solo)
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   VOC 84122 Ir 78 E- Connaughtman's Rambles, Fr. O'Flynn Jigs The Grenadiers, The Coleen Bawn Polka
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   COL 33132-F Ir 78 E Weel Made the Keel Row, Joynnu Will You Marry Me Rights of Man, Greencastle Hornpipe
O'Leary's Irish Minstrels   COL 33140-F Ir 78 V++ Campbell's Are Coming, Garryowen Girl I Left Behind Me, White Cockade
O'Malley, Myles & his Orch.   DEC 12097 Ir 78   Londonderry Hornpipe Highlands: We'll ...Keil-Row, Johnny .. You Marry
O'Malley, Myles, Orchestra   DEC 12106 Ir 78 x2 Jig: Shandon Bells, The Joy of My Life Hp: Kildare Fancy, Boys of Blue Hill
O'Malley, Myles, Orchestra   DEC 12135 Ir 78   Jig: Off She Goes, Fire on the Mountain Reel: The Morning Star, The Ships Are Sailing
O'Malley, Myles, whistle   DEC 12065 Ir 78 V+,c/m Connaughtman's Rambles, Haste to the Wedding Off to California Hornpipe
O'Malley, Myles, whistle   DEC 12066 Ir 78   Sweeps Hornpipe Reel: Swallow's Tail, Heather Breeze
O'Malley, Myles, whistle   DEC 12098 Ir 78   Hp: Quarrelsome Piper, Harvest Home Reel: Four Hand, Ivy Leaf
O'More, Colin   VOC 24023 Ir 78   Bells of Shandon In the Wee Little Home I Love
O'More, Colin   VOC 24035 Ir 78 E+ The Old Refrain Mary of Argyle
O'More, Colin   VOC 12430 Ir 78 V+ Low Backed Car Dear Little Shamrock
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33070-F Ir 78 V+,V+c/m Fisherman's Widow, Walls of Liscara Jigs The Gilda Ray, Shake It Up Shannahan
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33071-F Ir 78   Magpies Nest The Kellys
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33072-F Ir 78   Back to Donegal Going to Mass Last Sunday, Bold Jack Donohhue
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33085-F Ir 78 E- Gilda Ray Hornpipe Fisherman's Widow Jig
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33091-F Ir 78 E Sergeant Early's Jig Tailor's Thimble Reel
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33092-F Ir 78 V++ Dan McCann Kerry Long Ago
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33099-F Ir 78 x2 Boys of the Co. Cork Mrs. Gillhooley
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33104-F Ir 78   Nell Flaherty's Drake Ceide Meille Faltue
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33123-F Ir 78 E- Bandon Blarney Stone Close the Half Door
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33133-F Ir 78 E Moriarity Mora Thasha
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33152-F Ir 78 V+ Dawn on the Irish Coast Maid of Kensale
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33153-F Ir 78   Phil the Fluter's Ball The Man that Struck O'Hara
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33189-F Ir 78   The Donegal Widow (Dinny McCall) Star of the Co. Down
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33191-F Ir 78 E Ireland The Shamrock
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33201-F Ir 78   Shan Van Vough Fenian Gun
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33226-F Ir 78   United Ireland Rose of Killarney
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33235-F Ir 78   My Galway Queen Lantry Larry
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33256-F Ir 78   The Green Bushes How Do You Do
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33276-F Ir 78   The Shaughraun Herself & Meself
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33297-F Ir 78   Didar A Macarny The Simple Aumathaun
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33371-F Ir 78   Mother's Silver Curls Yes You Did
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33476-F Ir 78   Up Kerry Jerry Go and Oil that car
O'Nolan, Shaun   COL 33487-F Ir 78   My Co. Leitrim Queen The Furze Bush Hedge in Ireland
O'Nolan, Shaun   RGZ MR 1385 Ir 78 V United Ireland My Rose of Killarney
O'Siochain, Sean   HMV IM953 Ir 78   Patsy McCann Rose of Mooncoin
O'Siochain, Sean   HMV IM 954 Ir 78 E+ A Nation Once Again The South Down Militia
O'Toole, Emmet   GEN 5068 Ir 78 E- Foggy Dew Killarney
O'Toole, Emmet   GEN 8460 Ir 78   Laddie Buck Of Mine A Shawl of Galway Grey
Owens, Jack   DEC 24903 Ir 78   Did Anyone Ever Tell You Mrs. Murphy You're Irish and You're Beautiful
Palace Quartet   HMV 216328 Ir 78 E,x2 Robin Adair, Ye Banks & Braes, etc. Loch Lomond, Scots Wha Hae, 100 Pipers
Perry, M. & O'Carroll   BRW 2084 Ir 78 x2 Irish Reels Irish Reels
Picking's Orch. Jerry & May   IRI I3015 Ir 78   Blackthorn Stick, Back of the Haggard Jigs Hartford, Molly Brannigan Highland Flings
Picking's Orch. Jerry & May Charlie Higgins IRI I3014/3016 Ir 78 E+ Kilrooskey Post Office, Mayo Reels Bucks from the Mountains, McPartland's Style Hp.
