ID Artist 2nd Artist Title Label Cat No CC Media Ted ID Grade Side 1 Side 2 Cr Ref S1 Cr Ref S2 Matrix No 1 Matrix No 2
A3CanMis 20 Country Classics COL P2S5900 Am LP 834a
A1ISVoc 39 Toes Right - WRC8-7721 Ir CD 1473a
78IS 3rd Guard Reserves Batt'n Band STA 4667 Sc 78 220a Men of Harlech St. Patrick's Day
A2ISInst 48th Highlanders of Canada Here Comes the Mighty 48th COL CL1538 Sc LP 704a
A2ISInst 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Ban WOR WRC1-2874 Sc LP 725a
A1ISVoc Abbey Reads Yeats & Kavanagh various Abbey Actors ABB007 Ir Cas 1108a
All45 Abbey Tavern Singers HBR HBR 498 Ir 45 152a Gallent Forty Twa' Off to Dublin in the Green
A1ISVoc Abbey Tavern Singers We're Off To Dublin In The Gre ARC VIP402 Ir LP 1106a
A1ISVoc Abbey Tavern Singers The Abbey Tavern ATP ATP104 Ir LP 1106b
A3CanMis Abshire, Nathan Cajun Pais Do-Do ARH F5004 Ca LP 514a
A1ISVoc acDhomcha, Sean An Spailpin Fanach GTD CIC006 Ir Cas 1115a
A3CanMis Acheson, Webb Canadian Old Time Fiddling VLY C-003 Ca Cas 5164a
800Ser Acuff, Roy COL 37008 Am 78 822a Wabash Cannon Ball Freight Train Blues
A1ISVoc Afro Celt Sound System V2, Release NAR 47324 2 4 Ir CD 1370a
A1ISVoc After Hours Up to Here - promo Ir Cas 1240a
78IS Ahern, Michael COL 33159-F Ir 78 496a When It’s Springtime in Killarney I’ll Come Back T Wearing of the Green
78IS Ahern, Michael COL 33315-F Ir 78 496b Molly O Irish Names
78IS Ahern, Michael COL 33392-F Ir 78 496c Rose of Killarney A Handful of Earth from My Mother's Grave
78Can Alain, Rene Les Pionners du Folklore LON 25011 Ca 78 233a Gigue du Gros Bill (High Level Hp) La Mazurka D’Amour
All45 Alexander Bros. PYE 7N 15995 Sc 45 181a Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen Down in the Glen
A1ISVoc Alexander Bros. Highland Fing GLG GGL0093 Sc LP 205c
A1ISVoc Alexander Bros. Golden Hour GLD GH543 Sc LP 205d
A1ISVoc Alexander Bros. Tribute to Harry Lauder PYE NSPL15032 Sc LP 205b
A1ISVoc Alexander Brothers Dark Lochnagar RCA CDS1139 Sc LP 205a
A2ISInst All Star Ceili Band COP 5001 Ir Cas 6070a
All45 All Star Ceilidhe Band COP 459-202 Ir 45 7d Reels: Girl I Left Behind Me, Rakes of Mallow Jig: Fire on the Mt., Cook in the Kitchen
78IS All Star Ceilidhe Band COP 9-174 Ir 78 7e Red Haired Boy Hornpipe Keel Row, Green Grow the Rushes O
78IS All Star Ceilidhe Band COP 9-202 Ir 78 7d Girl I Left Behind Me, Rakes of Mallow Polkas Fire on the Mountain, Cook in the Kitchen Jigs
78IS All Star Ceilidhe Band COP 9-203 Ir 78 7f Liverpool, Off to Calif. Hornpipes Gie Gordons, Canadian Barn Dance
78Can Allain, Rene LON 25009 Ca 78 233b Dance du Demon Blanche la Bergere (a repondre)
78Can Allard, Albert Trio w/ Henry Houde STA 16273 Ca 78 2264a Reel Mount-Royal La Valse des 106 Mariages
78Can Allard, Emery STA 19088 Ca 78 234a Marie Ange Reel & Quebec Reel Soldiers Joy & Rag Reel
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 216556 Ca 78 2265d Snowshoers Reel Polo March
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 216567 Ca 78 2265e Glengarry Reel Esquimault Reel
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 263522 Ca 78 2265g Reel des Ouvriers Jigue Canadienne
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 263534 Ca 78 2265a Reel du Voyager Poteau Blanc Jigue
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 263543 Ca 78 2265b Quadrille Acadien Le Reel de la Venue
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 263560 Ca 78 2265f Quadrille Francois Le Reel Ecossais
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 263570 Ca 78 2265c Le Reel du Cultivateur Le Reel du Grand Pere
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 263613 Ca 78 2265h Le Reel de Minuit Jigue Americaine
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 263648 Ca 78 2265i Le Reel du Semeur Le Reel du Violoneux
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 263675 Ca 78 2265j Reel Jaques-Cartier Reel de St-Anne
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 263755 Ca 78 2265k Reel St. Pierre Reel A Deux
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 263856 Ca 78 2265l Marche des Chomeurs Reel de la Politique
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 263886 Ca 78 2265m Encore Un P'tit Coup Breakdown Reel du Moineau
78Can Allard, Joseph HMV 263924 Ca 78 2265w Quadrille St-Felicien Reel du Chat Noir
78Can Allard, Joseph RCA 55-5208 Ca 78 2265o Reel de St-Malo Reel des Sucres
78Can Allard, Joseph BLU B-1121 Ca 78 2265p The Girl I left Behind Me Reel du Colporteur
78Can Allard, Joseph BLU B-1250 Ca 78 2265t Reel de la Traverse Reel du Tapis
78Can Allard, Joseph BLU B-1279 Ca 78 2265q Reel MacDonald Reel du Sous-Marin
78Can Allard, Joseph BLU B-1289 Ca 78 2265v Reel du Gueux Reel de Limoilou
78Can Allard, Joseph BLU B-4852 Ca 78 2265r La Joie du Soldat Reel du Pendu
78Can Allard, Joseph BLU B-4887 Ca 78 2265u Reel des Cinq Demiards Reel de la Guenille
A3CanMis Allard, Joseph Masters of Fr. Can. Dances FLW RBF110 Ca LP 577a
A3CanMis Allard, Joseph LET TAM511 Ca LP 577b
78Can Allard. Joseph BLU B-1274 Ca 78 2265s Reel des Moissonneurs Reel du Tricentenaire
All45 Allen, Denis M8R MER 2300 Ir 45 404a Limerick You're A Lady Little Joe, Good Old Lovin' Days
A3CanMis Allen, Jim Tribute to the late Ward Allen BAN RBS1253 Ca LP 5110a
A3CanMis Allen, Rex Under Western Skies STE HAT3001 Am LP 831a
78Can Allen, Ward SPR 130R Ca 78 339a Lord Alexander’s Reel Ward Allen Breakdown
78Can Allen, Ward SPR 131R Ca 78 339e Maple Leaf Two-Step CNE Breakdown
78Can Allen, Ward SPR 132R Ca 78 339d Blue Pacific Hornpipe Fiddlers Dream
78Can Allen, Ward SPR 150R Ca 78 339h Mary Anne's Reel Frisco Waltz
78Can Allen, Ward SPR 261R Ca 78 339f Maple Sugar Back Up & Push
78Can Allen, Ward SPR 262R Ca 78 339b Frank Ryan’s H ornpipe Two Step Polka
78Can Allen, Ward SPR 341R Ca 78 339g Uncle Jim Dancing Slippers
78Can Allen, Ward SPR 378R Ca 78 339c Back to the Sugar Camp The Marsh Hen
A3CanMis Allen, Ward The Best Of ... (double) GRT 9230-1031 Ca LP 521a
A3CanMis Allen, Ward Mapleleaf Hoedown Vol 1 GRT SP203 Ca LP 521b
A3CanMis Allen, Ward Mapleleaf Hoedown Vol 2 SPT SP210 Ca LP 521c
A3CanMis Allen, Ward Mapleleaf Hoedown Vol 3 GRT SP213 Ca LP 521e
A3CanMis Allen, Ward The Unforgetable... - KSC 192 Ca Cas 521d
78IS All-Star Ceilidh Band COP 9-204 Ir 78 7a Humors of Bandon Set Dance Job of Journeywork Set Dance
78IS All-Star Ceilidhe Band COP 9-200 Ir 78 7c Londonderry Hornpipe Jig: Haste to the Wedding, Connaughtmans Rambles
78IS All-Star Ceilidhe Band COP 9-201 Ir 78 7b Jig: When the Ketle Boils Over, Leg of the Duck Reels: Blackberry Blossom, Bonnie Kate
A3CanMis Almost Irish Almost Alive - - Am CD 5243a
A2ISInst Altan GRL SIF1078 Ir LP 3009a
A2ISInst Altan Ceol Aduaidh GAL CEF102 Ir LP 3009b
A2ISInst Altan Horse With A Heart GRL SIF1095 Ir LP 3009c
A2ISInst Altan The Red Crow GRL GLCD1109 Ir CD 3009d
A2ISInst Altan Harvest Storm GRL GLCD1117 Ir CD 3009e
A2ISInst Altan Island Angel GRL GLCD1137 Ir CD 3009f
A2ISInst Altan First 10 Years GRL GLCD1153 Ir CD 3009g
A2ISInst Altan The Best of ... GRL GLCD1177 Ir CD 3009h
A2ISInst Alton Runaway Sunday VIR CDV2836 Ir CD 3009i
A2ISInst Alton Another Sky VIR 48832-2-9 Ir CD 3009j
A3CanMis Ambo, Lucky Old Time Fiddlin' CNT CTLP4001 Ca LP 5142a
78Can American Quartet Pryor, Arthur & Band VIC 17639 Am 78 459a It's A Long Way To Tipperary Soldiers of the King March
78Can American Quartet VIC 18279 Am 78 459b Because You’re Irish Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!
A1ISVoc Anam Riptide GRL GLCD3121 Ir CD 1316a
A2ISInst Anderson, Alistair Concertina Workshop TOP 12TFRS501 No LP 618a
A2ISInst Anderson, Alistair A.A. Plays English Concertina LEA LER2074 No LP 618b
A2ISInst Anderson, Alistair Traditional Tunes FRH FHR08 No LP 618c
A2ISInst Anderson, Alistair Corby Crag TOP 12TS371 No LP 618d
A2ISInst Anderson, Alistair Steel Skies FLY FF288 No LP 618e
78IS Anderson, Archie COL 1346 Sc 78 1832a O Sing to Me the Auld Scotch Sangs The Scottish Bluebells
78IS Anderson, Archie RGL G7583 Sc 78 1832b Sands o' Dee My Ain Fireside
78IS Anderson, Archie GEN 4566 Sc 78 1832c Scots Wha Hae A Man's A Man for A' That
A1ISVoc Anderson, Jill Ceol of the Day RCR - Ir CD 1427a
A1ISVoc Anderson, Jill 7 Songs RCR - Ir CD 1427b
A3CanMis Andres, Lourie Fantastic Hornpipe ROO RSTR122 Am LP 574a
A3CanMis Anthology 16 Great Canadian Fiddlers BAN RBS 1263 Ca LP 5146a
A3CanMis Anthology 20 Succes Grand Violoneux RCA KTL2-7017 Ca LP 522a
A3CanMis Anthology 24 Fiddle Medleys CEL SCX53 Sc Sc 527a
A3CanMis Anthology 25 Old Time Jigs & Reels ARC JR-1 Ca CD 571b
A3CanMis Anthology 50 Fiddle Favorites (2) ROD CM593 Ca CD 581a
A2ISInst Anthology A Musical Trip to Coleman C. CHC 2 Ir LP 6197a
A2ISInst Anthology A Real Irish Christmas ATL 83226 Ir LP 3147a
A1ISVoc Anthology A Trip 'Round the North PWK HPE675 Ir LP 1068a
A1ISVoc Anthology A Woman’s Heart DAT C158 Ir LP 1187a
A3CanMis Anthology Acoust Harvest 3, Fertile Lnd FKN FN1003 Am CD 864a
A2ISInst Anthology An Fhidil Vol 1 GAL CEF068 Ir Ir 6014a
A2ISInst Anthology An Fhidil Vol 2 GAL CEF069 Ir Ir 6014b
A1ISVoc Anthology An Tostal CAP T10124 Ir LP 1207a
A3CanMis Anthology Another Time - Nfld. Songs PGI PIPCD-7326 Ca CD 5155a
A2ISInst Anthology Anthology of Trad Ir. Music RET R2CD40-107 Ir CD 1479a
A3CanMis Anthology Atlantic Decade TMK 02-50759 Ca CD 5178a
A1ISVoc Anthology Ballads for Drinking & Crack TRI TRLP1005 Ir LP 141
A2ISInst Anthology Ballinasloe Fair (78's) RON CD4284 Ir CD 6134a
A1ISVoc Anthology Beauty an Oileain CLA 4CC56 Ir Cas 1417a
A1ISVoc Anthology Beoct Ciarrai - - Ir CD 1453a
A1ISVoc Anthology Best of Irish Ballads, V1 DOL 2003 Ir LP 1469a
A2ISInst Anthology Best of Irish Ceili Music FST FLPS1804 Ir LP 361a
A1ISVoc Anthology Best of Irish Folk EMI PLD 2059 Ir LP 1379a
A1ISVoc Anthology Best of Irish Folk Music FST FLPS1811 Ir LP 1379b
A1ISVoc Anthology Best of Irish Pub Songs ARN CD604 Ir CD 1377a
A2ISInst Anthology Binn Blasta! GAL CDTCD008 Ir CD 3118a
A1ISVoc Anthology Bits of Blarney COL XLP112908 Ir LP 1185a
A3CanMis Anthology Borealis Sampler #2 BCD - Ca CD 5194a
A2ISInst Anthology Boston CCE, We're Still Irish - CSRV-2696 Ir CD 3197a
A1ISVoc Anthology Brave Hearts NAR .45445-2-2 Sc CD 455a
A2ISInst Anthology Breeze From Erin TOP 12T184 Ir LP 6033a
A1ISVoc Anthology Bringing It All Back Home, V1 VEI VE15011 Ir CD 1351a
A1ISVoc Anthology Bunratty Castle COR CRL57497 Ir LP 1354a
A2ISInst Anthology Buttons & Bows (double) DAM DAM003 F LP 390a
A1ISVoc Anthology Cabaret GAL CEF007 Ir LP 1481a
A2ISInst Anthology Caise Ceol CIC CICD146 Ir CD 6199a
A3CanMis Anthology Canadian Jigs & Reels POI P229 Ca LP 5013a
A2ISInst Anthology Carolan's Gift MSM MM304 Ir CD 6211a
A1ISVoc Anthology Castles of Gold GRL GLCD1218 Ir CD 1436a
A3CanMis Anthology Catch of the Day DWD PRO 101 Ca CD 5067a
A2ISInst Anthology CCE Boston VQR CSRV2696 Ir CD 1482a
A2ISInst Anthology CCE Tour 2004, Drops of … CCE CL62 Ir CD 615p
A2ISInst Anthology Ceili Band, Six of the Best CEO 15 Ir CD 3124c
A2ISInst Anthology Ceili Band, Take the Floor CEO 14 Ir CD 3124b
A2ISInst Anthology Ceili Band,Ceili Time in Ireland CEO 16 Ir CD 3124d
A2ISInst Anthology Ceili Band,Celebration of Ceili CEO 7 Ir CD 3124a
A2ISInst Anthology Ceili Dance Time PWK HPE678 Ir LP 3008a
A3CanMis Anthology Ceilidh Collection NJO - Ca CD 5159a
A2ISInst Anthology Celebration of Scottish Music TEM TP028 Sc LP 458a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Dawn CTL IRE46142 Ir CD 1358a
A2ISInst Anthology Celtic Dawn GTD HCD128 Ir CD 3087a
A2ISInst Anthology Celtic Divas ATL 83323-2 Ir CD 1397a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Folkweave POL 2908 013 Ir LP 353a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Heart CTL IRE46202 Ir CD 1357a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Heartbeat Christmas CHB 82929-2 Ir CD 1230b
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Heartbeat Collection CHB 82732-2 Ir CD 1230a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Invasion CTL IRE46152 Ir CD 1348a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Invasion VEL VCD 2024 Ir CD 1398a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Journeys CTL IRE46132 Ir CD 1363a
A2ISInst Anthology Celtic Mist MSM MMCD300 Ir CD 6176a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Mysteries CTL IRE46172 Ir CD 1367a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Paradise EXM CPRCD7002 Ir CD 1399a
A2ISInst Anthology Celtic Romance, Hammer Dulc KRN KRCD213 Ir CD 6162a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Sisters CTL IRE46122 Ir CD 1349a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Spirit CTL IRE46112 Ir CD 1364a
A2ISInst Anthology Celtic Treasure 2 - Carolan NAR 46287-2-7 Ir CD 3126a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Voices GRL GLCD3125a Ir CD 1353a
A2ISInst Anthology Celtic Voyage GOU GM128 Ir CD 3132a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Voyager CTL IRE46162 Ir CD 1368a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Woman VLY VE15017-2 Ir CD 1360a
A1ISVoc Anthology Celtic Woman 2 CWR CD7003 Ir CD 1360b
A2ISInst Anthology Celtic Women in Music & Song GRL GLCD107 Ir CD 3090b
A2ISInst Anthology Celts Rise Again GRL CSIF104 Ir CD 3042a
A2ISInst Anthology Ceol Tire (Ceili Music) CCE CL12 Ir LP 359a
A1ISVoc Anthology Christmas Countdown REG R3940 Ir CD 1168a
A1ISVoc Anthology Christmas Eve REG R7072 Ir CD 1463a
A2ISInst Anthology Clare Tradition GTD HCD082 Ir CD 3088a
A3CanMis Anthology Close to the Floor (Nfld) PGI PIPCD 7329 Ca CD 5129a
A1ISVoc Anthology Cois Mara Thoir Sa Rinn - - Ir CD 1375a
A2ISInst Anthology Coleman Archives, V1 CHC 5 Ir CD 6197c
A2ISInst Anthology Come Dance With Me in Ireland CLA 83273-2 Ir CD 6178a
A1ISVoc Anthology Comfort & Joy RON 7055 Ir CD 1466a
A3CanMis Anthology Contra Roots & Branches GMM GMM2017 Am CD 5241A
A2ISInst Anthology Cork & Kerry, The Mt. Road OSS 84 Ir CD 6143a
A3CanMis Anthology Cowboy Songs on Folkways FLW SF40043 Am CD 854a
A2ISInst Anthology Cumar CLC CICD141 Ir CD 1392a
A2ISInst Anthology Dancing Thru Ireland (Ceili B) KTL KMC320 Ir Cas 3048a
A1ISVoc Anthology Down by the Glenside GLN 504 Ir LP 112f
A3CanMis Anthology Downhomer AVA 02-50767 Ca CD 5172a
A2ISInst Anthology Drones & Chanters CLA CC11 Ir LP 705a
A2ISInst Anthology Drones & Chanters, Vol. 2 CLA CC61CD Ir CD 705b
A2ISInst Anthology Duchas (Co Kerry) - DB1003 Ir LP 613h
A1ISVoc Anthology Early 78's - F. Quinn, etc. ARH 9010 Ir CD 1410a
A1ISVoc Anthology Eist (Gaelic Songs) DAR TORTV105 Ir CD 1366a
A1ISVoc Anthology Emerald Classics STD SRTV1 Ir LP 1470a
A2ISInst Anthology Eternal Ireland PET FARN91008 Ir LP 3146a
A1ISVoc Anthology Faith of Our Fathers VLY FOOF15020-2 Ir CD 1306a
A2ISInst Anthology Farewell to Ireland, 4 CD Set PRP Box3 Ir CD 3188a
A2ISInst Anthology Farewell to Lissycasey OSS 79 Ir Cas 6098a
A1ISVoc Anthology Feast of Irish Folk POL 2475605 Ir LP 172a
A1ISVoc Anthology Feast of Irish Folk, Another POL 2904016 Ir LP 172b
A2ISInst Anthology Fiddle Fair at Declan McCarthy - - Ir CD 6232a
A3CanMis Anthology Fiddle Stars of Tomorrow - RDRCD4478 Ca CD 5218a
A3CanMis Anthology Fiddlers Gold, 50 Hits (2) ARC AS8229-2 Ca LP 582a
A3CanMis Anthology Fiddlers of Cape Breton CEL SCX57 Sc Sc 527b
A3CanMis Anthology Fiddlin' Country Style (5056a) GUS GTS6296 Am Cas 822a
A2ISInst Anthology Fleadh Ceoil 1964 GAL CEF013 Ir LP 613c
A2ISInst Anthology Fleadh Ceoil '75 DOL DOLM5013 Ir LP 3143a
A2ISInst Anthology Fluters of Old Erin VIV 2 Ir LP 6049a
A1ISVoc Anthology Folk Heartbeat ll EPO EMPRCD826 Ir CD 237a
A2ISInst Anthology From Galway to Dublin RON 1087 Ir CD 6083a
A1ISVoc Anthology Gaelcheal Tire Phlearaca Chon CLS 108 Ir CD 1336a
A2ISInst Anthology Gaelic Roots (2 CD's) KEL KM-9514 Ir CD 6133a
A1ISVoc Anthology Gaelic Songs from Scotland ROD RNT-2008 Sc LP 204a
A1ISVoc Anthology Gallagher, O’Hagan, Duffy, etc LON TW91319 Ir LP 1208a
A1ISVoc Anthology Glor Mhaigh Eo CLC CICD 125 Ir CD 1289a
A1ISVoc Anthology Golden Hour of Ballads PYE GH532 Ir LP 154a
A1ISVoc Anthology Golden Sounds of Irish Folk DOL DOCDZ8001 Ir CD 1376a
A1ISVoc Anthology Grand Airs of Connemara TOP 12T177 Ir LP 1381a
A2ISInst Anthology Great Ceili Bands, Vol 1 CCE CL55 Ir CD 3154a
A2ISInst Anthology Greatest Ceili Band There Ever MIL MILP1001 Ir LP 3002a
A1ISVoc Anthology Green Fields of Erin GLN 505 Ir LP 112e
A1ISVoc Anthology Green Hills of Kerry PWK HPE665 Ir LP 1068b
A2ISInst Anthology Green Linnet 20th Aniv. (2) GRL 106 Ir CD 3090a
A2ISInst Anthology Green Linnet 25th Aniv. (dbl) GRL GLCD110 Ir CD 3169a
A1ISVoc Anthology Brolly, F., M. Molloy, etc H - Block MUL LUN017 Ir LP 1015a
A2ISInst Anthology Hall, Reg-Irish Dance Music FLW FW8821 Ir LP 357a
A1ISVoc Anthology Happy Memories GLN 503 Ir LP 112d
A2ISInst Anthology Harps, Pipes and Fiddles TEM COMD2082 Sc CD 6191a
A1ISVoc Anthology Heart of the Celts NAR ND-63936 Ir CD 1290a
A2ISInst Anthology Heart of the Gaels GRL GLCD105 Ir CD 3050a
A2ISInst Anthology Highlander Music Sampler HLM 1998 Sc CD 460a
A3CanMis Anthology History of Country Music (6V) SUR - Am LP 839a
A2ISInst Anthology I'm Leaving Tipperary GLB CDORBD082 Ir CD 6118a
A1ISVoc Anthology Irish Cabaret at Jury's Hotel PYE NPL18186 Ir LP 129a
A1ISVoc Anthology Irish Cabaret at Jury's Hotel JUR JRLP1 Ir LP 129b
A1ISVoc Anthology Irish Collection RIT RCD553 Ir CD 1324a
A2ISInst Anthology Irish Concertina Styles TOP 12TFRS506 Ir LP 644a
A2ISInst Anthology Irish Dance Music TOP TSCD602 Ir CD 3181c
A2ISInst Anthology Irish Dance Time (Ceili B) KTL KMC321 Ir Cas 3049a
A1ISVoc Anthology Irish Echoes HAR HM42 Ir LP 1105a
A1ISVoc Anthology Irish Folk Legends CEO 13 Ir CD 1339a
A1ISVoc Anthology Irish Memories 40's - 60's REG COP-0001 Ir Cas 1233a
A1ISVoc Anthology Irish Music Corp. Sampler REG 2003 Ir CD 1464a
A2ISInst Anthology Irish Music From East Coast RON R6005 Ir LP,CD 657a
A2ISInst Anthology Irish Phonograph EMI GAE1003 Ir LP 3038a
A2ISInst Anthology Irish Popular Dances FLW FW6818 Ir Ip,10" 613e
A3CanMis Anthology Irish Radio Newfie Sampler DWD 1993 Ca CD 5057a
A1ISVoc Anthology Irish Rebel Songs LON TW91296 Ir LP 1449a
A2ISInst Anthology Irish Trad. Music (J Rea, etc) TEM COMD2079 Ir CD 6183a
A2ISInst Anthology Irish Whistles GTD HCD007 Ir CD 3089a
A2ISInst Anthology Irish Wind Instruments RON 6014 Ir LP 3144a
A1ISVoc Anthology Jack of All Trades TOP 12T159 Br LP 1005
A1ISVoc Anthology Jimmy MacCarthy Songs DAR TORTV 094 Ir CD 1301a
A2ISInst Anthology Joyful Noise GRL GLCD108 Ir CD 3110a
A1ISVoc Anthology Kindred Spirit GRL GLCD3131 ISB CD 1391a
A3CanMis Anthology K-Tel 25 Fiddle Hits KTL FH1 Ca LP 571a
A1ISVoc Anthology Laughter & Song from Ireland CHT CHCD026 Ir CD 1325a
A2ISInst Anthology Lough Sheelin - Ceili Bands GTD HC137 Ir Cas 3077a
A3CanMis Anthology Mabou Coal Mines, Vol 1, CB RON 7037-2 Ca CD 5240a
A2ISInst Anthology Maggie's Music Sampler MSM MMCD301 Ir CD 6177a
A2ISInst Anthology Magic & Mystery TEM COMD 2062 Sc CD 450a
A3CanMis Anthology Meet Me at the Pig & Whistle ARC ACS5013 Ca LP 849a
A2ISInst Anthology Mighty Session KEL KM9515 Ir CD 6126a
A2ISInst Anthology Milestone at the Garden RON 1123 Ir CD 6115a
A2ISInst Anthology Mo Cheol Thu GAL CEF064 Ir LP 656a
A2ISInst Anthology Mo Cheol Thu (2nd) RTE CD191 Ir CD 656b
A3CanMis Anthology Music from Fr. Newfoundland PGI PIP734 Ca LP 570a
A2ISInst Anthology My Love is in America GRL GLCD1113 Ir CD 6057a
A2ISInst Anthology Na Ceirnini (early 78's) GAL CEF075 Ir LP 613g
A3CanMis Anthology Newfoundland Poets Vol 1 PGI PIP7313 Ca LP 579a
A1ISVoc Anthology Nua Tearainn GRL GLCD1204 Ir CD 1396a
A3CanMis Anthology NYSOT Fiddlers Assoc. '81 - NRS-110 Am LP 5187a
A1ISVoc Anthology Old Bog Road GLN 506 Ir LP 112c
A3CanMis Anthology Old Time Fiddling '76, Vol 10 PHI FR122 Am LP 557a
A1ISVoc Anthology On The Banks...Own Lovely Lee PWK HPE674 Ir LP 1068c
A2ISInst Anthology Or GAL GLHCD9001 Ir CD 6169a
A1ISVoc Anthology Orangemen of Ulster FLW FW 3003 Ir LP 1416a
A3CanMis Anthology Original Songs of WW1, Vol. 2 PEL LP101 Am LP 841a
