Artist 2nd Artist / Notes Label Cat No CC Media Grade Side 1 Side 2
1.unidentified piano accordion   STM A674 Ir 78 E Jigs: Maid on the Green, etc. Hornpipes: Galway, etc.
Ahern, Michael   COL 33159-F Ir 78   When ItÕs Springtime in Killarney IÕll Come Back T Wearing of the Green
Ahern, Michael   COL 33315-F Ir 78   Molly O Irish Names
Ahern, Michael   COL 33392-F Ir 78   Rose of Killarney A Handful of Earth from My Mother's Grave
American Quartet Orpheus Quartet VIC 17900 Ir 78 E+ Along the Rocky Road to Dublin Molly Dear, It's You I'm After
All Star Ceilidhe Band   COP 9-174 Ir 78   Red Haired Boy Hornpipe Keel Row, Green Grow the Rushes O
All Star Ceilidhe Band   COP 9-202 Ir 78   Girl I Left Behind Me, Rakes of Mallow Polkas Fire on the Mountain, Cook in the Kitchen Jigs
All Star Ceilidhe Band   COP 9-203 Ir 78   Liverpool, Off to Calif. Hornpipes Gie Gordons, Canadian Barn Dance
All-Star Ceilidh Band   COP 9-204 Ir 78 x2 Humors of Bandon Set Dance Job of Journeywork Set Dance
All-Star Ceilidhe Band   COP 9-200 Ir 78 x2 Londonderry Hornpipe Jig: Haste to the Wedding, Connaughtmans Rambles
All-Star Ceilidhe Band   COP 9-201 Ir 78   Jig: When the Ketle Boils Over, Leg of the Duck Reels: Blackberry Blossom, Bonnie Kate
Aughrim Slopes Ceilidh Band   RGZ IZ 701 Ir 78   Reels: Geoghan's Fav, Galway Rambler, London Las Jig: Brides Favorite, Sorry to Part
Aughrim Slopes Ceilidh Band   COL 33516-F Ir 78   Reels: Killybegs House, !st House in Connaught Jigs: Monaghan, Henchy's Delight
Aughrim Slopes Ceilidh Band   RGZ IZ 722 Ir 78 V+ Monastryedan Fancy, Doone Hill, Gorman's Reels Friendly Visit, Thomond Bridge Hornpipes
Aughrim Slopes Ceilidh Band   HMV IP 879 Ir 78   The Grey Goose Jig Green Mountain, Ships are Sailing, Morning Star Reels
Aughrim Slopes Ceilidh Band   HMV IP 880 Ir 78   Bunch of Keys,Yellow Tinker,Bucks of Oranmore Reel Cuckoo's Nest, Good Natured Man Hornpipes
Austin Stack Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM 512 Ir 78   Hp: Red Haired Lad, Liverpool Reels: Scholar, Devil Among...,Miss Monaghan
Austin Stack Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM 521 Ir 78   Hp: Showman's Fancy, Johnston's 3 Sea Captains, Humours of Bandon
Austin Stack Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM 529 Ir 78   Jigs: Doherty's Fancy, Humours of Cappagh Reels: Shaskeen, Bonnie Kate, Teetotaler
Austin Stack Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM 539 Ir 78   March OÕSullivan Mor Set Dance: RodneyÕs Glory, Blackbird
Austin Stack Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM 540 Ir 78   Jig: Haste..., Hum of Donnybrook, Blackthorn Stk. Reels: Heather Breeze, Salamanca, Flowers of Edin
Ballinakill Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM 531 Ir 78 E Lady Gordon, Lord Gordon Reels Old Sets: Leather Away the Wattle O, The Ladies Chain
Ballinakill Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM 524 Ir 78   Mountain Heather, Grouse in the Bog Jigs Eileen Curran, The Sandmount Reels
Ballinakill Trad. Dance Players   HMV IM 419 Ir 78   Reels: Shaskeen, Green Blanket Hornpipe: Honeysuckle
Ballinakill Trad. Dance Players   HMV IM 420 Ir 78   Reels: Floggin', Whelan's Jig: Queen of the Fair
Ballinakill Traditional Band   COL G-33486-F Ir 78 E- Sporting Paddy, Copperplate Reels Chorus, Queen of the Rushes Jigs
Ballinamore Ceildhe Band Denis Murphy CEL CL1047 Ir 78   Farewell to Whiskey, Dark Girl Dressed In Blue Polkas Bag of Potatoes, Rakish Paddy Reels
Beades, Paddy   RGZ IZ 1096 Ir 78   My Blue Eyed Mt. Queen Charming Mary Neill
Beades, Paddy   RGZ IZ 1218 Ir 78 V+,x2 Maid of Sweet Gurteen My Old Irish Home
Beades, Paddy   RGZ IZ 1228 Ir 78   Star of Galway Town The Ship and My Lover Went Down
Beades, Paddy   HMV IM 1624 Ir 78   The Woodlands of Loughglinn A Mother's Last Goodbye
Beirne, Josephine Donovan, Tim DEC 12227 Ir 78   Mary of the Silvery Tide Groves of Cloghereen
Beirne, Martin and His Irish Blackbirds Orch. OKE 84061 Ir 78 V+ Boys from Co. Cork, Darling Girl from Clare BD Grand Spy Reel (pipes)
Beirne, Martin, & Ir Blb. Orch.   RGZ IZ 657 Ir 78 E- Kilkenny for Me, Boys of Wexford Marches Boys from Co. Cork, Darling Girl from Clare Barn Dance
Belhavel Trio   COL 33526-F Ir 78   Reels: Ash Plant, Merry Harriers, Hut in the Bog Jigs: Brian O'Lynn, Rakes of Clonmel
Belhavel Trio   COL 33517F Ir 78 E- Sporting Paddy, Murphy's Fav., HaymakerReels Plains of Boyle, Tim the Turncoat Hornpipes
Boudini Bros., Phil & Dan Accordion duet EMS 1027 Ir 78   Irish Jigs Irish Reels
Burke, Marty & Orch. Hugo Sterling IRI 3006 Ir 78   Lakes of Sligo Kelly from Killane March
Butt, Clara   COL 65521 Ir 78 E Kathleen Mavourneen -
Canny, Paddy Joe Heaney GAL CE18 Ir 78   Aonach Bheal Atha na Slua Reel Sadhbh Ni Bhruinneallaigh
C. H. Guards Band   GRG 4016 Ir 78   Irish Jigs & Reels - 2 sides  
Caples, Billy   IRI I-3012 Ir 78   Reel: Bonnie Kate, Merry Blacksmith Hp: Sandlark, Moran's
Caples, Billy   IRI I-3007 Ir 78   Southern Shore, Johnson's Hornpipes Old Maids of Galway, George White's Favorite Reel
Caples, Billy   IRI I-3013 Ir 78 V+ McDonough's Hornpipe Doherty's Fancy, Humors of Whiskey Jig
Carroll, Dan & Mario Perry Fiddle & Accordion BRW 2312 Ir 78   Irish Reels: Guilderoy, Harvest Home, College, ... Irish Jigs: Endearing Y C, Life is Checkered, OÕGaf
Carton, Mary McHugh, Steve CEL CL 1009 Ir 78   Irish Soldier Boy Biddy Donahue
Carton, Mary   CEL CL 1010 Ir 78 V+V+ht If You Ever Go Over to Ireland Cottage With the Horseshoe O'er the Door
Carton, Mary   CEL CL 1020 Ir 78 E-V+ Eileen McMahon A MotherÕs Love is a Blessing
Carton, Mary Steve McHugh CEL CL 1021 Ir 78   Seamus O'Brein, Golden Jubilee
Carton, Mary w/ Frank Fallon's Orch. CEL CL 1025 Ir 78 E+ My Eileen is Waiting For Me The Girl from Donegal
Carton, Mary   COP 9-216 Ir 78   Rockin' Alone No One to Welcome Me Home
Carton, Mary   COP 9-215 Ir 78 E Patsy McCann Ramblin'
Carton, Mary w/ Mickey Carton's Orch. DEC 12287 Ir 78 E McNamara from Mayo Johnny
Carton, Mickey & Mary   DEC 12275 Ir 78 x2 If I Were A Blackbird Rose of Mooncoin
Carton, Mickey & Mary   DEC 12277 Ir 78   Boys From the Co. Mayo Girl From Donegal
Carton, Mickey & Mary   DEC 12278 Ir 78   Take This This Message to My Mother Road By the River
Carton, Mickey & Mary   DEC 12282 Ir 78   Fr. Murphy from Boolavogue On the One Road
Carton, Mickey & Mary   DEC 46164 Ir 78,45   Moonshiner I'll Forgive & I'll Try to Forget
Carton, Mickey & Mary   DEC 46232 Ir 78   Faithful Sailor Boy Two Little Orphans
Carton, Mickey & Orchestra   CEL CL 1005 Ir 78   Rights of Man, Boys of Blue Hill Hornpipes Keel Row, Green Grow the Rushes Flings
Carton, Mickey & Orchestra   CEL CL 1007 Ir 78 E Three Little Drummers, Fr. O'Flynn Jigs Miss McLeod's, Little Judy Reels
Carton, Mickey & Orchestra   CEL CL 1058 Ir 78 E+ Humors of Cappa, Irishman's Heart to the Ladies Jackson's Polka
Carton, Mickey & Orchestra   CEL CL 1001 Ir 78   Stack of Barley, Kerry Mills Barn Dance Pet of the Pipers, Haste to the Wedding
Carton, Mickey & Orchestra   COP 9-255 Ir 78   Polka: Sunshine in Ireland Rambler Jig
Casey, James D.   COL 33114-F Ir 78   Irish Volunteer Pat Molloy & the Ass
Casey, Michael   COL A1908 Ir 78   Casey's Description of his Fight Casey Taking the Census
Casey, Michael Golden, Billy &Jim Marlowe COL A1971 Ir 78   Casey at Home Marriage Difficulties
Casey, Michael   COL 33036-F Ir 78   Casey at Home Casey as a Judge
Casson, Christopher   COP 9-165 Ir 78 x2,V+ Clare's Dragoons Old Turf Fire & Ballynure Ballad
Casson, Christopher   COP 9-162 Ir 78 x2,E Come to the Bower My Lagan Love
Cawley, Patrick   COL 33383-F Ir 78   The Traveller Reel Memories of Dublin Hornpipe
Ceilidhe Trio   RGZ IZ 1293 Ir 78 V+ Bridge of Athlone Set Dance Seige of Carrick Set Dance
Claffy, James   COL 37012-F Ir 78   RogerÕs Hornpipe FentonÕs Hornpipe
Clancy, Patrick see P. Touhey     Ir 78      
Clarke, Herbert L. Cornet solo COL 33061-F Ir 78   Macushla Killarney
Coleman, Michael   COL 33069-F Ir 78 V+,V+ Jackson's Reel Humours of Ballyconnell, Capt. Rock Reels
Coleman, Michael JP (Packie) Dolan COL 33179-F Ir 78 V+ Duke of Leinster & his Wife Royal Stack of Barley
Coleman, Michael   COL 33237-F Ir 78 V+ The Grey Goose Jig Lord McDonald's Reel