Picking's Orch. Jerry & May   IRI I3014 Ir 78 E,E Kilroosky Post Office, Mayo Reels Rakes of Mallow, Enniskillen Dragoons, M. Durkin Polkas
Porter, Steve   BRU 2333 Ir 78   Christmas Morning at Clancy’s Santa Claus Hides in the Phonograph
Porter, Steve Paulton, Edward COL A592 Ir 78   Pat O’Brien’s Automobile Honeymooning
Porter, Steve Harlan, Brian & Arthur Collins COL A1424 Ir 78   Two Jolly Sailors Noah’s Ark
Porter, Steve Charlie DeButts COL A626 Ir 78   Flanagan's Ocean Voyage Cohan's Pet Names
Porter, Steve   GLD 4112 Ir 78   Flanagan at the Vocal Teacher's Arkansas Traveler
Porter, Steve   GRG 4004 Ir 78   Flanagan in a Restaurant Flanagan's Married Life
Porter, Steve   GRG 4111 Ir 78   Flanagan at the Barbers Flanagan's Real Estate Deal
Porter, Steve   PER 12377 Ir 78   The Murphy's & the Callahan's, Pt. 1 Pt. 2
Porter, Steve Billy Jones RAD 4002 Ir 78   Flanagan's Second Hand Car Hy & Si and the Line Fence
Porter, Steve Collins, Arthur VIC 16015 Ir 78   Flanagan on a Broadway Car I Think I See My Brother Coming Now (darkie)
Porter, Steve   VIC 20299 Ir 78   Clancy’s Wooden Wedding Christmas Morning at Clancy’s
Porter, Steve Harlan, Brian VIC 17263 Ir 78   Organ’s Grinders Troubles Wal, I Swan
Porter, Steve Michael Casey COL A1940 Ir 78 V+ Mrs. Dugan's Discovery Casey as a Judge
Powell, Johnny & his Band   COP 9-120 Ir 78 x3 Greencastle, Dunphy's Hp. Waltz: Take This Message, If I Were a Blackbird
Powell, Johnny & his Band   COP 9-121 Ir 78   Coleen Bawn, Galway Rogue Waltz: Galway Bay, Flower of Sweet Strabane
Powell, Johnny & his Band   COP 9-122 Ir 78 x2 Seige of Ennis: Scotch Mary, Shaskeen Highland: If There Wasn't Any Women in the World
Powell, Johnny & his Band   COP 9-123 Ir 78 x3 2 Step: Little Burnt Potato, Bandon Blarney Stone Waltz; Kevin Barry, Bold Jack Donahue
Powell, Johnny & his Band   COP 9-175 Ir 78   6/8: Maid of Sweet Brown Knowe, Geese in Bog,. If The Rest Of The World Were Like Ireland (voc)
Powell, Johnny & his Band   COP 9-176 Ir 78   Waltz: Fr. Murphy, Boys From Co. Mayo My Love is But A Lassie Yet, Sweet Kilaloe
Powell, Johnny & his Band   COP 9-177 Ir 78   Connemara Fancy, Sweet Cork of Thee I Sing Pol. Billy's Tune, Macroom Highlands
Powell, Johnny & his Band   COP 9-178 Ir 78   Jig: Humors of Whiskey, Prize Reel: Grn Groves of Erin, 4 Hand, Miss Thornton's
Prince, Alexander concertina ZON X49113 Ir 78   Medley -
Purcell, Noel   GLN W-125 Ir 78   The Dublin Saunter The Man My Mother Married
Quinn, Dan   RGZ MR1103 Ir 78   Skibbereen The Lark in the Clear Air
Quinn, Frank   COL 33003-F Ir 78 E+,V++ The Home Brew (fiddle solo) The Enniskillen Dragoon
Quinn, Frank   COL 33055-F Ir 78 V+ Haste to the Wedding Miss Wallace's Reel
Quinn, Frank   COL 33063-F Ir 78 E+ The Old Tea Kettle Reel Peeler & the Goat
Quinn, Frank Kitty Hand COL 33064-F Ir 78 E The Old Bog Hole Murphy's Wife
Quinn, Frank   COL 33078-F Ir 78 E Kelly’s Dream, recitation The Birth of St. Patrick
Quinn, Frank   COL 33080-F Ir 78 V/V+ Twelve Stone Two McKeon's Reel
Quinn, Frank   COL 33117-F Ir 78 E+,V+c/m Paddy McGinty's Goat If You're Irish ...