A2ISInst Anthology Paddy in the Smoke TOP 12T176 Ir LP 612a
A2ISInst Anthology Past Masters of Ir Dance Mus. TOP TSCD604 Ir CD 3181a
A2ISInst Anthology Past Masters of Ir Fiddle Mus. TOP TSCD605 Ir CD 3181b
A3CanMis Anthology Pickin' & Singin' Gathering 04 GGG - Am CD 890a
A2ISInst Anthology Pipe Bands LON SW99352 Sc LP 723a
A2ISInst Anthology Pipers Rock LUN 23 Ir LP 6171a
A1ISVoc Anthology Poems of the City - Dublin 15 IWC - Ir CD 1374a
A2ISInst Anthology Pride of Erin, Under 18 CHT CHCD018 Ir CD 6152a
A1ISVoc Anthology Radio Days RTE 244 Ir CD 1455a
A3CanMis Anthology Railroad Songs And Ballads LCA AFSL61 Am LP 817a
A1ISVoc Anthology Rann na Feirste GAL CEF036 Ir LP 1383a
A3CanMis Anthology Reels, Vol 1 PST 1 Ca LP 5041a
A3CanMis Anthology Reels, Vol 2 PST 9 Ca LP 5041b
A3CanMis Anthology Reels, Vol 5 PST 28 Ca LP 5041c
A1ISVoc Anthology Ring of Kerry CEO 40 Ir CD 1340a
A3CanMis Anthology Rodeo Archives (2) ROD SRLP2-7121 Ca LP 5101a
A3CanMis Anthology Rosin the Bow TMK 02-50778 Ca CD 5158a
A2ISInst Anthology Round the House TOP TSCD606 Ir CD 3181d
A1ISVoc Anthology Sailing Into Walpoles Marsh GRL SIF1004 Ir LP 174a
A2ISInst Anthology Scotland-Dances & Dance Band LIS LCOM9003 Sc CD 442a
A2ISInst Anthology Scottish Trad. Fiddle Music OLY 6151 Sc LP 416a
A1ISVoc Anthology Sea Songs & Shanties TOP TPS205 Ir LP 1006
A1ISVoc Anthology Seachran Si (4 Gaelic Singers) CIC 135 Ir CD 1347a
A2ISInst Anthology Willie Clancy, Jamws Kelly, Seoda Ceoil GAL CEF018 Ir LP 613a
A2ISInst Anthology Seoda Ceoil 2 GAL CEF022 Ir LP 613b
A1ISVoc Anthology Seoda No. 3 GAL CEFCDT002 Ir LP 1480a
A2ISInst Anthology Seoltai Seidte (Setting Sail) GAL CEFCD184 Ir CD 1478a
A1ISVoc Anthology Shamrock Connection SHM RBA Ir CD 1213a
A1ISVoc Anthology Shamrock Connection, Vol 2 SHM SCX Ir CD 1213b
A1ISVoc Anthology Singing Men of Ulster GRL SIF1005 Ir LP 175a
A1ISVoc Anthology Smiddymade Sampler SMD CSMD 501 Sc Cas 226a
A1ISVoc Anthology Song of the Green Linnet GRL GLCD109 Ir CD 1411a
A1ISVoc Anthology Songs & Marches of Gael GLN 507 Ir LP 112b
A1ISVoc Anthology Songs of Courtship TOP 12T157 Ir LP 1004
A1ISVoc Anthology Songs Of Kerry EMD EI806 Ir Cas 1068g
A1ISVoc Anthology Songs of Kilkenny EMD EI817 Ir Cas 1068h
A1ISVoc Anthology Songs of the Old Land GLN ABC478 Ir LP 112a
A1ISVoc Anthology Songs Of Tipperary EMD EI811 Ir Cas 1068e
A1ISVoc Anthology Songs Of Wexford EMD EI814 Ir Cas 1068f
A3CanMis Anthology Sounds from Miramichi - PTRD9317 Ca CD 5077a
A3CanMis Anthology Stepdance Fiddle WRC Aug-07 Ca CD 5207a
A3CanMis Anthology Tales That Fishermen Tell PGI PIP733 Ca LP 591a
A1ISVoc Anthology The Ancestral Well - CD1 Ir CD 1454a
A2ISInst Anthology The Gathering GRH GR705 Ir LP 680a
A2ISInst Anthology The Gentlemen Pipers GLB CDORBD084 Ir CD 743a
A2ISInst Anthology The Mountain Road CHC 4 Ir CD 6197b
A2ISInst Anthology The Rambles of Kitty CCE CL-1 Ir CD 6214a
A2ISInst Anthology The Rushy Mountain GLB CDORBD085 Ir CD 6116a
A3CanMis Anthology The Song of Wales SAI 1079a Wl Wl 880a
A2ISInst Anthology Thistle & Shamrock Christmas GRL GLCD1208 Ir CD 3156a
A1ISVoc Anthology Thousands Are Sailing SHA 78025 Ir CD 1362a
A2ISInst Anthology TIMinNAm-Chicago RON 6006 Ir CD 6198b
A2ISInst Anthology TIMinNAm-Ed Reavy RON 6008 Ir CD 6198c
A2ISInst Anthology TIMinNAm-Light Thru Laeves RON 6014 Ir CD 6198d
A1ISVoc Anthology Tir na nOg, from the DDM DD801 Ir CD 1310a
A1ISVoc Anthology Trad. Music of Ireland FLW FW8781 Ir LP 1382a
A2ISInst Anthology Treasure of My Heart GLB CDORBD081 Ir CD 6117a
A3CanMis Anthology Tribute to Dan R MacDonald CRA CP-R3 Sc Cas 5008a
A1ISVoc Anthology Tribute To Galway PWK HPE677 Ir LP 1068d
A2ISInst Anthology Turas Ceoil - Toronto CCE CCE - Ir CD 3172a
A2ISInst Anthology Untamed NAR 50626-2-9 Ir CD 3167a
A1ISVoc Anthology Voices of Radio '26-'76 RTE 50 Ir LP 171a
A3CanMis Anthology We Will Remain,Pat.Nfld.Songs SSP 9803 Ca CD 5216a
A1ISVoc Anthology Wedding & Love Songs CLA 83292-2 Ir CD 1395a
A1ISVoc Anthology Wedding Song Collection REG RCD3013 Ir CD 1219a
A2ISInst Anthology West Clare Fiddle Music CCE CL17 Ir LP 3145a
A2ISInst Anthology Wheels of the World MST 45001 Ir LP 336a
A1ISVoc Anthology Who Fears to Speak (1798) RTE 209 Ir CD 1323a
A1ISVoc Anthology Women of the World Celtic 2 PUT PUTU 134-2 Ir CD 1292a
A1ISVoc Anthology Wor Nanny's a Mazer PHO PHCD2K1 Br CD 241a
A2ISInst Anthology World Library - Alan Lomax COL AKL4941 Ir LP,CD 1318a
A1ISVoc Anthology World Music V2 - Ireland RON CD1742 Ir LP,CD 1318a Col AKL 4941
A2ISInst Anthology W Clancy, D Murphy,... FLW FW8782 Ir LP 613d
A2ISInst Anthology W Clancy, M Gorman FLW FW6819 Ir LP,10" 613f
A3CanMis Anthology -Nat Maritime Museum Songs of the Sea FLW FTS37315 Am LP 811a
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 1974 CCE CL9 Ir LP 615a
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 1978 CCE CL18 Ir LP 615b
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 1981 CCE CL24 Ir LP 615k
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 1982 CCE CL25 Ir LP 615c
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 1983 CCE CL26 Ir LP 615d
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 1984 CCE CL28 Ir LP 615l
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 1985 CCE CL30 Ir LP 615e
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE tour 1987 CCE CL32 Ir LP 615f
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 1988 CCE CL34 Ir LP 615g
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 1989 CCE CL36 Ir LP 615i
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 1990 CCE CL37 Ir LP 615n
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 1991 CCE CL39 Ir Cas 615h
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 1997 CCE CL 51 Ir Cas 615j
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 1999 CCE CL54 Ir LP 615m
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 2000 CCE CL56 Ir Cas 615m
A2ISInst Anthology, Comhaltas CCE Tour 2003 CCE CL60 Ir CD 615o
A2ISInst Anthology, Fiddle Playing With Fire GRL SIF1101 Ir LP 6046a
A3CanMis Anthology-Sea Festival Series 1 Sea Songs FLW FTS37311 Am LP 816a
A1ISVoc Anuna Omnis CHB UD 53098 Ir CD 1296a
A1ISVoc Anuna Winter Songs - promo Ir CD 1296b
A3CanMis Applejack N.E. Contra Dance Music GRL SIF1028 Am LP 598a
A3CanMis Aqua String Band Irish Favorites ABC 380 Am LP 878a
A2ISInst Ar Leitheidi (O'Brien Family) Ulster Outcry OUT SOLP1019 Ir LP 344a
A2ISInst Ar Log Meilouen DIN DID715 We LP 427a
A2ISInst Ar Log Ar Log 3 DIN 1218M We LP 427b
A2ISInst Ar Log DIN 305 We LP 427c
A2ISInst Arcady Many Happy Returns DAR CD080 Ir CD 3081a
A2ISInst Ard Ri Ceili Band Dublin Dance Date REQ RLP10071 Ir LP 3193a
A2ISInst Ardellis Ceili Band Other Side of the Shamrock FST FLPS1710 Ir LP 3192a
78IS Argyle Flute Band ROY 93034 Sc 78 7510a Echoes of the 12th, Pt 1 Pt 2
800Ser Arndt, Felix VIC 17671 Am 78 838a Scotch Songs Home Sweet Home
A3CanMis Arsenault, Eddie Piling on the Bois Sec HPP HPP1 Ca Cas 5052a
A3CanMis Arsenault, Eddy Egmont Baie ILE 1001 Ca LP 5052b
78Can Arsenault, Ernest BLU 55-5203 Ca 78 2282a Reel du Pecheur Reel de Campbellton
A2ISInst Artane Boys Band Home of the... 1872-1982 PWK HPE668 Ir LP 3004a
78Can As Du Folklore, Les STA 15883 Ca 78 235a St Anne’s Reel Reel de Ti Nest(My Love She’s But A Lassie Yet)
A2ISInst Ashbrook, Karen Hills of Erin MSM MMCD207 Ir CD 6081a
A2ISInst Ashbrook, Karen Celtic Cafe MSM MM224 Ir CD 6081b
A3CanMis Asselin, Rosaire a'l'harmonica, Vol 2 BNZ B-29635 Ca LP 5125a
A2ISInst At the Racket RAK RR001 Ir CD 3113a
A2ISInst At The Racket Mirth-Making Heroes RAK RR003 Ir CD 3113b
A2ISInst Atlantic Bridge GRL SIF1080 Sc LP 435a
A3CanMis Atwater & Donnelly Like the Willow Tree BEA 10133-2 Am CD 847a
A3CanMis Aubry, Roger CAR C454 Ca LP 5014a
All45 Aubry, Roger & his Pals APX 9-26336 Ca 45 236b Pea Soup Reel Express Train Reel
78Can Aubry, Roger et ses Chevaliers STA 16782 Ca 78 236a Reel de Batiscan Reel de St. Pierre
78Can Aubry, Roger et ses Chevaliers APF 16990 Ca 78,45 236b Reel Soupe Aux Pois Reel Chemin de Fer
A3CanMis Auger, Jacques Tout l'Monde en Place RCA CGP 165 Ca LP 5153a
A3CanMis Auger, Jacques J. A et son Ensemble RCA CGP 188 Ca LP 5153b
78IS Aughrim Slopes Ceilidh Band RGZ IZ 701 Ir 78 2b Reels: Geoghan's Fav, Galway Rambler, London Las Jig: Brides Favorite, Sorry to Part
78IS Aughrim Slopes Ceilidh Band COL 33516-F Ir 78 2a Reels: Killybegs House, !st House in Connaught Jigs: Monaghan, Henchy's Delight
A2ISInst Auld Reekie SCD Band Capital Reels LIS LICS 5190 Sc Cas 454a
78IS Austin Stack Ceilidhe Band HMV IM 512 Ir 78 9a Hp: Red Haired Lad, Liverpool Reels: Scholar, Devil Among...,Miss Monaghan
78IS Austin Stack Ceilidhe Band HMV IM 521 Ir 78 9b Hp: Showman's Fancy, Johnston's 3 Sea Captains, Humours of Bandon
78IS Austin Stack Ceilidhe Band HMV IM 529 Ir 78 9c Jigs: Doherty's Fancy, Humours of Cappagh Reels: Shaskeen, Bonnie Kate, Teetotaler
78IS Austin Stack Ceilidhe Band HMV IM 539 Ir 78 9e March O’Sullivan Mor Set Dance: Rodney’s Glory, Blackbird
78IS Austin Stack Ceilidhe Band HMV IM 540 Ir 78 9d Jig: Haste..., Hum of Donnybrook, Blackthorn Stk. Reels: Heather Breeze, Salamanca, Flowers of Edin
800Ser Autry, Gene VOC 4998 Am 78 808a Yellow Rose of Texas Little Ranch on Old Circle B
A3CanMis Avon, Adrien et ses Diables Noirs TRC TC-A-65 Ca LP 5106a
78Can Avon, Adrien et ses Gais Lurons COL C-6736 Ca 78 2280a Reel des Petits Oiseau Reel des Acadiens
A2ISInst Bain Aly Lonely Bird GRL GLCD3105 Sc CD 417d
A2ISInst Bain Aly & Phil Cunningham The Pearl GRL GLCD3107 Sc CD 417c
A2ISInst Bain, Aly Anderson, Tom Silver Bow PHI PH2019 Sc LP 417a
A2ISInst Bain, Aly WHI 1 Sc LP 417b
A2ISInst Bain, Aly & Phil Cunningham Ruby GRL GLCD3123 Sc CD 417e
A2ISInst Bakerswell CLA CCF20 Ir LP 3037a
All45 Ball, Chris DOL DOS 176 Ir 45 426a My Lovely Rose of Clare True Love Never Dies
A1ISVoc Ball, Chris Chris Ball Irish Collection GTD HC099 Ir Cas 1093a
A2ISInst Ball, Patrick Music of Turlough O'Carolan FOR FOR005 Ir LP 697a
A2ISInst Ball, Patrick From A Distant Time, Harp 2 FOR FOR011 Ir LP 697b
A2ISInst Ball, Patrick Secret Isles, Celtic Harp 3 FOR FOR029 Ir LP 697c
A3CanMis Ball, Tom & Kenny Sultan Who Drank My Beer KIM KM176 Am LP 837a
A2ISInst Ballinakill Ceili Band St Patrick's Night In Dublin CAP T10201 Ir LP 302a
A2ISInst Ballinakill Ceili Band Music For Emerald...Leprechau CAP T10225 Ir LP 302b
78IS Ballinakill Ceilidhe Band HMV IM 531 Ir 78 10c E Lady Gordon, Lord Gordon Reels Old Sets: Leather Away the Wattle O, The Ladies Chain
78IS Ballinakill Trad. Dance Players HMV IM 419 Ir 78 10a Reels: Shaskeen, Green Blanket Hornpipe: Honeysuckle
78IS Ballinakill Trad. Dance Players HMV IM 420 Ir 78 10b Reels: Floggin', Whelan's Jig: Queen of the Fair
78IS Ballinamore Ceildhe Band Denis Murphy CEL CL1047 Ir 78 0001a Farewell to Whiskey, Dark Girl Dressed In Blue Polkas Bag of Potatoes, Rakish Paddy Reels
A2ISInst Ballochmyle Band For Our Friends KLB ZCLOC 7008 Sc Cas 453a
78Can Baltzeld, John BAN 2159 Ca 78 3024a Sailor's Hornpipe Arkansas Traveller
A2ISInst Barde DIR DLP10010 Ir LP 362a
A2ISInst Barde Images POL 2424 188 Ir LP 362b
All45 Bards POL 2078110 Ir 45 406a Lannigan's Ball Song For A Winters Night
All45 Bards LAN 999 Ir 45 406b Now You’re Suckin’ Deisel (both sides)
A1ISVoc Bards POL 821719-1 Ir LP 1064a
A1ISVoc Bards Step It Out REG RCD3028 Ir CD 1064b
A2ISInst Barefield Ceili Band Flowers of the Burren - - Ir CD 3187a
800Ser Baritone (?) SLT 39198 Am 78 835a Do You Take tis Woman... -
All45 Barley Bree REG R93 Ir 45 419a Summer Roads Castles in the Air
A1ISVoc Barley Bree AVO AV201 Ir LP 176a
A1ISVoc Barley Bree No Man's Land BOT ITB4015 Ir LP 176b
A1ISVoc Barley Bree Here's To Song REG 43000 Ir LP 176c
A1ISVoc Barley Bree Speak Up For Old Ireland SHA Sh52016 Ir LP 176d
A1ISVoc Barley Bree Castles In The Air SHA Sh52010 Ir LP 176e
All45 Barleycorn CRC CRC 71 Ir 45 180a Men Behind the Wire Freedom Walk
A1ISVoc Barleycorn Winds Are Singing Freedom DOL DOLM5011 Ir LP 183a
A1ISVoc Barleycorn Men Behind The Wire DOL DRL2004 Ir LP 183b
A1ISVoc Barleycorn A song For Ireland DOL DOLX9004 Ir LP 183c
A3CanMis Barnacle Maniac - BAR 0199 Ca CD 5183a
78Can Barnstormers w/calls SLT 5401 Am 78 393a Party Quadrille: Wht Cockade, Jordan, Girl I ... Circle Waltz: Little Annie Rooney, 2 Little Girl
A3CanMis Barra MacNeils Timeframe BMC BM3T Sc Cas 5010a
A3CanMis Barra MacNeils Until Now TMK 02-50731 Ca CD 5010b
A3CanMis Barra MacNeils The Christmas Album BRT 99057-0003 Ca CD 5010c
A3CanMis Barrault, Robin Vol 1, Album Souvenir JAD AD8608 Ca LP 5025a
A3CanMis Barrault, Robin Vol 2 BNZ 519-1500 Ca LPs 5025b
A2ISInst Barrett, Jack & Irish Dance Band Ceili Time in Ireland DUB DULP1010 Ir LP 320a
A3CanMis Barriault, Robin Rigodon SAL SA8112 Ca LP 5025c
A1ISVoc Barry, Margaret Gorman, Michael FLW FW8729 Ir LP 189a
A3CanMis Barski, Dan Irish Accordion - - Am LPs 871a
A3CanMis Barski, Dan Sweedish Waltzes - - Am CD 871b
A3CanMis Barski, Dan Selected Duets - - Am CD 871c
A3CanMis Barton, Cathy & Dave Para On A Day Like Today FLG FSI-107 Am LP 818a
A2ISInst Barty, Alan Barty's Bow KET KOP4 Ir LP 682a
A3CanMis Basker, Tommy The Tin Sandwich CRA 74889013-2 Ca CD 5061a
A1ISVoc Battering Ram Irish Rebel Songs RON 4002 Ir LP 168a
A2ISInst Battlefield Bamd Out for the Night RON COMD2094 Sc CD 415k
A2ISInst Battlefield Bamd Best of … TEM COMD2091 Sc CD 413j
A2ISInst Battlefield Band Home Is Where The Van Is FLY FF250 Sc LP 413a
A2ISInst Battlefield Band Story So Far FLY FF274 Sc LP 413b
A2ISInst Battlefield Band There's A Buzz FLY FF299 Sc LP 413c
A2ISInst Battlefield Band Across the Borders TEM OCMD2065 Sc CD 413d
A2ISInst Battlefield Band Rain, Hail or Shine TEM COMD2074 Sc CD 413e
A2ISInst Battlefield Band Anthem for the Common Man TEM 015TUS Sc LP 413f
A2ISInst Battlefield Band Leaving Friday Harbor TEM COMD2080 Sc CD 413g
A2ISInst Battlefield Band Happy Daze TEM COMD2085 Sc CD 413h
A2ISInst Battlefield Band Time & Tide TEM COMD2090 Sc CD 413i
A3CanMis Bay Boys Down Home Favorites BBR BB1985-1 Ca LP,Cas 588a
A3CanMis Bay Boys Down Home Favorites, Vol 2 - BB1986 2 Ca Cas 588b
A3CanMis Bay Boys Our Home in Newfoundland - BB1989 3 Ca Cas 588c
78IS Bayes, Nora VIC 45105 7A 78 517a When John McCormack Sings A Song Hicki Hoy
A1ISVoc Bayle. Olive My Green Valleys CYN CNS1071 Ir LP 157a
78IS Beades, Paddy RGZ IZ 1096 Ir 78 446b My Blue Eyed Mt. Queen Charming Mary Neill
78IS Beades, Paddy RGZ IZ 1218 Ir 78 446a Maid of Sweet Gurteen My Old Irish Home
78IS Beades, Paddy RGZ IZ 1228 Ir 78 446c Star of Galway Town The Ship and My Lover Went Down
A3CanMis Beaton Family of Mabou Fiddle & Piano Music SFW 40507 Ca CD 5001b
A3CanMis Beaton, Kinnon Cape Breton Fiddle 1 DAB 3/26/01 Ca LP 5060b
A3CanMis Beaton, Kinnon & Betty Cape Breton Fiddle, No.2 SLR CCR4-9067 Ca Cas 5060a
A3CanMis Beatons of Mabou RON ROU7011 Ca LP 5001a
A3CanMis Beaudoin, Family PHI Ph2022 Ca LP 533a
A3CanMis Beaudoin, Louis PHI FI2000 Ca LP 533b
78Can Bedard, Lucien RCA 55-5479 Ca 78 2287a Reel d'Ernest Reel de Deux Montagnes
A3CanMis Bedard, Lucien ...a l'accordion TRC VIC31002 Ca LP 531a
A3CanMis Bedard, Lucien Quadrilles Chez TRC TCM2949 Ca LP 531b
A2ISInst Beginish INS 1 Ir CD 3110a
A2ISInst Begley, Brendan We Won't Go Home till Morning KEL KM9510 Ir CD 6125a
All45 Begley, Eileen An Gortin Eornan CCE CL1 Ir 45EP E146a An Gortin Eornan, An Draighnean Donn An Beinnsin Luachra, An Clar Bog Deil
A2ISInst Begley, Seamus Cooney, Stephan HMB HBCD0004 Ir CD 6075a
A1ISVoc Behan, Brendan SPA 760 Ir LP 1201a
A1ISVoc Behan, Brendan On James Joyce OSS 48 Ir Cas 1201b
A1ISVoc Behan, Brendan Sings Irish Folksongs OUT PTICD2005 Ir CD 1201c
A1ISVoc Behan, Dominic Easter Week & After TOP 12T44 Ir LP 1095a
78IS Beirne, Josephine Donovan, Tim DEC 12227 Ir 78 467c Mary of the Silvery Tide Groves of Cloghereen
78IS Beirne, Martin and His Irish Blackbirds Orch. OKE 84061 Ir 78 7550a V+ Boys from Co. Cork, Darling Girl from Clare BD Grand Spy Reel (pipes)
A3CanMis Belanger, Jean-Ives Une Soiree dans le Bas du Fleuv JOU LYB-4-506 Ca Cas 5034a
78IS Belhavel Trio COL 33526-F Ir 78 34a Reels: Ash Plant, Merry Harriers, Hut in the Bog Jigs: Brian O'Lynn, Rakes of Clonmel
A2ISInst Bell, Derek Carolan's Receipt CLA CC18 Ir LP,Cas,CD 639a
A2ISInst Bell, Derek Carolan's Favorite CLA CC28 Ir LP 639b
A2ISInst Bell, Derek Plays with Himself CLA CSM54 Ir LP 639d
A2ISInst Bell, Derek Musical Ireland SHA SH79042 Ir LP 639c
A2ISInst Bell, Derek Ancient Music for Ir. Harp CLA CC59CD Ir CD 639e
78Can Belmont, Joseph whistling solo VIC 2615 Am 78 357a The Mocking Bird -
A3CanMis Benoit, Emile It Comes from the Heart PIP 7311 Ca LP 5231a
A2ISInst Bergin, Mary Feadoga Stain SHA SH79006 Ir LP 668a
A2ISInst Bergin, Mary Feadoga Stain 2 GAL CEFCD149 Ir CD 668b
A2ISInst Berkley Scottish Players A Camp Of Pleasure CBG CAB101 Sc LP 424a
800Ser Bernard, Barney VIC 18029 Am 78 853a Cohen At the Telephone Goldstien Goes in the RR Bus.
A2ISInst Bernie & Monica Tongs By The Fire GTD HC091 Ir Cas 6036a
78IS Berry SLT 2647 7A 78 398a Medley of Irish Reels: The Lamplighter Medley of Irish Reels: Land of Sweet Erin
A1ISVoc Berry, Paddy Sing Us A Song Paddy - PBCD001 Ir CD 1443a
A3CanMis Bert & I #11, Bert & I Stem Inflation - - Am Cas 823a
A3CanMis Bert & I #1 - - Am Cas 823b
A3CanMis Bert & I #9 The Return of Bert & I - - Am Cas 823c
A3CanMis Bert & I #2 Maine Pot Helion - - Am Cas 823d
A3CanMis Bert & I #5 More Bert & I - - Am LP 823e
A1ISVoc Best, Anita Crosshanded AMB 9804-2 Ca CD 1302a
800Ser Bichershaw Colliery Band HMV BD.731 Br 78 837a Cavalcade of Martial Songs Punchinello
A1ISVoc Big Tom Around Ireland DEN DNV16 Ir LP 1065a
A3CanMis Bing, Dave Fiddlin' Solo JMP C8385 Am Cas 5109b
A3CanMis Bing, Dave & Brothers Just for the Sake Of It JMP C6252 Am Cas 5109a
A2ISInst Bingham, Terry OSS CD108 Ir CD 6147a
78Can Birr, Henry & Albert Campbell Hayden Quartet VIC 17398 Am 78 176b Snow Deer (Indian Song) Ship on My Dreams
800Ser Bishop, Billy CHA 308 Am 78 819a Medley of Old Favorites - 2 harmonica
A1ISVoc Black 47 On Fire GDF 280 Ir CD 1429a
A1ISVoc Black 47 N.Y. Town GDF 286 Ir CD 1429b
A2ISInst Black Donald Dancing Hazards LIS LIFC 7008 Sc Cas 452a
A1ISVoc Black Irish Music Hooligan's United BIM CD07 Am CD 1317a
A1ISVoc Black Velvet Band When Justice Came ELK 9-60885-1 Ir LP 1177a
A2ISInst Black Watch March of the Royal Highlanders FST FLPS1784 Sc LP 700c
A2ISInst Black Watch S. Hurok Presents... LON SW99325 Sc LP 700b
A2ISInst Black Watch War Pipe & Plaid LON SW99407 Sc LP 700e
A2ISInst Black Watch Highland Pageantry RCA LPM1525 Sc LP 700a
A2ISInst Black Watch Scottish Splendor RCA LPM1526 Sc LP 700d
A2ISInst Black, Bill & His SCD Band The Shepherds Choice SPR SPR1008 Sc LP 431a
A1ISVoc Black, Frances The Sky Road CHB UD 53097 Ir CD 1226c
A1ISVoc Black, Francis All the Lies... DAR 55 Ir CD 1226a
A1ISVoc Black, Francis The Smile on Your Face DAR TORCD084 Ir CD 1226b
A1ISVoc Black, Mary DAR 2 Ir LP 1071a
A1ISVoc Black, Mary Collected DAR 10 Ir LP 1071b
A1ISVoc Black, Mary Without The Fanfare DAR 16 Ir LP 1071c
A1ISVoc Black, Mary The Black Family DAR 23 Ir LP 1071d
A1ISVoc Black, Mary Shine CRB (promo) Ir CD 1071e
A1ISVoc Black, Shay, Michael, Martin What A Time DAR DARTE 192 Ir CD 1255a
A2ISInst Blackberry Bush Patsy Downey, etc. - CMAC Ir CD 3179a
A1ISVoc Blackthorn Homespun OUT HRL118 Ir LP 170a
78Can Blaine, Eddie & His Orchestra MAD 1910 Am 78 345a Medley of Jigs & Reels Old Time Barn Dances
All45 Blair, Jimmy & his Band FON TFE-17062 Sc 45EP E406b Gay Gordons Eightsome Reel
All45 Blair, Jimmy & his Band FON TFE-17075 Sc 45EP E406c Back of Benachie, Strathspeys & Reels LambSkinnet, Highland Schottische
All45 Blair, Jimmy & his Band FON TFE-17308 Sc 45EP E406a Bonnie Dundee, Cock O North, H Brigade, Col Robt. Braes of Ballyquidder, Coming Thru the Rye Waltz
A2ISInst Blair, Jimmy & his Scots DB EPI LF18003 Sc LP 406d
A2ISInst Blake, John Lamond Gillespie, Mick Leahy ARW ARC001 Ir CD 6234a
All45 Blake, Patricia GLN EPW 270 Ir 45 531a Skibereen Gay Galtee Mts.