Coleman, Michael   COL 33507F Ir 78 V+,c/mV The Royal Blackbird Hornpipe Lord McDonald's Reel
Coleman, Michael   COL E7470 Ir 78 V+ The Monaghan Jig Paddy Ryan's Dream Reels
Coleman, Michael   COL 33375-F Ir 78 V Dr. Gilbert's, Queen of the May Reels Mrs. Kenny's Barn Dance
Coleman, Michael   DEC 12015 Ir 78 E+,E- Reel: Bonnie Kate, Jenny's Chickens Jigs: Tobin's, Fasten the Leg in Her
Coleman, Michael   DEC 12036 Ir 78 E+,alb,V++ Reel: Tarbolton, Longford Collector, Sailor's Bonn Stack of Barley
Coleman, Michael   DEC 12046 Ir 78 V++ Lucy Campbell Job of Journeywork, Long Reel
Coleman, Michael   DEC 12056 Ir 78 V+ Crowley's Reels The Banks, Barn Dance Medley
Coleman, Michael   DEC 12057 Ir 78 E+ Jig: Cherish the Ladies Murphy's Hornpipe
Coleman, Michael   DEC 12067 Ir 78 E+,alb,V+ Reel: Wind That Shakes Barley, Lady on the Island Slip Jig: Kid on the Mountain
Coleman, Michael   DEC 12076 Ir 78 E-,V+ Hp: High Level, McCormack's Jig: Paddy Clancy's, Trip to the Cottage
Coleman, Michael   DEC 12080 Ir 78 E+,V+,V+ Reel: Liffy Banks, Shaskeen Reel: O'Rourke's, Wild Irishman
Coleman, Michael   DEC 12085 Ir 78 E+,alb, V+ Reel: Mrs McLeods, Philip O'Beirne's Delight Jig: Tell Her I Am, Richard Brennan's Favorite
Coleman, Michael   DEC 12037 Ir 78 E-,c/m,rs Lord Gordon's Reel Men of the West, Mrs. Kenny's Waltz
Coleman, Michael Eileen O'Shea, piano DEC F.5666 Ir 78 V+ Murphy's Hornpipe Job of Journeywork - Long Reel
Coleman, Michael   MET 142 Ir 78 V+ The Frost is All Over Jigs Reidy Johnson's Reels
Coleman, Michael Flanagan Bros. MTW M-8634 Ir 78 E Reels: KerrymanÕs Daughter, Bird in the Tree Jig: Paddy in London
Coleman, Michael   NRP 1120 Ir 78 V Apples in Winter Rakish Paddy Reel
Coleman, Michael   NRP 2327 Ir 78 E+ Jackson's Jigs Kerry Reel
Coleman, Michael John Muller, piano - NRP1121 Ir 78 acetate cpy Sailor on the Rock Reels Larry O'Gaff Jigs
Coleman, Michael   - NRP2310 Ir 78 acetate cpy Blackthorn Stick, Green Groves of Erin Reels Killarney Wonder Schottische
Coleman, Michael   OKE 84019 Ir 78 E- Greenfields of America, Swallows Tail Reels Liverpool, O'Neill's Hornpipe
Coleman, Michael   PAT 10671 Ir 78 V+ Doughtery's Jigs Wellington Reels
Coleman, Michael   VIC 79284 Ir 78 E Hornpipes: The Stage, The Western Reels: KerrymanÕs Daughter, Bird in the Tree
Coleman, Michael   VIC 79322 Ir 78 E The Morning Dew Reel Medley Tell Her I Am Jig Medley
Coleman, Michael   VOC 14201 Ir 78 E- Shaskeen Reel Murray's Fancy Hornpipe
Coleman, Michael   VOC 14322 Ir 78 E+,E- Boys of the Lough Humours of Ennistymon
Coleman, Michael Quinn, Frank, acc. VOC 14492 Ir 78 E+,E- Medley of Irish Jigs The Union Reel
Coleman, Michael Quinn, Frank, acc VOC 14541 Ir 78 E-,E+ O'Dowd's Favorite Reel Medley Basket of Shamrocks (Quinn)
Coleman, Michael Ed Gagan, piano VOC 84019 Ir 78 V+ Liverpool, O'Neill's Hornpipe Green Fields of America, Swallow's Tail Reels
Coleman, Michael Sullivan, Dan YPS K 509 Ir 78 V+ Reel: Trim the Velvet Jig: Leg of the Duck, Roaring Kate
Coleman, Michael Trio (and 68003) BRW 4969 Ir 78 V/V+,V+ Black Haired Lass Reels Miss Ramsey's Highland Fling
Colmcille Ceilidhe Band   COL 33532-F Ir 78   Wellington's, Willie Walsh's, Boys of Town Jigs Touch Me If You Dare, Cooleen Bridge, Scholar Reels
Colmcille Ceilidhe Band   IRI I3031 Ir 78 E-, x2 Plains of Boyle Hp. - Supple Dance King of the Fairies Set Dance
Colmcille Ceilidhe Band   RGZ IZ 868 Ir 78   Johnstown, Green Gates, Salamanca Reels Liverpool, Fisher's, Sailor's Hornpipes
Comerford Trio   DEC W.4015 Ir 78   Single Jigs: Off She Goes, Nora Creena Set Dance: BonaparteÕs Reteat
Comerford Trio   DEC W.4154 Ir 78   St. Patrick's Day Rocky Road to Dublin, Judy Branagan Slip Jigs
Conlon, Barney   NRP 2329 Ir 78   Flowers of Red Hill Reels Hearty Boys of Ballymote Jigs
Conlon, Peter   COL 33307-F Ir 78 E- Jig: Lark in the Morning, Clancy's Reel: Flax in Bloom, Bag of Potatoes
Conlon, Peter Morrison, James COL 33318-F Ir 78 V+,E- Reel: Tap Room, Moving Bogs Jig: Old Man Dillon, Rose in the Heather
Conlon, Peter   COL 33322-F Ir 78 E The Tuam Reel, The Salamaca Manning's, The Country Jig
Conlon, Peter   COL 33349-F Ir 78 E- The Irish Girl, Green Fields of America Jig Broken Pledge, Kitty in the Lane Reel
Conlon, Peter   COL 33435-F Ir 78 E- The Fiddler's Delight Reel Contentment is Wealth Jig
Conlon, Peter   COL E3876 Ir 78 V+ Rose in the Garden Reel Keel Row
Conlon, Peter   COL E3896 Ir 78 E/E- Humours of Whiskey Jig Wind That Shakes The Barley Reel
Conlon, Peter   COL E3987 Ir 78 V+ Saddle the Pony The Millstone Grinder
Conlon, Peter John Mueller, piano GEN 4797 Ir 78 V+ McBan's Reel Stack of Barley
Conlon, Peter   LYR 4806 Ir 78 V+ Paddy on the Turnpike The Black Thornstick Jig
Conlon, Peter Shaun O'Farrell NRP 2325 Ir 78 V+ Phil the Fluter's Ball, voc w/accordion Bridget Flynn, voc w/orch.
Conlon, Peter   OKE 4264 Ir 78 E- Scholar Reel Harvest Home & Galway Bay Hornpipes
Conlon, Peter (Gen 4322) OKE 4322 Ir 78 x2, V,V+ HennesseyÕs Hornpipe Happy to Meet & Sorry to Part Jig
Conlon, Peter   OKE 4518 Ir 78 E+,E+ Irish Washerwoman Stack of Barley
Conlon, Peter   OKE 21005 Ir 78 E- Cameronian Reel Barn Dance
Conlon, Peter   OKE 21006 Ir 78 V+,E- Irishman's Blackthorn Reel Kitty's Ramble Jig
Conlon, Peter   STA 4323 Ir 78 E+,E/heat Gordon's Reel Paddy O'Rafferty's Jig
Conlon, Peter   STA 9506 Ir 78 V,V+ Medley of Slip Jigs The Lark in the Morning
Conlon, Peter   STA 9521 Ir 78 V++ The WayÕs to the Racket Reels BaxterÕs Jig
Conlon, Peter, see note @ end   OKE 4321 Ir 78 E+,V+ The HeathÕry Breeze Medley of Highland Schottisches
Connolly, Cliff   DEC F.5832 Ir 78 E That Old Irish Harp in Kildare On the Banks of My Own Lovely Lee
Connors, Frank   VAR 530 Ir 78   YouÕre Irish and YouÕre Beatiful Little Town in the Ould Co. Down
Cooney, John   REX 15049 Ir 78   Clare's Dragoons Red Hand of O'Neill
Corkonians & Shamrock duo   CEL CL 1013 Ir 78 V+,c/m Varsouvianna It's A Great Day for the Irish
County Mayo Boys   COL 33488-F Ir 78   Eileen Alannah O'Donnell Abu, Boys of Wexford
Cox, Dennis   PAR 3560 Ir 78 V++ Bab O Ro Binsin Lucra
Crofts, Gerard   RGL G7836 Ir 78   Raitheneach A Bhean Bheag Annie Dear
Cronin, Paddy   COP 9-112 Ir 78   Hp: Con McCarthy's Favorite, Killarney Wonder Reel: The Doon, Quinn's
Cronin, Paddy   COP 9-113 Ir 78   Reel; Doon #2, O'Callaghan's Hp: Cronin's, Fitzgerald's
Cronin, Paddy   COP 9-114 Ir 78 x2 Reel: Mt. Top, Galtee Mountains Hp: Byron's, Delahunty's
Cronin, Paddy   COP 9-115 Ir 78   Reel: Gorman's, Pretty Girls of the Village Hp: O'Keefe's, Rights of Man
Cronin, Paddy   COP 9-116 Ir 78   Flax in Bloom, Millstone, Dairymaid Reels Rakish Paddy, Wheels of the World Reels
Cronin, Paddy   COP 9-119 Ir 78 x2 Reel: Templehouse, Duke of Leinster Jig; Boy's of the Town, Hag with the Money
Cronin, Paddy Neylon, Frank COP 9-195 Ir 78 E+,E- Reels: Galway, Woman of the House Jig: Butcher's March, Old Man Dillon
Cronin, Paddy Neylon, Frank COP 9-196 Ir 78   Paddy Finley's, Red Haired Lass Reels The Clare, Maid in the Cherry Tree Reels
Cronin, Paddy   COP EP-9-18 Ir 78   Reel: O'Rourke's, Wild.., Farewell to Ireland, Girls Reel: Maid Behind the Barrel, Kerryman's Daughte
Crooks, Richard   VIC 1805 Ir 78   Mother Machree The Gree Hills of Ireland
Crooks, Richard   VIC 45373 Ir 78   Coleen Aroon Irish Love Song
Crosby, Bing   DEC 621 Ir 78   Silent Night Adeste Fideles
Crosby, Bing   DEC 3609 Ir 78   Did Your Mother Come From Ireland Where The River Shannon Flows
Crosby, Bing   DEC 23495 Ir 78 x2 Dear Old Donegal McNamara's Band
Crosby, Bing   DEC 23786 Ir 78 x2 Who Threw The Overalls... It's The Same Old Shilleagh
Crosby, Bing   DEC 23788 Ir 78 V+,c/m Rose of Tralee When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Crosby, Bing   DEC 23789 Ir 78 x2 Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
Crosby, Bing   DEC 24295 Ir 78   Galway Bay My Girl's An irish Girl
Crosby, Bing   DEC 24846 Ir 78 E How Can You Buy Killarney Eileen
Crosby, Bing   DEC 27478 Ir 78   St. Patrick's Day Parade With My Shillelagh Under My Arm
Cummins, Walter Clines, Tom & Jack Carney VEL 2003-V Ir 78   Smiling Irish Eyes Miss You
Curry's, David Irish Band   COL DB>3724 Ir 78   Sport of the Chase, Tipp. Hills Graig's Frolics