Quinn, Frank   COL 33128-F Ir 78 E+ Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down Rocks of Bawn
Quinn, Frank   COL 33138-F Ir 78 V+,V+ McSorley’s Twins Good Bye Mike, Good Bye Pat
Quinn, Frank   COL 33193-F Ir 78 V John McCaggrey's Favorite Reel Irish Jaunting Car
Quinn, Frank Joe Maguire COL 33229-F Ir 78 V++ The Mist on the Mountain, fiddle duet The Clockin' Hen & Duck, vocal
Quinn, Frank Joe Maguire COL 33234-F Ir 78 V+,V+ Varsouviana The Kerry Polka
Quinn, Frank Joe Maguire COL 33242-F Ir 78 V+ The Hare in the Corn Reel Oh Mind Your Eye, vocal
Quinn, Frank   COL 33272-F Ir 78 E+,V+x2 Green Grow the Rushes, Oh No One To Welcome Home
Quinn, Frank   COL 33316-F Ir 78 E+,V+ Connaughtman's Rambles Jig My Irish Molly O
Quinn, Frank   COL 33330-F Ir 78 E- The Plains of Boyle Hornpipe Wicklow Mountains High
Quinn, Frank   COL 33362-F Ir 78 V+ Paddy Doyle They Wouldn't Do It Now
Quinn, Frank   COL 33381-F Ir 78 V+ The Lasses from Donegal The Home I Left Behind
Quinn, Frank   COL 33405-F Ir 78 E-,c/m Mary's Favorite Reel Jack Welch Jig
Quinn, Frank   COL 33449-F Ir 78 V++c/m Tony and the Cop, Part 1 The Court Scene, Part 2
Quinn, Frank Nan Fitzpatrick COL 33477-F Ir 78 V+, c/m Connemara Dan My Bonnie Boy in Blue
Quinn, Frank   COL 33489-F Ir 78 E- My Mother & My Sweetheart I'm A Happy Boy from Ireland
Quinn, Frank   COL 33541-F Ir 78 V+,c/m The Tinker & His Budget Bunch of Rushes Reel
Quinn, Frank   COL A3566 Ir 78 E,V+ Miss McLeod’s, Blackberry Blossom Sailor’s Hornpipe, Harvest Home
Quinn, Frank John Muller COL A3894
or 33048-F
Ir 78 E+,E-,V+ Longford Jig Virginia Reel (VEL 7029)
Quinn, Frank (labels on wrong side) GEN 5074 Ir 78 V+ Varsouviana Connaughtman's Rambles Jig
Quinn, Frank   GEN 5396 Ir 78 E- Green Grow the Rushes The Four Courts Reel
Quinn, Frank   GEN 5442 Ir 78 V+ The Irish Jaunting Car The Grand Old Dame Reel
Quinn, Frank   GEN 5656 Ir 78 V+ Molly in the Woods Old Skib
Quinn, Frank   GEN 5667 Ir 78 E- Doran's Ass St. Patrick's Day
Quinn, Frank   HMV 79006 Ir 78 x4E, V Wise Maid Jig Rafferty’s Reel
Quinn, Frank   OKE 84139 Ir 78 V/V+ My Irish Molly O Connaughtman's Rambles Jig
Quinn, Frank   PAT 20882 Ir 78 E+/E Casey at the Party Bowl of Coffee
Quinn, Frank   PER


Ir 78 V+,V+ Up in the Loft Molly on the Shore
Quinn, Frank   RGL G9385 Ir 78 E Templehouse Reel Patrick's Day Parade
Quinn, Frank   STA 9530 Ir 78 V+,V+ Cat in the Corner Jig New Found Out Reel
Quinn, Frank   STR 9358 Ir 78 E-,V Margaret Collin’s Reel Quinn’s Irish Polka (Jenny Lind)
Quinn, Frank Ennis, Morrison, Muller VEL 7029 Ir 78 E Virginia Reel Bag of Potatoes, Templehouse, Pigeon on the Gate
Quinn, Frank   VIC 19540 Ir 78 E-,V+ Frog in the Well Jig The Young Teetotler Reel
Quinn, Frank   VIC 79013 Ir 78 E- Paddy McGinty’s Goat Patrick Sheehan
Quinn, Frank   VIC 79133 Ir 78 E- Billy O’Rourke The Westport Chorus
Quinn, Frank   VIC 79134 Ir 78 E- The Emerald Medley Eddie Dunn’s Favorite Reel
Quinn, Frank   VOC 14280 Ir 78 V+,V+ecap Swallow’s Tail The Cherry Blossom