78Can Blanchette, Louis APF 15852 Ca 78 231c Rel des Jeunes Maries Reel des Fiancailles
78Can Blanchette, Louis APF 15944 Ca 78 231a Reel Noces de Diamant Reel Blanchette
78Can Blanchette, Louis APF 16011 Ca 78 231d Reel de Maurice (Turkey in the Straw) Reel de l’Union National (Soldiers Joy)
78Can Blanchette, Louis APF 16139 Ca 78 231b Reel de Bagot Reel d'Argentenil
A3CanMis Blanchette, Louis Reels- Musique a Bouche MCA CB33014 Ca LP 515a
A3CanMis Blanchette, Louis Reels, Vol 2 CAR C-460 Ca LP 515b
A3CanMis Blondahl, Omer Trade Winds ROD RNT-2007 Ca LP 504a
A3CanMis Blondahl, Omer The Great Seal Hunt of Nfld ADC 4611 Ca Cas 504b
A3CanMis Blondahl, Omer Songs of the Sea & Shore ARC 537 Ca LP 504c
78Can Blue Stars (Levis Bouliane) MTR 519 Ca 78 2260b Le Reel du Bandit O'Cangaceiro - Le Bandit
78Can Blue Stars, Les Five MTR 503 Ca 78 2260a Le Reel Des Bercothons La Chason des Thons
A3CanMis Boarding Party Tis Our Sailing Time FLG FSI-97 Am LP 862a
A1ISVoc Bodhran Bros. Choice Cuts - SRCD 1025 Ir CD 1465a
A2ISInst Bofield Ceili Bamd From Bofield to Battery HMB HBCD0029 Ir CD 3189a
A2ISInst Bohola SHA 78048 Ir CD 3180a
A2ISInst Bohola 4 SHA 78058 Ir CD 3180b
A2ISInst Bohola A Childhood Christmas - - Ir CD 3180b
A3CanMis Bok, Gordon A Tune For November FLG FSI40 Am LP 805a
A3CanMis Bok, Gordon Bay of Fundy FLG FSI54 Am LP 805b
A3CanMis Bok, Gordon Rogues Gallery FLG FSI94 Am LP 805c
78Can Bolduc, Mde. Ed COL 34342F Ca 78 237a Mon Vieux Est Jaloux La Pitoune
A2ISInst Border Collies Unleashed - BC001 Ir CD 3199a
A2ISInst Border Strathspey & Reel Soc. Ringing Strings of the Border SPR SPR1010 Sc LP 425a
A3CanMis Boss Tones Jessica & Megan Boss - - Am LP 5119a
78Can Boston ‘Pops’ Orch. RCA 10-1397 Am 78 383a Chicken Reel Fiddle Faddle
A2ISInst Boston Pops Orch. Celtic Album RCA .68901-2 Ir CD 3103a
78IS Bothie Band BEL 2038 Sc 78 52a Strip the Willow Waltz: Come O'er the Stream Charlie
A2ISInst Bothy Band MUL LUN002 Ir LP 351a
A2ISInst Bothy Band Old Hag You Have Killed Me MUL LUN007 Ir LP 351b
A2ISInst Bothy Band Out of the Wind...Into the Sun MUL LUN013 Ir LP 351c
A2ISInst Bothy Band After Hours MUL LUN030 Ir LP 351d
A2ISInst Bothy Band The Best of... GRL SIF3001 Ir LP 351e
A2ISInst Bothy Band Live in Concert GRL GLCD3111 Ir CD 351f
A3CanMis Bouchard, Joe CAR CS530 Ca LP 5111a
A3CanMis Bouchard, Joe Portrait du Vieux Kebec TAM OP-221 Ca LP 5111b
A3CanMis Bouchard, Joe Charlevoix Music/Dance Trad TAM 27019 Ca LP 5111c
78IS Boudini Bros., Phil & Dan Accordion duet EMS 1027 Ir 78 269a Irish Jigs Irish Reels
A3CanMis Boudreault, Louis Portrait du Vieux Kebec OPS OP219 Ca LP 5236a
78Can Boulay & Lacroix VIC 263685 Ca 78 238c Reel de la Bombarde Reel des Charretiers
78Can Boulay, A. J. VIC 216392 Ca 78 238d x2 Canadian Set - 3rd change (calls) Jig Medley
78Can Boulay, A. J. VIC 216419 Ca 78 238h Virginia Reel (2 sides)
78Can Boulay, A. J. VIC 216452 Ca 78 238g Canadian Set, !st change Canadian Set, 2nd change
78Can Boulay, A. J. HMV 216453 Ca 78 238e Canadien Set, 3rd change Turkey in the Straw
78Can Boulay, A. J. HMV 216529 Ca 78 238i American Set No. 1, Pt. 3 Chicken Reel - Breakdown
78Can Boulay, A. J. HMV 263129 Ca 78 238a Quadrille, Pts. 1 & 2 w/calls in Eng.
78Can Boulay, A. J. VIC 263576 Ca 78 238b Set Canadien de Quebec, Pt 3,calls-Eng,SolJoy Reel des Matelots (Sailor’s Hornpipe)
78Can Boulay, A. J. HMV 263638 Ca 78 238f Jigue du Barbier La Ronfleuse - Jigue
78Can Boulay, A. J. HMV 263734 Ca 78 238j Marche Des Boulanger Reel De L'Opera
78Can Boulay, A.J. w/calls HMV 216391 Ca 78 238k Canadian Set - 1st Change 2nd Change
78Can Boulay, A.J. HMV 216391 Ca 78 238l Canadian Set, 1st Change 2nd Change
78Can Boulay, A.J. HMV 263130 Ca 78 238m Jigues - Pot pourri Quadrille
78Can Boulay, A.J. HMV 263161 Ca 78 238k Quadrille Canadien, 1st Partie 2nd Partie
A3CanMis Bouliane, Levis LON SDS.5105 Ca LP 5098a
78Can Bourassa, Leo Paul STA 15847 Ca 78 2288a Avez-vous Une Servante? Son P'tit la Dou la Di Dou
A3CanMis Bourque, Jacelyne Looking Back ALT 70512 Ca CD 5160a
A2ISInst Bowe, John Taylor, Kevin Contradiction RAB RC-R102 Ir Cas 6051a
All45 Bowler, Denis SKL BK 003 Ir 45 445a O'Dwyers Young Men Boys of Barr Na Sraide
78Can Bowmar, Stanley Loy Ames & Orchestra BOW BR004-2 Am 78 3031a Hopp Mor Annika Hansel & Gretel
78Can Bowmar, Stanley Loy Ames & Orchestra BOW BR004-4 Am 78 3031b Pass One Wagon Our Little Girls
78Can Bowmar, Stanley Bob Van Antwerp BOW BR005-4 Am 78 3031c Virginia Reel Varsouvienne
78Can Bowmar, Stanley Loy Ames & Orchestra BOW BR005-3 Am 78 3031d Schottische Polka
A1ISVoc Bowyer, Brendan Ireland's ... DOL DOCX9012 Ir Cas 1143a
800Ser Boyd, Bill MTW M-4778 Am 78 813a Strawberry Roan Ridin’ Old Paint & Leadin’ Ol
800Ser Boyd, Bill BLU B-7088 Am 78 813b Yellow Rose of Texas Pretty Litle Dream Girl
78Can Boyd, Colin CLS 3 Ca 78 315b Littlejohn's Hame, This is No My Ain Lassie, Mist on the Loch, Bonnie Lass O' Fisher Row R
78Can Boyd, Colin DEC 14026 Ca 78 315a Domehnull Tailear Strath, Brochan Lom Reel Reel: Heather on Hill, Bonnie Ann, Cabar Feidh
A3CanMis Boyd, Colin Pioneer Scottish Fiddler SHA CB-1 Sc Sc 551a
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough Wish You Were Here FLY FF070 Ir LP 342f
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough Regrouped FLY FF225 Ir LP 342g
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough In The Tradition FLY FF263 Ir LP 342h
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough Open Road FLY FF310 Ir LP 342i
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough LEA LER2086 Ir LP 342a
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough Live At Possim PHI 1026 Ir LP 342b
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough Lochaber No More PHI 1031 Ir LP 342c
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough Good Friends PHI 1051 Ir LP 342e
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough Fair Hills of Ireland SAG SA 03022 Ir CD 342n
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough Welcome Paddy Home SHA Sh79061 Ir LP 342j
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough Farewell & Remember Me SHA Sh79067 Ir LP 342k
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough Sweet Rural Shade SHA Sh79068 Ir LP 342l
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough Far From Home SHA Sh79065 Ir LP 342m
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough Piper's Broken Finger TNS TRA333 Ir LP 342d
A2ISInst Boys of the Lough 2nd Album RON 3006 Ir LP 342o
A1ISVoc Bradfield, Marion Emperor's Field TAN TCD0005 Ir CD 1378a
A2ISInst Bradley, George Shamrocks & Heather - GBS201 Ir Cas 6045a
A2ISInst Bradley, Harry Bad Turns & Horse-shoe Bends OUT PTICD9000 Ir CD 6192a
A2ISInst Bradley, Harry As I Carelessly Did Stray SPN 1005 Ir CD 6192b
A2ISInst Bradley, Paul Atlantic Roar OUT PTICD1090 Ir CD 6142a
A1ISVoc Brady, Patricia Irish Jubilee PBD 6224 Ir CD 1418a
A1ISVoc Brady, Patricia Christmas Magic PBD 5087 Ir CD 1418b
All45 Brady, Sean CRU CRU 005 Ir 45 429a No Place Like Home The Garret Song
A1ISVoc Brady, Sean The Thatcher Song CRU CRULP001 Ir LP 1063a
A1ISVoc Brady, Willie Shamrock and Leprechauns AVO 33AV 158 Ir LP 110e
A1ISVoc Brady, Willie Come Back Paddy Reilly AVO 33AV 159 Ir LP 110f
A1ISVoc Brady, Willie Homes of Donegal AVO 33AV118 Ir LP 110H
A1ISVoc Brady, Willie Irish Songs of Freedom AVO 33AV123 Ir LP 110g
A1ISVoc Brady, Willie More Songs of Freedom 2 AVO 33AVG136 Ir LP 110b
A1ISVoc Brady, Willie Cattle Call AVO 33AVG2001 Ir LP 110a
A1ISVoc Brady, Willie If You're Irish AVO 33ST151 Ir LP 110d
A1ISVoc Brady, Willie Irish Street Songs REQ SRLP 8124 Ir LP 110c
A3CanMis Brakin Tradition Presence in the Past - CD0905 Ca CD 5133a
A3CanMis Brand, Oscar Vol. 2 AFD AFLP1806 Am LP 838a
A3CanMis Brand, Oscar Vol. 3 AFD AFLP1824 Am LP 838b
A3CanMis Brand, Oscar Rollicking Sea Shanties AFD AFLP1966 Am LP 838c
A1ISVoc Brannigan, Jim The Singing Bird - - Ir CD 1482a
A1ISVoc Brannigan, Jim Troubadour - - Ir CD 1482b
A1ISVoc Brannigan, Jim The Hills of Margaree - - Ir CD 1482c
A2ISInst Brass Fiddle Fiddle Music From Donegal CLA CC44 Ir LP 6042a
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A2ISInst Breathnach, Siobhan Celtic Harp OSS CD33 Ir CD 6107a
A1ISVoc Brendan's Voyage A Rose, A Letter, A Poem - - Ir Cas 1224a
A1ISVoc Brendan's Voyage Close to the Wind - - Ir Cas 1224b
A1ISVoc Brendan's Voyage In Full Sail - - Ir Cas 1224c
A1ISVoc Brennan, Kevin & Kevin Roach Brendan’s Faie Isle - - Ir Cas 1176a
A2ISInst Brett, Seamus Celtic Rhapsody DOL DOCDK 112 Ir CD 6132a
A2ISInst Brian Boru Ceili Band Ceili Time in Ireland EMR GEM 1019 Ir LP 3162a
A3CanMis Briand, Elmer The Cape Breton Fiddle of... CEL SCX56 Sc Sc 548a
A3CanMis Briand, Elmer ...and His Cape Breton Fiddle CEL SCX58 Sc Sc 548b
A2ISInst Bridge Ceili Band Ceili Time in Ireland Vol 1 DOL DBXC005/1 Ir Cas 3043a
A2ISInst Bridge Ceili Band Sparks on Flags CLC CICD138 Ir CD 3043b
800Ser Brighouse & Rastrick Band COL DX.1346 Am 78 836a Oliver Cromwell Overture' Concert, Pt. 1 & 2
A3CanMis Brisson Bros. Can. Square Dances BAN RBS1274 Ca LP 5042c
A3CanMis Brisson, Denis Fiddle Favorites & Originals HOL ICT 5024 Ca Cas 5042a
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A1ISVoc Brogan, Harry (see J. O'Brien) Irish Catholic Poetry DOM 1288 Ir LP 1127a
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A1ISVoc Brolly, Anne & Francie Ireland My Home REG R38000 Ir LP 1024a
A1ISVoc Brolly, Anne & Francie The Rainbow's End REG R63000 Ir LP 1024b
A2ISInst Brosnan, John Cook in the Kitchen RBR JB01 Ir CD 6109a
A3CanMis Brothers Dooley Folk Songs that Sold A Million DIP DS2274 Am LP 884a
78IS Brown, James melodeon, Canada HMV 120143 Sc 78 101a Flowers of Edinburgh Stirling Castle, Speed the Plough
78IS Brown, James VIC 120184 7C 78 101b Over the Waves Waltz Highland Schottische
78IS Brown, James ZON 849 Sc 78 101b V Over the Waves Highland Schottische
78IS Brown, James ZON 1149 Sc 78 101c V Miss Drummond of Perth, Lovat's Restoration Starthspey & Jenny Dang the Weaver Reel
78IS Brown, James HMV 120156 Sc 78 101d Comin' Thro' the Rye, Auld Hoose, Up in the Morning Within a Mile of Edinburgh Toon
A3CanMis Brown, Johnny Paul Jones ARC 708 Ca LP 5232a
A1ISVoc Browne, Louis From The Isle of the Quiet Man REG R24000 Ir LP 199a
A1ISVoc Browne, Louis An Evening In Ireland REG R33000 Ir LP 199b
A1ISVoc Browne, Louis Irish Tenor Favorites REG COL3111 Ir CD 199c
A2ISInst Browne, Ronan O'Loughlin, Peter CLA CC47 Ir LP 733a
A2ISInst Browne, Ronan O'Loughlin, Peter CLA CCF35CD Ir CD 733b
A1ISVoc Browne, Ronnie The First Time REE REECD 101 Sc CD 229a
A3CanMis Bruneau, Philippe PHI Ph2003 Ca LP 530a
A3CanMis Bruneau, Philippe Dances for Vielles Canadiennes PHI FR2006 Ca LP 530b
A3CanMis Bruno et son Ensemble Ca Swing NUA NS6012 Ca LP 593a
78Can Buchard, Joe BLU B-1168 Ca 78 250a Reel du Diable Reel St. Emile
800Ser Buckley, Eugene COL A253 Am 78 857a KKK Katy Good Morning Mr. Zip,Zip,Zip
A3CanMis Buckley's The (Taylor) No Limits - FBCD001 Ca CD 5214a
A1ISVoc Buckner & Clancy - - Ir Cas 1124a
A1ISVoc Bucks, The Dancin' to the Ceili Band WEA ..9-96653-2 Ir CD 1260a
A3CanMis Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers Making for the Harbour TWP 1 Ca CD 5176c
A3CanMis Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers Nods & Winks TWP 2 Ca CD 5176d
A3CanMis Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers Flatout TWP 3 Ca CD 5176e
A3CanMis Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers The Miracle Cure TWP 5 Ca CD 5176f
A3CanMis Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers 100% Pure TWP 6 Ca CD 5176a
A3CanMis Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers Salt Beef Junkies TWP 7 Ca CD 5176g
A3CanMis Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers UP On Bust TWP 8 Ca CD 5176b
A3CanMis Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers Pop the Rivets TWP 9 Ca CD 5176h
A3CanMis Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers d'Laird Liftin TWP 10 Ca CD 5176i
A1ISVoc Buntus Cainte Cuid ll CEF C.T.7&8 Ir CD 1380a
A1ISVoc Buntus Cainte Cuid lll CEF C.T.9&10 Ir CD 1380b
A2ISInst Burke, Joe Galway's Own OUT OLP1015 Ir LP 610a
A2ISInst Burke, Joe Trad. Music of Ireland SHS OS361 Ir LP 610b
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A2ISInst Burke, Joe Happy to Meet... GRL SIF1069 Ir LP 610d
A2ISInst Burke, Joe Morning Mist NCM 100 Ir CD 610e
A1ISVoc Burke, Joe 'Banjo' Hours of Glory - - Ir Cas 1130a
A2ISInst Burke, Joe; A McGann; F Dolan Tribute to Michael Coleman SHS OS360 Ir LP,CD 616a
A2ISInst Burke, Joe; A McGann; F Dolan Funny Reel SHA SH29012 Ir LP 616b
A2ISInst Burke, Kevin If The Cap Fits GRL SIF3009 Ir LP 679a
A2ISInst Burke, Kevin Promenade GRL SIF3010 Ir LP 679b
A2ISInst Burke, Kevin Sweeneys Dream FLW FW8876 Ir LP 679c
A2ISInst Burke, Kevin Up Close GRL SIF1052 Ir LP 679d
A2ISInst Burke, Kevin Open House GRL GLCD1122 Ir CD 679e
A2ISInst Burke, Kevin Open House, 2nd Story GRL GLCD1144 Ir CD 679f
A2ISInst Burke, Kevin Open House, Hoof & Mouth GRL GLCD1169 Ir CD 679g
A2ISInst Burke, Kevin In Concert GRL GLCD1196 Ir CD 679h
A2ISInst Burke, Kevin Portland SIF 1041 Ir LP 679i
78IS Burke, Marty & Orch. Hugo Sterling IRI 3006 Ir 78 7539a Lakes of Sligo Kelly from Killane March
78IS Burnett, Robert HMV 100028 Sc 78 1836a Jenny's Bawbee -
A1ISVoc Burns, Batt Stories & Poems - - Ir Cas 1110a
A1ISVoc Burns, Batt More Stories & Poems - - Ir Cas 1110b
A1ISVoc Burns, Batt Irish Tales for Young & Old - - Ir Cas 1110c
All45 Burns, Gerry GLN EPW 279 Ir 45 530a Steve Casey of Sneem Patrick Sheehan
A1ISVoc Burns, Robert, Poetry of CDM TC1103 Sc LP 223a
800Ser Burr, Henry VIC 18747 Am 78 856a My Mother's Evening Prayer Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep CH
78IS Burr, Henry Helena, Edith VIC 16162 Sc 78 176a Bonnie Doon Comin’ Thro’ the Rye
78IS Burr, Henry VIC 18198 Am 78 176e Twas Only An Irishman's Dream Everybody Loves An Irish Song
78Can Burr, Henry & Stanley Collins & Harlan COL A917 Am 78 176c Silver Bell Kerry Mills Barn Dance
A3CanMis Burtnik, Tony Standard Fiddle Tunes CAW TB0181 Ca LP 586a
A3CanMis Burtnik, Tony Fiddle Standard Tunes - TB0282 Ca LP 586b
A1ISVoc Bushwackers Dance Album SMA SMAC9019 Ir Cas 1117a
A1ISVoc Bushwackers Walting Matilda SMA SMAC9020 Ir Cas 1117b
A3CanMis Butler Family Miramichi's Own - PTR 9310 Ca CD 5078a
A3CanMis Butler, Geoff & Hank Williams Buttons & Bows WOR WRC1-4617 Ca LP 5232a
A1ISVoc Butler, Johnny, etc Home Again PRI PR92880 Ir LP 1016a
A1ISVoc Butler, Johnny, etc. These Are Our Mountains PRI PR21231 Ir LP 1016b
All45 Butler, Nora CCE CL-7 Ir 45 E145a Shores of My Native Land, Skibbereen Cathal Brugha, Padraig Og Mo Chroi
A1ISVoc Butler, Nora The Dawning of the Day - - Ir CD 1037e
A2ISInst Buttons & Bows Daly J & McGuire Bros GRL SIF1051 Ir LP 645d
A2ISInst Buttons & Bows Daly J & McGuire Bros. GRL SIF1079 Ir LP 645g
A2ISInst Byrne, Dermot GRL GLCD3113 Ir CD 6095a
A1ISVoc Byrne, Gay Humors of John Sheridan RTE 83 Ir LP 1052a
A2ISInst Byrne, James Road to Glenlough CLA 4CC52 Ir Cas 6131a
A1ISVoc Byrne, Packie Manus Songs of a Donegal Man TOP 12TS257 Ir LP 1268a
A3CanMis Byrne, Pat & Joe Toward the Sunset SSP 20311 Ca CD 5239a
A3CanMis Byrne, Pat & Joe Towards the Sunset SSP SS020311 Ca CD 5239a
A2ISInst Byrnes, Martin LEA LEA2004 Ir LP,CD 625a
78IS C. H. Guards Band GRG 4016 Ir 78 64a Irish Jigs & Reels - 2 sides
All45 Cagney, Mary GLN EPW 175 Ir 45 186a Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry Dark Slender Boy
A2ISInst Cahill, Eddie Ah! Surely SHA SH29014 Ir LP 663a
A1ISVoc Cahill, Patricia AVO 33AV153 Ir LP 124
A1ISVoc Callery, Phil From the Edge of Memory TAR 4007 Ir CD 1420a
A2ISInst Calsaig Making for the Shore LMR BKDCD 103 Sc CD 3158a
A2ISInst Calua Down the Line - CALCD001 Ir CD 3121a
78IS Cameron Highlanders, 2nd batt. Pipes & Drums RCA 26-9521 Sc 78 215a Aldershot Command Searchlight Tattoo, 2 sides March, Quickstep, Strathspey & Reel
78IS Cameron Highlanders, 2nd batt. Pipe Band HMV B-3250 Sc 78 215e Inverness Gathering, Maggie Cameron,... Popular Air: Rd to Isles, Black Bear, Rustic Br.
78IS Cameron Highlanders, 2nd batt. Pipe Band HMV B-3461 Sc 78 215c Retreat Pt. 1: Bugles, Point of War, ... Retreat Pt. 2: Highland Cradle Song, Back O Bena..
78IS Cameron Highlanders, 2nd. batt. Pipe Band HMV B-3454 Sc 78 215b x3 Highland Laddie, Pibroch O’Donvil Dubh, Cock O’ N March, Strathspey, Reel, March
78IS Cameron Highlanders, 2nd. batt. Pipe Band RCA 120980 Sc 78 215d x2 Highland Laddie, Pibroch O’Donvil Dubh, Cock O’ N Airs: Road to Isles, Black Bear, Rustic Bridge..
78IS Cameron Men BEL 2120 Sc 78 39a MSR: Loch Katrine, Miss Lyall, Loch Leven MSR: Bonnie Ann, Bob Johnston
78IS Cameron Men BEL 2121 Sc 78 39b Miss Drummond of Perth, Maggie Cameron, Fav. Dashing White Sergeant, My Love...Lassie, Rose Tree
A2ISInst Cameron Men Classic Scots Fiddle Recording TOP T321 Sc LP 410a
All45 Cameron, Ian GLF SPB.902 Sc 45 1819a Boys of Ibrox Follow Follow and There's Not A Team
78IS Cameron, James BEL 1988 Sc 78 307e Rock & Wee Pickle Tow,Blackthorn Stick,Teviot B. Jig Bottom of the Punch Bowl, Staten Island, Jack's Hp
78IS Cameron, James BEL 1989 Sc 78 307f Cumberland Reel, Fr. O'Flynn, Auld Brig O' Ayr Jigs Jacky Tar, Peter Bailie, Tarbolton Lodge, S&R
78IS Cameron, Jim BEL 1974 Sc 78 307c JSR: Rakes Kil, Sw Tail, Q Wel Deeside, Drummer MSR: Queen's Wel to Invercauld, Bob Johnston
78IS Cameron, Jim BEL 2289 Sc 78 307a Twa kneavlichs (medley - 2 sides)
78IS Cameron, Jim BEL 2301 Sc 78 307d The Auld Lichties, MSR The Red Lichties, Medley of Sweet Old Airs
78IS Cameron, Jim BEL 2302 Sc 78 307b MSR: Rossity Ends Red Biddy (3 Irish Jigs)
78IS Cameron, Jim Cameron, May BEL 2502 Sc 78 260a Polka Dovecot Park, Midlothian Pipe Band, The Quaker
All45 Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 45BL2494 Sc 45 38s Isle of Skye Waltz Country Dance
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 1003 Sc 78-12 38k Irish Whispers Waltz Myosotis Waltz
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 1004 Sc 78-12 38l Gay Gordons, Greenwood Side, 72nd Highlanders .. Peggie's Wedding, Athernie Lodge, Col Ridley's Qui
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2489 Sc 78 38y Dashing White Sergeant, Kirk's Hp. Canadian Barn Dance, Rock & Wee Pickle Tow
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2490 Sc 78 38q Moneymusk Gay Gordons: Balkan Hills, Australian Ladies
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2491 Sc 78 38a Broun's Reel; Caddam Wood, The Piper's Cave LaRusse, Lord Rendal's Bride, Lady McKenzie of Co
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2492 Sc 78 38z Scottish Reform, Sally Hunter, Jigs Strip the Willow, Birsay Beach
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2493 Sc 78 38r The Linton Ploughman, Gobbie O Gay Gordons: Admiral Levison Gower, Millbank C
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2494 Sc 78,45 38s Waltz Country Dance: Come Under My Pladdie Isle of Skye, Jessie's Hornpipe
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2496 Sc 78 38d Waltz: Gentle Maiden, Irish Eyes.., Jaunting Car Glasgow Highlanders, Sherwood Rangers, Phil Flut
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2497 Sc 78 38t St. Bernard's Waltz: Bonnie Gallowa' Scottish Waltz: Nut Brown Maiden, Lunan Bay
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2498 Sc 78 38v Lamb Skinnet, Farewell to the Creeks Princess Margaret's Strathspey
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2499 Sc 78 38b 8 Reel: Earl of Crawford, Willie Davie, Roxburgh C New Rigged Ship, Coronation, Cumberland Reel
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2520 Sc 78 38d2 Madge Wildfire's Strathspey, Mrs. Sitwell Gay Gordons: Hills of Perth, King Geo. V's Army
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2521 Sc 78 38m E+Esc Jimmy’s Fancy Strathspey, Perthshire Vol, The W Waltz: My Ain Wee Hoose, When You & I.., Rowan
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2522 Sc 78 38c Gay Gordons: Dugald McColls Farewell to France, . Campbell's Frolic, J R Coutts, Berkwickshire Vol.
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2523 Sc 78 38i Angus Reel: Miss Jean Milligan, Missis Gordon of R Strathglass House, Mackenzie Hay, Willie Shaw
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2524 Sc 78 38h Machine Without Horses, Middling Thank You, Brisk Miss Nancy Frowns, My Wife's A Wanton Wee Thin
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2576 Sc 78 38n Blue Bell Polka Boston 2 Step: Crags of Lundie, Col Robertson
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2584 Sc 78 38a2 Scottish Waltz, Crooked Bawbee Ca' the Ewes Tae the Knowes
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2587 Sc 78 38c2 Cumberland Reel, Roaring Jelly, Haste to Wedding City of Nairobi Reel, Buccleuch
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2588 Sc 78 38e Canadian 3 Step: Red Castle, Earl of Mansfield River Cree: Jackson's Bottle of Claret, Lads of Du
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2596 Sc 78 38w Triumph Grand March
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2598 Sc 78 38p EE Haymakers Foula Reel
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2599 Sc 78 38x Lassie W' the Yellow Coatie, Scottish Ramble. Glen Grant, Willie Cook
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2600 Sc 78 38g John Rae Stewart, Mrs Gordon of Troup, Lennox Lo Two Step: Looking For A Partner
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2621 Sc 78 38f Waltz: A Gordon For Me, Lass O Lowrie, Jock McK Fair Maid Perth, North of Grampians, Ferntosh Wh
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2623 Sc 78 38j Hebridean Weaving Lilt: Orange & BLue, Kafoozalu Birks of Invermay, Fair Maid of Perth,...