Curry's, David Irish Band   COL DB>3763 Ir 78   The Sweets of May Maguire's Jig
Dadmun, Royal   VIC 45533 Ir 78   Fr. O'Flynn Irish Names
Dale, Edwin   COL A3618 Ir 78   Low Backed Car Foggy Dew
Daly, Jack   RGZ IZ 516 Ir 78   Laughing Irish Eyes Au Revoir (But Not Goodbye)
Davis, Ernest   PAT 20815 Ir 78   My Wild Irish Rose Macushla
Davis, Joe, Irish Barn Dance Boys Killoran & Sweeney - 3600 Ir 78   Reel: Green Meadows, Lady of the House Jig: Cherish the Ladies
Day, Dennis   CAP 15247 Ir 78   Phil the FluterÕs Ball Danny Boy
Day, Dennis   RCA 20-1803 Ir 78   When Irish Eyes Are Smiling That's An Irish Lullaby
Day, Dennis   RCA 20-1804 Ir 78   Back to Donegal A Little Bit of Heaven
Day, Dennis   RCA 20-1805 Ir 78   Mother Machree Rose of Tralee
Day, Dennis   RCA 20-3970 Ir 78 x3 Christmas in Killarney I'm Praying to St. Christopher
Dell, Peggy   REX 15031 Ir 78   Mick McGilligan's Daughter Mrs. Mulligan the Pride of the Coombe
Derrane, Joe   COP 9-107 Ir 78   High Level Hornpipe Jig: Fr. Hanley's, First Night in America
Derrane, Joe   COP 9-108 Ir 78   Jackson's Polka Hp: Echo, Lawson's
Derrane, Joe   COP 9-109 Ir 78   Hp: Taylor's, Cronin's Rambles Reel: Salamanca, Clancy's Fancy
Derrane, Joe   COP 9-110 Ir 78   Reel: Collier's , Maurice Casey's Reel: Mason's Apron, Buckley's Fancy
Derrane, Joe   COP 9-144 Ir 78 x2 John Kimmel's Favorites Reel: Peter Feeney's Dream, Flower of the Flock
Derrane, Joe   COP 9-145 Ir 78 x2 Showman's Fancy Hornpipe Reel: Boys at the Lough, Long Strand
Derrane, Joe   COP 9-146 Ir 78 x2 Union Reel Hp: Harvest Home, Bird in the Tree
Derrane, Joe   COP 9-147 Ir 78 x2 Reel: Merry Blacksmith, Limestone Rock Jig: Fisherman's Widow, Devine"s Favorite
Derrane, Joe & Jerry O,Brien   COP 9-111 Ir 78,45   Stack of Barley, Hennessey's Fling: Primrose Lass, Devil in the Kitchen
Derrane, Joe & Jerry O,Brien   COP 9-140 Ir 78 E Orange & the Blue, Belle of the Ball Flings O'Donnell Abu, Minstrel Boy, God Save Ireland March
Derrane, Joe & Jerry O,Brien   COP 9-141 Ir 78   Blackbird Varsouviana
Derrane, Joe & Jerry O,Brien   COP 9-142 Ir 78   Fling: Louden's Braes so Bonnie, Stirling Castle Jig: Hardiman's Fancy, Bit of Ginger
Derrane, Joe & Jerry O'Brien   COP 9-143 Ir 78   Reel: Turkey in the Straw, Chicken Reel: Sailor's Bonnet, Copperplate
DeValera, Eamonn   NAF 49784 Ir 78-12   St. PatrickÕs Day Message Kathleen Mavourneen (Male Quartette)
DeValera, Eamonn   NAF 49909 Ir 78-12   Memorial Address - Terrance MacSweeney In A Monestary Garden (Male Chorus & Orch)
DeValley, Liam   GLN W169 Ir 78 E Ceann Dubh Dilis Sile Ni ghradhra
DeValley, Liam   GLN W170 Ir 78 E Am Mhaighdean Chaoin An Raibh Tu ag an gCarraig
DeValley, Liam   GLN W171 Ir 78 E An Fhuiseog 'sa Bhata Pearla an Bhrollaigh Bhain
DeValley, Liam   GLN W172 Ir 78 E An Chuilfhionn Fear a' Bhata
DeValley, Liam   GLN W173 Ir 78 E Cailin Deas Cruidhte na mBo An Paisdin Fionn
Dolan, Packie Kennedy,William A RCA 26-7511 Ir 78   ErinÕs Green Shore Snowy Breasted Pearl
Donnelly, Harry Jim McGrath's Orch. BNR 7023 Ir 78   Harry Donnelly's Dublin Hornpipe Rights of Man Hornpipe
Donovan, Hugh   HMV 216181 Ir 78   A Breath of Old Ireland & You The Lass O'Killean
Donovan, Hugh   DOM 125 Ir 78   Wearing of the Green Where the River Shannon Flows
Donovan, Hugh   RGL 9780 Ir 78 V+,c/m Sweet Rosie O'Day By the Lakes of Old Killarney
Donovan, Hugh   EMS 10344 Ir 78 V++ County Kerry Mary Wrap the Green Flag 'Round Me Boys
Donovan, Hugh   EMS 10374 Ir 78 V+ Rose of Athlone Peggy O'Neil
Donovan, Tim   DEC 12242 Ir 78   The Furze Bush Hedge In Bloom Star of Donegal
Donovan, Tim   DEC 12157 Ir 78   The Exile of Cork My Wild Irish Rose
Doolan, Lawrence   BEL 2021 Ir 78   McNamara's Band St. Patrick Was A Gentleman
Doran, Felix   COP 9-194 Ir 78 V+ Reel: Pigeon on the Gate, Congress Jig: Doran's Fancy, Rambling Pitchfork
Doran, P. T. Cawley, F. Malone COL 33110 Ir 78   Sweeney's Favorite Reel The Moving Bogs of Powelsboro Jig
Doran, Patrick   GEN 5604 Ir 78 V+ Captain Coughlin's Hornpipe Bowen's Favorite Jig
Doran, Patrick   GEN 5617 Ir 78   Maid on the Green Hard Road to Travel
Downey, Morton   COL 35495 Ir 78   Kevin Barry Molly Branigan
Downey, Morton   COL 35496 Ir 78   Its the Same Old Shilleagh That's How I Spell Ireland
Doyle, Jack   DEC 12027 Ir 78 x2 The Litle Irish Girl Garden Where The Praties Grow
Doyle, Jack   DEC 12030 Ir 78 E My Home By the Wicklow Hills My Irish Songs of Songs
Dublin Met. Garda Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM280 Ir 78   Hp: Greencastle, Kildare Fancy, Dunphys Hp: Best Shot, Gerry Bridge, Green Berries
Dublin Met. Garda Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM331 Ir 78   Hp: Sunshine, Hum. of Castle Bernard, Dick Sands Humours of Bandon, Maggie Brown
Dublin Met. Garda Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM336 Ir 78   Hp: Harvest Home, Last of Twins, Poppy Leaf Jig: Irishwasherwoman, Trip to the Cottage
Dublin Met. Garda Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM355 Ir 78   National Anthem Set Dances
Dublin Orchestra   COL 33214-F Ir 78 V+ Danny Boy, Come Back to Erin Waltz Believe MeÉ, Wearing of the Green Waltz
Duffy, Patrick J.   DEC W.4101 Ir 78 E+ Soldiers Song Kelly the Boy from Killane
Dwyer, Jim   DEC W 4328 Ir 78   Fr Murphy of Boolavogue Foggy Dew
Dwyer, Jim   DEC 12150 Ir 78   The Kildare Exile Devil & the Bailliff
Dwyer, Jim   DEC 12141 Ir 78   My Heart Is At Home In Old Ireland Christmas Eve In London
Dwyer, Jim   DEC 12184 Ir 78   The Yankee Boy Just a Rose In Old Killarney
Dwyer, Jim   DEC 12182 Ir 78 x2 Fr. Murphy of Boolavogue The Foggy Dew
Dwyer, Jim   DEC 12128 Ir 78 V+ Tipperary Far Away The Irish Brigade
Dwyer, Jim w/Killoran's Orch. DEC 12224 Ir 78 E- Ireland the Land of My Birth The Girl I Knew in Old Killarney
Eddy, Nelson   COL 4335-M Ir 78   Danny Boy Old Refrain
Egan, James   GEN 8125 Ir 78   When It's Moonlight in Mayo Irish Serenade
Egan, James   COL 33284-F Ir 78   Twas Only an Irishman's Dream I Loved You Better Than You Knew
Emerald Quartet Sweeney Bros. VIC 21006 Ir 78   Reels: Longford Lassies, SwallowÕa Tail Jigs: SweeneyÕs Favorite, Limerick Boys
Ennis, Tom Muller, John, piano CAR 2028 Ir 78 V+ Little Judy Medley of Reels Cook in the Kitchen Jigs (Maid on the Green)
Ennis, Tom John Mueller, piano CAR 2029 Ir 78 V+ Trim the Velvet Reels Humors of Bandon Long Ddance
Ennis, Tom   COL 35D Ir 78 x2 Black Rogue, Saddle the Pony Londonderry Hornpipe
Ennis, Tom   COL A3679 Ir 78   Bag of Potatoes, Templehouse, Pigeon on Gate Blackbird
Ennis, Tom James Morrison, Muller COL A3773 Ir 78   Job of Journeywork Jig Medley
Ennis, Tom James Morrison, Muller COL A3836 Ir 78 E+,E- Maid Behind the Bar, Trim the Velvet Humours of Bandon
Ennis, Tom   EMS 10394 Ir 78   Jigs: Walsh Favorite, ButcherÕs March Reels: Eileen Curran, Five Mile Chase
Ennis, Tom w/ John Garridy, violin GEN 5003 Ir 78 E- Irish Polka Medley of Irish Reels
Ennis, Tom   OKE 4383 Ir 78   Kildare Fancy Hornpipe Frieze Breeshes Jig
Ennis, Tom   OKE 4490 Ir 78   The Coulin Dear Irish Boy
Ennis, Tom   PAT 21090 Ir 78 c=g Irish Jigs Irish Reels (Drowsy Maggie, Maid Behind the Bar)
Ennis, Tom   PER 11162 Ir 78 g=c Irish Jigs Irish Reels
Ennis, Tom   VIC 18286 Ir 78   Melodies: Believe Me., Killarney, Last Rose of Sum Jig: 3 Little Drummers, Conn. Rambles,Joy of Life
Ennis, Tom   VIC 18366 Ir 78 x4 Reel: Maid That Left Country, Drowsy Maggie, Aro Hp: Murphy's, Londonderry, Mcnamara's
Ennis, Tom & Jas. Morrison   VOC 14354 Ir 78 E New Steamboat, Bucks of Oranmore, Gardner's D. addy in London, Butcher's March, Sligo Bay Jigs
Ennis, Tom James Morrison, John Muller VOC 14588 Ir 78   Kid on the Mountain, Hop Jig Limestone Rock, Medley of Reels
Ennis, Tom & Morrison Frank Quinn VEL 7029 Ir 78   Bag of Potatoes, Templehouse, Pigeon on the Gate Reels (see Frank Quinn - Virginia Reel)
Erin Boys Orchestra   COL 33149F Ir 78 V+ The Irish Counties, Part 1 Part 2
Erin Trio   BEL 593 Ir 78   Stack of Barley The Blackbird
Fahey, John & Joe   DEC 62100 Ir 78   Jig: Off to the Hunt, Butchers March Reel: Sweeney's Dream, Milliner's Daughter
Fallon Brothers Slavin, Charlie CEL CL-1015 Ir 78   Maid on the Green, Frost is All Over Kevin Barry