Quinn, Frank   VOC 84051 Ir 78 V+,c/m Men of the West The Humor Is On Me Now
Quinn, Frank   VOC 84159 Ir 78 V/V+ Behind the Garden Gate Reel Rambling Irishman
Quinn, Frank see Michael Coleman, 303j,o     Ir 78      
Quinn, Frank   OKE 21010 Ir 78 V,c/m Drowsy Maggie Reel Bonnnie Annie Reel
Quinn, Frank & Nan Fitzpatrick   RGZ MR 1111 Ir 78 V+ Daisy Bell I'll Forgive But I'll Never Forget
Quinn, Louis & Shamrock Minstrels duet w/Lad O'Beirne ORI 2832 Ir 78 V+ The Harp That Once, Green Flag, The Wearing of Green Marches Clog Hornpipes incl. High Level
Quinn, Louis & Shamrock Minstrels   REX 5004 Ir 78   Reddy Johnson, Miss Monahan Reel Johnston's Hornpipe
Quinn, Louis & Shamrock Minstrels   PER 11357 Ir 78 V/V+ Gannon's Favorite Barn Dance Stack of Barley, Friendly Visit Hornpipe
Quinn, Thomas   BLU B4929 Ir 78 V+,c/m Shall My Soul Pass Through Old Ireland Old Bog Road
Quinn, William acc DAV 3602 Ir 78 V+ Floggin' Reel Medley Hornpipe Medley
Quinn, William   CRN 3417 Ir 78   Rights of Man Swallow's Tail
Reck, Tommy   COP 9-191 Ir 78   Reel: Scholar, Salamanca, Tom Steele Hp: Alexander's, O'Higgins
Redmond Brothers   PAR F.3427 Ir 78 E+ Hello Patsy Fagan My Highland Angel
Regan, Phil   DEC 2946 Ir 78   Mother Machree That's An Irish Lullaby
Regan, Phil   DEC 4239 Ir 78 V+ The Last Love Song Irish Serenade
Regan, Phil   DEC 4240 Ir 78 V+,c/m Katy Mahone Olcott's Lullaby
Reilly, Jim & Co. Cavan Ceili Orch.   MOI M4001 Ir 78 E- Siege of Venice: Turkey in the Straw, Soldiers Joy Londonderry, Harvest Home Hornpipe
Reilly, Larry   DEC 12223 Ir 78   Those Were The Days 40 Years Ago McGinty, Och I Dunno
Reilly, Larry   DEC 12211 Ir 78 E Dawn on the Irish Coast, Pt. 1 Pt. 2
Ring, Justin & his Orch.   DEC 148 Ir 78   My Wild Irish Rose When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Robyn, William   OKE 4077 Ir 78   Mother Machree Ballad of St. Mary's
Roche, Pat Harp &Shamrock Orch   DEC 12007 Ir 78 x2 Hp: Boys of Blue Hill, Stack of Wheat Polka: Molly Durkin's, Doran's Favorite
Roche, Pat Harp &Shamrock Orch   DEC 12008 Ir 78   Green Mountain Longford Maid Reels Blackbird
Roche, Pat Harp &Shamrock Orch.   DEC 12058 Ir 78   Garden of Daisies Rocky Road to Dublin Slip Jig
Roddy, Kathleen   HMV IM 396 Ir 78 E Sliabh na Mhan Tadhg a da Thadbh (2 Faced Teig)
Roddy, Kathleen   HMV IM 398 Ir 78 E Tuirne Mhaire (Mary's Spinning Wheel) Jimmy Mo Mile Stor (Jimmy My 1000 Treasures)
Roddy, Kathleen   HMV IM 413 Ir 78 E Cois an Ghrorthaidh An Buachallin Ban
Roddy, Kathleen   HMV IM 414 Ir 78 E Seanuicin, Einini Tair-se a Bhaile O, Gheobhain A Chailin
Roddy, Kathleen   HMV B.4016 Ir 78 E Na Connerys By the Short Cut to the Rosses
Ronalde, Ronnie   COL C-1706 Ir 78 E+ If I Were A Blackbird The Song of the Mountains
Roper, Pat   REG RSCD Ir CD   My Son -
Rosaleen Quartet (also Eddie Meehan) DEC 12120 Ir 78 E- Maid Behind the Bar Reel Newport Lass, Hag With the Money Jigs
Ross, William, Pipe Major   BLB B4973 Ir 78   Marchioness of Tullybardine, Highland Harry, ... Capt. MacLean of Pennycross, Lady MacKenzie, ...