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2625 Sc 78 38u Robertson Rant, Peter Baillie Barley Bree, Barley Cakes, A.M. Shinnie
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2699 Sc 78 38e2 Dornoch Links, Invercauld, Mjr. Norman Orr Ewing Auchmountains Bonnie Glen, Lochiel's Away to France
78IS Cameron, Jim & His Band BEL 2700 Sc 78 38f2 Pipee Major Sam Scott, Paisley British Legion 72nd Highlanders Farewell, Miss Delicia, Chisholm
A2ISInst Cameron, Jim & His SCD Band Scottish Reels Vol 3 10" LON LPS467 Sc LP,10" 401a
A2ISInst Cameron, Jim & his SCD Band 10" LON LB900 Sc LP 401b
A3CanMis Cameron, John Allan Minstrel of Cranberry Lane MCA CB35003 Ca LP 523a
A3CanMis Cameron, John Allan Get There By Dawn COL ELS382 Ca LP 523b
A3CanMis Cameron, John Allan Lord of the Dance COL EL383 Ca LP 523c
A3CanMis Cameron, John Allan Wakes, Weddings, etc COL GES90343 Ca LP 523d
A3CanMis Cameron, John Allan Song for the Mira GLC GMI 003 Ca LP 523e
78IS Cameron, May BEL 2501 Sc 78 90a Hp: Bonny Bonchory, Londonderry, Marquis of Lor MSR: Lord Huntly's Cave, Or & Blue, Fairy Dance
78IS Cameron, William EBW 5430 Sc 78 3011a SR: Our Highland Queen, Forth Brig Loch Catrine, M. Huntly's Farewwll, Speed Plough
A3CanMis Campbell Family Champion Fiddlers PHI FR101 Am LP 556a
A2ISInst Campbell, Colin Highland Band LON SW99504 Sc LP 443a
78IS Campbell, Finlay HMV 216521 Sc 78 1833a Fhir A' Bhata A' Bhirlinn Bharrach
78IS Campbell, Geordie BEL 2224 Sc 78 167a The Day We Went To Rothesay O! Ridin' Intae Glascae on a Soor Milk Cairt
78IS Campbell, George ARI 1775 Sc 78 167c Land o' the Leal Scotland Yet
78IS Campbell, George D. BEL 2238 7C 78 167b Jock MaCraw, 'The Fatest Man in Fortytawa' The Queer Folk O' the Shaws
A1ISVoc Campbell, Gerard The Wandering Minstrel LON LL1714 Ir LP 1164a
78IS Campbell, Jean Benny Lee BEL 2567 Sc 78 190a Home in the Highlands Wachlin’ Hame
A3CanMis Campbell, John Cape Breton Violin Music ROU 7003 Ca LP 5151a
A3CanMis Campbell, John Dedication to … Clans - JC-127 Ca LP 5151b
A3CanMis Canadian Grand Masters - 1991 Live, Vol 1 - - Ca Cas 5050a
A3CanMis Canadian Grand Masters - 1991 Live, Vol 2 - - Ca Cas 5050b
A3CanMis Canadian Grand Masters - 1991 Live, Vol 3 - - Ca Cas 5050c
A3CanMis Canadian Grand Masters - 1998 CGM 9 Ca Cas 5050e
A3CanMis Canadian Grand Masters - 2000 Old Time Fiddle Tunes CGM 11 Ca Cas 5050d
A3CanMis Canadian Grand Masters - 2002 CGM 13 Ca Cas 5050f
78IS Canadian Legion Pipe Band IMP 1030 Sc 78 218a Campbell’s Are Coming, Blue Bonnets Highland Fling, Devil in the Kitchen
A2ISInst Canny, Paddy CLC CICD129 Ir CD 600b
A2ISInst Canny, Paddy & P. J. Hayes All-Ireland Champions-Violin DUB 1003 Ir LP,CD 600a
A2ISInst Canterbury Country Dance Orch. FAW F-3 Am LP 334a
A2ISInst Canterbury Country Dance Orch. F & W Band FAW F-4 Am LP 334b
A2ISInst Canterbury Country Dance Orch. Mistwold FAW F-5 Am LP 334c
78IS Capaldi, Tony BEL 1515 Sc 78 110b St. Berbard's Waltz:Believe Me,Come Back to Erin Highland Schottische: Orange & Blue, Kafoozalum
78IS Capaldi, Tony Bob Smith's Ideal Trio BEL 1516 Sc 78 110c Blaze Away 2 Step Mama Mia Waltz
78IS Capaldi, Tony BEL 1612 Sc 78 110a Chicken Reel Serenade
A3CanMis Cape Breton Symphony - Fiddle GLC GMI001 Sc Sc 536a
A3CanMis Cape Breton Symphony - Fiddle BRG BRGCCBS001 Sc Sc 536b
A3CanMis Cape Breton Symphony - Fiddle Pure Cape Breton BRG BRG013 Ca LP 536c
A3CanMis Cape Cod Fiddlers Concert Collection 2 - - Am CD 5221a
A2ISInst Capercaille Delirium GRL GLCD3108 Ir LP 3010d
A2ISInst Capercaille Get Out GRL GLCD3110 Ir CD 3010e
A2ISInst Capercaille To the Moon GRL GLCD3117 Ir CD 3010f
A2ISInst Capercaillie Crosswinds GRL SIF1077 Sc LP 3010a
A2ISInst Capercaillie Sidewalk GRL SIF1094 Sc LP 3010b
A2ISInst Capercaillie Secret People GRL GLCD1304 Sc CD 3010c
A2ISInst Capercaillie Beautiful Wasteland RYK RCD10441 Sc CD 3010g
78IS Caples, Billy IRI I-3012 Ir 78 83a Reel: Bonnie Kate, Merry Blacksmith Hp: Sandlark, Moran's
78IS Caples, Billy IRI I-3007 Ir 78 83b Southern Shore, Johnson's Hornpipes Old Maids of Galway, George White's Favorite Reel
78IS Caples, Billy IRI I-3013 Ir 78 83c V+ McDonough's Hornpipe Doherty's Fancy, Humors of Whiskey Jig
A3CanMis Carawan, Evan & Guy Hammer Dulcimer FLY FF329 Am LP 813a
A1ISVoc Carey, Pat Key to the Past LFR 6683 Ir CD 1159a
A3CanMis Carignan, Jean Old Time Fiddle Tunes FLW FG3521 Ca LP 513e
A3CanMis Carignan, Jean Fr. Canadian Fiddle Songs LEG LEG120 Ca LP 513b
A3CanMis Carignan, Jean Ti Jean LON MB4 Ca LP 513f
A3CanMis Carignan, Jean Bruneau, Phillipe LON MB32 Ca LP 513g
A3CanMis Carignan, Jean Ti-Jean-le Violoneux LON MB52 Ca LP 513h
A3CanMis Carignan, Jean PHI PH2001 Ca LP 513a
A3CanMis Carignan, Jean Joe Allard Tribute PHI Ph2012 Ca LP 513c
A3CanMis Carignan, Jean Coleman, Morrison & Skinner PHI Ph2018 Ca LP 513d
A3CanMis Carignan, Jean Alan Mills - Songs FLW FG3532 Ca LP 513i
A3CanMis Carignan, Jean l'Orchestre des Grande Ballets MUR 80010 Ca LP 513j
A3CanMis Carignan, Marcel L'Espirit d'Bois TRC Coll1837 Ca LP 5117a
A1ISVoc Carlton Showband The Merry Ploughboy QLT CL5904 Ir LP 159e
A1ISVoc Carlton Showband If You're Irish RCA KCL1-5003 Ir LP 159a
A1ISVoc Carlton Showband Best of Vol 3 RCA KNL1-0218 Ir LP 159b
A1ISVoc Carlton Showband - RCA LSP4339 Ir LP 159h
A1ISVoc Carlton Showband One Up on the World RCA KXL1-0142 Ir LP 159f
A1ISVoc Carlton Showband Special RCA CASX-2597 Ir LP 159g
A1ISVoc Carlton Showband 25 All Time Favorites ROC 1 Ir CD 159c
A1ISVoc Carlton Showband 20 All Time Gospel Favorites ROC 2 Am CD 159d
78IS Carmichael, Alex COL 37020F Sc 78 1834a Kirkconnel Lea Sound the Pibroch
A2ISInst Carnahan, Danny & Robin Petrie Two The Road FLY FF364 Ir LP 6000a
A2ISInst Carnloch (see also McQuaid) McQuaid, Noel & Sarah DRC 4001 Ir Cas 3047a
A1ISVoc Carolan, Mary Ann Songs From The Irish Tradition TOP 12T362 Ir LP 1096a
All45 Carolan's Kind LIM AR 4181 Ir 45 196a Three Drunken Maidens Hp: Woodcock Hill, Wonder
A3CanMis Caron, Gerald Dansons RST RMN 689 Ca LP 5104a
A3CanMis Carpenter, David Eclectic Yankee DCS 001-2 Am CD 5212a
All45 Carrick Folk Four THI TM 90 Sc 45 1818a Radio Scotland Blue Nose
78IS Carroll, Dan & Mario Perry Fiddle & Accordion BRW 2312 Ir 78 270a Irish Reels: Guilderoy, Harvest Home, College, ... Irish Jigs: Endearing Y C, Life is Checkered, O’Gaf
A2ISInst Carroll, John Golden Moments HAR HM46 Ir LP 3031a
A2ISInst Carroll, John A Touch of Class HAR HM20 Ir LP 3031b
A2ISInst Carroll, Liz Maguire, Tommy Kiss Me Kate SHA SH29010 Ir LP 649a
A2ISInst Carroll, Liz A Friend Indeed SHA SH29013 Ir LP 649b
A2ISInst Carroll, Liz GRL SIF1092 Ir LP 649c
A2ISInst Carroll, Liz Lost in the Loop GRL GLCD1199 Ir CD 649d
A2ISInst Carroll, Liz Lake Effect GRL GLCD1220 Ir CD 649d
A1ISVoc Carroll, Mike You Touched Upon My Life CVY TR520810 Ir LP 1451a
All45 Carroll, Padraig HRP WRH92567 Ir 45 91a Jacqueline Waltz; Whistling Rufus Reel; Lovely Leitrim Waltz; Quickstep
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU 33-0510 Ca 78 811c E- Sittin’ By the Old Coral That First Love of Mine
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-4600 Ca 78 811a E My Little Swiss & Me I Long for Old Wyoming
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-4602 Ca 78 811d E- Fate of Old Strawberry Roan Yodelling Hillbilly
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-4603 Ca 78 811e V+ Old Barn Dance Broken Down Cowboy
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-4649 Ca 78 811f V+ Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy Little Red Patch
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-4652 Ca 78 811i E- ImOnly a Dude in Cowboy Clo My Honeymoon Bridge
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-4659 Ca 78 811b E Cowboy’s Airplane Ride My Dreams Come True
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-4983 Ca 78 811t V Life & Death of John Dillinger Awaiting the Chair
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-4989 Ca 78 811h V+ Calgary Roundup Pete Knight
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-5871 Ca 78 811g E- I’m Gonna Ride to Heaven Two Gun Cowboy
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-8149 Ca 78 811r V+ Roll Along Kentuckey Moon Ans to it Makes No Differenc
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-8241 Ca 78 811j V+ Preacher & the Cowboy Roll on Dreamy Texas Moon
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-8425 Ca 78 811k E It’s All Over Now Rattlin’ Cannonball
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-8491 Ca 78 811l E You Are My Sunshine What A Wonderful Mother
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-8696 Ca 78 811m E- I Bought A Rock... Streamlined Yodel Song
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-8752 Ca 78 811n V+ Ita Great to be Back in the Sa Call of the Range
800Ser Carter, Wilf BLU B-9032 Ca 78 811o V+ Put My Little Shoes Away I’m Thinking Tonight Of Blue
800Ser Carter, Wilf DEC 29535 Ca 78 811u E- Mapleleaf Waltz The Sunshine Bird
800Ser Carter, Wilf MTW M7261 Ca 78 811q V My Faithful Pinto Pal Preacher & the Cowboy
800Ser Carter, Wilf RCA 55-3219 Ca 78 811p E+ My Queen of the Prairie Old Shep
800Ser Carter, Wilf RCA 21-0136 Ca 78 811s E+ When Icw Worm Nests Again Shackles & Chains
A3CanMis Carter, Wilf 32 Wonderful Years RCA CAS 846 Ca LP 843a
A3CanMis Carter, Wilf Remincin' RCA CAL668 Ca LP 843b
A3CanMis Carter, Wilf Songs of the Rail & Range RCA CAS2208 Ca LP 843c
A3CanMis Carter, Wilf Old Prairie Melodies RCA CAS2175 Ca LP 843d
A3CanMis Carter, Wilf Nuggets of the Golden West RCA CAL840 Ca LP 843e
A3CanMis Carthy, Martin The Collection GRL GLCD1136 Br CD 846b
A3CanMis Carthy, Martin & D. Swarbrick Life and Limb GRL GLCD3052 Am CD 842a
A1ISVoc Carton, Jimmy JC100 Ir LP 1023a
All45 Carton, Mary CEL Cl2 Ir 45 457e Irish Soldier Boy Biddy Donohue
All45 Carton, Mary CEL Cl7 Ir 45 457h Girl From Donegal Take This Message to my Mother
All45 Carton, Mary COP 459-216 Ir 45 457f No One to Welcome Me Home Rockin' Alone in an Old Rockin' Chair
78IS Carton, Mary McHugh, Steve CEL CL 1009 Ir 78 457c Irish Soldier Boy Biddy Donahue
78IS Carton, Mary CEL CL 1010 Ir 78 457m V+V+ht If You Ever Go Over to Ireland Cottage With the Horseshoe O'er the Door diff label
78IS Carton, Mary CEL CL 1020 Ir 78 457d E-V+ Eileen McMahon A Mother’s Love is a Blessing
78IS Carton, Mary Steve McHugh CEL CL 1021 Ir 78 457p Seamus O'Brein, Golden Jubilee
78IS Carton, Mary w/ Frank Fallon's Orch. CEL CL 1025 Ir 78 457r E+ My Eileen is Waiting For Me The Girl from Donegal
78IS Carton, Mary COP 9-216 Ir 78 457f Rockin' Alone No One to Welcome Me Home
78IS Carton, Mary COP 9-215 Ir 78 457s E Patsy McCann Ramblin'
78IS Carton, Mary w/ Mickey Carton's Orch. DEC 12287 Ir 78 457t E McNamara from Mayo Johnny
A2ISInst Carton, Mickey & His Orch. Dancing at the Ir Crossroads COP DWL9-614 Ir LP 3055a
78IS Carton, Mickey & Mary DEC 12275 Ir 78 457b If I Were A Blackbird Rose of Mooncoin
78IS Carton, Mickey & Mary DEC 12277 Ir 78 457o Boys From the Co. Mayo Girl From Donegal
78IS Carton, Mickey & Mary DEC 12278 Ir 78 457j Take This This Message to My Mother Road By the River
78IS Carton, Mickey & Mary DEC 12282 Ir 78 457n Fr. Murphy from Boolavogue On the One Road
78IS Carton, Mickey & Mary DEC 46164 Ir 78,45 457k Moonshiner I'll Forgive & I'll Try to Forget
78IS Carton, Mickey & Mary DEC 46232 Ir 78 457l Faithful Sailor Boy Two Little Orphans
All45 Carton, Mickey & Mary Orchestra DEC 9-46164 Ir 45 457k Moonshiner I'll Forgive & I'll Try to Forget
78IS Carton, Mickey & Orchestra CEL CL 1005 Ir 78 457q Rights of Man, Boys of Blue Hill Hornpipes Keel Row, Green Grow the Rushes Flings
78IS Carton, Mickey & Orchestra CEL CL 1007 Ir 78 457u E Three Little Drummers, Fr. O'Flynn Jigs Miss McLeod's, Little Judy Reels
78IS Carton, Mickey & Orchestra CEL CL 1058 Ir 78 457u E+ Humors of Cappa, Irishman's Heart to the Ladies Jackson's Polka
78IS Carton, Mickey & Orchestra COP 9-255 Ir 78 457a Polka: Sunshine in Ireland Rambler Jig
78IS Carton, Mickey & Orchestra CEL CL 1001 Ir 78 457i Stack of Barley, Kerry Mills Barn Dance Pet of the Pipers, Haste to the Wedding
All45 Carton, Mickey Orchestra CEL Cl1 Ir 45 457g Stack of Barley & Kerry Mills Barn Dance Keel Row & Green Grow the Rushes O
A2ISInst Carty, John Last Night's Fun SHA 79098 Ir CD 6157b
A2ISInst Carty, John At It Again SHA 78054 Ir CD 6157d
A2ISInst Carty, John Yeh, That's All It Is SHA 78034 Ir CD 6157c
A2ISInst Carty, John Last Night's Fun SHA 79098 Ir CD 6157b
A2ISInst Carty, John & Brian McGrath CLC 99 Ir CD 6157a
A2ISInst Carty, Paddy Flute, Galway Style SHA MCS1 Ir LP 617a
800Ser Case, Charlie & GH VIC 16547 Am 78 E- How Mother Made the Soup The Liars or My Uncle’s Farm
A2ISInst Casey, Bobby Taking Flight MUL LUN018 Ir LP 6005a
78IS Casey, James D. COL 33114-F Ir 78 559a Irish Volunteer Pat Molloy & the Ass
A1ISVoc Casey, Karan Songlines SHA Sh78007 Ir CD 1283a
A1ISVoc Casey, Karan The Winds Begin to Sing SHA 78044 Ir CD 1283b
A1ISVoc Casey, Karan Distant Shore SHA 78053 Ir CD 1283c
78IS Casey, Michael COL A1908 Ir 78 486b Casey's Description of his Fight Casey Taking the Census
78IS Casey, Michael Golden, Billy &Jim Marlowe COL A1971 Ir 78 486a Casey at Home Marriage Difficulties
78IS Casey, Michael COL 33036-F Ir 78 486d Casey at Home Casey as a Judge
A2ISInst Casey, Nollaig & Arty McGlynn Lead the Knave RIN MCGLP1 Ir LP 6043a
A2ISInst Casey, Nollaig & Arty McGlynn Causeway TAR 4TA3035 Ir Cas 6043b
All45 Cash, Johnny PHL EPB-1148 Ir 45 149a Forty Shades of Green The Rebel - Johnny Yuma
A2ISInst Cassidy Family The Cassidy's Live REL RRL8018 Ir LP 396a
A2ISInst Cassidy Family Fead An Ialair GAL CEF108 Ir LP 396b
A2ISInst Cassidy, Marina Listen HPB 1 Ir CD 6153a
A2ISInst Cassidy, Patrick Cruit GAL CEF130 Ir LP 6040a
78IS Casson, Christopher COP 9-165 Ir 78 553a Clare's Dragoons Old Turf Fire & Ballynure Ballad
78IS Casson, Christopher COP 9-162 Ir 78 553b Come to the Bower My Lagan Love
A2ISInst Castle Ceili Band CCE CL5 Ir LP 338a
78IS Cawley, Patrick COL 33383-F Ir 78 311a The Traveller Reel Memories of Dublin Hornpipe
A2ISInst CCE Guinness Seisiun Siamsa na Duibhlinne 1988 CCE CL35 Ir LP 3030a
A2ISInst Ceili Bandits - 1 Ir CD 3109a
A2ISInst Ceili Bandits Hangin' at the Crossroads - CBCD00D Ir CD 3109b
A1ISVoc Celtic Christmas Sojourn RON 7042 Ir CD 1428a
A2ISInst Celtic Connection O'Kelly, Mike & Kelly Mullen ERK EK5316 Ir LP 6023a
A2ISInst Celtic Fiddle Festival Burke, Cunningham, Lamitre GRL GLDC1135 Ir CD 3064a
A2ISInst Celtic Fiddle Festival Burke, Cunningham, Laimitre GRL GLCD1189 Ir CD 3064b
A2ISInst Celtic Fiddle Festival Rendezvous GRL GLCD1216 Ir CD 3064c
A1ISVoc Celtic Folk Live O'Flaherty's Vol 1 - - Ir Cas 1147a
A1ISVoc Celtic Folk Ride the Waves - - Ir Cas 1147b
A1ISVoc Celtic Folk Looking West - - Ir Cas 1147c
A1ISVoc Celtic Folk Rainbow Flight - - Ir Cas 1147d
A1ISVoc Celtic Folk Vol 3 - - Ir Cas 1147e
A1ISVoc Celtic Folk Patrick O’Flaherty, Himself - - Ir Cas 1147f
A1ISVoc Celtic Folk Celtic Christmas - - Ir Cas 1147g
A2ISInst Celtic Music Society Color Blind - - Ir CD 3185c
A2ISInst Celtic Music Society E. Rochester High School - - Ir CD 3185a
A2ISInst Celtic Music Society Interviews for Radio - - Ir CD 3185b
A2ISInst Celtic Music Society First full release - - Ir CD 3185a
A1ISVoc Celtic Tenors So Strong ANG 5-557284 Ir CD 1441a
A2ISInst Celtic Thunder GRL SIF1029 Ir LP 374a
A2ISInst Celtic Thunder The Light of Other Days GRL SIF1086 Ir LP 374b
A2ISInst Celtic Thunder Hard NY Days REG 3035 Ir CD 374c
A2ISInst Celtic Tranquility Airs ARN CD605 Ir CD 3140a
A2ISInst Celtic Twlight Orch. Celtic Visions ANM ARCD005 Ir CD 3123a
A2ISInst Celtic Woman Instrumentally Yours CHT CHCD 030 Ir CD 6196a
A2ISInst Ceoltoiri Silver Apples of the Moon MSM MM 202 Ir Cas 3101a
A2ISInst Ceoltoiri Women of Ireland MSM MMCD218 Ir CD 3101b
A2ISInst Ceoltoiri Coleman The Killaville Sessions CHC 6 Ir CD 3168a
All45 Ceoltoiri Laighean GAL CES 020 Ir 45 E340a Dinny Delaney's Cnoc Na gClarach agus Bainis na gClarach
A3CanMis Chafe, Winnie Highland Mel.. of Cape Breton RON 7012 Ca LP 5059b
A3CanMis Chafe, Winnie Cape Breton Scottish Music IMS WRC1-759 Ca LP 5059c
A3CanMis Chafe, Winnie Bonnie Lass of Headlake - WRC1-1546 Ca LP 5059a
A3CanMis Chafe, Winnie Echoes CEI 8001 Ca CD 5059d
A3CanMis Chafe, Winnie Legacy - WCL 1996 Ca CD 5059e
A3CanMis Chaisson Brothers of PEI - WRC1-677 Ca LP 5089a
A3CanMis Chaisson's mix copy from Bill Chaisson - - Ca CD 5089b
A1ISVoc Chamberlain, Charlie With My Shillelagh Under My.. MCA CB30014 Ca Ca 190a
A1ISVoc Chamberlain, Charlie Best of Marg & Charlie MCA CB35006 Ca Ca 190b
A1ISVoc Chamberlain, Charlie Marg Osborne Golden Era BAN SBS5329 Ca Ca 190c
A3CanMis Chamberlain, Charlie With My Shillelagh Under My.. MCA CB30014 Ca LP 190a
A3CanMis Chamberlain, Charlie Best of Marg & Charlie MCA CB35006 Ca LP 190b
A3CanMis Chamberlain, Charlie Marg Osborne - Golden Era BAN SBS5329 Ca LP 190c
A1ISVoc Chamberlain, Charlie & Marg Sacred Songs ROD RLP 36 Ca Ca 190d
A1ISVoc Chamberlain, Charlie & Marg Best of Marg Osborne ARC 686 Ca Ca 190e
A3CanMis Chamberlain, Charlie & Marg Sacred Songs ROD RLP 36 Ca LP 190d
A3CanMis Chamberlain, Charlie & Marg Best of Marg Osborne ARC 686 Ca LP 190e
A3CanMis Chamberlaine, Charlie & Marg They Never Grow Old POI P 318 Ca LP 190f
A3CanMis Chanteurs D'Acadie Folklore du Canada Francais ROD RLP39 Ca LP 5229a
A3CanMis Charette, Marcel et ses Mantagnards; Reels... ADA A-1 Ca LP 5073a
78Can Chartier, Phil STA 16639 Ca 78 2294a Reel du Moulin Vive la Cloche Reel
A2ISInst Cherish The Ladies SHA Sh79053 Ir LP 393a
A2ISInst Cherish the Ladies The Back Door GRL GLCD1119 Ir Cas,CD 393b
A2ISInst Cherish the Ladies New Day Dawning GRL GLCD1175 Ir CD 393c
A2ISInst Cherish the Ladies Best of ... GRL GLCD1187 Ir CD 393d
A2ISInst Cherish the Ladies Threads of Time RCA ..63131-2 Ir CD 393e
A2ISInst Cherish the Ladies Fathers & Daughters SHA 79054 Ir LP,Cas 393f
A2ISInst Cherish the Ladies At Home RCA ..63377-2 Ir CD 393g
A2ISInst Cherish the Ladies Girls Won't Leave Boys Alone WIN 11583-2 Ir CD 393h
A2ISInst Cherish the Ladies On Christmas Night RON 7061-2 Ir CD 393i
A3CanMis Cherny, Al Golden Slippers RCA CAS2274 Ca LP 520a
A3CanMis Cherny, Al ARC 520 Ca LP 520b
A3CanMis Cherny, Al On Stage w/... RCA CAL2167 Ca LP 520d
A3CanMis Cherny, Al Blue Ribbon Fiddle RCA Cal 989 Ca LP 520e
A3CanMis Cherny, Al Old Time Fiddle RCA Cal 887 Ca LP 520f
A3CanMis Cherny, Al Hits of ... RCA Kel1-8100 Ca LP 520g
A3CanMis Cherny, Al Big Sound of ... RCA CASX2535 Ca LP 520i
A3CanMis Cherny, Al Fiddle Magic RCA CASX2605 Ca LP 520h
A3CanMis Cherny, Al Rural Roots RCA KCL1-7008 Ca LP 520k
A3CanMis Cherny, Al Fiddle Party (dbl) SER SE10602 Ca LP 520j
A3CanMis Cherny, Al Fiddle Country TEV TA1019 Ca LP 520c
A3CanMis Cherny, Al The Last Recordings, Live HOL RLPCD8050 Ca CD 520l
A2ISInst Cheviot Ranters Cheviot Barn Dance TOP 12TS245 Sc LP 412a
A3CanMis Chiasson, Merel Gully Fish Favorite SLM SLM-2 Ca LP 5090a
A2ISInst Chicago Irish Musicians - 82-513 Ir LP 3141a
A2ISInst Chieftains CLA CC2&83324 Ir LP,CD 330a
A2ISInst Chieftains 2 CLA CC7&83322 Ir LP,CD 330b
A2ISInst Chieftains 3 CLA CC10 Ir LP 330c
A2ISInst Chieftains 4 CLA CC14 Ir LP 330d
A2ISInst Chieftains 5 CLA CC16 Ir LP 330e
A2ISInst Chieftains Live CLA CC21 Ir LP,CD 330k
A2ISInst Chieftains Bonaparte's Retreat ISL ILPS9432 Ir LP 330f
A2ISInst Chieftains 7 CLA CC24 Ir LP 330g
A2ISInst Chieftains 8 CLA CC29 Ir LP 330h
A2ISInst Chieftains 9 COL PC36401 Ir LP 330i
A2ISInst Chieftains 10 SHA Sh79019 Ir LP 330j
A2ISInst Chieftains Year of the French SHA Sh79036 Ir LP 330k
A2ISInst Chieftains Chieftains in China SHA Sh79050 Ir LP 330l
A2ISInst Chieftains Ballad of the Irish Horse SHA Sh79051 Ir LP 330m
A2ISInst Chieftains Galway, James RCA 5798-1-RC Ir LP 330n
A2ISInst Chieftains Celtic Wedding RCA 6358-1-RC Ir LP 330o
A2ISInst Chieftains Irish Heartbeat PLG 4228344961 Ir LP 330p
A2ISInst Chieftains Celebration RCA 7858-1-RC Ir LP 330q
A2ISInst Chieftains Galway, James (2nd) RCA 60424-2-RC Ir CD 330r
A2ISInst Chieftains Bells of Dublin RCA 60824-2 Ir CD 330s
A2ISInst Chieftains An Irish Evening RCA 60912-2 Ir CD 330t
A2ISInst Chieftains Reel Music RCA 60412-2-RC Ir CD 330u
A2ISInst Chieftains Celtic Harp RCA 61490-2 Ir CD 330v
A2ISInst Chieftains Santiago RCA 68602-2 Ir CD 330w
A2ISInst Chieftains Chieftains Collection CLA 83224-2 Ir CD 330x
A2ISInst Chieftains Best of … CLA CK86017 Ir CD 330y
A2ISInst Chieftains Water from the Well RCA 63639-2 Ir CD 330z
A3CanMis Chipman, Gary Down East WRR WRR1 Ca LP 5079a
A3CanMis Chisholm, Angus Early Recordings of ... SHA SH14001 Sc Sc 534a
A2ISInst Chulrua (P. O'Brien) Down the Back Lane SHA 22001 Ir CD 3166b
A2ISInst Chulrua (P. O'Brien) Barefoot on the Altar PPP 301 Ir CD 3166a
A2ISInst Cifani, Liz Waulkin’ O the Fauld - - Ir Cas 6060a
A3CanMis Circle Dance Hockey Pokey Charity Group GRL GLCD 3054 Am CD 841a
78IS City of Edinburgh Corp. Transport Dept. Pipe Band BEL 2165 Sc 78 225a MSR: 74ths Farewell to E. Blair Drummond, .. Slow March: Miss Kirkwood, Gordon's, Brown
78IS City of Edinburgh Corp. Transport Dept. Pipe Band BEL 2197 Sc 78 225b x3 My Lodgings on the Cold Ground, 79ths Farewell Far Over the Sea, Shepards Crook, Miss Proud
78IS City of Edinburgh Police Pipe Band DLD DL0004 Sc 78 222a 6/8 Marches: Lost Feather Bonnet, Angus MacK 6/8 March: 72nd Highlanders, 10th HLI Crossi
78IS City of Edinburgh Police Pipe Band DLD DL0005 Sc 78 222b 2/4 Marches: Braes of Strathbane, Chas 1st, ... 2/4 March: Lady Elspeth Campbell, Edingurgh
78IS City of Edinburgh Police Pipe Band DLD DL625 Sc 78 222c Irish Jig: Roddie Campbell, Angus McPherson, Highland Schottische; Highland Whiskey, Left
78IS Claffy, James COL 37012-F Ir 78 329a Roger’s Hornpipe Fenton’s Hornpipe
A2ISInst Clairseach Ann's Harp CLS 2381 Ir LP 683a
A2ISInst Clairseach Let Erin Remember CLS 8979 Ir LP 683b
A2ISInst Clairseach Secrets of the Gaelic Harp CLS - Ir Cas 683c
A2ISInst Clan MacFarlane Pipe Band Vol 1 WOR WRC192 Sc LP 728a
A1ISVoc Clan na Gael Keepers of the Wind - Clan 1 CD Ir CD 1307a
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. Save The Land AUF AFSD 6255 Ir LP 106r
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. Lark in the Morning TRA TLP 1004 Ir LP 106s
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. Clancy Bros. Live VNG VSD 79445 Ir LP 106t
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. Greatest Hits VNG VSD 53/54 Ir LP 106x
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Reunion BLB 5009 Ir LP 106w
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Ain't It Grand Boys COL 57639-2 Ir 2CD 106c2
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem A Spontaneous Performance COL CL 1648 Ir LP 106c
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Hearty & Hellish COL CL 1771 Ir LP 106d
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Boys Won't Leave the Girls Alone COL CL 1909 Ir LP 106e
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem The First Hurrah COL CL 2165 Ir LP 106f
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Recorded Live in Ireland COL CL 2265 Ir LP 106g
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Isn't It Grand Boys COL CS 9277 Ir LP 106h
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Freedom's Sons COL CS 9336 Ir LP 106i
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem In Concert COL CS 9494 Ir LP 106b2
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Home Boys Home COL CS 9608 Ir LP 106j
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Sing of the Sea COL CS 9658 Ir LP 106m
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Clancy Bros Christmas COL CS 9876 Ir LP 106l
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Flowers in the Valley COL CS 9932 Ir LP 106k
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem In Person at Carnegie Hall COL CK8750 Ir LP,CD 106z
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem I'm A Free Born Man COL KH31343 Ir LP 106e2.