Fallon, Frank Sullivan, George CEL CL-1040 Ir 78   Typical Irishman (Co. Leitrim) Rose of Killarney
Fallon, Frank   CEL CL-1041 Ir 78   The DutchmanÕs Wife I Had But Fifty Cents
Fallon, Frank   CEL CL-1051 Ir 78   Rose of Aranmore Biddy Mulligan
Fallon, Frank   CEL CL 1033 Ir 78   Mayor O'Dwyer's Polka, Paddy's Land Moneymusk Highland Fling
Fallon, Frrank Orch.   CEL CFD-9 Ir 78 E- Siege of Ennis Lady Coventry's Reel
Fallon,Pat violin CEL CL 1034 Ir 78 E-,x2 Reel: Ruther Fallon's Fav, Grn Fields.., Templehous Jig: Heart to the Ladies, Roland's Return, Irish Fan
Fallon's, Pat Co. Leitrim Ceili Band   CEL CL 1037 Ir 78   Corry Boys, Drowsy Maggie Reels St. Patrick's Day, Trip to the Cottage Jigs
Fallon's, Pat Co. Leitrim Ceili Band   CEL CL 1038 Ir 78   Wind That Shakes the Barley, Collins Reel Devils Dream, Kildare Fancy Hornpipes
Farley, Nicholas   CEL CL 1003 Ir 78   Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe Where the Blarney Roses Grow
Feeney, Jack   COP 9-223 Ir 78   Danny Boy Miss Kitty O'Toole
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12014 Ir 78   Molly Brannigan That Old Irish Mother of Mine
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12038 Ir 78   Moonlight in Mayo A Shawl of Galway Grey
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12110 Ir 78   The Song My Mother Used to Sing Open the Door Softly, Kitty My Love
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12111 Ir 78   Tanyard Side Teddy O'Neill
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12121 Ir 78 x2 She Moved Thru the Fair The Dawning of the Day
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12122 Ir 78   Green Bushes Banks of My Own Lovely Lee
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12170 Ir 78   My Irish Home A Handful of Earth
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12177 Ir 78   Ballymoney At the End of Cobblestone Road
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12260 Ir 78   Soldiers Song Let Erin Remember
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12265 Ir 78   OÕDonnell Abu Down by the Glenside
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12266 Ir 78   A Nation Once Again Wearing of the Green
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12269 Ir 78 E- The Boys of Wexford The West's Awake
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12281 Ir 78 E- Norah O'Neale A Good Roaring Fire, The Old Turf Fire
Feeney, Jack   DEC 12283 Ir 78 2x The Old House Moorlough Mary
Feeney, Jack   VAR 8008 Ir 78   The Irish Emmigrant When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Feeney, Jack Martin Beirne - Ir. Blackbirds VOC 84064 Ir 78   Where Wcklow Looks Down to the Sea Ballinamore Lass Polka
Fingal Trio   RGL MR386 Ir 78 V The Battle of Clontarf March Sean Bhean Broght, Dance at the Fair Hornpipe
Finian's Rainbow   COL 4391-M Ir 78   Overture This Time of Year
Finian's Rainbow   COL 4392-M Ir 78   How Are Things In Glocca Morra If This Isn't Love
Finian's Rainbow   COL 4393-M Ir 78   Look to the Rainbow Old Devil Moon
Finian's Rainbow   COL 4394-M Ir 78   Something Sort Of Grandish Nesessity
Finian's Rainbow   COL 4395-M Ir 78   When the Idle Poor Become the Rich The Begat
Finian's Rainbow   COL 4396-M Ir 78   When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love That Great Come-And-Get-It Day
Finton Lawler Pipe Band   TMS TMS801 Ir 78   March: Garryowen, Nell Falherty's Drake March: Green Flag, Wearing of the Grn, Minstrel B
Fitzpatrick Bros.   GEN 5703 Ir 78 V+ McFadden's Goat Corned Beef and Cabbage
Fitzpatrick Bros. Patrick White VIC 20760 Ir 78 V+ The Mulligan Guards It's the Same Old Shillelagh
Fitzpatrick Brothers comedy VIC 21482 Ir 78   The Market on Saturday Night Mr. DooleyÕs Geese
Fitzpatrick, Bros.   VIC 79303 Ir 78 V+ Patrick, Mind the Baby McFadden's Flats
Fitzpatrick, Curran & O'Rourke   GEN 5717 Ir 78 V/V+ Leitrim, Kiss the Bride Reels Merry Old Woman, Irishman's Heart Jigs
Fitzpatrick, Frank Accordion GEN 5700 Ir 78 V+ Peeler & the Goat Schottische, w/lilting The Leitrim Jig
Fitzpatrick, Patrick Uliiean pipes COL A2309 Ir 78   Donnybrook Fair Jig Three Drops of Brandy Reel
Flaherty, Martin & Orch.   COP 9-187 Ir 78 x2 Highlands: Hills & Dales of Cork, Rakes of Kinsale Jig: Castlebar Races, The Favorite
Flaherty, Martin & Orch.   COP 9-188 Ir 78   Highlands: Town of Fermoy, Maid in Cherry Tree Polkas: Flaherty's Fav., Girl From Lettermore
Flaherty, Martin & Orch.   COP 9-189 Ir 78   O'Dwyer's Hornpipe 6/8 Medley: Old Skillara Hat, If You Ever Go Over.
Flaherty, Martin & Orch.   COP 9-190 Ir 78   Jig: Off to the Hunt, Eavesdropper Reel; After the Sun Goes Down, More Power.Elbow
Flanagan Bros   COL 33000-F Ir 78 E+ Gather the Blossoms Jigs The Parnell Waltz
Flanagan Bros   COL 33096-F Ir 78 V+ Kerry Mills Barn Dance Flanagan at the Racket
Flanagan Bros   COL 33126-F Ir 78 E Geese in the Bog Flanagan's Chase the Banshee
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33156-F Ir 78 V+ A Quiet Night at Flanagan's Sprig O Shillelagh
Flanagan Bros   COL 33222-F Ir 78 V+ The Leitrim Thrush On the Road to the Fair
Flanagan Bros   COL 33265-F Ir 78 E Kelly's House Party Highland Schottische
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33323-F Ir 78 V++ Let Ye All Be Irish Tonight The Beggarman Song
Flanagan Bros   COL 33359-F Ir 78 V+ Humors of Bandon Flowers of Edinburgh, Soldiers Joy
Flanagan Bros   COL 33402-F Ir 78 V+ Up the Hill of Down (CD) Kelly's Cow Has Got No Tail
Flanagan Bros.   CNQ 9742 Ir 78 E+ Sweet Rosie OÕGrady The Sidewalks of New York
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33044-F Ir 78 V+,V++ Morning Star, Collier's Reels Frieze Breetches, Cook in the Kitchen, Lannigan's Ball
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33103-F Ir 78 V+ Medley of Reels Fun at Hogan's
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33125 Ir 78 V+ Johnny Williams Hornpipe In An Irishman's Shanty
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33157-F Ir 78 E,c/m The Stack O' Barley Erin Go Bragh (CD)
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33187-F Ir 78 E- Mick from Tralee (CD) Tickling the Keys
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33195-F Ir 78 E,V+,V+ The Auld BLackthorn Cod Liver Oil
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33243-F Ir 78 V/V+,c/m The I.R.A. Shaskeen Reel
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33249-F Ir 78 V The Banty Legged Mule Sarsfield - Lilt
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33271-F Ir 78 V+ My Irish Molly O Irish Barn Dance
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33279-F Ir 78 V/V+ Hallelujha IÕm A Bum The Bum Song
Flanagan Bros   COL 33295-F Ir 78 E The Girl I Left Behind Me McGonagle Taste
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33320-F Ir 78 E- Little Black Mustache A Gay Caballero
Flanagan Bros   COL 33345-F Ir 78 E- Delaney's Donkey Highland Fling Medley
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33380-F Ir 78 E+ New Irish Barn Dance Sullivan's Troubles
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33411-F Ir 78 E Little Bridget Flynn In Our Backyard
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33460-F Ir 78 V+ Out on the Ocean Medley Jigs Irish Fair Day
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33463-F Ir 78 V++ Irish Boy March Maloney Puts His Name Above the Door
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33512-F Ir 78 E- Rights of Man Hornpipe (CD) Old Time Waltz Medley
Flanagan Bros.   COL 33513-F Ir 78 V+ Shaskeen Reel The Auld Blackthorn
Flanagan Bros.   COL A3849 Ir 78 E Reels: Red Haired Boy, Lady on the Island Highland Flings
Flanagan Bros.   COL 95-D Ir 78 V+ Frieze Breetches, Cook in the Kitchen, Lannigan's Ball Morning Star, Collier's Reels
Flanagan Bros.   EMR 10612 Ir 78 V+ The Maid is Not 20 Yet jig Irish Barn Dance
Flanagan Bros.   GEN 9406 Ir 78 V+ Hearty Bucks of Oranmore Irish Boy, One Step
Flanagan Bros.   RCA 20-3265 Ir 78 V++ Paddy in London Jig The Blackbird
Flanagan Bros.   RGL 8237 Ir 78 V+ Green Meadows Reel Irish Fair Day