Rowsome, Leo   HMV IM 498 Ir 78 E- Airs of 98: Boolavogue, The Old Bog Road Boys of Wexford, Kelly from Killan Marches
Rowsome, Leo with violin REX 5002 Ir 78   First House in Connaught, Salamanca Reels Paudeen O'Rafferty, Connaughtman's Rambles Jig
Rowsome, Leo   REX 15012 Ir 78 x2 Big Pat's Reel, Swallow's Tail Slip Jig: Drops of Brandy, Barney Brannigan
Rowsome, Leo   REX 15024 Ir 78   Gillian's Apples, Maid of Tramore Jig Bunch of Keys, Buckley's Fancy Reels
Rowsome, Leo & His Band   HMV BD1315 Ir 78   Blackbird Set Dance St. Patrick's Day Set Dance
Rowsome, Leo & His Band   HMV IM 372 Ir 78   Hp: Liverpool, Cuckoo's Nest Reel: Bonnie Kate, Monaghan, Blackberry Blossom
Rowsome,Leo   HMV IM 1002 Ir 78   Hp: Bantry, Plains of Boyle Reel: Collier's, Sligo Maid
Rowsome,Leo   HMV IM 1016 Ir 78   Dark Woman of the Glen, air March: Mts. Of Pomeroy, Ireland Abu, Jackets Green
Rowsome,Leo   HMV IM 283 Ir 78   Reel: Boil the Breakfast Early, Heather Breeze Slow Air: Savourneen Delish, M: Clare's Dragoons
Rowsome,Leo   HMV IM 330 Ir 78   Jig: Top of Cork Road, Irish Washerwoman Reel: Maid Behind The Bar, Touch Me If You Dare
Rowsome,Leo   HMV IM 525 Ir 78   Jig: Jackson's, Clare Reel: Boys of the Lough, Green Mt.
Rowsome,Leo   REX 15025 Ir 78 x2 Set Dance: Ace & Deuce of Pipering Hp: Manchester, Honeysuckle
Rowsome,Leo   REX 15026 Ir 78 x3,E- Set Dance: Jockey at the Fair Hp: Independent, Star
Rowsome,Leo   REX 15027 Ir 78 x2 Jig: Cook in the Kitchen, Rakes of Kildare March: The Fairy Revels, I Won't Be A Nun
Rowsome,Leo   REX 15043 Ir 78 x2 Reel: Maid of Mt. Kisco, Yellow Tinker Reel: Dawn, Music in the Glen
Rowsome,Leo   REX 15044 Ir 78 x2 Reel: George White's Favorite, Col. Frazer Reel: Boy in the Boat, The Morning Dew
Rowsome,Leo   REX 15047 Ir 78   March: Irish Emigrant, Wearing of Grn, Irish Rove Reel: Conroy's, Glenallen
Rush, Billy   CEL CI 1049 Ir 78   Waltz: My Beauty of Limerick, Far Away in Austra Mayo & Irish Pipers March
Rush, Billy & Band   IRI I3004 Ir 78   Kerry Polka, All the Way to Galway Swallow's Tail, Over the Lake Reels
Ryan, John Dublin Irish Orch. THR 1006 Ir 78 V+ Irish Barn Dance The Mustache Song
Ryan, Sean   HMV IM 1103 Ir 78   The Ould Sidrcar Ballyshee
Ryan, Sean, Tipp. fiddler Sean Ac Dhonncha GAL CE1 Ir 78   Port Gael-Linn Bean Phadin si da Mhaimeo I
Ryan, William   COL 33154-F Ir 78   Mother Machree Macushla
Salvador Bros. accordion duet BNR 2084 Ir 78 x2 Irish Reels Irish Jigs
Scanlan, Walter   EMS 10222 Ir 78   Pretty Kitty Kelly Little Town in the Ould Co. Down
Scanlan, Walter   RGL 9329 Ir 78   Smilin' Through I Hear You Calling Me
Scanlan, Walter Hugh Donovan RGL 9391 Ir 78   Bells of St. Mary's Three O'Clock in the Morning
Scanlan, Walter Thomas O'Kelly RGL 9433 Ir 78   That Old Irish Mother of Mine God Save Ireland
Scanlan, Walter   EMS 10202 Ir 78   Shamrock Lasses That Old Irish Mother of Mine
Scanlon, K., fiddle Bernard, Mel, piano HAR 867 Ir 78   Reels: Bonnie Kate, Swallow’s Tail,Molly Branigan Jig: Fr O’Flynn,Irish Washerwoman,Haste Wedding
Scanlon, Patrick J.   COL A2837 Ir 78   Fr. O'Flynn, Haste to the Wedding Keel Row & Moneymusk
Scanlon, Patrick J.   COL E3896
or A2902
Ir 78 V+ Liverpool, O'Neill's Favorite Swallow Tail, Green Fields of America
Schumann-Heink, Ernestine   VIC 1464 Ir 78   Danny Boy The Kerry Dance
Scott, A.J. Irish accordion w/piano ODE 21015 Ir 78   Rory O’More, The Tipperary Boys Lady Carmichael
Scott, A.J.   ODE 21017 Ir 78   Rosebud Polka Strathspey
Senier, Tom & his Ceili Band   FLD MH1074 Ir 78   Walls of Limerick (Johnny in the Glen) Spinning Wheel (Off She Goes)
Senier, Tom & his Ceili Band   FLD MH1075 Ir 78 E+ Waves of Tory, Wind That Shakes the Barley Four Hand Reel, Bush in Bloom
Shamrock Trio   PER 11195 Ir 78   The Girl That Broke My Heart Reels Humors of Ennistymon Jigs
Shannon Quartet   VIC 20128 Ir 78   Maggie Murphy's Home Sidewalks of New York
Shelton, Anne   LON 287 Ir 78   Greensleeves Galway Bay
Sheridan, John see also John McGettigan RGZ IZ 281 Ir 78   Come Back Paddy Reilly My Old Skillara Hat
Sheridan, John   VIC 21320 Ir 78   Miss McLeod's Reel Londonderry, Cork Hornpipes
Sheridan, John Larry Griffin VIC 29072 Ir 78 E The Sergeant & Pat She's One of the Good Old Kind
Sheridan, John and his Boys   VIC 29075 Ir 78 V+ Star of Munster Reel Heathery Breeze Reel
Sheridan, Margaret   HMV IR 307 Ir 78 E+ Danny Boy I Know Where I'm Going
Sherwin, Charles   WIN 2597 Ir 78   Mountains of Mourne Phil the Fluter's Ball
Silver Masked Tenor   VIC 19916 Ir 78   Kathleen Mavourneen The Harp That Once ...