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Best of … COL CK86022 Ir CD 106g2
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem At Home w/...& their Families TRA 2060 Ir LP 106d2
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Come Fill Your Glass With Us TRA TLP 1032 Ir LP 106a
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem The Rising of the Moon TRA TLP 1006 Ir LP 106b
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem The Best of ... TRA TRA S-2050 Ir LP 106a2
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem TRA TLP 1042 Ir LP 106p
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Irish Folk Airs TRA TLP 2083 Ir LP 106q
A1ISVoc Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem FRI P2-14279 Ir LP 106h2
A1ISVoc Clancy, Aoife It's About Time REG REG3017 Ir CD 1220a
A1ISVoc Clancy, Aoife Silvery Moon APO CD1065 Ir CD 1220b
A1ISVoc Clancy, Bobby and Peg Songs From Ireland TRA TLP 1045 Ir LP 111a
A1ISVoc Clancy, Bobby and Peg Peg Clancy Power FLG FSE 8 Ir LP 111b
A1ISVoc Clancy, Bobby and Peg Bobby Clancy Sings TRA TLP 1631 Ir LP 111c
A1ISVoc Clancy, Liam Liam Clancy VNG VSD 79169 Ir LP 106u
A1ISVoc Clancy, O'Connell & Clancy A 100 Years Ago HEL 2003 Ir CD 1328a
A1ISVoc Clancy, O'Connell & Clancy Wild & Wasteful Ocean HEL 2002 Ir CD 1328b
78IS Clancy, Patrick see P. Touhey 78
All45 Clancy, Willie Michael Gorman & M Barry TOP 89 Ir 45 8008a Hardiman the Fiddler, Coleman's Favorite Tempest, Mountain Road Reel
A2ISInst Clancy, Willie The Minstrel From Clare TOP 12TS250 Ir LP,CD 710a
A2ISInst Clancy, Willie The Pipering of ... Vol 2 CLA CC39 Ir LP 710b
A2ISInst Clancy, Willie Vol. 1 CLA CC32CD Ir CD 710c
A2ISInst Clandestine To Anybody At All CTP CA4103 Sc CD 457a
A1ISVoc Clannad Clannad 2 GAL CEF041 Ir LP 147a
A1ISVoc Clannad Clannad PHL 6392-013 Ir LP 147b
A1ISVoc Clannad Dulaman GAL CEF058 Ir LP 147c
A1ISVoc Clannad Crann Ull TAR 3007 Ir LP 147d
A1ISVoc Clannad Fuaim TAR 3008 Ir LP 147e
A1ISVoc Clannad Magical Ring TAR 3010 Ir LP 147f
A1ISVoc Clannad In Concert OGH BLB5001 Ir LP 147g
A1ISVoc Clannad Atlantic Realm BBC CD727 Ir CD 147h
A1ISVoc Clannad Sirius RCA PD71513 Ir CD 147i
A1ISVoc Clannad Best of … BMG 58564 Ir CD 147j
A2ISInst Clark, Pete Fiddle Case SMD SMD 608 Sc CD 451a
A3CanMis Clark, Randy Square Dances PRO SP337 Am LP 5209a
A3CanMis Clarke, Douglas Michael Lonesome for Home HER 4457 Ca CD 5203a
78IS Clarke, Herbert L. cornet solo COL 33061-F Ir 78 353a Macushla Killarney
A3CanMis Clayton, Paul Whaling And Sailing Songs TRA TLP1005 Am LP 808a
A3CanMis Clayton, Tommy Square Dances ACO 652 Am LP 5210a
A3CanMis Cleavers La Ribambelle & Cleavers - CLRIB991 Ca CD 5056b
A3CanMis Cleavers Leave It To the Cleavers - CL2001 Ca CD 5056c
A3CanMis Cleaver's World Breakin' Tradition - CL941 Ca CD 5056a
A3CanMis Clemens, Alice Fiddling Fun OSC 9030803113 Am LP 596a
A3CanMis Clemens, Alice Fiddlin' Fever UCA OVLS-167 Am LP 596b
A2ISInst Clifford, Julia Clifford, John TOP 12TS311 Ir LP 654a
A2ISInst Clifford, Julia Clifford, Billy GAL CEF092 Ir LP 654b
A2ISInst Clifford, Julia; Denis Murphy Star Above the Garter CLA CC5 Ir LP 654c
A3CanMis Clouston, Al Proper Ting RCA KXL1-0226 Ca LP 592a
All45 Coatbridge Harp Flute Band HRP SPB.918 Ir 45 7513a Green Flag Fenian Martyr
A1ISVoc Coates, Catherine A Song For Ireland REG RCD-3024 Ir CD 1232a
All45 Codd,Martin & Herdsman REL RL 528 Ir 45 261a Carolan's Concerto Whisper Your Mother's Name
A2ISInst Coen, Fr. Charlie Coen, Jack TOP 12TS337 Ir Cas,CD 653a
A2ISInst Coen, Fr. Charlie GRL SIF1021 Ir LP 653b
A3CanMis Coffey, Eddie Girls From Nfld. COU CS6011 Ca LP 565b
A3CanMis Coffey, Eddie 20 Hits GCM WEE80-002 Ca LP 565a
A3CanMis Coffey, Eddie Live at the Newfoundlander COU CS6020 Ca LP 565c
A2ISInst Coghill, Sandy Out The Box LAP 103 Sc LP 429a
All45 Coipcheart GAL CGLS7 Ir 45 604a Na hOscail Do Bhaela Coilin
A1ISVoc Colcannon Corvus ORP 601 Ir CD 1393a
A2ISInst Colcannon Trad. ORP 701 Ir CD 3190a
A2ISInst Coldstream Guards RCA LPM1480 Br Br 736a
A2ISInst Coldstream Guards In London With ... RCA LPM1674 Br Br 736b
A2ISInst Coldstream Guards Marching With ... RCA LPM1684 Br Br 736c
78IS Coldstream Guards Band HMV 120400 Br 78 7502c Rule Britannia La Marseillaise
78IS Coldstream Guards, Band HMV B2879 Br 78 7502a Regimental Marches of the Brigade of Guards 2 sides
78IS Coldstream Guards, Band HMV B9128 Br 78 7502b Fame & Glory, Grand March Fantasia: Our Homeland
A2ISInst Cole, Paddy Celtic Reflections ANM ARCD001 Ir CD 3122a
A2ISInst Coleman Country The Sound Of.... TMP CC001 Ir CD 348b
A2ISInst Coleman Country Ceili Band GTD HSMC020M Ir Cas 3027a
A2ISInst Coleman Country Trad. Society Music From The Coleman Count LEA LEA2044 Ir LP,CD 348a
78IS Coleman, Michael COL 33069-F Ir 78 303r Jackson's Reel Humours of Ballyconnell, Capt. Rock Reels
78IS Coleman, Michael JP (Packie) Dolan violin duet COL 33179-F Ir 78 303v Duke of Leinster & his Wife Royal Stack of Barley
78IS Coleman, Michael COL 33507F Ir 78 303w V+ The Royal Blackbird Hornpipe Lord McDonald's Reel
78IS Coleman, Michael COL E7470 Ir 78 303y V+ The Monaghan Jig Paddy Ryan's Dream Reels
78IS Coleman, Michael DEC 12015 Ir 78 303d Reel: Bonnie Kate, Jenny's Chickens Jigs: Tobin's, Fasten the Leg in Her
78IS Coleman, Michael DEC 12036 Ir 78 303a E+,alb Reel: Tarbolton, Longford Collector, Sailor's Bonn Stack of Barley
78IS Coleman, Michael DEC 12046 Ir 78 303u Lucy Campbell Job of Journeywork, Long Reel
78IS Coleman, Michael DEC 12056 Ir 78 303n Crowley's Reels The Banks, Barn Dance Medley
78IS Coleman, Michael DEC 12057 Ir 78 303e Jig: Cherish the Ladies Murphy's Hornpipe
78IS Coleman, Michael DEC 12067 Ir 78 303c E+,alb Reel: Wind That Shakes Barley, Lady on the Island Slip Jig: Kid on the Mountain
78IS Coleman, Michael DEC 12076 Ir 78 303f Hp: High Level, McCormack's Jig: Paddy Clancy's, Trip to the Cottage
78IS Coleman, Michael DEC 12080 Ir 78 303g EV+ Reel: Liffy Banks, Shaskeen Reel: O'Rourke's, Wild Irishman
78IS Coleman, Michael DEC 12085 Ir 78 303b E+,alb Reel: Mrs McLeods, Philip O'Beirne's Delight Jig: Tell Her I Am, Richard Brennan's Favorite
78IS Coleman, Michael Flanagan Bros. MTW M-8634 Ir 78 303l Reels: Kerryman’s Daughter, Bird in the Tree Jig: Paddy in London
78IS Coleman, Michael NRP 1120 Ir 78 303t Apples in Winter Rakish Paddy Reel
78IS Coleman, Michael NRP 2327 Ir 78 303q Jackson's Jigs Kerry Reel
78IS Coleman, Michael OKE 84019 Ir 78 303s Greenfields of America, Swallows Tail Reels Liverpool, O'Neill's Hornpipe
78IS Coleman, Michael VIC 79284 Ir 78 303m Hornpipes: The Stage, The Western Reels: Kerryman’s Daughter, Bird in the Tree
78IS Coleman, Michael VOC 14201 Ir 78 303p Shaskeen Reel Murray's Fancy Hornpipe Apr/May 1921
78IS Coleman, Michael VOC 14322 Ir 78 303i Boys of the Lough Humours of Ennistymon
78IS Coleman, Michael Quinn, Frank, acc. VOC 14492 Ir 78 303o Medley of Irish Jigs The Union Reel 12/22, MC 5/21
78IS Coleman, Michael Quinn, Frank, acc VOC 14541 Ir 78 303j O'Dowd's Favorite Reel Medley Basket of Shamrocks (Quinn)
78IS Coleman, Michael Ed Gagan, piano VOC 84019 Ir 78 303x V+ Liverpool, O'Neill's Hornpipe Green Fields of America, Swallow's Tail Reels
78IS Coleman, Michael Sullivan, Dan YPS K 509 Ir 78 303h Reel: Trim the Velvet Jig: Leg of the Duck, Roaring Kate
A2ISInst Coleman, Michael The Heyday of ... INP C3RM0460SF Ir LP 630a
A2ISInst Coleman, Michael The Legacy of ... SHA SH33002 Ir LP 630b
A2ISInst Coleman, Michael Classic Recordings of ... SHA SH33006 Ir LP 630c
A2ISInst Coleman, Michael Irish JIgs & Reels COR CRL57369 Ir LP 630e
A2ISInst Coleman, Michael 1891-1945 (double cass) VIV 4 Ir Cas,CD 630d
A2ISInst Coleman, Michael McNulty Family CRL CRL57464 Ir LP 201f
800Ser Collins, Arthur VIC 17221 Am 78 805a The Preacher & the Bear Bake Dat Chicken Pie, w/H
All45 Collins, Donnie Showband PYE 7N17329 Ir 45 160a Agricultural Irish Girl Todays Teardrops
A1ISVoc Collins, Jo Overload (promo, 2 cuts) ANM ARCD56 Ir CD 1331a
A3CanMis Collins, Judy A Maid of Constant Sorrow EKL EKL209 Am LP 828a
A2ISInst Collins, Kathleen Trad. Music of Ireland SHA SH29002 Ir LP 631a
A2ISInst Collins, Mitzie Ziegler, Roxanne St. Patrick’s Day SMP 8910 Ir CD 6053a
A3CanMis Collins, Vince Lifting Out the Stove SSP - Ca CD 5222a
78IS Colmcille Ceilidhe Band COL 33532-F Ir 78 25a Wellington's, Willie Walsh's, Boys of Town Jigs Touch Me If You Dare, Cooleen Bridge, Scholar Reels
78IS Colmcille Ceilidhe Band IRI I3031 Ir 78 25b E- Plains of Boyle Hp. - Supple Dance King of the Fairies Set Dance
78Can Colonel Patte HAR 5103 Ca 78 3015a Old Moneymusk Quadrille Old Catville Quadrille
800Ser Columbia Dance Orch. COL 12037-F Am 78 858a Sidewalks of NY At the Wood-Auction Polka
78IS Comerford Trio DEC W.4015 Ir 78 65a Single Jigs: Off She Goes, Nora Creena Set Dance: Bonaparte’s Reteat
A2ISInst Condon, Billy Me and My Fiddle RIT RCD563 Ir CD 6150a
78IS Conlon, Barney NRP 2329 Ir 78 3026a Flowers of Red Hill Reels Hearty Boys of Ballymote Jigs
78IS Conlon, Peter COL 33307-F Ir 78 95a Jig: Lark in the Morning, Clancy's Reel: Flax in Bloom, Bag of Potatoes
78IS Conlon, Peter Morrison, James COL 33318-F Ir 78 265a Reel: Tap Room, Moving Bogs Jig: Old Man Dillon, Rose in the Heather
78IS Conlon, Peter COL E3896 Ir 78 95b Humours of Whiskey Jig Wind That Shakes The Barley Reel COL 33033-F 1917
78IS Conlon, Peter John Mueller, piano GEN 4797 Ir 78 95m V+ McBan's Reel Stack of Barley
78IS Conlon, Peter OKE 4264 Ir 78 95h x2 Scholar Reel Harvest Home & Galway Bay Hornpipes Jan. 1921
78IS Conlon, Peter OKE 4322 Ir 78 95c x2 Hennessey’s Hornpipe Happy to Meet & Sorry to Part Jig Apr. 1921
78IS Conlon, Peter OKE 4518 Ir 78 95f Irish Washerwoman Stack of Barley
78IS Conlon, Peter OKE 21005 Ir 78 95g Cameronian Reel Barn Dance
78IS Conlon, Peter OKE 21006 Ir 78 95l V,E- Irishman's Blackthorn Reel Kitty's Ramble Jig
78IS Conlon, Peter STA 4323 Ir 78 95j Gordon's Reel Paddy O'Rafferty's Jig OKE 4323
78IS Conlon, Peter STA 9506 Ir 78 95e Medley of Slip Jigs The Lark in the Morning
78IS Conlon, Peter STA 9521 Ir 78 95i The Way’s to the Racket Reels Baxter’s Jig
78IS Conlon, Peter, see note @ end APX 4321 Ir 78 95d The Heath’ry Breeze Medley of Highland Schottisches OKE 4321, 4/21
A2ISInst Conneely, Mick Selkie CIC 148 Ir CD 6200a
A1ISVoc Connef, Kevin Week Before Easter CLA CCF23 Ir LP 1119a
A1ISVoc Connemara Beyond the Horizon CNM CD301 Ir CD 1212a
A3CanMis Connemara Near & Distant Shores - 02-50385 Ca CD 5226a
A2ISInst Connemara Ceili Band DOL DOLB7012 Ir LP 3006a
A1ISVoc Conner, Nadine Scotch & Irish Songs COL ML2116 Ir LP 1168a
A3CanMis Conners, Jim et ses Voyageurs Jigues, Dances, Canees,etc ARC ACF20&588 Ca LP 5071a
A2ISInst Connolly, Johnny Drioball na Faimleoige CLC CICD127 Ir CD 6139a
A2ISInst Connolly, Johnny An tOilean Aerach CLC CICD63 Ir CD 6139b
A2ISInst Connolly, Johnny B Bridgetown GRL GLCD1217 Ir CD 6203a
A2ISInst Connolly, Johnny Og & B McGrath Dreaming Up the Tunes CLC CICD133 Ir CD 6140a
A2ISInst Connolly, Martin & Maureen Glyn Fort of Kincora KIN MCMG1 Ir LP 6039a
A2ISInst Connolly, Martin & Maureen Glyn Back to Brooklyn KIN MCMG2 Ir CD 6039b
A1ISVoc Connolly, Mary Emerald Isle Express VAL - Ir LP 1009a
A2ISInst Connolly, Seamus Notes From My Mind GRL SIF1087 Ir LP 6017a
A2ISInst Connolly, Seamus Here And There GRL SIF1098 Ir LP 6017b
A2ISInst Connolly, Seamus O'Brien, Paddy GRL GLCD3082 Ir CD 6017c
A2ISInst Connolly, Seamus M Mulhair & J Coen GRL GLCD1135 Ir CD 6017d
78IS Connors, Frank VAR 530 Ir 78 488a You’re Irish and You’re Beatiful Little Town in the Ould Co. Down
A1ISVoc Connors, Frank An Hour of Irish Ballads RYL 1439 Ir LP 1414a
A3CanMis Connors, 'Stompin' Tom Pistol Pckin' Momma CYN CNS1003 Ca LP 860a
A3CanMis Connors, 'Stompin' Tom Bud the Spud BOT BOS-7114 Ca LP 860b
A3CanMis Connors, 'Stompin' Tom Sings 60 (5 rec. set) BOT STC-1 Ca LP 860c
A2ISInst Conway, Brian DeMarco, Tony GRL SIF1035 Ir LP 678a
A2ISInst Conway, Brian First Through the Gate SFW CD40481 Ir CD 678b
A2ISInst Conway, Zoe TAR 4012 Ir CD 6224a
A2ISInst Coogan, Mary A Celebration of Christmas - COOG01 Ir CD 6212a
A2ISInst Coogan, Mary & Jim Passing Time - - Ir CD 6212b
A3CanMis Cook, Shane Sundry - - Ca CD 5205a
A2ISInst Cooley, Joe Cooley GAL CEF044 Ir LP 6020a
A2ISInst Cooley, Joe field recording - - Ir CD 620b
A2ISInst Coolin Morning Star GTD C038 Ir Cas 3015a
A1ISVoc Cooney, Andy The Auld Christmas Waltz REG RCD-3032 Ir CD 1128d
A1ISVoc Cooney, Andy Boston Rose REG RC73000 Ir Cas 1128a
A1ISVoc Cooney, Andy Vows, Prayers & Promises REG RCD92000 Ir CD 1128b
A1ISVoc Cooney, Andy Home Away From Home REG RCD3025 Ir CD 1128c
A1ISVoc Cooney, Andy Galway Shawl REG CDR7015 Ir CD 1128e
A1ISVoc Cooney, Andy One For the Ages REG R7025 Ir CD 1128f
78IS Cooney, John REX 15049 Ir 78 139a Clare's Dragoons Red Hand of O'Neill
A1ISVoc Corbett, Mike My Last Goodbye CIA - Ir Cas 1171a
All45 Corbett, Pat Vivian Leeds BAN 3108 Ir 45 590a Woodlands of Lough Linn Doonaree
A1ISVoc Corcoran, Carl Dancing the Dublin Reel REG RCD3030 Ir CD 1227a
A3CanMis Cormier, J. P. Heart & Soul BCD 114 Ca CD 5173b
A3CanMis Cormier, J. P. Another Morning BCD 4 Ca CD 5173a
A3CanMis Cormier, Joe The Cheticamp Connection HIT PLP1012 Ca LP 524b
A3CanMis Cormier, Joe The Dances Down Home RON 1166-11593 Ca CD 524c
A3CanMis Cormier, Joseph Scottish Violin...Cape Breton RON 7001 Ca LP 524a
A3CanMis Cormier, Paul see M. Pointu Ca LP
A3CanMis Cormier, Ricky N. Am. Fiddle Champion CND 977-1461 Ca LP 5199a
A1ISVoc Corrie Folk Trio w/Paddie Bell ELK EKS 7291 Sc LP 208n
A1ISVoc Corrie Folk Trio w/Paddie Bell Promise of the Day ELK EKS 7304 Sc LP 208o
A1ISVoc Corrie Folk Trio w/Paddie Bell Promise of the Day, 2nd issue EMI MFP50154 Sc LP 208p
78IS Corrie, Joe & Violet BEL 2115 Sc 78 171a The Sleep In (2 sides)
A1ISVoc Corries Live From Scotland Vol1 DSR PA002 Sc LP 208a
A1ISVoc Corries Live From Scotland Vol2 DSR PA008 Sc LP 208b
A1ISVoc Corries Live From Scotland Vol3 DSR PA015 Sc LP 208c
A1ISVoc Corries Live at the Royal Lyceum FST FLPS1798 Sc LP 208d
A1ISVoc Corries Strings & Things FST FLPS1832 Sc LP 208e
A1ISVoc Corries 16 Scottish Favorites EMI GLN1005 Sc LP 208f
A1ISVoc Corries Live A Live O CON 6870 539 Sc LP 208g
A1ISVoc Corries Scotland Will Flourish DSR PA066 Sc LP 208h
A1ISVoc Corries The Stovies DSR PA036 Sc LP 208i
A1ISVoc Corries Dawing of the Day DSR PA040 Sc LP 208j
A1ISVoc Corries Barrett's Privateers DSR PA083 Sc LP 208k
A1ISVoc Corries The Bonnie Blue DSR CPA090 Sc Cas 208l
A1ISVoc Corries Compact Collection LIS LCOM 9006 Sc CD 208m
A1ISVoc Corries Flower of Scotland MOI MOICD002 Sc CD 208q
A1ISVoc Corries In Concert/Love Songs BGO CD267 Sc CD 208r
A1ISVoc Corries Those Wild C/Kishmuls Galley BGO BG00D 326 Sc CD 208s
A1ISVoc Corries Sound Pibroch/A Little of What MOI MOICD 015 Sc CD 208t
A1ISVoc Corries Peat Fire Flame & Stovies MOI MIDCD 018 Sc CD 208u
A1ISVoc Corries These Are the Corries PHL 6382-025 Sc LP 208v
A1ISVoc Corries These Are the Corries, Vol. 2 PHL 6382-059 Sc LP 208w
A3CanMis Cote, Denis SOL SO21102 Ca LP 546a
A3CanMis Cote, Denis et son accordeon AMI 1042 Ca LP 546b
A3CanMis Cote, Denis Generation en generation ECH EC131 Ca LP 546c
A3CanMis Cote, Denis Swingnez vot Compagnie TOT TO9215 Ca LP 546d
A3CanMis Cote, Denis A son Meilleur TOT TO9224 Ca LP 546e
A3CanMis Cote, Denis 15 Plus Grande Succes TOT TO-9228 Ca LP 546f
A3CanMis Cote, Denis Album Souvenir JAD AD8607 Ca LP 546g
A3CanMis Cote, Denis Tout l'monde en place ...set TOT TO9210 Ca LP 546h
A3CanMis Cote, Paul Un Nouveau Violon LON SDS-5142 Ca LP 5152a
A2ISInst Cottar, Geraldine Piano + - GG001 Ir CD 6201b
A3CanMis Cottars Made in Cape Breton - COT-CD1 Ca CD 5220a
A2ISInst Cotter, Geraldine Trad. Irish Tunes (dbl) OSS CD107 Ir CD 6201a
All45 Coulter, Phil QUA Q 2445 Ir 45 1042a Thornbirds Derry Air
A2ISInst Coulter, Phil Classic Tranquility KTL KLP160 Ir LP 395a
A2ISInst Coulter, Phil Sea of Tranquility KTL KLP185 Ir LP 395b
A2ISInst Coulter, Phil Peace and Tranquility HAR HM1 Ir LP 395c
A2ISInst Coulter, Phil Christmas HAR HM35 Ir LP 395d
A2ISInst Coulter, Phil Forgotten Dreams SHA Sh53006 Ir LP 395e
A2ISInst Coulter, Phil Words of Music SHA Sh53008 Ir LP 395f
A2ISInst Coulter, Phil Scottish Tranquility SHA Sh53009 Ir Cas 395g
A2ISInst Coulter, Phil Lake of Shadows WIN ...34-11617 Ir CD 395i
A2ISInst Coulter, Phil & James Galway Legends RCA 68776-2 Ir CD 395h
A2ISInst Coulter, Phil & James Galway Winters Crossing RCA 63245 - 2 Ir CD 395i
78Can Country All-Stars RCA 20-5129 Am 78 359a Fiddle Sticks Fiddle Patch
78Can Country Gentlemen INT D119 & 120 Am 78 384a Morpeth, Reel Fairy Dance, Country Dance
78IS County Mayo Boys COL 33488-F Ir 78 7540a Eileen Alannah O'Donnell Abu, Boys of Wexford
A3CanMis Couture, Hughes Dance Chez-nous RES TCT1049 Ca LP 5026a
A2ISInst Craicmore - - Ir CD 3106a
A2ISInst Cran Black, Black, Black CLA CC63CD Ir CD 3115a
A3CanMis Cranford, Paul The Lighthouse CRA CPR-4CD Ca CD 5143a
A2ISInst Cranitch, Brid, V. Milne, P. Sull. A Small Island OSS CD70 Ir CD 3084a
A2ISInst Cranitch, Matt Eistigh Seal GAL CEF104 Ir LP 6003a
A2ISInst Cranitch, Matt Any Old Time w/ D Hennessy MUL LUN047 Ir LP 6003b
A2ISInst Cranitch, Matt Take A Bow, Irish Fiddle1 OSS OSS5 Ir Cas 6003c
A2ISInst Cranitch, Matt Any Old Time w/D Hennessy DAR 25 Ir LP 6003d
A2ISInst Cranitch, Matt Give It Shtick, Irish Fiddle 2 OSS OSS6 Ir Cas 6003e
A2ISInst Cranitch, Matt Any Old Time - Crossing DAR 72 Ir CD 6003f
A2ISInst Cranitch, Murphy & O'Sullivan Sliabh Notes KEL KM-9506 Ir CD 3075a
A2ISInst Cranitch, Murphy & O'Sullivan Sliabh Notes - Gleanntan OSS CD114 Ir CD 3075b
A2ISInst Craob Rua Soh It Is BTB CDLDL1259 Ir CD 3051d
A2ISInst Craobh Dugan Music of the Homeland - - Ir Cas 3152a
A2ISInst Craobh Rua BTB 10 Ir CD 3051a
A2ISInst Craobh Rua The More That’s Said The Less BTB 20 Ir CD 3051b
A2ISInst Craobh Rua No Matter How Cold... BTB CDLDL1237 Ir CD 3051c
A1ISVoc Crasdant Not Yet Saturday SLI SCD2306 We CD 465b
A2ISInst Crasdant Not Yet Saturday - promo We LP,CD 465a
A2ISInst Crawford, Kevin d' flute album KRB KBS77 Ir Cas,CD 6087a
A2ISInst Crawford, Kevin In Good Company GRL GLCD1211 Ir CD 6087b
A2ISInst Crawford, Kevin, PJ K., M. O'M Raise the Rafters CPL CCD002 Ir CD 3085a
A3CanMis Crawford, Winston The Dancers Favorite PRT PTR105 Ca LP 5086a
A3CanMis Crawford, Winston Family Band - Ca LP 5086b
A2ISInst Creagh, Hamilton, O'Driscoll It's No secret OSS CD89 Ir CD 6106c
A2ISInst Creagh, Seamus Came the Dawn OSS CD90 Ir CD 6106a
A2ISInst Creagh, Seamus & Aidan Coffey OSS CD112 Ir CD 6106b
A2ISInst Creehan, Kevin An Bhabog sa Bhadog JAR 100 Ir CD 6200a
A2ISInst Creganna Rambles of Spring GTD C057 Ir Cas 6028a
A2ISInst Crehan Family EMI STAL1004 Ir LP 332a
A2ISInst Crehan Family Green Hills of Clare ILE 3003 Ir LP 332b
A3CanMis Cremo, Lee ...and the Eastern Variation AUD 477-9010 Ca LP 528a
A3CanMis Cremo, Lee Cape Breton Fiddlin' AUD 477-9088 Ca LP 528b
A3CanMis Cremo, Lee The Flying Fiddle of ... AUD 477-9077 Ca LP 528c
A3CanMis Cremo, Lee AUD 477-9050 Ca LP 528d
A3CanMis Cremo, Lee Cape Breton Fiddle of ... AUD 477-9032 Ca LP 528e
A3CanMis Cremo, Lee Champion Fiddler LIB ML903 Ca LP 528f
78IS Crofts, Gerard RGL G7836 Ir 78 579a Raitheneach A Bhean Bheag Annie Dear
A2ISInst Cronin, Johnny Burke, Joe 'Banjo' SHA SH29005 Ir LP 641a
All45 Cronin, Paddy COP 459-116 Ir 45 302g Flax in Bloom, Millstone, Dairymaid Reels Rakish Paddy, Wheels of the World Reels
78IS Cronin, Paddy COP 9-112 Ir 78 302e Hp: Con McCarthy's Favorite, Killarney Wonder Reel: The Doon, Quinn's
78IS Cronin, Paddy COP 9-113 Ir 78 302d Reel; Doon #2, O'Callaghan's Hp: Cronin's, Fitzgerald's
78IS Cronin, Paddy COP 9-114 Ir 78 302b x2 Reel: Mt. Top, Galtee Mountains Hp: Byron's, Delahunty's
78IS Cronin, Paddy COP 9-115 Ir 78 302f Reel: Gorman's, Pretty Girls of the Village Hp: O'Keefe's, Rights of Man
78IS Cronin, Paddy COP 9-116 Ir 78 302g Flax in Bloom, Millstone, Dairymaid Reels Rakish Paddy, Wheels of the World Reels
78IS Cronin, Paddy COP 9-119 Ir 78 302a x2 Reel: Templehouse, Duke of Leinster Jig; Boy's of the Town, Hag with the Money
78IS Cronin, Paddy Neylon, Frank COP 9-195 Ir 78 254b Reels: Galway, Woman of the House Jig: Butcher's March, Old Man Dillon
78IS Cronin, Paddy Neylon, Frank COP 9-196 Ir 78 254a Paddy Finley's, Red Haired Lass Reels The Clare, Maid in the Cherry Tree Reels
78IS Cronin, Paddy COP EP-9-18 Ir 78 302c Reel: O'Rourke's, Wild.., Farewell to Ireland, Girls Reel: Maid Behind the Barrel, Kerryman's Daughte
A2ISInst Cronin, Paddy Music in the Glen FTW FLP6008 Ir LP 608a
A2ISInst Cronin, Paddy Rakish Paddy FID FRLP002 Ir LP 608b
A2ISInst Cronin, Paddy Kerry's Own OUT OAS3002 Ir LP 608c
A2ISInst Cronin, Paddy field recording - - Ir CD 608e
A2ISInst Cronin, Paddy T. Peoples, Joe Burke - - Ir CD 608d
All45 Cronin, Paddy COP EP9-18 Ir 45 302c O'Rourke's, Wild Irishman & Farewell Ireland, Girls Maid Behind Barrel & Kerryman's Daughter, Pride of
All45 Crooks, Richard RCA CAE-112 Am 45 122a Old Folkes At Home, Beautiful Dreamer Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming, Camptown Ra
All45 Crooks, Richard RCA CAE-165 Am 45 122b My Old Kentycky Home, Oh! Susanna Old Black Joe, Jeanie
78IS Crooks, Richard VIC 1805 Ir 78 493b Mother Machree The Gree Hills of Ireland
78IS Crooks, Richard VIC 45373 Ir 78 493a Coleen Aroon Irish Love Song
All45 Crosbie, Martin Pres. Kennedy's Favorites SMK 313 Ir 45 1409b Boys of Wexford, Kelly from Killane Croppy Boy, Boolavogue
A1ISVoc Crosbie, Martin Yesterday When I Was Young OLY OBL108 Ir CD 1409a
A1ISVoc Crosbie, Martin Irish Humorous & Popular Song FST FLPS1693 Ir LP 1409c
All45 Crosby, Bing MCA 65000 Ir 45 449a McNamara's Band Dear Old Donegal
All45 Crosby, Bing MCA 65002 Ir 45 449c Where the River Shannon Flows Did Your Mother Come from Ireland
All45 Crosby, Bing DEC 0-23788 Ir 45 449f Rose of Tralee When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
All45 Crosby, Bing MCA 65007 Ir 45 449g St. Patrick's Day Parade With My Shillelage Under My Arm
All45 Crosby, Bing MCA 65006 Ir 45 449h Danny Boy Dear Little Boy of Mine
78IS Crosby, Bing DEC 621 Ir 78 Silent Night Adeste Fideles
78IS Crosby, Bing DEC 3609 Ir 78 449c Did Your Mother Come From Ireland Where The River Shannon Flows
78IS Crosby, Bing DEC 23495 Ir 78 449a x2 Dear Old Donegal McNamara's Band
78IS Crosby, Bing DEC 23786 Ir 78 449b x2 Who Threw The Overalls... It's The Same Old Shilleagh
78IS Crosby, Bing DEC 23788 Ir 78 449f Rose of Tralee When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
78IS Crosby, Bing DEC 23789 Ir 78 449e x2 Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
78IS Crosby, Bing DEC 24295 Ir 78 449d Galway Bay My Girl's An irish Girl
78IS Crosby, Bing DEC 27478 Ir 78 449g St. Patrick's Day Parade With My Shillelagh Under My Arm
A1ISVoc Crosby, Bing Shillelags & Shamrocks MCA MCA177 Ir LP 162a
A1ISVoc Crosby, Bing When Irish Eyes Are Smiling MCA MCA519 Ir LP 162b
A1ISVoc Crossing Dochas (Hope) GRD 3516 Ir CD 1295a
A2ISInst Crotty, Elizabeth Conc. Music from Weat Clare RTE 225 Ir CD 6168a
A1ISVoc Crowley, Jim & Stokers Lodge Camphouse MUL LUN031 Ir LP 1059c
A1ISVoc Crowley, Jimmy Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor GAL CEF113 Ir LP 1059a
A1ISVoc Crowley, Jimmy Some Things Never Change MUL LUN045 Ir LP 1059b
A1ISVoc Crowley, Jimmy My Love is A Tall Ship FRS Cro006 Ir CD 1059d
A1ISVoc Crowley, Jimmy Uncorked FRS Cro007 Ir CD 1059e
A1ISVoc Crowley, Jimmy The Coast of Malabar FRS CRO008 Ir CD 1059f
800Ser Crumit, Frank HMV 20137 Am 78 818b Get Away Old Man, Get Away Pretty Little Dear
800Ser Crumit, Frank HMV 21108 Am 78 818c Bohunkus Kingdom Coming
800Ser Crumit, Frank HMV 22154 Am 78 818a A Tale of the Ticker Return of the Gay Caballero
800Ser Crumit, Frank HMV V-40214 Am 78 818d I Don’t Work for a Living Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, ...