Flanagan Bros.   RGL G8936 Ir 78 V+ Johnny Williams Hornpipe Flanagan at the Racket
Flanagan Bros.   RGL G8937 Ir 78 V+E+ In An Irishman's Shanty Fun at Hogan's
Flanagan Bros.   RGL G9185 Ir 78 V+ Sprig of Shillelagh Polka A Quiet Night At Flanagan's
Flanagan Bros.   RGL G9186 Ir 78 V+ An Carrowath, Stack of Wheat, Hp. The Flanagan's Visit to Killarney
Flanagan Bros.   RGL G9382 Ir 78 E Beggarman's Song Let Ye All Be Irish Tonight
Flanagan Bros.   RGL G9384 Ir 78 V++ Flanagan's Chase the Banshee Old Time Waltz Medley
Flanagan Bros.   RGZ G20262 Ir 78 E+ The Old Schoolmaster Reel Irish Washerwoman Jig Set
Flanagan Bros.   RGZ IZ115 Ir 78 E- Kerry Mills Barn Dance Geese in the Bog
Flanagan Bros.   RGZ IZ156 Ir 78 E- Finnegan's Ball The Wanderer Medley
Flanagan Bros.   RGZ MR1373 Ir 78 V+ The Banty Legged Mule The Leitrim Thrush Reel
Flanagan Bros.   VIC 79010 Ir 78 E-,c/m The Night Pat Murphy Died Irish Delight
Flanagan Bros   VIC 79014 Ir 78 E+ The Widow McCarty The Flanagan's at Dinty Moore's
Flanagan Bros.   VIC 79096 Ir 78 E-,Escf Paddy in London Jig Avourneen (Mike Flanagan)
Flanagan Bros.   VIC 79127 Ir 78 E+,V+ Reviewing St. PatrickÕs Day Parade Blackbird, Exhibition Set Dance
Flanagan Bros.   VIC 79198 Ir 78 E- Irishman, Englishman, Scotsman Buttermilk Mary Jigs
Flanagan Bros.   VOC 14638 Ir 78 E- Rakes of Clonmel Cavan Reel (CD)
Flanagan Bros.   VOC 14704 Ir 78 E- Green Mountain Reel (CD) Rakes of Kildare
Flanagan Bros.   VOC 14804 Ir 78 E- Biddy Daly's Jigs Maid That Left Country, More Power Elbow Reels
Flanagan Bros   VOC 84085 Ir 78 E- Brian O'Lynn Over the Waves
Flanagan Bros.   VOC 84090 Ir 78 E- Flowers of Edinburgh, Soldiers Joy Humors of Bandon Medley
Flanagan Bros. Packie Dolan's Melody Boys YPS K514 Ir 78 V+ Blackbird First of May Hornpipe
Flanagan Trio   COL 33067-F Ir 78 V+ Dublin Lassies Medley, Reels Tatter Jack Welsh Medley, Jigs
Flanagan, Joe   COL 33002-F Ir 78 E-,E+ Manchester, Fishers Hornpipes Medley of Polkas
Flanagan, Joe   COL 33073-F Ir 78 V+ Mickey the Mauler, Tobin's Jigs Scotch Mary Medley - Irish Reels
Flanagan, Joe   VOC 84168 Ir 78 V++ Sunshine, Off to California Hornpipes The Half Crown Song
Flanagen Bros.   STA 9451 Ir 78 V+ Gaelic Barn Dance Irish Reels: Holly & Ivy
Flanagen Bros.   VIC 79011 Ir 78 V,V+ Heart of Man Barn Dance Reconcillation Reel
Flynn, Barney   COL 33462-F Ir 78   O'Houlihan The Growler
Flynn, Jimmy   PER 12237 Ir 78   My Wild Irish Rose Just A Cottage Small
Foley, Connie   COP 9-124 Ir 78 x2 Eileen McMahon Galway Shawl
Foley, Connie   COP 459 & 9-125 Ir 78 x3 Wild Col. Boy Town of Galway
Foley, Connie   COP 9-126 Ir 78   When It's Moonlight in Mayo She Lived Beside the Anner
Foley, Connie   COP 459&9-127 Ir 78 x2 Typical Irishman Boys From The Co. Mayo
Foley, Connie   COP 459&9-127 Ir 78   My Lovely Irish Rose Lakes of Coolfin
Foley, Connie   COP 459&9-179 Ir 78   Barbara Allen The Ship That Never Returned
Foley, Connie   COP 9-128 Ir 78   Shall My Soul Pass Through Od Ireland Tipperary Far Away
Foley, Connie   COP 9-131 Ir 78   Kevin Barry Nora Daly
Foley, Connie   COP 9-132 Ir 78 x2 A Soldiers Farewell Old Bog Road
Foley, Connie   COP 9-133 Ir 78   Rose of Moray Hills Of Glenswilly
Foley, Connie   COP 9-136 Ir 78   Sweet Irish Town Three Leaf Shamrock From Glenore
Foley, Connie   COP 9-138 Ir 78   Rose of Killarney On the Banks of My Own Lovely Lee
Foley, Connie   COP 9-139 Ir 78   The Valley of Knockanure Martha, the Flower of Sweet Strabane
Foley, Connie McManus, Dorothy COP 9-168 Ir 78   Old Ballymoe O'Brien Has No Place to Go
Foley, Connie   COP 9-180 Ir 78   Star of Donegal Lakes of Sligo
Foley, Connie   COP 9-183 Ir 78 x2 It Must Be You're Irish Kelly From Killane
Foley, Connie McManus, Dorothy COP 9-184 Ir 78 x3 Hello Patsy Fagan Golden Jubilee
Foley, Connie McManus, Dorothy COP 9-185 Ir 78 x3 The Sailor's Sweetheart Stone outside Dan Murphy's Door
Foley, Connie   COP 9-209 Ir 78   Molly Bawn Blarney Roses
Foley, Connie   COP 9-212 Ir 78 x2 Bold Jack Donahue My Irish Jaunting Car
Foley, Connie   COP 9-214 Ir 78   Fr. Murphy of Boolavogue My Own Dear Galway Bay
Foley, Connie   COP 9-218 Ir 78 x2 The Soldiers Song The Foggy Dew
Foley, Connie   COP 9-219 Ir 78   Isle of Innisfree Shannon River
Foley, Connie   COP 9-250 Ir 78 x3 Cottage By The Lee My Beauty Of Limerick
Foley, Connie   COP 9-251 Ir 78   Neath Her Shawl of Galway Grey Lovely Leitrim
Foley, Connie   COP 9-252 Ir 78   The Boys of Kilmichael Eileen Oge, the Pride of Petravore
Foley, Connie   COP 9-253 Ir 78   The Croppy Boy Westering Home
Foley, Connie   COP 9-262 Ir 78   The Irish Volunteer Snowy Breasted Pearl
Foley, Connie   COP 9-213 Ir 78 V+ Cottage With the Horseshoe O'er the Door Old Skillara Hat
Foley, Connie   COP 9-263 Ir 78,45 E- Doonaree Connemara Shore
Four Dukes   RON R161 Ir 78   Paddy Murphy's Wake When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Four Irish Masters   GRG 4217 Ir 78   Irish Washerwoman Medley Miss McLeodÕs Medley Reels
Four Provinces Orchestra voc James J. Mullan COL 33324-F Ir 78   Leather Away With the Wattle O I DonÕt Work For A Living
Four Provinces Orchestra James Mullen COL 33389-F Ir 78   Sunshine Hornpipe Rocky Road to Dublin Slip Jig
Four Provinces Orchestra voc James J. Mullan COL 33404-F Ir 78   Johnny Cope Quickstep Polka Murphy
Four Provinces Orchestra   GEN 5730 Ir 78 V+ Kilsheelan Bridge, Petticoat Lane, Killybegs Jigs Clune Hornpipe
Four Provinces Orchestra John McGettigan OKE 84022 Ir 78   Fling: Marquis of Huntly, Skin A Ma Rink, Pride of Stone Outside Dan MurphyÕs Door
Four Provinces Orchestra   VIC 79009 Ir 78   The Seven Step & Shoe the Donkey The Fairy & Sheehan's Reels
Four Provinces Orchestra see also J. Lee VIC 79090 Ir 78   Sandy Buchanan Highland Strathspey Job of Journeywork, Blackbird - long hornpipe
Four Provinces Orchestra   VOC 14875 Ir 78 V+ Rattling Boys of Paddy's Land, Leather Away Polkas Highland Schottische
Four Provinces Orchestra Ed Lee, director VOC 14931 Ir 78   Katie Connor: Colleen Rua, Foggy Dew, Moll Room First of May Hp: Molly McAlpine, Slieve Gorm
Four Provinces Orchestra Ed Lee, director VOC 14943 Ir 78 V+ Kitty's Wedding Reel Reidy Johnson Reels
Four Provinces Orchestra James Muller, vocal VOC 84031 Ir 78 V+ Drummer Boy Highland Fling Fish & Chips, voc
Four Ramblers Album LA8 LON 167 Ir 78   Mother Machree Teddy OÕNeill
Four Ramblers Album LA8 LON 168 Ir 78   Dacent Irish Boy IÕll Take You Home Again Kathleen
Four Ramblers Album LA8 LON 169 Ir 78   Eileen Oge Mountains of Mourne
Fradkin, Fred violin BRW 2298 Ir 78   My Wild Irish Rose Missouri Waltz
Gaffney, Austin   GLN W121 Ir 78 E A Battle Hymn Annie Dear
Gaffney, Patrick   COL 251-D Ir 78 V+V+ Girl I Left Behind Me Maggie in the Woods
Gaffney, Patrick   OKE 21011 Ir 78   Mulligar Races Jolly Corkonian Jigs
Gaffney, Patrick   PAR E3052 Ir 78 V Maid Behind the Bar Reel Paddy Ryan's Dream Reel
Gaffney, Patrick   COL 289-D Ir 78   My Love is A Lassy Quadrille Southern Shore Hornpipe
Gaffney, Patrick, violin Flynn, Bert, violin OKE 4840 Ir 78 x2 Plain Quadrille: McAllististerÕs Fling, Girl I Left Be The Blackbird
Gagan, Ed Geoghegan, piano solo VIC 21483 Ir 78   Let Erin Remember the Days of Old Has Sorrow Thy Young days Shaded
Gagan, Ed and his Orchestra   GRG 4016 Ir 78 V+V+ Irish Jigs & Reels, Part 1 Irish Jigs & Reels, Part 2
Gagan, Ed and his Orchestra   HMV 21088 Ir 78 x2 Highland Schottische The Banks of the Shannon Hornpipe
Gagan, Ed and his Orchestra   VIC 20711 Ir 78   Jig: Paddy the Dandy, Bells of Shannon, Far Down Reels: Mullinavat, Ballina Trooper
Gagan, Ed and his Orchestra   VIC 20887 Ir 78   Slip Jig: Drops of Brandy The MillinerÕs Daughter Reel
Gagan, Ed and his Orchestra   VIC 21004 Ir 78   Casey the Tinker Hornpipe Sweeney's Musical Party
Gagan, Ed and his Orchestra   VIC 79345 Ir 78   Stirling Castle - Highland Schottische Hornpipes: Flowers of Adrigole, ShowmanÕs Fancy
Gagan, Ed and His Orchestra   MAD 5083 Ir 78   Irish Jigs & Reels - Series 1 Irish Jigs & Reels - Series 2
Gallagher, Bridie   BEL BE.2706 Ir 78   Kylemore Pass Cutting the Corn in Creeslaugh
Gallowglass Ceili Band   COL DB.3901 Ir 78   Gallowglass Polka Druken Piper, Boys of Co. West M., Dashing White Sgt.