Slavin, Charles   CEL CI 1019 Ir 78   Come Back Paddy Reilly Far Away in Australia
Slavin, Charles Fallon Bros. (flute & violin) CEL CL1014 Ir 78 E Tippeerary Far Away Flannel Jacket, Miss Monaghan Reels
Slavin, Charlie   CEL CL1015 Ir 78   Kevin Barry (see Fallon Bros.)
Smith, Kate   COL 37137 Ir 78   Mother Machree A Little Bit of Heaven
Standard Talking Machine Co artist not listed-banjo solo STM 3447 Ir 78   On The Rocky Road to Dublin -
Stanley, Aileen & Billy Murray   VIC 20240 Ir 78   Bridget O’Flynn Who Could Be More Wonderful Than You
Starek, J., Pipe Major   SLT 3169 Ir 78   Rakes of Mallow, Wearing of the Green March Faughaballagh
Starr, Will   PAR R 4077 Ir 78 E+ Eightsome Reel Savoy Scottish Medley
Stehl, George   COL A948 Ir 78   Jigs Reels
Stell, George   COL A2957 Ir 78   McLeod's, Farrell O'Gara, Irish Washerwoman.. Speed the Plough, Pat Carney's, Larry O'Gaff..
Sterling, Hugo   CEL CL1030 Ir 78 E- Mountains of Mourne If You Ever Go to Ireland, Kiss My Mother for Me
Sterling, Hugo (see also Marty Burke) CEL CL1031 Ir 78   Soldier's Song Wrap the Green Flag Round Me Boys
Stirling, Hugo   IRI 3001 Ir 78   Rose of Mooncoin Galway Bay
Stirling, Hugo   IRI 3008 Ir 78   Old Skibbereen Star of the Co. Down
Stirling, Hugo   IRI 3010 Ir 78   Green Bushes Cockles & Mussels
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   BLB B-4903 Ir 78 V+ Irish Set Dance: Fig. 1 - Jigs Irish Set Dance: Fig 2 - Reels
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   BLB B-4904 Ir 78 E-E-V+V- Hornpipes - Fig. 3 Jigs - Fig. 4
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band Flanagan Bros. BLB B-4919 Ir 78 V+ I'm Leaving Tipperary Blackbird
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band L. Griffin & M. Rabbett BLB B-4920 Ir 78 E- Fare you Sweet Irish Town The Shirt I Left Behind Me
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33082-F Ir 78 V Collier's, Miss Thornton's Reels My Love is But A Lassie, Lass O Gowrie Reels
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33083-F Ir 78 V+ Miss Monaghan, Peeler's Jacket Reels Tory O'More, Bridal Jig
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33084-F Ir 78 V+ When the Kettle Boils Over, Donnybrook Fair Johnnie in the Glen, O'Connell's Reels
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33093-F Ir 78 V+ Morning Star, Rakish Paddy Reels Jackson's Fancy, Apples in Winter Jigs
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33094-F Ir 78 V+ Fairy Dance, Five Mile Chase Reels Garryowen March
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33105-F Ir 78 V+ Londonderry Hornpipe Rickett's & College Hornpipe
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33106-F Ir 78 V+ Top Ocork Road, Gallant Tipperary Boys Tenpenny Bit, Maid on the Greeen
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33134-F Ir 78 V+ Boil the Kettle Early Ships A' Sailing
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band Hanafin & Moroney COL 33163-F Ir 78 V+,c/m Kid on the Mountain, Slip Jig Groves Hornpipe (fiddle & whistle)
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33171-F Ir 78 V+ Tie the Ribbon Reel Top of the Malt Reel
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33172-F Ir 78 E+ The Cat that Ate the Candle Trip to the Cottage
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band Michael Hanafin COL 33183-F Ir 78 E- Dan Sullivan's Favorite Hornpipe (solo) Haste to the Wedding Jig
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33190-F Ir 78 V/V+ Green Groves of Erin Reel Jockey Thro the Fair Long Ddance
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33207-F Ir 78 V+ Going to Donnybrook Fair Jig (Band) Blue Ribbon Polka (Hanafin & Moroney)