800Ser Crumit, Frank VIC 21668 Am 78 818e Jack is Every Inch a Sailor The Bride's Lament
A1ISVoc Cuchlainn Farewell My Green Valleys GTD C063 Ir Cas 1089a
A1ISVoc Cuchlainn Shamrock Shore GTD C029 Ir Cas 1089b
A1ISVoc Cuddy, Joe Beautiful of Somewhere REG RCD3027 Ir CD 1222a
A2ISInst Cuig Prospect GRL GLCD3138 Ir CD 3184a
A3CanMis Cuillerier, Yvon Violon du Chez-Nous ENC 2-3005 Ca CD 5171a
78IS Cumming, Donald (acc) Eddy Holms (dulcimer) DEC 14016 Sc 78 272a Cock O the North, Bonnie Dundee, Pibroch O'Donald, Moneymusk, Miss Drummond of Perth, Devil in Kitchen,
78IS Cummins, Walter Clines, Tom & Jack Carney VEL 2003-V Ir 78 514a Smiling Irish Eyes Miss You
A2ISInst Cunningham, John Fair Warning GRL SIF1047 Sc LP 420a
All45 Cunningham, Larry KNG KG 1034 Ir 45 153b Among The Wicklow Hills The World You Left Behind
All45 Cunningham, Larry KNG KG 1046 Ir 45 153d Wild Raparee Snowflake
All45 Cunningham, Larry KNG KG 1061 Ir 45 153c Cottage on the Borderline 3 Steps to the Phone
All45 Cunningham, Larry DEC 31919 Ir 45 153a Lovely Leitrim There's That Smile Again
All45 Cunningham, Larry REL RL 1012 Ir 45 153e Where the Grass Grows The Greenest Don't Let Me Cross Over; Water For My Horse
A1ISVoc Cunningham, Larry A Ramblin' Irishman REL RLE1001 Ir LP 134a
A1ISVoc Cunningham, Larry Two Sides EMI STAL6005 Ir LP 134b
A1ISVoc Cunningham, Larry Aniversary REL BRL4081 Ir LP 134c
A1ISVoc Cunningham, Larry Best of ... CEO 38 Ir CD 134d
A1ISVoc Cunningham, Larry Best of L. C. REL BRL4036 Ir LP 134e
A2ISInst Cunningham, Matt Green Hills of Erin GTD C027 Ir Cas 6018a
A2ISInst Cunningham, Matt Dance Music Vol 1 GTD C053 Ir Cas 6018b
A2ISInst Cunningham, Matt Memories of Ireland GTD C070 Ir Cas 6018d
A2ISInst Cunningham, Matt Dance Music Vol 3 GTD C101 Ir Cas 6018e
A2ISInst Cunningham, Matt Dance Music Vol 2 GTD HC054 Ir Cas 6018c
A2ISInst Cunningham, Matt Dance Music Vol 4 GTD HC111 Ir Cas 6018f
A2ISInst Cunningham, Matt West of the Old River Shannon GTD HCC105 Ir Cas 6018f
A2ISInst Cunningham, Matt Dance Music, Vol 10 ANM ARCD026 Ir CD 6018h
A2ISInst Cunningham, Matt Spirit of Ireland ANM ARCD025 Ir CD 6018i
A2ISInst Cunningham, Matt Every Story Told ANM ARCD036 Ir CD 6018j
A2ISInst Cunningham, Phil Airs & Graces GRL SIF3032 Sc LP 422a
A2ISInst Cunningham, Phil Palomino Waltz GRL SIF1102 Sc LP 422b
A1ISVoc Curran, Frankie & The Evergreen Evergreen Ireland REG R34000 Ir LP 1011a
A1ISVoc Curran, Frankie & The Evergreen Shamrocks & Evergreen ECH 2000 Ir LP 1011b
A1ISVoc Curran, Frankie & The Evergreen Back to Glenamaddy ECH 3000 Ir LP 1011c
A1ISVoc Curran,Chris An Evening With ... REG R57000 Ir LP 1067a
A2ISInst Curry, David & His Orchestra My Ireland CAP DT10028 Ir LP 321a
A2ISInst Curry, David & His Orchestra My Ireland (45) CAP EAP3-10028 Ir LP,7” 321c
A2ISInst Curry, David & His Orchestra Irish Rythms REG RC-83000 Ir Cas 321b
78IS Curry's, David Irish Band COL DB>3724 Ir 78 7542a Sport of the Chase, Tipp. Hills Graig's Frolics
78IS Curry's, David Irish Band COL DB>3763 Ir 78 7542b The Sweets of May Maguire's Jig
A1ISVoc Curtin, Glen My Favorite Irish Songs REG R46000 Ir LP 1039a
A1ISVoc Curtin, Glen The Irish In Me REG RC69000 Ir Cas 1039b
A2ISInst Custy, Cathy An Ceoltoir Fanach - - Ir CD 6149a
A2ISInst Custy, Mary After 10:30 - MCCD 004 Ir CD 6076b
A2ISInst Custy, Mary & Eoin O'Neill Ways of the World CLM CMCD065 Ir CD 6076a
A2ISInst Custy, Mary & Eoin O'Neill With A Lot of Help…Friends CLM CMCD064 Ir CD 6076c
78Can D’Almaine, Charles see also John Taylor COL A1712 Am 78 365b Medley of Jigs & Reels: White Cockade Harrigan’s Reel
78Can D’Almaine, Charles BER 4617 Am 78 365c Medley Old Time Reels: De’il Among the Tailor -
78IS Dadmun, Royal VIC 45533 Ir 78 600a Fr. O'Flynn Irish Names
A1ISVoc Dady Bros. Soul Lilt ESP - Ir CD 1160a
A1ISVoc Dady Bros. Live - - Ir Cas 1160b
A1ISVoc Dady Bros. Singing from the Heart DBM 1999 Ir CD 1160c
A1ISVoc Dady Bros. Songs of the Eire Canal LMS - Am CD 1160d
A1ISVoc Dady Bros. In Concert DBM - Ir CD 1160e
A1ISVoc Dady Bros. Christmas DBM - Ir CD 1160f
A2ISInst Dady Bros. Soul Lilt ESP - Ir CD 354i
A3CanMis Dagenais, Robbie Ottawa Valley Fiddler HOL ICT 5022 Ca Cas 5044a
All45 Daimond Accordion Band Glorious 12th EMR EMP104 Ir 45EP 7514a King Billy's March, Derry's Walls, ... Boyne Water, Battle of Garvagh,...
78IS Dale, Edwin COL A3618 Ir 78 585a Low Backed Car Foggy Dew
All45 Daley, Pat Delaney, Tommy Band DUB DUB101 Ir 45EP E115a Jigs, Liverpool Lou, Reels Homeward Bound, Marches, Take Me Back
All45 Daley, Pat Noonan, Paddy DUB DUB100 Ir 45EP E308a Irish Soldier Laddie, Reels, Northern Lights of Abe Whistling Rufus, Patriot Game, Highland Polkas
A2ISInst Dalglish, Malcolm & Grey Larsen Thunderhead FLY FF266 Am LP 693a
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon APX 8595 Am 78 812p E+ Wreck of No. 9 Wreck of the Royal Palm
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon BAN 1221 Am 78 812u E- My Old Ramshackle Shack -
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon CAM 1174 Am 78 812a3 V+ Get Away Old Man, Get Away Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon CAM 1598 Am 78 812g3 crk Death of Floyd Collins Just Tell Them that You Saw Me
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon CAM 2804 Am 78 812t V+ Henry’s Made A Lady Out of L On Mobile Bay
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon CHA 682 Am 78 812z E Golden Slippers When the Moon Shines Down
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon CHA 160 Am 78 812b2 E- Death of Floyd Collins Letter Edged in Black
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon CLT C-75 Am 78 812y2 V+ Sleepy Head Sunnyside Sal
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon A Fields CLT C75-A Am 78 812y2 Sleepy Head Sunnyside Sal
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon CNQ 7572 Am 78 812h3 V+ Don't Marry A Widow Leave the Purty Gals Alone
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon COL 1000-D Am 78 812j3 V+ Lindberg Lucky Lindy
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon COL 1488-D Am 78 812n V+ Halleluah I’m A Bum Bum Song
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon COL 15039-D Am 78 812d3 E Wm Jennings Bryan Last Fight Many Many Years Ago
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon COL 15062-D Am 78 812c3 E Down on the Farm My Mother's Old Shawl
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon COL 15162-D Am 78 812l E Airship That Never Returned I Know There Is Somebody W
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon COL 257-D Am 78 812f3 E-E Ain't You Comin' Tonight Prisoners Song
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon COL A2567 Am 78 812x2 V+ Paul Revere France,..Rebuild..Peerless Q'tet
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon DOM 3797 Am 78 812w E Meet at Twilight Stars Are Windows of Heaven
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon GEN 3107 Am 78 812b3 E- Sneezing Song I Wish I Was Single Again
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon GEN 4550 Am 78 812e3. V+ Carolina Sunshine Stirling Trio-Tumble Dwn Sh.
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon HMV V40132 Am 78 812f2 E- Sippin’ Cider Polly Wally Doodle
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon HMV 19627 Am 78 812q EE+ Never Forget Mother Baggage Coach Ahead
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon HMV 19999 Am 78 812f EE+ Freight Wreck at Altoona Behind These Grey Walls
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon HMV 20387 Am 78 812r E+ Crepe on the Cabin Door Sad Lover
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon JEW 2184 Am 78 812e E- Little Marion Parker That Old Wooden Rocker
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon LIN 2666 Am 78 812i3 V+ Bury Me Not ... The Cowboy's Dream
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon PER 12276 Am 78 812y E Lay My Head Beneath a Rose Old Fiddler’s Song
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon PER 12330 Am 78 812m EE+ Gypsy’s Warning Butcher’s Boy
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon PER 12349 Am 78 812x E Wreck of the C & O The Last Flight
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon PER 12365 Am 78 812v E- When the Work’s All Done Th Bad Companions
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon PER 12369 Am 78 812d2 E- A Memory that Time Can‘t E I Know There is Someone Wa
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon PER 12386 Am 78 812a2 N+ Cindy I Wonder If You Still Remem
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VEL 1634 Am 78 812o2 E+ Song of the Failure Miner’s Prayer
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VEL 1721 Am 78 812k2 E+ Treasure Untold Mother Was A Lady or If ...
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VEL 1767 Am 78 812p2 E+ Wanderin’ Watching the Trains Come In
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VEL 1831 Am 78 812l2 E Wreck of the N & W CannonB Low Bridge Everybody Down
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VEL 1992 Am 78 812n2 E+ Crow Song Farm Relief Song
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VEL 2184 Am 78 812c2 E- Yukon Steve & Alaska Ann Pony Express
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VEL 7042 Am 78 812e E- Little Brown Jug Old Gray Mare
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VEL 7046 Am 78 812m2 E+ I Wish I Was A Single Girl .. Can I Sleep in Your Barn ...
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 18737 Am 78 812b E Lightning Express Letter Edged in BLack
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 18782 Am 78 812w2 E Emaline H.Burr-You Made Me Forget...
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19427 Am 78 812v2 V+E-E Wreck of the Old 97 Prisoner's Song
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19667 Am 78 812z2 E- He Sure Can Play Harmonica Ain't You Comin' Out Tonight
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19684 Am 78 812k E- The Runaway Train Chain Gang Song
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19717 Am 78 812s2 E- Dear Oh Dear Who's It Who Lovers You...
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19811 Am 78 812g2 E BLue Ridge Mt Blues She’s Comin‘ Round the Mt.
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19812 Am 78 812a E Wreck of the 1256 Mother’s Grave
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19821 Am 78 812i E Death of Floyd Collins Dream of a Miner’s Child
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19867 Am 78 812t2 E Zeb Turney's Gal Naomi Wise
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19919 Am 78 812c E- Little Black Mustache Putting on the Style
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19951 Am 78 812r2 E Jealous Lover of Lone Grn V.. OH, Capt,Capt, Tell Me True
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19983 Am 78 812j2 E Engineer’s Child Governor’s Pardon
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19997 Am 78 812u2 E Floyd Collins Waltz Better Get Out of My Way
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 20058 Am 78 812h2 E Nellie Dare & Charlie Brooks Kitty Wells
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 20109 Am 78 812d VE+ Old Fiddler’s Song We Sat Beneath the Maple on
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 20502 Am 78 812h V+ Casey Jones Willie the Chimney Sweeper
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 20539 Am 78 812o V+ Golden SLippers My Blue Mt. Home
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 20611 Am 78 812i2 E Mississippi Flood I’ll Be With You When the ..
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 21169 Am 78 812j EE+E+ Oh Susanna When the Sun Goes Down Aga
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon VIC 21457 Am 78 812g2 E Little Green Valley Climbing Up the Golden Stairs
A3CanMis Dalhart, Vernon Railroad Songs M56 794 Am LP 866a
A3CanMis Dalhart, Vernon Ballads & Railroad Songs OLH OHCS129 Am LP 866b
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon (AC) COL 15065-D Am 78 812f Freight Wreck at Altoona Kinnie Wagner
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon (GM) PER 12183 Am 78 812s Doin’ the Best I Can The Time Will Come
800Ser Dalhart, Vernon (JC) RAD 4141 Am 78 812g I Wish I Was Single Again If You Want to Find Love
A1ISVoc Daly, Glen At The Ashfield PYE GSCL10491 Sc LP 206a
A2ISInst Daly, Jackie Creagh, Seamus GAL CEF57 Ir LP 645a
A2ISInst Daly, Jackie Music from Sliabh Luchra V6 TOP 12TS358 Ir LP,CD 645b
A2ISInst Daly, Jackie Burke, Kevin GRL SIF3002 Ir LP 645c
A2ISInst Daly, Jackie Many's a Wild Night GAL CEFCD176 Ir CD 645c
A2ISInst Daly, John OSS Jdm01 Ir CD 6230a
A1ISVoc Dan, the Street Singer - APC51 Ir Cas 1190a
All45 Dana REX R 11034 Ir 45 163a Patrick O'Donnell Come Along Murphy
A1ISVoc Dana All Kinds of Everything REX RPS101 Ir LP 126a
A1ISVoc Dana No Greater Love KST KST001 Ir LP 126b
A1ISVoc Danaher, Tim A Gift of Ink GLG GGL0459 Ir LP 1403a
78Can Dandurand, Tommy & his Gang Sq dance with calls SLT 25059 Am 78 335a McLeod’s Reel Leather Britches
A2ISInst Danu - TM002 Ir CD 3114a
A2ISInst Danu Think Before You Think SHA 78030 Ir CD 3114b
A2ISInst Danu All Things Considered SHA 78049 Ir CD 3114c
A2ISInst Danu Road Less Travelled SHA SH78057 Ir CD 3114d
All45 Dave & Aubrey Have a Happy Country Christmas COD DAS-4 Ca 45 3305a Santa is a Bayman Like Us Little Jimmy's Christmas
A2ISInst Davey, Shawn Brendan Voyage TAR 3006 Ir LP 376a
A2ISInst Davey, Shawn Pilgrim TAR 3011 Ir LP 376b
A2ISInst Davey, Shawn Granuaile TAR 3017 Ir LP 398a
78IS Davidson, Alice THI TH-220 Sc 78 89a MSR: Inverness Gath., Laird of Drumblair, De'il A March: Balkan Hills, Marchioness of Tullibarding
78IS Davie, George F. (violin) BEL 2404 Sc 78 3004a Rantin' Reels (Irish) Jerky Jigs (Scottish)
78IS Davis, Ernest PAT 20815 Ir 78 584a My Wild Irish Rose Macushla
78IS Davis, Joe, Irish Barn Dance Boys Killoran & Sweeney - 3600 Ir 78 53a Reel: Green Meadows, Lady of the House Jig: Cherish the Ladies
A2ISInst Davis, Paul Song of the Chanter OUT SOLP1028 Ir LP 3000a
A3CanMis Dawson, Peter Home Sweet Home Fiddlin' SNO SCN-519 Ca LP 5005a
A3CanMis Dawson, Peter Old Country Fiddle Tunes ARC AS835 Ca LP 5005b
A3CanMis Dawson, Peter Old Tyme Fiddle ARC AS808 Ca LP 5005c
A3CanMis Dawson, Peter Star of Calabogie FFR FF1010 Ca CD 5005d
A3CanMis Dawson, Peter Owl in the Hen House FFR FF1999 Ca CD 5005e
A3CanMis Dawson, Peter For Pete's Sake FFR FF2001 Ca CD 5005f
A3CanMis Dawson, Peter Fiddlin' for Folk LOF LP1002 Ca LP 5005g
78IS Day, Dennis CAP 15247 Ir 78 447c Phil the Fluter’s Ball Danny Boy
78IS Day, Dennis RCA 20-1803 Ir 78 447d When Irish Eyes Are Smiling That's An Irish Lullaby
78IS Day, Dennis RCA 20-1804 Ir 78 447a Back to Donegal A Little Bit of Heaven
78IS Day, Dennis RCA 20-1805 Ir 78 447e Mother Machree Rose of Tralee
78IS Day, Dennis RCA 20-3970 Ir 78 447b x2 Christmas in Killarney I'm Praying to St. Christopher
A1ISVoc Day, Dennis (3 record set) MUH X29997 Ir LP 1072a
A1ISVoc Day, Dennis My Wild Irish Rose RCA CAK939 Ir Cas 1072b
A1ISVoc de hOra, Sean O’Chorca Dhuibhne GTD CIC 016 Ir Cas 1157a
A1ISVoc de Valera, Eamon (2 record set) RTE 64 Ir LP 1053a
A1ISVoc de Valley, Liam & Choir Sean Choal Agus Ur Cheol GLN 801 Ir LP 152a
A3CanMis Dean, Dixie The 3 Keyboards of D.D. ON ZLP668 Ca LP 5225a
A1ISVoc Deanta GRL GLCD1126 Ir CD 1196a
A1ISVoc Deanta Ready for the Storm GRL GLCD1147 Ir CD 1196b
A1ISVoc Deanta Whisper of a Secret GRL GLCD1173 Ir CD 1196c
A2ISInst DeBarra, Domhnall Vales of New Direen CCE CL38 Ir Cas 6058a
A2ISInst DeBarra, Domhnall An Coiste Rinnce CCE ? Ir Cas 6058b
A1ISVoc DeBhaldraithe, Orlagh Nimbus Rising BGM - Ir CD 1424a
A2ISInst DeDanann POL 2904 005 Ir LP 354a
A2ISInst DeDanann Selected Jigs, Reels & Songs SHA Sh79001 Ir LP 354b
A2ISInst DeDanann Mist Covered Mountains SHA Sh79005 Ir LP 354c
A2ISInst DeDanann Star Spangled Molly SHA Sh79018 Ir LP 354d
A2ISInst DeDanann Song For Ireland SHA Sh1130 Ir LP 354e
A2ISInst DeDanann Irish R.M. REL RRL8012 Ir LP 354f
A2ISInst DeDanann Ballroom GRL SIF3040 Ir LP 354g
A2ISInst DeDanann Jacket of Batteries HAR HM48 Ir LP,CD 354h
A2ISInst DeDanann Half Set in Harlem GRL GLCD1113 Ir CD 354i
A2ISInst DeDanann Anthem DAR 13 Ir CD 354h
All45 DeDannan DAR DARAS014 Ir 45 433a Anthem for Ireland Duo in G
A3CanMis Deighan, Erwin Haste to the Wedding MAR ALS301 Ca LP 5081a
A3CanMis Deighan, Erwin w/calls Let's Square Dance MAR ALS175 Ca LP 5081b
A2ISInst Deiseal The Long Long Note STA SCD193 Ir CD 3065a
78Can DeJarlis, Andy QUA 532 Ca 78 3030a Caribou Reel Romeo's First Change
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Red River Echoes LON EB 5 Ca LP 525k
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Square Dances LON EB 40 Ca LP 525n
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Original Old-Time Music LON EB 45 Ca LP 525f
A3CanMis Dejarlis, Andy Old Time Waltzes LON EB 46(MB73) Ca LP 525o
A3CanMis Dejarlis, Andy Let's Do the Two-Step LON EB 59 Ca LP 525p
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Favorite Old Time Tunes LON EB 60 Ca LP 525i
A3CanMis Dejarlis, Andy Early Settlers Old Time Tunes LON EB 90 Ca LP 525r
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Red River Echoes Vol. 2 LON EB.28 Ca CD 525s
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Centennial Album LON EBX4108 Ca CD 525t
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Good Old Time Music LON EBX4109 Ca LP 525v
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Backwoods Fiddle Tunes LON EBX4118 Ca LP 525a
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Canadian Old Time Music LON EBX4123 Ca LP 525c
A3CanMis Dejarlis, Andy Cross Canada Old Time Music LON EBX4124 Ca LP 525q
A3CanMis Dejarlis, Andy Square Dance with Calls LON EBX4127 Ca LP 525m
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Waltzes to Remember LON EBX4153 Ca CD 525u
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Tribute to Jim Magill LON EBX4168 Ca LP 525b
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Turn of the Century LON EBX4180 Ca LP 525d
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Travelling West LON EBX4185 Ca LP 525w
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy The Happy Old Days LON EBX4190 Ca LP 525e
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Un Vrai de Vrai LON MB 132 Ca LP 525h
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Et Domino Les Femmes Ont Ch.. LON MB 71 Ca LP 525j
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Chainez les Hommes...Femmes LON MB 72 Ca LP 525l
A3CanMis DeJarlis, Andy Tour de Danes...Tour de Valse LON MB 73(EB46) Ca LP 525g
A2ISInst Delaney, Tommy Keogh, May GAL CEF020 Ir LP 329a
A2ISInst Delaney, Tommy Keogh, May GAL CEF025 Ir LP 329b
78IS Dell, Peggy REX 15031 Ir 78 138a Mick McGilligan's Daughter Mrs. Mulligan the Pride of the Coombe
All45 Dempsey, Martin GLN EPW 234 Ir 45 187a Ireland Boys Hurrah Roger Casement
78IS Dempsey, Sean pipes RGZ IZ656 Ir 78 8010a V Boys of Clones, Rambling Pitchfork, Rakes of Kildare Bush in Bloom, Swallow's Tail, Miss McLeod's Reels
78Can Denis, Paul et son Ensemble STA 16663 Ca 78 240a Reel D’Henri (Ragtime Annie) Valcartier (vocal)
A1ISVoc Dennehy, Tim A Thimbleful of Song GOI 2 Ir Cas 1321b
A1ISVoc Dennehy, Tim A Winter's Tale CLC CICD087 Ir CD 1321c
A1ISVoc Dennehy, Tim Farewell to Miltown Malbay SRC 2 Ir CD 1321a
A1ISVoc Dennehy, Tim The Blue Green Door SRC 3 Ir CD 1321d