Gallowglass Ceili Band   COL IDB.615 Ir 78 E+ Cotillion, Mrs. Grace Bowie, Cumberland jig Harvest Home, Boys of Blue Hill Hornpipes
Gallowglass Ceili Band   COL IDB.617 Ir 78   Triumphal March Believe Me ... Waltz
Gallowglass Ceili Band   COL IDB.618 Ir 78   Capt. Dunne March The Breakdown Reels
Gallowglass Ceili Band   COL IDB.619 Ir 78   O'Connor's Hornpipe Kerry Dances, Rose of Tralee Waltz
Galway Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM 965 Ir 78   Haymakers Jig Donegal Reel
Galway Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM 967 Ir 78   16 Hand Reel Corrib March
Galway Ceilidhe Band   HMV IM 966 Ir 78 E- Gallowglass, Humors of Cappagh, Ballycastle Jigs King of the Fairies
Garland, Judy (also Decca 25043) DEC 3604 Ir 78 2x ItÕs A Great Day For The Irish A Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow
Garryowen Irish Recording Orch. John McCormick, voc TAR 429 Ir 78   O'Sullivan Mor They Were All Far Down But Me
Garryowen Irish Recording Orch.   TAR 430 Ir 78   Waves of Tory Catherine's Favorite Barn Dance
Garryowen Irish Recording Orch.   TAR 431 Ir 78   Bridge of Athlone Garryowen, Fr. Finlay's Fav. Jigs
Garryowen Irish Recording Orch.   TAR 434 Ir 78   Katie Connor Bluebell Polka
Gerrity, John   COL E7084 Ir 78   Gerrity Reel Night Cap Jig
Gillespie, Hugh   DEC 12105 Ir 78   Master Crowley's Reels Irish Mazurka
Gillespie, Hugh   DEC 12112 Ir 78 V+ McCormick's Hornpipe The Mullingar Lea, Star of Munster Reels
Gillespie, Hugh   DEC 12171 Ir 78   Dowd's Favorite Reel Versouvanna
Gillespie, Hugh   DEC 12225 Ir 78 V+ Pigeon on the Gate, Lady of the House Reels Mountain Stream, Parker's Fancy Hornpipe
Gillespie, Hugh   DEC 12233 Ir 78 V+ The Stage, Rights of Man Hornpipe Donegal Traveller, Miss Montgomery
Gillespie, Hugh   DEC W.4688 Ir 78 V Pigeon on the Gate, Lady of the House Reels Girl That Broke My Heart, Dick Cosgrove's Reels
Girls Pipe Band   ROD RO126 Ir 78   Road to the Isles Wi A 100 Pipers
Glenside Ceili Band   GLN W-150 Ir 78   Hp: Derry, Groves of Slaney Reel: Bush in Bloom, Teetotaler, Shaskeen
Glynn, Michael (Roscommon flute) COL 33441-F Ir 78   Ulster Reel Kitty's Wedding Reel
Grath, Jim, Orch. Pat O'Dwyer, acc. IMP A.542 Ir 78   Varsouvianna Highland Fling Medley
Greene, Gloria   GLN W128 Ir 78 E A Mother's Love is a Blessing Rose of Aranmore
Griffin, Gerald Donovan, Hugh BNR 2076 Ir 78   St. PatrickÕs Day The Green, White and Gold
Griffin, Gerald   OKE 4635 Ir 78   The Coulin The RisinÕ of the Moon
Griffin, Gerald   OKE 4699 Ir 78   The Lass From The Co. Mayo Sweet Inniscarra
Griffin, Gerald OÕHara, Emmet OKE 4895 Ir 78   The Bard of Armagh Eileen Alanna
Griffin, John   COL 33145-F Ir 78   My Beauty of Limerick Real Old Mt. Dew
Griffin, John   COL 33206-F Ir 78 E The Old Counttry Party Oh, Where is Kathleen
Griffin, John   COL 33231-F Ir 78   St. Patrick's Day The Land Where the Shamrocks Grow
Griffin, John   COL 33268-F Ir 78   Pride of Mayo The Irish Clock Maker
Griffin, John   COL 33270-F Ir 78   Come Back Reilly My Auld Skillara Hat
Griffin, John   COL 33290-F Ir 78   My Kerry Colleen The Old Irish Jig
Griffin, John   COL 33317-F Ir 78   Green Above The Red Bunch of Shamrocks
Griffin, John   COL 33382-F Ir 78   My Heart It Is In Leitrim When You And I Were Young Mary
Griffin, John Paddy Muldoon, piano GEN 5526 Ir 78 E,c/m The Girl Ileft Behind Me Reel (w/2 short vocal clips) Gap of Dunlow, The Three Lakes Jigs
Griffin, John O'Leary's Irish Minstrels RGZ MR1802 Ir 78   The Autumn Leaves Are Falling Irish Rover (Health to the Ladies Jig)
Griffin, Larry (see also John Sheridan) VIC 29033 Ir 78   Irish Christening Molly, I Can't Say You Are Honest
Griffin, Larry Dan Sullivan, piano VIC 29001 Ir 78 V,E-,V+crk The Boys From Home (or the Cuckoo's Nest) Little Johnny Dugan
Griffin, Mickey Shamrock Orch.   STD F14005 Ir 78 E The Barn Dance Paddy Canty
Griffin, Mickey Shamrock Orch.   STD F14018 Ir 78 E- Say You'll Be My Darling The Jaunting Cart Hornpipe
Griffin, Mickey Shamrock Orch.   STD F14020 Ir 78 E Tobin Fancy Jig Bonnet of Blue Polka
Grogan, Michael   RGZ IZ 673 Ir 78   Jig: Queen of the Fair, Lark in the Morning Reel: Mountain Lark, Traveller
Grogan, Michael   RGZ IZ 947 Ir 78   Hp: Cliff, Harvest Home, Jig: Mug of Brown ALe, Swallowtail
Grogan, Michael   RGZ IZ 985 Ir 78   Hp: Sunshine, Pleasures of Hope Reel; Pigeon on the Gate, Miss Monaghan
Grogan, Michael   RGZ IZ 1078 Ir 78   Hp: Leitrim Fancy, Chief O'Neill Jig: Fasten the Leg in Her, Hag With the Money
Grogan, Michael   RGZ IZ 1222 Ir 78   Polka: Jenny Linn, Off to Galway Jig: Smash the Windows, Wyper's Fancy
Grogan, Michael   RGZ IZ 1223 Ir 78   Reel: Lord Gordon, Boyne Hunt Jig: Sweet Biddy Daly, Geese in the Bog
Grogan, Michael   RGZ IZ 1281 Ir 78   Jig: Blackthorn Stick, One Horned Sheep Hp: Dwyer's, Friendly Visit
Grogan, Michael & John Howard   RGZ IZ 1285 Ir 78   Reel: Drunken Tailor, Teetotaler Jig: Jerry's Beaver Hat, Widow Brady
Grogan, Michael & John Howard   RGZ IZ 1205 Ir 78 V+ Garden of Daisies, Job of Journeywork Jackson's Morning Brush, Kitty's Rambles Jigs
H.M. Irish Guards Band   LON 217 Ir 78   Col. Bogey Sons of the Brave
H.M. Irish Guards Band   GEN 4613 Ir 78   Maid of the Mountains, Part 1 Part 2
Hammond, Joan   HMV IR 345 Ir 78 E The Last Rose of Summer Home Sweet Home
Hanna, Fred & His Band   BEL BE2662 Ir 78   Bridge of Athlone The Boys of Blue Hill Hp.
Hanna, Fred & His Band   BEL BE2686 Ir 78   Visit to Ireland, Tobin's, Priest's Leap Jig Close to the Fire, Little HouseÉ, Land League #3
Hanna, Fred & His Band   DEC W.5287 Ir 78 V+ Ir Mil. 2-Step: If You're IrishÉ, With Me ShilaleghÉ, etc. Pride of Erin No. 2: Teddy O'Neil, Star of Donegal, etc.
Hannah, William & His Band   PAR F-3350 Ir 78 E, c/m Scottish Reform Dundee Reel
Hannom, Thomas   OBD 39003 Ir 78   Old Fenian Gun Kevin Barry
Hannom, Thomas Barry comic VIC 21481 Ir 78   The Irish Emmigrant, Parts 1 & 2  
Harrington, Pat   DEC 25051 Ir 78   McSorley's Twins Finnegan's Bull
Harrington, Pat   DEC 18783 Ir 78   Erin Go Bragh Kitty of Coleraine
Harrington, Pat   DEC 18784 Ir 78   Peggy That's Mr Brannigan Our Next M.P.
Harrington, Pat   DEC 18785 Ir 78   Never Take the Horseshoe From The Door Brannigan's Pup
Harrington, Pat   DEC 2411 Ir 78   Tread On the Tail of Me Coat Irish Jubilee
Harrison, Charles Miller, Reed VIC 17958 Ir 78   Kilkenny Molly O!
Harrison, Charles   VIC 18111 Ir 78   Ireland Must Be Heaven For My Mother Came From All Erin is Calling Mavourneen
Harrison, Charles   BLL 1125 Ir 78   Macushla Kathleen Mavourneen
Harrison, Charles   HMV 216119 Ir 78   Mother Machree A Little Bit of Heaven
Harrison, Charles   VOC 14307 Ir 78   Molly Brannigan Come Back to Erin
Harrison, Charles Harry McClaskey COL A1230 Ir 78   The Harp that Once ... Lament of the Irish Emigrant
Harrison, Charles   COL A2631 Ir 78   My Irish Song of Songs The Fields of Ballyclare
Harrison, Charles Broadway Quartette COL A3438 Ir 78   Peggy O'Neill If the Shamrocks Grew Along the Swanee Shore
Harrison, Charles Reed Miller COL A1144 Ir 78   Come Back to Erin Minstrel Boy
Hart, Charles   NRP 2626 Ir 78 V+ Sadie O'Brady Dear Irish Mother
Haskins, Mattie   VIC 79044 Ir 78   Mary Clary Nora McNamara
Haskins, Mattie   VIC 79159 Ir 78   Irish Jaunting Car Killarney, My Home OÕer The Sea
Haskins, Mattie Jim McGrathÕs Orch. BAN 7024 Ir 78   Shall My Soul Pass Through Ireland Varsouviena
Haskins, Mattie   BAN 7022 Ir 78   Soldiers Song The Felons of Our Land
Haskins, Mattie   COL 33416-F Ir 78   A Miner's Dream of Ireland A Lonely Little Cabin
Hayden, Dorothy Mickey Carton's Orch. COP 9-238 Ir 78 E Ireland's 32 The Jim Hayden Polka
Hayden, Dorothy   COP 9-242 Ir 78   Green Grows The Laurel I Don't Work For A Living
Hayes, Andy Fallon, Stephen CEL CI 1012 Ir 78   Moonlight in Mayo The Kellys
Hayes, Kathleen Paddy Killoran's Orch. STD F-14011 Ir 78   By the Bright Silvery Light of the Moon A Cottage All Covered With Ivy
Hayes, Kathleen Paddy Killoran's Orch. STD F14015 Ir 78   Londonderry on the Banks of the Foyle The Beautiful Flower of Kilkenny
Hayward, Richard   DEC 12069 Ir 78 E- The Bright Silvery Light of the Moon Bonnie Wee Window
Hayward, Richard   DEC 12070 Ir 78 E Girls of Coleraine Inniskilling Dragoon
Hayward, Richard   DEC 12078 Ir 78 crk Banks of the Bann Rambling Irishman
Hayward, Richard   DEC F.2555 Ir 78   The Ould Orange Flute The Ould Orange Tree
Hayward, Richard   DEC F.3450 Ir 78 E The Royal Blackbird Sinnorie
Hayward, Richard   HMV IM 605 Ir 78   Three Flowers The Bright Silvery Light of the Moon
Hayward, Richard   HMV IM 1010 Ir 78   Sweet Carnlough Bay Mary of Clonmel
Hayward, Richard   HMV IM 811 Ir 78   Nell Flaherty's Drake Tread on the Tail of My Coat
Hayward, Richard   HMV IM 605 Ir 78 V+ Three Flowers The Bright Silvery Light of the Moon
Hayward, Richard   REX 15007 Ir 78   Yellow Rose of Texas Granny's Old Armchair
Hayward, Richard   REX 15015 Ir 78   Stone Outside Dan Murphy"s Door Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
Hayward, Richard   REX 15016 Ir 78   Down in Glasloch Bridget Flynn, Co. Mayo Fragment
Hayward, Richard   REX 15017 Ir 78   Six Miles From Bangor ... Nora Lee
Hayward, Richard   REX 15018 Ir 78   Old Orange Flute Orange & Blue
Hayward, Richard   REX 15037 Ir 78   Galway Shawl Enniskillen Dragoon
Hayward, Richard   REX 15038 Ir 78   Castle of Dromore Trottin' to the Fair, Co. Kildare Fragment
Hayward, Richard   REX 15039 Ir 78   My Lagan Love The Gartan MotherÕs Lullaby
Hayward, Richard   REX 15057 Ir 78 x2 Old Larne Fair Flowers of Maghera
Hayward, Richard   RGZ MR 2945 Ir 78 E+ The Ould Man of Killyburn Brae Dobbin's Flowery Vale