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33215-F Ir 78 V+ Heathery Breeze Reel Mouse in the Cupboard Jig
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   COL 33527-F Ir 78 E+ Blackbird Brian Boru's March
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   DEC 12016 Ir 78 V++ Londonderry Hornpipe Jig: An Irishman Gift to the Ladies, Tatter Jack W
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   DEC 12017 Ir 78 E- Polka: All the Way to Galway, Rakes of Mallow Reel; Boyne Hunt, Shaskeen
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   DEC 12049 Ir 78 V+ Reel: Peeler's Jacket, Rakish Paddy Jig: The Favorite, Humors of Ballyfannia
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   DEC W.4193 Ir 78 E+ Johnny Will You Marry Me Stantoon's, Little Stack of Barley Hornpipes
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   HMV IM 392 Ir 78 E+ Bold Jack Donohue, Eileen Alannah Waltz Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe, Believe Me.. Waltz
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   HMV V-29031 Ir 78 E- Jigs: Leg of the Duck, Roaring Kate Hornpipes: Wilson’s Clog, Fishers
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   HMV B.3393 Ir 78 V/V+ Blackberry Blossom, Bonnie Kate Reels Green Grow the Rushes O
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   RCA 29011 Ir 78 V+ Humors of Bandon, Maid on the Green Rickett's, Little Stack of Barley
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   VIC 29012 Ir 78 V+ O'Connell's, Morning Star Reels Connaughtman's Rambles, A Trip to the Cottage Jigs
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   VIC 29021 Ir 78 V Carawailte Hornpipe Paddy's Land, White Cockade Polka
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band   VIC 29029 Ir 78 E+,V+ From Galway to Dublin Listen to the Mocking Bird
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band Larry Griffin VIC 29044 Ir 78 E+ My Galway Girl Fare You Well, Sweet irish Town
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band Larry Griffin VIC 29045 Ir 78 E+,V++ Seamus O'Brien The Rambler from Clare
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band Larry Griffin, vocal VIC 29047 Ir 78 V+ From Cork to Dublin Humors of Whiskey Jigs
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band McGettigan, John VIC 26-7503 Ir 78 E From Galway to Dublin (Larry Griffin), also on 35j Flings (same as 132e)
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band featuring Michael Hanafin VOC 84125 Ir 78 V+,c/m Haste to the Wedding Jig Dan Sullivan's Favorite Hornpipe
Sullivan, Dan Shamrock Band Coleman, Michael YPS K 509 Ir 78 V+ Reel: Trim the Velvet Jig: Leg of the Duck, Roaring Kate
Sullivan, Tom & Band   IRI I-3002 Ir 78 x2 Jig: Sullivan's Fancy, Irishman's Heart to the Ladi Jig: Fr Hanley's Favorite, Rose in the Heather
Sweeney, Malachy & His Band   HMV IP902 Ir 78   Hills of Glenswilly Bird in Tree, Lady of House, Mooncoin Reels
Sweeney, Malachy & His Band   HMV IP 900 Ir 78   Longford Collector, Sailor's Bonnet, Maid of Mt. Cisco Boys from the Co. Armagh (Anna Boyle, vocal)
Sweeney, Paddy O’Shea, Eileen, piano DEC 12006 Ir 78 x2,V+ Reel: George White’s Favorite, Lass of Carracastle Jig: Fitzpatrick’s, Favorite w/Billy McElligott
Sweeney, Paddy   DEC 12153 Ir 78 E Concert Reel, Custom Jap Rogers, Village Jigs
Sweetnam, George   DEC 12102 Ir 78   She Lived Beside the Anner Kevin Barry
Sweetnam, George w/ P. Killoran’s Orch DEC 12203 Ir 78   Molly Bawn & Brian Og w/ Catherine Harte Grave of Peter Crowley
Sweetnam, George Kathleen Harte DEC 12238 Ir 78 E Dear Old Skibbereen Hold Your Head Up Patsy McCann
Sweetnam, George   DEC 12074 Ir 78   Maid of Erin's Isle My Mother and My Sweetheart