A1ISVoc Denver, Nigel Scottish Republican Songs NEV NEVP124 Sc LP 213a
A3CanMis Deroy, Charly L’as de l’Accordeon AMI 51075 Ca Cas 5036a
All45 Derrane, Joe Jerry O'Brien, x2 COP 459-111 Ir 45 79b Stack of Barley Primrose Lass, Devil in the Kitchen Highlands
78IS Derrane, Joe COP 9-107 Ir 78 80a High Level Hornpipe Jig: Fr. Hanley's, First Night in America
78IS Derrane, Joe COP 9-108 Ir 78 80b Jackson's Polka Hp: Echo, Lawson's
78IS Derrane, Joe COP 9-109 Ir 78 80c Hp: Taylor's, Cronin's Rambles Reel: Salamanca, Clancy's Fancy AIR 9-109
78IS Derrane, Joe COP 9-110 Ir 78 80d Reel: Collier's , Maurice Casey's Reel: Mason's Apron, Buckley's Fancy
78IS Derrane, Joe COP 9-144 Ir 78 80g x2 John Kimmel's Favorites Reel: Peter Feeney's Dream, Flower of the Flock
78IS Derrane, Joe COP 9-145 Ir 78 80h x2 Showman's Fancy Hornpipe Reel: Boys at the Lough, Long Strand
78IS Derrane, Joe COP 9-146 Ir 78 80e x2 Union Reel Hp: Harvest Home, Bird in the Tree
78IS Derrane, Joe COP 9-147 Ir 78 80f x2 Reel: Merry Blacksmith, Limestone Rock Jig: Fisherman's Widow, Devine"s Favorite
A2ISInst Derrane, Joe COP 5008 Ir CD 6071a
A2ISInst Derrane, Joe Give Us Another GRL GLCD1149 Ir CD 6071b
A2ISInst Derrane, Joe Inis Mor GRL GLCD1163 Ir CD 6071d
A2ISInst Derrane, Joe The Tie that Binds SHA 78043 Ir CD 6071e
All45 Derrane, Joe & Jerry O,Brien Irish Dance Music COP EP9-4 Ir 45EP 79d Stack Barley; Primrose Lass, Devil in Kitchen BLackbird; Varsouviana
78IS Derrane, Joe & Jerry O,Brien COP 9-111 Ir 78,45 79b Stack of Barley, Hennessey's Fling: Primrose Lass, Devil in the Kitchen
78IS Derrane, Joe & Jerry O,Brien COP 9-141 Ir 78 79e Blackbird Varsouviana
78IS Derrane, Joe & Jerry O,Brien COP 9-142 Ir 78 79c Fling: Louden's Braes so Bonnie, Stirling Castle Jig: Hardiman's Fancy, Bit of Ginger
78IS Derrane, Joe & Jerry O'Brien COP 9-143 Ir 78 79a Reel: Turkey in the Straw, Chicken Reel: Sailor's Bonnet, Copperplate
A2ISInst Derrane, Joe & Jerry O'Brien Irish Accordion Masters COP 5009 Ir CD 6071c
A2ISInst Dervish Harmony Hill WHR WHRL 001 Ir CD 3066a
A2ISInst Dervish Playing With Fire KEL KM9501 Ir CD 3066b
A2ISInst Dervish At the End of the Day KEL KM9507 Ir CD 3066c
A2ISInst Dervish Live in Palma WHR 4 Ir CD 3066d
A1ISVoc Descendants - DES101 Ir LP 1018a
A3CanMis Deseret String Band SHA SH79041 Am LP 832a
78IS DeValera, Eamonn NAF 49784 Ir 78-12 454a St. Patrick’s Day Message Kathleen Mavourneen (Male Quartette)
78IS DeValera, Eamonn NAF 49909 Ir 78-12 454b Memorial Address - Terrance MacSweeney In A Monestary Garden (Male Chorus & Orch)
A2ISInst Devilish Merry The Ghost of His Former Self WLB WB002 Am Am 371a
All45 Devine, Sydney RCA 43-9529 Sc 45 172a Lunan Bay Betty Fitchet's Wedding
78Can Diables Noir, Les RCA 26-7158 Ca 78 229a Reel des Lutins Breakdown des Diables Noirs
78Can Diables Noir, Les RCA 26-7175 Ca 78 229b Reel de la Fricasse Reel de Sentinelle
78Can Diables Noir, Les RCA 26-7187 Ca 78 229c Reel du White Whiskey Reel du Bouleau
78IS Dick, Pamby STA 4557 Sc 78 100a E-E- De’il Amang the Tailors Flowers of Edinboro APX 446
78IS Dick, Pamby GEN 4660 Sc 78 100c Plantation Melodies Silver Threads Among the Gold
78IS Dick, Pamby GEN 4668 Sc 78 100b Blackthorn Stick Queen Mary Waltz
78IS Dick, Pamby SYM 2221 Sc 78 100d Come Back to Erin Selection of Irish Melodies
A3CanMis Dinelle, Yves LesVielles Dances de Quebec DOM LPS48015 Ca LP 543a
All45 Dingle Spike PLM PMS 2 Ir 45 413a Jock Stewart Kerry Dances
A3CanMis Dingle's Regatta DIN DIN301 F F 803a
All45 Din-Joe GLN EPW 223 Ir 45 189a Old Killarney Hat Needn't Be Nervous of Nolan
All45 Din-Joe GLN EPW 224 Ir 45 189b Old Irish Style Connemara Bus
All45 Dixies JUD JS 001 Ir 45 439a Isle of Mare Old Rustic Bridge
78IS Dobie, Elliot BEL 1401 Sc 78 1824a Jenny's Bawbee The Nameless Lassie
A2ISInst Doherty, Joe, concert for Rights of Man GRL GLCD1111 Ir CD 3045a
A2ISInst Doherty, Johnny CCE CL10 Ir LP 614a
A2ISInst Doherty, Johnny (double album) GAL CEF072/3 Ir LP,CD 614b
A2ISInst Doherty, Johnny Pedlars Pack FKT FSA074 Ir Cas 614c
A2ISInst Doherty, Johnny Star of Donegal FKT FSA075 Ir Cas 614d
A2ISInst Doherty, Johnny Bundle and Go GRL GLCD3077 Ir CD 614e
A1ISVoc Doherty, Robbie Away From Home RCD K3388 Ir Cas 1225a
A2ISInst Doherty, Tom Take the Bull By the Horns GRL GLCD1131 Ir CD 6068a
All45 Dolan, Jimmy DEM DMN 502 Ir 45 562a Green Glens of Garrison Shores of Lough Bran
78IS Dolan, Packie Kennedy,William A RCA 26-7511 Ir 78 330a Erin’s Green Shore Snowy Breasted Pearl 266h2
A2ISInst Dolan, Packie VIV 6 Ir CD 3067a
78IS Dolan, Packie & his Melody Boys VIC 21484 Ir 78 330b Mullin's Fancy Reel Lasses of Donnybrook Fling
A1ISVoc Dolan, Peg Home DRK CD110 Ir CD 1214a
A1ISVoc Dolan, Peg The Missing Peace DRK 151 Ir CD 1214b
A1ISVoc Dolan, Peg Four Green Fields DRK 176 Ir CD 1214c
All45 Donaghy, Eileen FON ETFE 17189 Ir 45 535a Trotting to the Fair, Song of the Backwoods Ballyshannon, My Lagan Love
A1ISVoc Donaghy, Eileen Ireland, My Ireland EPI LF18004 Ir LP 1148a
A1ISVoc Donahue, Mike St. Helena’s Shore GTD HC 092 Ir Cas 1152a
78Can Donato, J. Alex STA 15148 Ca 78 2290a Rigaudon - Gigues Set canadien, w/calls
A2ISInst Donnelly, Dezi Familiar Footsteps SMW 1999 Ir CD 6170a
78IS Donnelly, Harry BNR 7023 Ir 78 7538a Hsrry Donnelly's Dublin Hornpipe Rights of Man Hornpipe
A2ISInst Donnelly, Maeve - - Ir CD 6222a
A1ISVoc Donnybrook Fair (also McKrells) Tunnel Tigers - - Ir CD 1425a
78IS Donovan, Hugh HMV 216181 Ir 78 505c A Breath of Old Ireland & You The Lass O'Killean
78IS Donovan, Hugh DOM 125 Ir 78 505b Wearing of the Green Where the River Shannon Flows
78Can Donovan, Michael BNR 2027 Am 78 346a Medley of Country Reels Medley of Country Jigs OPR 51145
78IS Donovan, Tim DEC 12242 Ir 78 509a The Furze Bush Hedge In Bloom Star of Donegal
78IS Donovan, Tim DEC 12157 Ir 78 509b The Exile of Cork My Wild Irish Rose
78IS Doolan, Lawrence BEL 2021 Ir 78 140a McNamara's Band St. Patrick Was A Gentleman
A2ISInst Doonan, John Flute For The Feis LEA LEA2043 Ir LP 6032a
All45 Doonican, Val DEC F 11982 Ir 45 157a Walk Tall Only The Heartaches
A1ISVoc Doonican, Val Many Shades of Val LON PS515 Ir LP 132a
A1ISVoc Doonican, Val Ireland PHL SBL631008 Ir LP 132b
78IS Doran, Felix COP 9-194 Ir 78 207a Reel: Pigeon on the Gate, Congress Jig: Doran's Fancy, Rambling Pitchfork
A2ISInst Doran, Felix The Last of the Traveling Piper TOP 12T288 Ir LP 731a
A2ISInst Doran, Johnny The Bunch of Keys CBE CBE001 Ir Cas 732a
78IS Doran, P. T. Cawley, F. Malone COL 33110 Ir 78 268a Sweeney's Favorite Reel The Moving Bogs of Powelsboro Jig
78IS Doran, Patrick GEN 5617 Ir 78 268b Maid on the Green Hard Road to Travel
A2ISInst Dordan GAL CEFC150 Ir Cas 3083a
A2ISInst Dordan Jigs to the Moon GAL CEFCD168 Ir CD 3083b
A2ISInst Dordan A Celtic Christmas NAR ND61063 Ir CD 3083c
A2ISInst Dordan Celtic Airs NAR ..47801-2-8 Ir CD 3083d
A3CanMis Dorey, Delmer Mr. Happy Music CDR CD77-1005 Ca LP 5091a
All45 Doris, Malachy & his Band FON TFE-17340 Ir 45EP E323a Seige of Ennis: Jigs Pride of Erin Waltz, Sweets of May
All45 Doris, Malachy & His Band Irish Reels FON TE17406 Ir 45EP 323b Swallow's Tail…Reels, Silver Spray…Reels Irish Rover...Marches, Phil the Fluter…Barn Dance
All45 Doris, Malachy & His Band Irish Hornpipes FON TE17407 Ir 45EP 323c Belfast…Hp, Murphy's Hp Boys of Blue Hill…, Slieve Gallon Braes…Waltzes
All45 Doris, Malachy & His Band Irish Jigs FON TE17408 Ir 45EP 323d Frost is all Over…Kitty's Fancy Jigs Rakes of Kildare…Jigs, Jockey to the Fair Set Dance
All45 Doris, Malachy &His Band FON TFE17342 Ir 45EP 323e Irish Marches and Irish Jigs Two Steps; Waltz; 3 Sea Captains
A3CanMis Dorymen A Musical Catch CND ALS365 Ca LP 5238a
A3CanMis Doucet, Michael DIT Beausoleil ARH 5025 Am LP 867a
A3CanMis Doucet, Tommy RON 7010 Ca LP 562a
A1ISVoc Dover, Connie Somebody TPM TPMD0101 Ir CD 1149a
A1ISVoc Dover, Connie Wishing Well TMP TMPD0201 Ir CD 1149b
A1ISVoc Dover, Connie If Ever I Return TPM TPMD0301 Ir CD 1149c
A1ISVoc Dover, Connie Border of Heaven TPM TPMD0401 Ir CD 1149d
78IS Downey, Morton COL 35495 Ir 78 482a Kevin Barry Molly Branigan
78IS Downey, Morton COL 35496 Ir 78 482b Its the Same Old Shilleagh That's How I Spell Ireland
All45 Doyle, Danny TRI TRS 107 Ir 45 162a Whiskey On A Sunday Reason to Believe
All45 Doyle, Danny TRI TRS 141 Ir 45 162b Long Winding Road Roundstone River
All45 Doyle, Danny SOL 142 Ir 45 162c Green Hills of Kerry I Wouldn't Be So Lonely
A1ISVoc Doyle, Danny Expressions.. MJM MMLP26 Ir LP 137a
A1ISVoc Doyle, Danny The Hits of ... TRI TRLP1006 Ir LP 137b
A1ISVoc Doyle, Danny A Portrait of ... TRI LP1011 Ir LP 137c
A1ISVoc Doyle, Danny Raised on Songs & Stories REL RRL8010 Ir LP 137d
A1ISVoc Doyle, Danny Vol 2 REL RRL8019 Ir LP 137e
A1ISVoc Doyle, Danny Vol 3 STP STLP003 Ir LP 137f
A1ISVoc Doyle, Danny 20 Years A Growing REL RRL8022 Ir LP 137g
A1ISVoc Doyle, Danny Dublin Me Darlin' DMLP001 Ir LP 137h
A1ISVoc Doyle, Danny Doyle, Geraldine REG R3018 Ir CD 137i
A1ISVoc Doyle, Danny Under A Connemara Moon REG CDR 3039 Ir CD 137j
A1ISVoc Doyle, Danny Gold Son of Freedom  (1798) UNV MCD60056 Ir CD 137k
A1ISVoc Doyle, Danny VOl. 1 STP STLP 001 Ir LP 137l
A1ISVoc Doyle, Dennis & Paula Contempletive Celt, St. Pat ICM IM101CD Ir CD 1309a
A1ISVoc Doyle, Geraldine A Drop of the Funnu Stuff REG R3017 Ir CD 1231a
A1ISVoc Doyle, Geraldine Stand on Your Man LRF LRF121 Ir LP 1231b
78IS Doyle, Jack DEC 12027 Ir 78 527a x2 The Litle Irish Girl Garden Where The Praties Grow
78IS Doyle, Jack DEC 12027 Ir 78 527a The Garden Where the Praties Grow The Little Irish Girl
78IS Doyle, Jack DEC 12030 Ir 78 527b E My Home By the Wicklow Hills My Irish Songs of Songs
A2ISInst Doyle, Jimmy & Dan O'Leary Kingdom of Kerry SHA SH29007 Ir LP 647a
A3CanMis Doyle, Wilf ROD CCLP2012 Ca LP 547a
A3CanMis Doyle, Wilf Orch. The Sailor's Alphabet PGN ALS306 Ca LP 547b
A2ISInst Draiocht - DOORL003 Ir CD 6240a
A1ISVoc Drennan, Tommy The Best of the Irish EMB EMB3387 Ir LP 135a
A1ISVoc Drennan, Tommy 50 Years After EMB EMB3373 Ir LP 135b
All45 Drennan, Tommy & The Monarchs EMB EMB 5213 Ir 45 155a Patriot Game Kevin Barry
A3CanMis Driscoll, Adam & Peter Doiron Grandpa & Adam WMP BMC402 Ca Cas 5075a
A2ISInst Droney, Chris Irish Dance Music COP GL2-102 Ir LP 603a
A2ISInst Droney, Chris The Flowing Tide TOP 12TFRS503 Ir LP 603b
A2ISInst Droney, Chris The Fertile Rock CLC CICD110 Ir CD 603c
All45 Dublin City Ramblers REL RL 797 Ir 45 197a My Ould Tambourine The Wonder Hornpipe
All45 Dublin City Ramblers DOL DOS 140 Ir 45 197b Rare Old Times Danny Farrell
All45 Dublin City Ramblers DOL DOS 168 Ir 45 197d Punch & Judy Man Kidnapped
All45 Dublin City Ramblers DOL DOS 155 Ir 45 197c Crack Was 90 .... Kidnapped
All45 Dublin City Ramblers CBS CBS A7147 Ir 45 197e Dublin Rambler Go Thoughts on Golden Wings
A1ISVoc Dublin City Ramblers Irish Republican Jail Songs DOL DOLB7021 Ir LP 1044a
A1ISVoc Dublin City Ramblers Flight of the Earls HAR HM21 Ir LP 1044b
A1ISVoc Dublin City Ramblers Home & Away DOL DOCK101 Ir Cas 1044c
A1ISVoc Dublin City Ramblers You'll Never Beat the Irish REG RCD3015 Ir CD 1044d
A1ISVoc Dublin City Ramblers The Craic & Porter Black DOL DOCDK 107 Ir CD 1044e
A1ISVoc Dublin City Ramblers Live at Johnny Fox's Pub CEO 23 Ir CD 1044f
A1ISVoc Dublin City Ramblers Raise the Roof LYN CD008 Ir CD 1044g
78IS Dublin Met. Garda Ceilidhe Band HMV IM280 Ir 78 6b Hp: Greencastle, Kildare Fancy, Dunphys Hp: Best Shot, Gerry Bridge, Green Berries
78IS Dublin Met. Garda Ceilidhe Band HMV IM331 Ir 78 6c Hp: Sunshine, Hum. of Castle Bernard, Dick Sands Humours of Bandon, Maggie Brown
78IS Dublin Met. Garda Ceilidhe Band HMV IM336 Ir 78 6a Hp: Harvest Home, Last of Twins, Poppy Leaf Jig: Irishwasherwoman, Trip to the Cottage
78IS Dublin Met. Garda Ceilidhe Band HMV IM355 Ir 78 6d National Anthem Set Dances
A1ISVoc Dublin Millemmium Galloping Green RAG RGLP8 Ir LP 1081a
A2ISInst Dublin Quintet Folk Ddances from Erin WMT WF12001 Ir LP 3178a
A1ISVoc Dublin Songs 1988 KTL DUB1000 Ir LP 1080a
All45 Dubliners MjM MM 521 Ir 45 452a All For My Grog I Know My Love
All45 Dubliners TRI TRS 138 Ir 45 452b Molly Maguires Bold Princess Royal
A1ISVoc Dubliners A Drop of the Hard Stuff MJM MMLP3 Ir LP 117a
A1ISVoc Dubliners Finnegan's Wake TNS TRA 139 Ir LP 117b
A1ISVoc Dubliners More of the Hard Stuff MJM MMLP5 Ir LP 117c
A1ISVoc Dubliners The Patriot Game HAL SHM 738 Ir LP 117d
A1ISVoc Dubliners At It Again MJM MMLP34 Ir LP 117e
A1ISVoc Dubliners Drinkin' and Courtin' MJM MMLP14 Ir LP 117f
A1ISVoc Dubliners At Home With The Dubliners TRI TRLP 1010 Ir LP 117g
A1ISVoc Dubliners In Concert HAL SHM 682 Ir LP 117h
A1ISVoc Dubliners Plain And Simple RAM RMLP 5002 Ir LP 117i
A1ISVoc Dubliners Songs of the Dubliners RAM B 101 Ir LP 117j
A1ISVoc Dubliners 15 Years On (double) CHY CHLP 1025 Ir LP 117k
A1ISVoc Dubliners The Luke Kelly Album CHY CHLP 1016 Ir LP 117l
A1ISVoc Dubliners Together Again CHY CHLP 1012 Ir LP 117m
A1ISVoc Dubliners Guaranteed Irish DOL DOLM 5021 Ir LP 117n
A1ISVoc Dubliners Luke's Legacy - CHC 1031 Ir Cas 117o
A1ISVoc Dubliners Originals, Vol. 1, double RAM RM DB 1027 Ir LP 117p
A1ISVoc Dubliners Off to Dublin Green CST MATCD211 Ir CD 117q
A1ISVoc Dubliners 20 Original Greatest Hits OUT CHCD1028 Ir CD 117r
A1ISVoc Dubliners L. Kelly Collection (double) OUT CHCD1041 Ir CD 117s
A1ISVoc Dubliners It's the Dubliners HAL HM615 Ir LP 117t
A1ISVoc Dubliners Best of … EPI EK86021 Ir CD 117u
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16014 Ca 78 230i Reel de Jonuiere Clog de St. Felicien
78Can Duchesne, Tommy APF 16044 Ca 78 230a Reel de l'Oiseau Bleu Grande Gigue Simple
78Can Duchesne, Tommy APF 16137 Ca 78 230c Quadrille de Montreal Quadrille de Canada
78Can Duchesne, Tommy APF 16169 Ca 78 230h Reel du Pendu Valse Chicoutimi
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16188 Ca 78 230s Le Quadrille de la Julie Boiteuse Valse de Montreal
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16189 Ca 78 230l Gigue a la Cardeuse Le Quadrille D'Alima
78Can Duchesne, Tommy calls-A. Vadeboncoeur STA 16279 Ca 78 230e Set American, Pts. 1 & 2 (Bluebird) (Rickett’s)
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16400 Ca 78 230r Set de la Baie St. Paul, Pt. 1 Pt. 2
78Can Duchesne, Tommy APF 16401 Ca 78 230b Gigue de la Ronfleuse Gigue Contra Danse
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16403 Ca 78 230t Le Quadrille de Charlevax Le Breakdown de Portneuf
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16404 Ca 78 230o Set des Dames, Part 1 Part 2
78Can Duchesne, Tommy APF 16408 Ca 78 230d Paul Jones du Saguenay, Pt 1 Pt 2
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16409 Ca 78 230n Valse Lancers du Bas St. Laurent, Part 1 Part 2
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16434 Ca 78 230q Le Quadrille des Draueurs Quadrille de la Pointe-Au-Pic
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16449 Ca 78 230k Reel des Couturiers Reel des Boulangers
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16451 Ca 78 239u Quadrille des Cuisinieres Partie d'un Paul Jones D'airs Anciens
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16452 Ca 78 230p Reel des Fogerons (calls) Reel des Patineurs
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16559 Ca 78 230v Reel du Soldat Joyeux Reel de la Marine
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16589 Ca 78 230f Tommy Polka Valse du Jubile
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16623 Ca 78 230g Quadrille de Roosevelt Quadrille de Churchville
78Can Duchesne, Tommy APF 17097 Ca 78 230j Le Pigeon Blue Assis Dans le Parc Un Soir
78Can Duchesne, Tommy ALU T202 Ca 78 230m Set Calle Alouette Les Noces
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 16246 Ca 78 230w V+ Quadrille du Lac St. Jean, Partie 5 Partie 6
78Can Duchesne, Tommy STA 15926 Ca 78 230x V+ Reel des Poulets Money Musk
A3CanMis Duchesne, Tommy Une Vielles de Chez Nous ALU ALP5 Ca LP 511b
A3CanMis Duchesne, Tommy Dances avec ... APX ALF1503 Ca LP 511a
A3CanMis Duchesne, Tommy Une Soire du Bon Vieux Temps APX ALF1521 Ca LP 511g
A3CanMis Duchesne, Tommy Mes Plus Belles Soirees de La.. BNZ B-29744 Ca LP 511h
A3CanMis Duchesne, Tommy Les Dances de no Campagnes CAR C473 Ca LP 511c
A3CanMis Duchesne, Tommy Les Dances du Vieux Quebec CAR C436 Ca LP 511d
A3CanMis Duchesne, Tommy Le Bon Vieux Temp CAR C446 Ca LP 511e
A3CanMis Duchesne, Tommy " (same as above) CAR C521 Ca LP 511g
A3CanMis Duchesne, Tommy 20 Grand Succes MCA CB37002 Ca LP 511f
A1ISVoc Duffus, George Standing Room Only LIS LILP5121 Sc LP 216a
A2ISInst Duffy, Philip Coleman's Cross GTD C030 Ir Cas 6026a
A1ISVoc Duffy, Teresa A Little Bit of Irish LON SW99288 Ir LP 128a
A1ISVoc Duffy, Teresa Ireland’s Songss of Freedom LON SW91233 Ir LP 128b
A1ISVoc Duffy, Teresa O’Hagan, Patrick LON SW91290 Ir LP 128c
A1ISVoc Duggan, John The Mission SOU SUNC9 Ir Cas 1352d
A1ISVoc Duggan, John Old Ignatius SOU SUNCD38 Ir CD 1352e
A1ISVoc Duggan, John Monologues SNN 1081 Ir Cas 1352a
A1ISVoc Duggan, John Greatest of the Gael GLA 14 Ir CD 1352b
A1ISVoc Duggan, John Mighty Game GLA 32 Ir CD 1352c
A2ISInst Duignan, Packie & Seamus Horan Music from Co. Leitrim OSS 75 Ir Cas 6099a
78Can Dumas, Omer RCA 26-7058 Ca 78 241g Le Reel du Pere Biron Commercons le Semaine
A3CanMis Dumas, Omer & ses Menestrels Reel - Gigue - Polka RCA CGP 250 Ca LP 509b
A3CanMis Dumas, Omer & Ses Minstrels RCA CGP103 Ca LP 509a
All45 Dumas, Omer et ses Menestrels RCA 57-0008 Ca 45 241f Danse Rustique Le Valse du Souvenir
78Can Dumas, Omer et ses Menestrels RCA 25-1112 Ca 78 241e Mariette Polka Bonita Valse
78Can Dumas, Omer et ses Menestrels RCA 55-5211 Ca 78 241b Valse Annette Francine Polka
78Can Dumas, Omer et ses Menestrels RCA 55-5213 Ca 78,45 241f Danse Rustique La Valse du Souvenir
78Can Dumas, Omer et ses Menestrels RCA 55-5252 Ca 78 241d Reel du Cap Espoir Gigue Cocquette
78Can Dumas, Omer et ses Menestrels RCA 55-5285 Ca 78 241h Reel de Ste-Anne Le Quadrille de Caraquet
78Can Dumas, Omer et ses Menestrels RCA 55-5290 Ca 78 241j Set Calle Canadien Breakdown, Pt. 3 Pt. 3 contd.
78Can Dumas, Omer et ses Menestrels RCA 55-5322 Ca 78 241c Valse Lancier, Parts 3 & 4
78Can Dumas, Omer et ses Menestrels RCA 55-5408 Ca 78 241i Paul Jones a la Canadienne, Pt. 1 Pt. 2
78Can Dumas, Omer et ses Menestrels RCA B-1283 Ca 78 241a Paul Jones Favori - Parts 1 & 2
78Can Dunham, Mellie & his Orch. VIC 19940 Am 78 363b Lady of the Lake Mountain Rangers
78Can Dunham, Mellie & his Orch. VIC 20001 Am 78 363c Rippling Waves Waltz Boston Fancy
78Can Dunham, Mellie & his Orch. VIC 20537 Am 78 363a Reel: McLeod’s, White Cockade, Johnny Coakley Irish Washerwoman, Lannigan’s Ball, Campbell’s A
78Can Dunham, Mellie & his Orch. VIC 40131 Am 78 363d Hull's Victory Chorus Jig
A1ISVoc Dunne, Cahal Thinkin' Love Tonight NR16287 Ir LP 1145a
A1ISVoc Dunne, Cahal Home Again NR16283 Ir LP 1145b
A1ISVoc Dunne, Cahal Jig Don’t Jog - 1992 Ir Cas 1145c
A1ISVoc Dunne, Cahal Take My Hand - TRCD520994 Ir CD 1145d
A1ISVoc Dunne, Cahal Peace in My Land - TRCD521134 Ir CD 1145e
A1ISVoc Dunne, Cahal Christmas Album - CD072696-2 Ir CD 1145f
A1ISVoc Dunne, Cahal Very Best of, Vol. 1 EJF EJ2001-4 Ir Cas 1145g
A1ISVoc Dunne, Cahal Menopause Song - DDA1004-2 Ir CD 1145h
A1ISVoc Dunne, Cahal Salute to Broadway - 522176-2 Ir CD 1145i
A1ISVoc Dunne, Cahal Songs of Inspiration - CD110 Ir CD 1145j
A1ISVoc Dunne, Cahal A Little Bit of Irish - CD203 Ir CD 1145k
All45 Dunne, Doreen GLN EPW 326 Ir 45 188a Wild Irish Hills of Mayo Lad From The Mt.