Healy, Albert   HMV IM 995 Ir 78   Reels: Oyster River, Teetotaler, Fates Four Provinces Medley
Healy, Albert   HMV IM 996 Ir 78   Jig: Frost is All Over, Silken Bag, Haste to Weddin Hp: Thames, Healy's Own
Healy, Albert   HMV IM 997 Ir 78 E,E- Round The Fire Waltz Medley, Pt 1 Waltz, Pt.2
Healy, Jack   DEC 12178 Ir 78   Ireland All Over Traveling
Healy, Jack w/Killoran Trio DEC 12140 Ir 78 E- Homeland Red River Valley, Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
Heaney, Joe (see P. Canny & D. Murphy)              
Herborn, Eddie Tom Badger, piano OKE 21021 Ir 78 V+ Rackety Jack, Ha'penny Reels O'Byrne's Favorite Jig
Herborn, Edward, acc Wheeler,James, banjo COL A2217 Ir 78 x2 Stack of Barley Rocky Roads to Dublin
Herborn, Edward, acc Wheeler, James, banjo COL A2182 Ir 78   Mouse in the Cupboard Miss Dalton's Reel
Herborn, Edward, acc   OKE 21022 Ir 78   Steeplechase Reel Joe Kennedy's Jig
Howard,John   RGZ IZ 1207 Ir 78   Hp: Flowers of Spring, Honey Suckle Reel: Jenny's Wedding, Copperplate
Howard,John   RGZ IZ 1208 Ir 78   Reel: Toss the Feathers, Callan Lassies Jig: Humours of Glendart, Haste to the Wedding
Hum & Strum   STE SR1012 Ir 78   Baby Face Walking My Baby Back Home
Hum & Strum   STE SR1017 Ir 78   I Only Want a Buddy, Not a Sweetheart Let Me Spend An Evening
Hum & Strum   COP 9-148 Ir 78   Knock The 'L' Out of Kelly What Happened To McCarthy
Hum & Strum   COP 9-149 Ir 78   Bridget O'Flynn Steve O'Donnell's Wake
Hum & Strum   COP 9-167 Ir 78   Delaney's Chicken Pat Malone
Hum & Strum   COP 9-169 Ir 78   McSorley' Twins Odd Fellows Hall
Hyde Bros.   COL 33502-F Ir 78   Jig: Back O' The Haggart Reel: The Blind Fiddler
Irish All-Stars   COP 9-170 Ir 78   Jig: Irish Washerwoman Miss McLeod's Reel
Irish All-Stars   COP 9-172 Ir 78 x2 Sailor's Hornpipe Barn Dance; Old Balckguard, Nova Scotia
Irish All-Stars   COP 9-173 Ir 78   2 Step: Chase Me Charlie, 100 Pipers Reel: Mullingar Races, Sheehan's
Irish bagpipes (Uilleann pipes) Delenti Bros., p.acc duet OPR 51139 Ir 78 V+ Irish Reels The Flowers of Italy Concert Waltz
Irish Barn Dance Band   MTW M-1055 Ir 78 V+ Quinn's Barn Dance Highland Hornpipe
Irish Barn Dance Band   MTW M1060 Ir 78 E Floggin' Reel Hornpipe Medley
Irish Blackbirds Orchestra Feeney, Jack VOC 84062 Ir 78   Highland Flng: Road to the Isles Waltz: The Shamrock, the Shannon & You
Irish Course   LIN - Ir 78 V Short Irish Course, Lessons 15 - 18 Lessons 19 - 21
Irish PiperÕs Band of Boston   BLU B4995 Ir 78 E ConnaughtmanÕs Rambles Polka Fr OÕFlynn Jig
Irwin, Robert   VIC 25680 Ir 78   Garden Where the Praties Grow Little Mary Cassidy
Irwin, Robert   VIC 25990 Ir 78   Palatine's Daughter Molly Bawn
Irwin, Robert   HMV IM 469 Ir 78 E She is Far From the Land Little Mary Cassidy
Jennings, Tom   WST WRTK0001 Ir 78   A Song for St. PatrickÕs Day We Wish You A Lovely Day
Jerry's Hayshakers   COP 8-506 Ir 78   McEachern's Breakdown Reels: Little Judy,
Jerry's Hayshakers   COP 8-507 Ir 78   Jigs: Doc Boyd's, Harvey"s Reel: Devils Dream
Jerry's Hayshakers   COP 8-508 Ir 78 E Judique Reel Hornpipes: Londonderry & Ricketts
Jerry's Hayshakers   COP 8-509 Ir 78   Winnepeg Reel & Raggedy Ann Road To The Isles
Jerry's Hayshakers   COP 8-514 Ir 78   Hundred Pipers Balkan Hills Schottische
Jerry's Hayshakers   COP 8-515 Ir 78   Petronella Two Step: Silvery Bells, Down Yonder
Jerry's Hayshakers   COP 8-516 Ir 78   High Level Hornpipe Circle Hall Breakdown, Year of Jubilo
Jerry's Hayshakers   COP 8-517 Ir 78   Cape Breton Breakdown Reels: Mrs. McLeods, Lord MacDonald's
Jesters   DEC 4167 Ir 78 E+E+ I Had A Hat Molly O'Neill
Jones, Ada Len Spencer, Billy Murray VIC 16753 Ir 78   FlanniganÕs St. PatrickÕs Day IÕm Glad IÕm A Boy - IÕm Glad IÕm A Girl
Jones, Ada Len Spencer, Billy Murray VIC 16765 Ir 78   Sweet Peggy Magee Mother HasnÕt Spoken to Father Since
Jones, Miss & Mr. Spencer   BER 4756 Ir 78   FlaniganÕs St. PatrickÕs Day -
Kane, Eleanor   DEC 12068 Ir 78   Reel: Morning Dew, Travelers, Shark's Favorite Jig: Fisherman's Widow, Tenpenny Bit
Karle, Theo   BRW 13069 Ir 78   Lass O Killean IÕll Take You Home Again Kathleen
Kelly, Patsy   RGZ IZ 1116 Ir 78   The Hills Above Dunquinn The Pride of Mayo
Kelly, Walter   VIC 45255 Ir 78   Irish Stories Darky Stories
Kennedy, Charles   GLN W147 Ir 78   Rose of Kilkenny Connemara Cradle Song
Kennedy, Charles   GLN W130 Ir 78 E Rich & Rare Cushendun
Kennedy, Charles   GLN W144 Ir 78 E Bridgeen When Thro' Life Unblest We Rove
Kennedy, William A The Cavaliers COL 1137D Ir 78   Molly Malone Like the Wandering Minstrel
Kennedy, William A   DEC 12034 Ir 78 E,E-,c/m St. Patrick's Day Miss Kitty O'Toole
Kennedy, William A   VIC 29058 Ir 78   Let Erin Remember the Days of Old The Valley Lay Smiling Before Me
Kennedy, William A.   COL A3847 Ir 78   Mother In Ireland Just A Bit Of Irish Lace
Kennedy, William A.   COL 33014-F Ir 78 E- Little Town in the Old Co. Down Valley of Slievenamon
Kennedy, William A.   DEC 12109 Ir 78   The Meeting of the Waters Bard of Armagh
Killoran, Paddy   DEC 12005 Ir 78 E,E-,V Reel: Tansey's Favorite, Heather Breeze Jig: Scotchman Over the Border, Tenpenny Bit
Killoran, Paddy   DEC 12077 Ir 78 V++,E Reel: Sligo Maid, Molloy's Favorite Jig: Geese in the Bog
Killoran, Paddy   DEC 12081 Ir 78 E+ Reel: Jolly Tinker, Pretty Girls of Mayo Jig: Luck Penny, Coach Road to Mayo
Killoran, Paddy   DEC 12090 Ir 78 E Roaring Mary, Maid of Castlebar Reels Harvest Home, Londonderry Hornpipe
Killoran, Paddy   DEC 12103 Ir 78 E+ Polka: Memories of Ballymote, Gurteen Cross Reel: Paddy on the Turnpike, Colliers
Killoran, Paddy   DEC 12138 Ir 78 E Reel: Drowsy Maggie, Toss the Feathers Hp: Maguire's Fiddle, O'Donnel's
Killoran, Paddy   DEC 12145 Ir 78 E,E- Down the Broom, Gatehouse Maid Reels Gold Ring, Haste to the Wedding Jigs
Killoran, Paddy   DEC 12158 Ir 78 E+,E- Reel: Dwyer's Favorite, Star of Munster Barn Dance: If There Wasn't Any Women in the Wor
Killoran, Paddy   DEC 12179 Ir 78 E-,V+ Reel: Boys of Ballysodare, Batt Henry's Favorite Jig: Humors of Ballinafad, McPaddin's Favorite
Killoran, Paddy   DEC 12201 Ir 78 V+,V+ Reel: Mason's Apron, Langton's Favorite Reel: Enchanted lady, Holy Land
Killoran, Paddy   DUB 101 Ir 78 E- My Love is Fair & Handsome, 1st Mo. Of Spr. Pride of Rockchaple, Sarsfield's Jig
Killoran, Paddy Jack Healy, vocal DEC 12124 Ir 78 V+ Come Back Paddy Reilly March: O'Donnell Abu, Kelly the Boy from Killane, É
Killoran, Paddy   DEC 12204 Ir 78 V+ Farrel Gara, Silver Spire Reels Shannon's Favorite, Hignland Bonnet Highland Flings
Killoran, Paddy Sweeney, Paddy DEC 12131 Ir 78 x2 Reel: Humors of Lissadel, Sweeney's Dream Decca Polka, Jim Ryan's Fancy
Killoran, Paddy & Irish Am Ser Healy, Jack vocal DEC 12113 Ir 78 E My Little Colleen, voc River Shannon, Tumble Down Shack Fox Trots
Killoran, Paddy & Irish Am Ser   DEC 12114 Ir 78 V+ Waltz: Norah the Pride of Kildare Paddy (from "Paddy's the Next Best Thing")
Killoran, Paddy & Irish Am Ser Healy, Jack vocal DEC 12116 Ir 78 V+ A Little Dash of Dublin Teddy O'Neil & Galway Bay
Killoran, Paddy & Irish Am Ser   DEC 12181 Ir 78 E The Lass from the Co. Mayo Savourneen Deelish
Killoran, Paddy & Irish Am Ser Healy, Jack vocal DEC 12187 Ir 78 E- Slievenamon A Little Bunch of Shamrocks
Killoran, Paddy Orch.   STD F14017 Ir 78 E- Dublin Reels Patrick's Jigs
Killoran, Paddy Orch.   STD F14019 Ir 78 E Molly Durkin Polka Limerick Roses Jig
Killoran, Paddy & Paddy Sweeney   CRN 3126 Ir 78 E,E- Stack-O-Barley Jigs: Primrose Vale, Rambler
Killoran, Paddy & Paddy Sweeney   CRN 3127 Ir 78 E- Mullingar Races, Boys on the Hilltop Reels Gannon's Favourite Hornpipe
Killoran, Paddy & Paddy Sweeney   CRN 3128 Ir 78 V+ Farrell Gara, Silver Spire Reels McDermott's, Memories of Sligo Barn Dance
Killoran, Paddy Pride of Erin Orch.   CRN 3263 Ir 78 V+ Donegal Lassies, Stirling Castle Flings Balina Lass, Sligo Maid Reels
Killoran, Paddy & Paddy Sweeney   CRN 3344 Ir 78 V+ A Surely, The Steeplechase Reels Batt Henry's Favorite, Chaffpool Post Barn Dance
Killoran, Paddy Pride of Erin Orch. Barn Dance Boys DAV DA-28-1&2 Ir 78 E Stack of Barley Primrose Vale & The Rambler
Killoran, Paddy Pride of Erin Orch.   DEC 12000 Ir 78 E+,E- Dublin Lassies Jig: Girls from Brainbridge
Killoran, Paddy Pride of Erin Orch.   DEC 12001 Ir 78 V+ Johnson's Barn Dance Fair Maids of Cavan Fling
Killoran, Paddy Pride of Erin Orch.   DEC 12004 Ir 78 E+,E+ Jig: Jerry Donovan's Favorite Hp: Sweeps, Heirloom
Killoran, Paddy Pride of Erin Orch. Irish Barn Dance Boys



Ir 78 E,E-,V+ Cherish the Ladies Green Meadows, Lady of the House
Killoran, Paddy Pride of Erin Orch. Irish Barn Dance Boys VAR 7009 Ir 78 E,E- Morning Dew, Colleen Bawn Apples in Winter
Killoran, Paddy Pride of Erin Orch.   VAR 7022 Ir 78 E+ Farrell Gara, Silver Spire Mulligan Races, The Boys on the Hill Top
Killoran, Paddy Pride of Erin Orch. Barn Dance Boys DAV DA-28- 5&6 Ir 78 E,E,c/m Surely, Steeplechase Old Timer's Favorite
Killoran, Paddy Pride of Erin Orch. Barn Dance Boys DAV DA-28-7&8 Ir 78 E Beautiful Highland Hornpipe The Frost is All Over Jig
Killoran's Irish Entertainers   DEC 12125 Ir 78 E-,V+ The Cottage With The Horseshoe O'er The Door Fair Sligo Thee I Now Must Leave
Kimmel, John J.   BAN 2083 Ir 78   Rels: Bonnie Kate, Over the Moor, Green Fields Jigs: Haste to the Wedding, Larry O'Gaff
Kimmel, John J.   BER 5417 Ir 78   American Polka -
Kimmel, John J.   COL A1917 Ir 78   Reel: Mason's Apron, Cuckoo's Nest Jig: Connaughtman's Rambles
Kimmel, John J.   COL A1977 Ir 78   Rights of Man, Liverpool, Fishers Hornpipes Stk Barley, Blkberry Blossom, Grn Fld of Am.