Sweetnam, George   DEC 12094 Ir 78 E Bold Fenian Man There'll Be No One to Welcome Home
Sweetnam, George   DEC 12093 Ir 78 E Hills of Knock-Na-Shee The Wild Hazel Glen
Tapley, George   VIC 29065 Ir 78   Saratoga Hornpipe Chorus Jig
Terry, the Irish Minstrel   HMV IP576 Ir 78   Isle of Innisfree There’s A Little Bit of Heaven
Terry, the Irish Minstrel   RCA 26-7523 Ir 78 E+ Hannigan's Hooley With Me Shillelagh Under My Arm
Thomas, William Anderson, Archie COL A1447 Ir 78   Barney O’Hey When You & I Were Young Maggie
Thunder Brothers   RGZ IZ1283 Ir 78   McNamara's Band O'Hooligan's Ball
Thunder Brothers Albert Healy RGZ IZ1301 Ir 78   Me Old Donkey Car Where the Grass Grows Green
Tobin, Michael   CAP 10195 Ir 78   I Met Her in the Garden Where Praties Grow Ballynure Ballad
Tobin, Michael   CAP 10196 Ir 78   Molly Branigan Kitty of Coleraine
Toohy, Mattie & Irish Minstrels   COP 9-207 Ir 78 x2 Polka: Barren Rocks of Aden, All Way to Galway Jig: Maid on the Green, 3 Little Drummers
Toohy, Mattie & Irish Minstrels   COP 9-208 Ir 78   Polka: Lakes of Sligo, Blue Ribbon Flings: Ben Lourie, Kenmare Fancy
Toohy, Mattie & Irish Minstrels   COP 9-205 Ir 78 V+ First of May, Greenfields of America Hornpipes Waltz: Wild Colonial Boy, A Mother's Love
Touhey, Patrick J. (also 94j) Clancy, Patrick J. VIC 18639 Ir 78 x3, E Reels: Drowsy Maggie, Scotch Mary, Floggin’ Jigs: Tattered Jack Welsh, Dublin, Rover
Tracy, Arthur the Streent Singer DEC W.4102 Ir 78   The Sunset Trail Old Ship O Mine
Tracy, Dan (of Round the Fire)   HMV IM 1127 Ir 78 E+ The Country Jaunt My Irish Fairy
Tulla Ceili Band   HMV IP 1150 Ir 78 V+,c/m Reel: Jackson's Buckley's Fancy Jig: Lark in the Morning, Mac's Fancy, Preston's
Tulla Ceili Band   HMV IP 1151 Ir 78 E Woman of the House, Limerick Lasses, Come West… Medley of Polkas
Tulla Ceili Band   HMV IP 1149 Ir 78   Sally Gardens, Bag of Potatoes, Congress Reels Friendly Visit, Bantry Bay Hornpipe
Tulla Ceili Band   HMV IP 1147 Ir 78   Tim the Turncoat, Quarelsome Piper Hornpipes Donegal, Geo. White's Favorite, Copperplate Reels
Tyrone Pipers Band   DEC 12248 Ir 78   MSR: Leaving Glen Urquhart, Dornie Ferry, Duntro March: Maj Norman Orr Ewing, Earl of Mansfield
Tyrone Pipers Band   DEC 12249 Ir 78 x3,E- March: Minstrel Boy, O'Donnell Abu, Let Erin Rem March: Wearing of Grn, All Way Galway,Rakes Ma
Tyrone Pipers Band   DEC 12250 Ir 78   MMSR: Farewell to Ballinascorney, Dolan's, Marqu March: Men of West, Rakes Kildare,100 Pipers, M
Uilleann Pipes, Violin & Piano   RGZ IZ111 Ir 78 V++ Black Rogue, Saddle the Pony Jig Londonderry Hornpipe
Ulster Amateur Flute Band   REX 15014 Ir 78   Irish Melodies - Selection, Pt. 1 Pt. 2
Veo, Harold   VIC 18308 Ir 78 V+ Irish Washerwoman, Paddy Whack, Larry O'Gaff Reilly's Reel, Pig Town Fling, Miss McLeod's Reels
Victor Mixed Chorus   VIC 35516 Ir 78-12   Songs of Ireland - The Harp That Once,… Songs of Scotland - Scots Wha' Hae, …
Victor Mixed Chorus   VIC 31869 Ir 78-12   Songs of Scotland - Scots Wha' Hae, … -
Walsh, Liam   REX 15008 Ir 78   The Fairy Reel Walls of Limerick
Walsh, Liam   DEC F.3815 Ir 78   An Rogan File Walls of Limerick
Walsh, Liam   REX 15030 Ir 78   Blackbird Set Dance Bucks of Oranmore
Walsh, Nellie   HMV IM 959 Ir 78 E+ Maggie Murphy's Home Teddy O'Neill
Walsh, Nellie   HMV IM 1000 Ir 78 E+ My Old Grandmother My Trip Over the Mountain
White, Pat Fitzpatrick Bros. VIC 20718 Ir 78   The Roundhouse Duffy's Blunders
White, Pat   VIC 21200 Ir 78   Come Down McGinty Raffle for a Store
Whitehill, Clarence   VIC 74425 Ir 78-12   I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen -
Young, Victor & Singing Strings   DEC 27282 Ir 78   Isle of Innisfree