Kimmel, John J. Van Epps, Fred banjo solo COL A2283 Ir 78   Jig: Geese in Bog, Coleraine, Trip to the Cottage Irish Hearts - March & Two Step
Kimmel, John J.   FED 5095 Ir 78   Irish Jigs Irish Reels
Kimmel, John J. Redmond, Michael violin & acc HMV 18998 Ir 78   Reels No. 8: Bonnie Kate, Swallow Tail, Star of Mu Blackbird Reel with Marty Perry
Kimmel, John J.   PER 11112 Ir 78   Stack of Barley Bryants Hornpipe
Kimmel, John J. listed as Edward McConnell RGL 987 Ir 78   Blackbird & Rights of Man Bartenders Reel
Kimmel, John J. listed as Edward McConnell RGL 988 Ir 78   Runner Medley: To the Ladies, Connact Rambles, R Rakes of Kildare Jigs, To the Ladies,DevilÕs Dream
Kimmel, John J.   RGL 9431 Ir 78   Medley of Irish Jigs Medley of Irish Reels
Kimmel, John J.   VIC 5237 Ir 78 VE Irish Boy March -
Kimmel, John J.   VIC 5238 Ir 78 x2 Medley of Irish Jigs -
Kimmel, John J.   VIC 5254 Ir 78   Medley of Straight Jigs -
Kimmel, John J.   VIC 5307 Ir 78   Medley of Popular Reels -
Kimmel, John J. Darius Lyons VIC 16048 Ir 78   American Polka Dance of he Faries
Kimmel, John J.   VIC 16127 Ir 78   Medley of German Waltzes Persian Lamb Rag
Kimmel, John J.   VIC 16171 Ir 78   Medley of Reels No. 2 I Got to See the Minstrel Show
Kimmel, John J.   VIC 16317 Ir 78   Hornpipe Medley (SailorÕs, Fishers) The Three Solitaires
Kimmel, John J. Chris Chapman, bell solo VIC 16406 Ir 78 x2 Medley of Irish Jigs Southern Girl Gavotte
Kimmel, John J.   VIC 16438 Ir 78   Medley of Clogs The Waterfall Polka
Kimmel, John J.   VIC 17849 Ir 78 x3 Irish Reels No. 3: CuckooÕs Nest, MasonÕs Apron Reels No. 4: Salamango, Off Key (Merry Blacksmi)
Kimmel, John J.   VIC 18193 Ir 78 E+E+E+E Jig: Geese in Bog, Coleraine, Trip to Cottage Stack Barley, Blkberry Blossom, Grn Fields of Am
Kimmel, John J.   VIC 18207 Ir 78 x2 Irish Reels No. 5: FlogginÕ, Cup of Tea Jigs No. 2: 3 Little Drummers, Conn. Ramb., To La
Kimmel, John J. Touhey, Patrick J. VIC 18727 Ir 78 x3,E- Jig: Haley's Favorite Reel: Steam Packet, Morning Star, Miss McLeods
Kimmel, John J. Touhey, Patrick J. VIC 19271 Ir 78   My Partner's Fancy Reels Maid on Grn, Jackson's, Drink of Water Jigs
Kimmel. John J. 2nd copy listed as Ed Kelly COL A2036 Ir 78   Reels: Bonnie Kate, Swallow Tail, Star of Munster JIgs: Haste to Wedding, Larry OÕGaff, Smash
Kimmel. John J.   COL A2094 Ir 78   Floggin', Cup of Tea Reels International Echoes
Kimmel. John J.   COL A2951 Ir 78 x2 Jigs: Rakes of Kildare, DevlinÕs Favorite Hornpipe: BryantÕs Favorite, Birds in the Tree
Kimmel. John J.   EMS 1099 Ir 78 x2 Bonnie Kate, Green Fields of America Reels Haste to Wedding,Larry O'Gaff,Trip to Cottage Jig
Kincora Ceilidhe Band   RCA 26-7517 Ir 78   Jig: Caricknagat, Pipe on the Hob, Freehan Reel: Gardiner's, Marlow, Sgeach
Kincora Ceilidhe Band   RCA 26-7518 Ir 78 E+,E,V+ Jig: Kesh, Morrison's, Corhubber Reel: Maid of Mt Kisco
Kincora Ceilidhe Band   RCA 26-7519 Ir 78   Reel: Woman of House, Bank of Ireland, McLeod's Reel: Jolly Tinker, Fall of Ballisodare, Glenallen
Knight, Felix   DEC 23486 Ir 78   Come Back Paddy Reilly Come Back to Erin
Knight, Felix   DEC 23487 Ir 78   Lass From Co. Mayo ThereÕs A Cottage By the Shannon
Knight, Felix   DEC 23488 Ir 78   A Little Bit of Heaven In the Valley of Sleivenamon
Knight, Felix   DEC 23489 Ir 78   Sweet Inniscarra That Tumble Down Shack in Athlone
Lane, Terry   HMV IM 281 Ir 78   Hp: Johnston's, High Level Jig: Cook in Kit, Ram Pitchfork, Irish Washerwoma
Lane, Terry   HMV IM 511 Ir 78   Jig: Hum of Bantry, Jerry's Beaver..., 1 Horned S Set: Quadrilles
Lane, Terry   HMV IM 964 Ir 78 x2 Reel: Mullingar Races, Green Mt. Jig: Mordaunt's Fancy, Trip to Cottage
Lane, Terry   HMV IM 530 Ir 78 V Errigal Waltz Accordeon Yodel Waltz
Lane, Terry & his Ceili Band   IRI I-3034 Ir 78   Foley's Hotel Humors of Bandon
Lane,Terry   HMV IM 526 Ir 78   Nigger Breakdown, Sands Hp Reel: Monaghan's Favorite, Five Mile Chase
Lawrence, Brian   REX 15023 Ir 78   Phil the Fluters Ball Molly Branigan
Lawrence, Brian   REX 15054 Ir 78   Rory O More Eileen Oge
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   COL IFB 290 Ir 78 V+ Jig: Priest's Leap, My Darling Asleep, A Visit to I Humors of Bandon
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   COL 33524-F Ir 78 E,E- Reel: Salamanca Set Dance: Garden of Daisies
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   COL 33529-F Ir 78 E-,V+ Jig: Kitty's Rambles, Merry Old Woman, Humours Job of Journeywork, Blackbird
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   COL IFB 252 Ir 78 E+ Derry Hornpipe Ships Are Sailing, Scholar, Curragh Races Reels
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band William O'Toole DEC W.5238 Ir 78 E+ Boys of Wexford, Who Dares to Speak Soldier's Song
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   DEC W.5239 Ir 78 E+ Gentle Maiden Waltz Green Bushes Waltz
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   REX 15001 Ir 78 E+,E Jig: Irish Washerwoman Reel: Mrs. McLeod
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   REX 15006 Ir 78 E+ Liverpool Hornpipe Jigs: Draught of Ale, Old Man Dillon, Merry Maide
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   REX 15010 Ir 78 E+ Hp: Showman's Fancy, Kilfinnon Reels: Ivy Leaf, Sun Behind the Glenties, Templeho
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   REX 15040 Ir 78 E,V+ Blackbird Set Dance Reels: Floggin', Star of Munster
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   REX 15041 Ir 78 E Jig: Maid on Green, Jackson's, Rakes of Clonmel Hp: Cloone, Kildare Fancy, Dunphy's
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   RGZ G21943 Ir 78 E+ Paddy from Portlaw, Fairheaded Boy, Rambling P. Jig A Friendly Visit, Sweeps, Slievenamon Hornpipes
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   RGZ IZ 1043 Ir 78 E+,V+ Cork Hornpipe The "Claddagh" Waltzes
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   RGZ IZ 1098 Ir 78 E+,V+ Four Hand Reel Liverpool Hornpipe
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   RGZ IZ 1233 Ir 78 E+ A Herlow Waltz Drowsy Maggie, Bush in Bloom, Bonnie Kate Reels
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   RGZ IZ 264 Ir 78 E+ Cuckoo's Nest, Higgins Hp. Miner's of Wicklow, Jolly Corkonian, Paddy Go Easy Jig
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   RGZ IZ 265 Ir 78 E,E- HS: Or & Blue, Green Grow Rushes, Stirling Castle Reel: Shores of Ballybunion, Pigoen on Gate, Conne
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   RGZ IZ 266 Ir 78 E- Walls of Limerick Waves of Tory
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   RGZ IZ 267 Ir 78 E- Bridge of Athlone Seige of Ennis
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   RGZ T6240 Ir 78 E+ Honeymoon, Sheehan's, Heather Breeze Reels Greencastle, Boys of Blue Hill Hornpipes
Lee, Joseph Lee, Ed, piano; see also 4 Prov VIC 79105 Ir 78   Tipperary Hills Men of the West
Lee, Joseph   GEN 5747 Ir 78   Out & Make Way For the Fenian Men Tanyard Side
Lee, Joseph Ed Lee, piano VIC 79154 Ir 78 E- The West's Asleep An Old Irish Hill in the Morning
Locke, Josef   COL IDB141 Ir 78   How Can You Buy Killarney A Shawl of Galway Grey
Lough Gill Quartette   HMV IM 949 Ir 78   Mill Pond, Mist on the Meadow Jigs Ballinore Rake, The Market-Man Reels
Lowe, Vincent Trio   HMV IP898 Ir 78 E Rory O'Moore, Lady Mary Douglas, 100 Pipers Sweets of May, Humours of Bandon Set Dances
Luther, Frank   DEC 2298 Ir 78   Rose of Tralee Low Backed Car, Kerry Dance, Come Back to Erin
Luther, Frank   DEC 2300 Ir 78   Killarney Harp that Once.., Meeting of the Waters
Lynch, Christopher   RCA 10-1247 Ir 78   Believe Me.... Oft in the Stilly Night
Lynch, Christopher   RCA 10-1276 Ir 78   I Hear You Calling Me Then You'll Remember Me
Lynch, Christopher   RCA 10-1396 Ir 78 x2,E- Killarney Down By The Glenside
Lynch, Christopher   COL 4504-M Ir 78   Minstrel Boy The Young May Moon
Lynch, Christopher   COL 4505-M Ir 78 x2,E- Garden Where the Praties Grow When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Lynch, Christopher   COL 4506-M Ir 78 x2,V++ Rose of Tralee A Ballynure Ballad
Lynch, Christopher   COL 4507-M Ir 78   The PalatineÕs Daughter A Little Bit of Heaven
Lynch, Joe   GLN W-114 Ir 78   Irish Rover Hannigan's Hooley
Lynch, Joe   GLN W-123 Ir 78 E+ Come Back Again to Me Mavourneen If You'llOnly Come Across the Sea to Ireland
Lynch, Joe   GLN W136 Ir 78 E An Spailpin Fanach Driminhionn Donn Dilis
Lynch, Joe   GLN W137 Ir 78 E An Tuirnin Lin, Preab San Ol An Bandh, Bacoch Buidh na Leige
Lynch, Joe   DEC W.5282 Ir 78 E Puff-Puff to Ballyduff The Pride of Tipperary
Lynch, Patrick acc OKE 2103 Ir 78 V+ Bonnie Kate, Miss McLeod's, Clogging Reels Green Mt. Bogs, Light of the Moon - Old Country Dances