A2ISInst Dunne, Tom Musical Memories - - Ir CD 6227a
All45 Dunphy, Sean REL RL 957 Ir 45 402a Rosie Boolavogue
A1ISVoc Dunphy, Sean The Best of... DOL DOLB7003 Ir LP 131a
A1ISVoc Dunphy, Sean Sings Irish Favorites REL BRL4106 Ir LP 131b
A1ISVoc Dunphy, Sean 20 Irish Greats DOL DOLS2001 Ir LP 131c
A2ISInst Dunphy, Sean Ceili Band DMN 1359 Ir LP 3194a
A1ISVoc Durkin, Billy A Collection of Irish Favorites PRE S-110 Ir LP 1066a
A3CanMis Durlacher, Ed Square Dances 10" VST LP5 Am LP 5103a
A2ISInst Dwyer, Finbarr Irish Traditional Accordion OUT OLP1004 Ir LP 611a
A2ISInst Dwyer, Finbarr The Best Of .... OUT OLP1011 Ir LP 611b
A2ISInst Dwyer, Finbarr Ireland's Own Trad. Accordioni OUT OLP1016 Ir LP 611c
78IS Dwyer, Jim DEC W 4328 Ir 78 458a Fr Murphy of Boolavogue Foggy Dew
78IS Dwyer, Jim DEC 12150 Ir 78 458c The Kildare Exile Devil & the Bailliff
78IS Dwyer, Jim DEC 12141 Ir 78 458b My Heart Is At Home In Old Ireland Christmas Eve In London
78IS Dwyer, Jim DEC 12184 Ir 78 458d The Yankee Boy Just a Rose In Old Killarney
78IS Dwyer, Jim DEC 12182 Ir 78 458e Fr. Murphy of Boolavogue The Foggy Dew
78IS Dwyer, Jim DEC 12128 Ir 78 458f Tipperary Far Away The Irish Brigade
A2ISInst Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band Live at Ballymena TEM COMD 2053 Sc CD 738a
A2ISInst Eamon Ceannt Ceili Band From The Derryhale Hotel OUT SOLP1025 Ir LP 343a
A2ISInst Eamon Ceannt Ceili Band Introducing... AVO 33AV119 Ir LP 343b
A2ISInst Early, James More Music for the Feis REG R37000 Ir LP 689a
A2ISInst Ecker, Doug Desmarais, Joyce - EW001 Am LP 352a
78IS Eddy, Nelson COL 4335-M Ir 78 556a Danny Boy Old Refrain
A2ISInst Edgley, Frank Bridges - BR199 Ir CD 6175a
A2ISInst Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band LON TW91208 Sc LP 701b
A2ISInst Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band Princess Street Parade LON LL1584 Sc LP 701a
78IS Edinburgh Highland Reel & Strath Society String Band BEL 2128 Sc 78 44a Lass o Paties Mill, Duchess Slipper, Loch Earn Stumpie, Duns Dings A, Miller O Drone, De'il Amon
78IS Edinburgh Highland Reel & Strath Society String Band BEL 2103 Sc 78 44b x2 Lassie Look Before Ye, Glen Ogle, Lord Lyndoch Lady Mary Ramsay, Rachel Rae, Marquis of Hunt
A2ISInst Edinburgh Military Tatoo Militaru Bands, Pipes & Drums TRA TRA2109 Sc LP 708a
All45 Edinburgh Players WAV SLP522 Sc 45 7512a De'il Amang the Tailors, Mrs Hay of Yesters Up in the Air Strathspey: Sir George Clark,..
A3CanMis Edwards, Star Arc of Promise - - Am CD 6091a
78IS Egan, James GEN 8125 Ir 78 565a When It's Moonlight in Mayo Irish Serenade
78IS Egan, James COL 33284-F Ir 78 565c Twas Only an Irishman's Dream I Loved You Better Than You Knew
All45 Egan, John & The Tradewinds 1014 Ir 45 1132e Ireland United Boys of the Old Brigade
All45 Egan, John & The Tradewinds 22497 Ir 45 1132f Destination Donegal I Will Love You
A1ISVoc Egan, John & The Tradewinds Spirit of Freedom SOR - Ir LP 1132a
A1ISVoc Egan, John & The Tradewinds SOR - Ir LP 1132b
A1ISVoc Egan, John & The Tradewinds The Irish In Me SOR JE505 Ir Cas 1132c
A1ISVoc Egan, John & The Tradewinds Good Old Days SOR JE218 Ir Cas,CD 1132d
A1ISVoc Egan, John & The Tradewinds (2 songs) SOR - Ir Cas 1132g
A1ISVoc Egan, John & The Tradewinds From The Heart SOR SRCD249 Ir CD 1132h
A2ISInst Egan, Seamus Trad. Music of Ireland SHA SH29020 Ir LP 6034a
A3CanMis Eikhard, June and her Tantramar Ramblers BAN RBS 1076 Ca LP 585b
A3CanMis Eikhard, June Canada's 1st Lady of Fiddle BAN SBS5311 Ca LP 585a
A3CanMis Elliott, Carl Down Home Fiddler MAR ALS373 Ca LP 532a
A3CanMis Elliott, Carl Good Old Down Home Fiddlin' MAR ALS348 Ca LP 532b
A3CanMis Elliott, Carl & his brothers Nova Scotia Fiddlers POI P-235 Ca LP 532c
A3CanMis Elliott, Carl & Nova Scotians Square Dance Tonight ARC 508 Ca LP 532d
A3CanMis Elliott, Carl & Nova Scotians ARC 565 Ca LP 532d
A2ISInst Emerald Ceili Band My Wild Irish Rose TRD 632 Ir LP 307a
78IS Emerald Quartet VIC 21006 Ir 78 73a Reels: Longford Lassies, Swallow’a Tail Jigs: Sweeney’s Favorite, Limerick Boys
A1ISVoc Emerald Rose Bending Tradition - - Ir CD 1446a
A1ISVoc Emerson, Frank Safe In The Harbor - - Ir Cas 1121a
A1ISVoc Emerson, Frank Dear Sarah DDR DDCD002 Ir CD 1121b
A1ISVoc Emigrants Roisin Dubh DRK 153 Ir CD 1247a
800Ser English Orchestra COL 9269 Br 78-12 861a The Triumph Pop Goes the Weasel Flk Dnc
A3CanMis Ennis Sisters Red is the Rose CBT 02-50723 Ca CD 5182a
A2ISInst Ennis, Seamus The Wandering Minstrel TOP 12TS250 Ir LP 711a
A2ISInst Ennis, Seamus Masters of Irish Music LEA LEA2003 Ir LP 711b
A2ISInst Ennis, Seamus 40 Years of Irish Piping (2) GRL SIF1000 Ir LP 711c
A2ISInst Ennis, Seamus The King of Ireland's Son CLA CC19 Ir LP 711d
A2ISInst Ennis, Seamus Bonny Bunch of Roses TRA TLP1013 Ir LP 711f
A2ISInst Ennis, Seamus Pure Drop TAR TA1002 Ir LP 711g
A2ISInst Ennis, Seamus, Makem,Dubliners Irish Pipes & Pennywhistle So LEG CD313 Ir CD 711e
78IS Ennis, Tom Muller, John, piano CAR 2028 Ir 78 209d Little Judy Medley of Reels Cook in the Kitchen Jigs (Maid on the Green)
78IS Ennis, Tom John Mueller, piano CAR 2029 Ir 78 209q V+ Trim the Velvet Reels Humors of Bandon Long Ddance
78IS Ennis, Tom COL 35D Ir 78 209j x3 Black Rogue, Saddle the Pony Londonderry Hornpipe
78IS Ennis, Tom COL A3679 Ir 78 209k x2 Bag of Potatoes, Templehouse, Pigeon on Gate Blackbird
78IS Ennis, Tom James Morrison, Muller COL A3773 Ir 78 209n Job of Journeywork Jig Medley
78IS Ennis, Tom James Morrison, Muller COL A3836 Ir 78 209h Maid Behind the Bar, Trim the Velvet Humours of Bandon
78IS Ennis, Tom EMS 10394 Ir 78 209b Jigs: Walsh Favorite, Butcher’s March Reels: Eileen Curran, Five Mile Chase
78IS Ennis, Tom OKE 4383 Ir 78 209l Kildare Fancy Hornpipe Frieze Breeshes Jig June, 1921
78IS Ennis, Tom OKE 4490 Ir 78 209p The Coulin Dear Irish Boy Aug, 1921
78IS Ennis, Tom PAT 21090 Ir 78 209c Irish Jigs Irish Reels (Drowsy Maggie, Maid Behind the Bar)
78IS Ennis, Tom PER 11162 Ir 78 209g Irish Jigs Irish Reels
78IS Ennis, Tom John Carridy, fiddle STA 9318 Ir 78 209o Irish Polka: My Love..,Jenny Lind, Rose Tree Reels: Merry BLacksmith, etc.
78IS Ennis, Tom Quigley, Tom & John Muller STA 9364 Ir 78 209i Frost is all Over, Connaughtman’s Rambles Jigs Rakish Paddy, McLeod’s Reel
78IS Ennis, Tom VIC 18286 Ir 78 209e Melodies: Believe Me., Killarney, Last Rose of Sum Jig: 3 Little Drummers, Conn. Rambles,Joy of Life
78IS Ennis, Tom VIC 18366 Ir 78 209a x3 Reel: Maid That Left Country, Drowsy Maggie, Aro Hp: Murphy's, Londonderry, Mcnamara's
78IS Ennis, Tom James Morrison, John Muller VOC 14588 Ir 78 209m Kid on the Mountain, Hop Jig Limestone Rock, Medley of Reels
A1ISVoc Ensemble Choral du Bout Monde Celtic Christmas GRL GLCD3124 Ir CD 1346a
A1ISVoc Enter the Haggis Let the Wind Blow High - ETH0001 Sc CD 463a
78IS Erin Boys Orchestra COL 33149F Ir 78 7529a The Irish Counties, Part 1 Part 2
78IS Erin Trio BEL 593 Ir 78 7530a Stack of Barley The Blackbird
A1ISVoc Erins Pride May the Road Rise to Meet You - EPCD007 Ir CD 1286a
A3CanMis Erwin, Deighan Haste to the Wedding, etc MAR ALS 301 Ca LP 5081a
A3CanMis Etoiles Rogues, Les Reels, Vol 2 PST PST 9 Ca LP 5041b
A1ISVoc Evans & Doherty Galway to Graceland REG RCD-3047 Ir CD 1275a
A3CanMis Evans & Doherty 2nd Week of Deer Camp DWD PRO 002 Ca CD 5066a
A3CanMis Evans, Meredydd Trad. Welsh Songs TRA 2078 Wl Wl 876a
A1ISVoc Exiles Freedom Come All Ye TOP 12TS143 Ir LP 1001a
A1ISVoc Exiles The Hale & The Hanged TOP 12TS164 Ir LP 1001b
A2ISInst F & W String Band FAW F-2 Am Am 333a
A2ISInst F & W String Band FAW F-1 Am Am 333b
A3CanMis Fables Tear the House Down - FBL 07272 Ca CD 5184a
78IS Fahey, John & Joe DEC 62100 Ir 78 252a Jig: Off to the Hunt, Butchers March Reel: Sweeney's Dream, Milliner's Daughter
A2ISInst Fahy, Gerard Celtic Legend GTD HCD146 Ir CD 6113a
A1ISVoc Fairport Convention Jewel in the Crown GRL GLCD3103 Br CD 1239a
A1ISVoc Fairport Convention Old, New, Borrowed, Blue GRL GLCD3114 Br CD 1239b
A1ISVoc Fairport Convention Who Knows Where Time Goes GRL GLCD3122 Br CD 1239c
78IS Fallon Brothers Slavin, Charlie CEL CL-1015 Ir 78 476b Maid on the Green, Frost is All Over Kevin Barry
78IS Fallon, Frank Sullivan, George CEL CL-1040 Ir 78 135a Typical Irishman (Co. Leitrim) Rose of Killarney
78IS Fallon, Frank CEL CL-1041 Ir 78 135b The Dutchman’s Wife I Had But Fifty Cents
78IS Fallon, Frank CEL CL-1051 Ir 78 135c Rose of Aranmore Biddy Mulligan
78IS Fallon, Frrank Orch. CEL CFD-9 Ir 78 135d E- Siege of Ennis Lady Coventry's Reel
78IS Fallon,Pat violin CEL CL 1034 Ir 78 316a Reel: Ruther Fallon's Fav, Grn Fields.., Templehous Jig: Heart to the Ladies, Roland's Return, Irish Fan
78IS Fallon's, Pat Co. Leitrim Ceili Band CEL CL 1037 Ir 78 1002a Corry Boys, Drowsy Maggie Reels St. Patrick's Day, Trip to the Cottage Jigs
78IS Fallon's, Pat Co. Leitrim Ceili Band CEL CL 1038 Ir 78 1002b Wind That Shakes the Barley, Collins Reel Devils Dream, Kildare Fancy Hornpipes
78IS Farley, Nicholas CEL CL 1003 Ir 78 469a Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe Where the Blarney Roses Grow
A1ISVoc Faulkner, John Kind Providence GLR SIF1064 Ir LP 1047a
A2ISInst Feeley, John Trad. Airs on Classical Guitar GAL CEF109 Ir LP 6013a
A2ISInst Feeley, John Celtic Classics KTL KLP235 Ir LP 6013b
78IS Feeney, Jack COP 9-223 Ir 78 142h Danny Boy Miss Kitty O'Toole
78IS Feeney, Jack DEC 12014 Ir 78 142m Molly Brannigan That Old Irish Mother of Mine
78IS Feeney, Jack DEC 12038 Ir 78 142b Moonlight in Mayo A Shawl of Galway Grey
78IS Feeney, Jack DEC 12110 Ir 78 142c The Song My Mother Used to Sing Open the Door Softly, Kitty My Love
78IS Feeney, Jack DEC 12111 Ir 78 142d Tanyard Side Teddy O'Neill
78IS Feeney, Jack DEC 12121 Ir 78 142o She Moved Thru the Fair The Dawning of the Day
78IS Feeney, Jack DEC 12122 Ir 78 142a Green Bushes Banks of My Own Lovely Lee
78IS Feeney, Jack DEC 12170 Ir 78 142l My Irish Home A Handful of Earth
78IS Feeney, Jack DEC 12177 Ir 78 142n Ballymoney At the End of Cobblestone Road
78IS Feeney, Jack DEC 12260 Ir 78 142e Soldiers Song Let Erin Remember
78IS Feeney, Jack DEC 12265 Ir 78 142i O’Donnell Abu Down by the Glenside
78IS Feeney, Jack DEC 12266 Ir 78 142j A Nation Once Again Wearing of the Green
78IS Feeney, Jack DEC 12283 Ir 78 142k The Old House Moorlough Mary
78IS Feeney, Jack VAR 8008 Ir 78 142g The Irish Emmigrant When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
78IS Feeney, Jack VOC 84064 Ir 78 142f Where Wcklow Looks Down to the Sea Ballinamore Lass Polka
A1ISVoc Feeney, Jack O'Brien, Thomas COP DWL 9-602 Ir LP 100
A3CanMis Felix & Formanger Between the Jigs & Reels FFD 1 Ca CD 5154a
A3CanMis Felix & Formanger Carrying on the Tradition FFD 100 Ca CD 5154b
A1ISVoc Fenian Folk Dirty Old Town - IRISCO Ir LP 166a
A2ISInst Fennigs All-Star String Band FRH FHR05 Am Am 347a
A2ISInst Fennigs All-Star String Band Hammered Dulcimer FRH FHR01 Am Am 347b
A2ISInst Fennigs All-Star String Band Hammered Dulcimer Strikes .. FRH FHR010 Am Am 347c
78Can Ferland, Maurice BLU B-4992 Ca 78 2268a Devil’s Dream Reel Irish Washerwoman
A3CanMis Ferrel, Frank Fiddle Tunes VGR VRLP320S Ca LP 573a
A3CanMis Ferrel, Frank Down East, Out West VGR VRLP329S Ca LP 573b
A3CanMis Ferrel, Frank Boston Fiddle RON CD7018 Ca CD 573c
A3CanMis Ferrel, Frank Fiddledance GMM GMM2018 Am CD 573d
A2ISInst Ferrel, Frank & Bertram Levy Sageflower Suite CEN LF001 Am Am 688a
78IS Ferris, John PAR F3309 Sc 78 116a Medley of Scottish Airs Medley of Welsh Airs
A3CanMis Feux Follets, Les Dominion Square Dancing APX ALF 1513 Ca LP 5107a
A2ISInst Fiddler's Bid Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer GNT CDTRAX218 Sc CD 462a
A1ISVoc Fiddlers Green Beautiful Bundoran - - Ir CD 1440c
A1ISVoc Fiddler's Green Carthy & McGarrigle GNO GN 003 Ir LP 1440a
A1ISVoc Fiddler's Green promo - 7/6/01 Ir LP 1440b
78Can Fields, Arthur GRG 4153 Am 78 541a Girl I Left Behind Me Last Rose of Summer
A2ISInst Figgy Duff (also 9805-2) POS PTR13014 Ca LP,CD 382a
A2ISInst Figgy Duff A Retrospective '79 - '97 AMB 02 50325 Ca CD 382b
A2ISInst Figgy Duff After the Tempest AMB 9800-2 Ca CD 382c
A2ISInst Figgy Duff Weather Out the Storm AMB 9801-2 Ca CD 382d
A2ISInst Figgy Duff Down Stream AMB 9802-2 Ca CD 382e
A3CanMis Filion, Moise Gigues de Chez-Nous BNZ BB-9041 Ca LP 5124a
78IS Fingal Trio RGL MR386 Ir 78 7534a V The Battle of Clontarf March Sean Bhean Broght, Dance at the Fair Hornpipe
78IS Finian's Rainbow COL 4391-M Ir 78 451a Overture This Time of Year
78IS Finian's Rainbow COL 4392-M Ir 78 451b How Are Things In Glocca Morra If This Isn't Love
78IS Finian's Rainbow COL 4393-M Ir 78 451c Look to the Rainbow Old Devil Moon
78IS Finian's Rainbow COL 4394-M Ir 78 451d Something Sort Of Grandish Nesessity
78IS Finian's Rainbow COL 4395-M Ir 78 451e When the Idle Poor Become the Rich The Begat
78IS Finian's Rainbow COL 4396-M Ir 78 451f When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love That Great Come-And-Get-It Day
78IS Finlay, Alec SCR SCT-104 Sc 78 168a In My Top Hat, Tail Coat, Sporan & Kilt Early Rising
78IS Finlay, Alec SCR 102 Sc 78 168b Kirk Elder Come O'er the Border
78IS Finlay, Alec SCR 118 Sc 78 168c Sailing Home Again, Pt's 1 & 2
A2ISInst Finn, Fred & Peter Horan Music of Sligo CCE CL33 Ir LP 6022a
A2ISInst Fintan Lawler Pipe Band Irish Bagpipes AVO 33ST144 Ir LP 718a
A2ISInst Fintan Lawler Pipe Band Artane Boys Band AVO 33ST160 Ir LP 718b
78IS Finton Lawler Pipe Band TMS TMS801 Ir 78 206a March: Garryowen, Nell Falherty's Drake March: Green Flag, Wearing of the Grn, Minstrel B
A2ISInst First Bat Queens Own Highlanders Scotland's Best, Vol 2 FST FLPS1894 Sc LP 721a
A2ISInst First Bat. Highland Lt. Infantry Pipes & Drums in Hi-Fi DEC DL8720 Sc LP 702a
A1ISVoc Fisher, Archie The Man With A Rhyme FLG FSS61 Sc LP 215a
A1ISVoc Fisher, Archie Will Ye Gang Love TOP 12TS277 Sc LP 215b
A1ISVoc Fisher, Archie TNS XTRA 1070 Sc LP 215c
A1ISVoc Fisher, Cilla Songs of Fishing KET KOP11 Sc LP 212a
800Ser Fisher, Joe & Conc. Orch. DEC 5043 Am 78 850a Happy Go Lucky Polka Suitor's Waltz
78IS Fisher, Tammas THI T-212 Sc 78 256a Hebridean Airs Pipers Wedding
78IS Fitchet, Angus & his Band BEL 2603 Sc 78 48a Looking for A Partner Two Step Primrose Polka
78IS Fitchet, Angus & his Band BEL 2604 Sc 78 48c 8 Men Of Moidart, MacKenzie of Coull, N Whitelaw Jessies Hp: Lochmaben, Drumley's, Kirk's
78IS Fitchet, Angus & his Band BEL 2606 Sc 78 48b Circassion Circle Waltz: Crookit Bawbee, Auld Scotch Mither Mine, .
A2ISInst Fitchet, Angus & His SCD Band Scottish Country Dances LON LD9094 Sc LP,10" 402a
All45 Fitzgerald, Kathleen McPeake Family BAN 3103 Ir 45 15b Courting in the Kitchen Jug of Punch
All45 Fitzgerald, Richard & Ceili Band SHA SSS 15 Ir 45 15a Reel: Maid of Castlebar, T Maloney, Sally G, Sligo Jig: Battering Ram, Jackson's, Blackthorn Stk
A2ISInst Fitzgerald, Tom & His Orch. A Little Bit of Heaven CNL 708 Ir LP 3056a
A2ISInst Fitzgerald, Tom & His Orch. Gallagher, Donald (voc) CNL LP224 Ir LP 3056b
All45 Fitzgerald, Winston Scotty ROD RO 45-114 Ca 45 3010a S&R: Charles Hardy, J. Scott Skinner Hornpipes: Everybody's, Chandler's
A3CanMis Fitzgerald, Winston Scotty Classic Cuts - BBMCD 001 Ca CD 503h
A3CanMis Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' Canada's Outstanding Scottish CEL CX17 Sc Sc 503a
A3CanMis Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' The Music of Cape Breton ROD CCLP2002 Sc Sc 503b
A3CanMis Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' ... and His Radio Entertainers CEL CX34 Sc Sc 503c
A3CanMis Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' It's New CEL CX40 Sc Sc 503d
A3CanMis Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' The Inimitable CEL CX44 Sc Sc 503e
A3CanMis Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' BAN RBS1245 Sc Sc 503f
A3CanMis Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' House Parties & 78's CRA - Sc Cas 503g
A2ISInst Fitzgerald's Bundoran Ceili Band AVO 33AV143 Ir LP 394a
A2ISInst Fitzgerald's Bundoran Ceili Band AVO 33AV120 Ir LP 394b
78IS Fitzpatrick Bros. GEN 5703 Ir 78 478d V+ McFadden's Goat Corned Beef and Cabbage
78IS Fitzpatrick Bros. VIC 20760 Ir 78 478c V+ The Mulligan Guards It's the Same Old Shillelagh
78IS Fitzpatrick Brothers comedy VIC 21482 Ir 78 478a The Market on Saturday Night Mr. Dooley’s Geese
78IS Fitzpatrick, Bros. VIC 79303 Ir 78 478b V+ Patrick, Mind the Baby McFadden's Flats
78IS Fitzpatrick, Curran & O'Rourke GEN 5717 Ir 78 273a V/V+ Leitrim, Kiss the Bride Reels Merry Old Woman, Irishman's Heart Jigs
78IS Fitzpatrick, Frank acc GEN 5700 Ir 78 121a V+ Peeler & the Goat Schottische, w/lilting The Leitrim Jig
78IS Fitzpatrick, Patrick uillean pipes COL A2309 Ir 78 213a Donnybrook Fair Jig Three Drops of Brandy Reel
All45 Flaherty, Martin & his Orch. COP 459-189 Ir 45 32c O'Dwyer's Hp. Old Skillara Hat, If You Ever Go Over…6/8 medley
78IS Flaherty, Martin & Orch. COP 9-187 Ir 78 32a x2 Highlands: Hills & Dales of Cork, Rakes of Kinsale Jig: Castlebar Races, The Favorite
78IS Flaherty, Martin & Orch. COP 9-188 Ir 78 32b Highlands: Town of Fermoy, Maid in Cherry Tree Polkas: Flaherty's Fav., Girl From Lettermore
78IS Flaherty, Martin & Orch. COP 9-189 Ir 78 32c O'Dwyer's Hornpipe 6/8 Medley: Old Skillara Hat, If You Ever Go Over.
78IS Flaherty, Martin & Orch. COP 9-190 Ir 78 32d Jig: Off to the Hunt, Eavesdropper Reel; After the Sun Goes Down, More Power.Elbow
78IS Flanagan Bros COL 33096-F Ir 78 266y Kerry Mills Barn Dance Flanagan at the Racket
78IS Flanagan Bros COL 33126-F Ir 78 266l2 Geese in the Bog Flanagan's Chase the Banshee
78IS Flanagan Bros COL 33222-F Ir 78 266w The Leitrim Thrush On the Road to the Fair
78IS Flanagan Bros COL 33265-F Ir 78 266v Kelly's House Party Highland Schottische
78IS Flanagan Bros COL 33359-F Ir 78 266u Humors of Bandon Flowers of Edinburgh, Soldiers Joy
78IS Flanagan Bros COL 33402-F Ir 78 266x Up the Hill of Down (CD) Kelly's Cow Has Got No Tail
78IS Flanagan Bros. CNQ 9742 Ir 78 266n V+E+ Sweet Rosie O’Grady The Sidewalks of New York COL 33233-F
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33044-F Ir 78 266x2 V+ Morning Star, Collier's Reels Frieze Breetches, Cook in the Kitchen, Lannigan's Ball COL 95-D
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33103-F Ir 78 266r2 Medley of Reels Fun at Hogan's
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33157-F Ir 78 266q The Stack O' Barley Erin Go Bragh (CD)
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33187-F Ir 78 266a2 Mick from Tralee (CD) Tickling the Keys
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33195-F Ir 78 266a V+E The Auld BLackthorn Cod Liver Oil VOC 84010
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33243-F Ir 78 266c3 V/V+ The I.R.A. Shaskeen Reel
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33249-F Ir 78 266r The Banty Legged Mule Sarsfield - Lilt
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33271-F Ir 78 266b3 V/V+ My Irish Molly O Irish Barn Dance
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33279-F Ir 78 266f Hallelujha I’m A Bum The Bum Song
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33320-F Ir 78 266m Little Black Mustache A Gay Caballero
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33380-F Ir 78 266b2 New Irish Barn Dance Sullivan's Troubles
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33411-F Ir 78 266p2 Little Bridget Flynn In Our Backyard
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33463-F Ir 78 266s2 Irish Boy March Maloney Puts His Name Above the Door
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33512-F Ir 78 266d Rights of Man Hornpipe (CD) Old Time Waltz Medley
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL 33513-F Ir 78 266q2 Shaskeen Reel The Auld Blackthorn
78IS Flanagan Bros. COL A3849 Ir 78 266g Reels: Red Haired Boy, Lady on the Island Highland Flings
78IS Flanagan Bros. GEN 9406 Ir 78 266t Hearty Bucks of Oranmore Irish Boy, One Step
78IS Flanagan Bros. OBD 39026 Ir 78 266o Reel: Jenny Picking Cockles, Drowsy Maggie Jig: Maid on the Green, Frost is All Over
78IS Flanagan Bros. RCA 55-3265 Ir 78 266y2 V++ Paddy in London Jig The Blackbird
78IS Flanagan Bros. RGL 8237 Ir 78 266c2 Green Meadows Reel Irish Fair Day
78IS Flanagan Bros. RGL G8936 Ir 78 266d2 Johnny Williams Hornpipe Flanagan at the Racket
78IS Flanagan Bros. RGL G8937 Ir 78 266g2 V+E In An Irishman's Shanty Fun at Hogan's
78IS Flanagan Bros. RGL G9185 Ir 78 266j2 Sprig of Shillelagh Polka A Quiet Night At Flanagan's
78IS Flanagan Bros. RGL G9186 Ir 78 266m2 An Carrowath, Stack of Wheat, Hp. The Flanagan's Visit to Killarney
78IS Flanagan Bros. RGL G9382 Ir 78 266k2 Beggarman's Song Let Ye All Be Irish Tonight
78IS Flanagan Bros. RGL G9384 Ir 78 266n2 Flanagan's Chase the Banshee Old Time Waltz Medley
78IS Flanagan Bros. RGZ G20262 Ir 78 266t2 The Old Schoolmaster Reel Irish Washerwoman Jig Set
78IS Flanagan Bros. RGZ IZ115 Ir 78 266u2 E- Kerry Mills Barn Dance Geese in the Bog
78IS Flanagan Bros. RGZ IZ156 Ir 78 266o2 Finnegan's Ball The Wanderer Medley
78IS Flanagan Bros. RGZ MR1373 Ir 78 266i2 The Banty Legged Mule The Leitrim Thrush Reel
78IS Flanagan Bros. VIC 79010 Ir 78 266i E- The Night Pat Murphy Died Irish Delight
78IS Flanagan Bros. VIC 79096 Ir 78 266c Paddy in London Jig Avourneen (Mike Flanagan)
78IS Flanagan Bros. VIC 79127 Ir 78 266j E- Reviewing St. Patrick’s Day Parade Blackbird, Exhibition Set Dance 35p
78IS Flanagan Bros. VIC 79198 Ir 78 266v2 E- Irishman, Englishman, Scotsman Buttermilk Mary Jigs
78IS Flanagan Bros. VOC 14638 Ir 78 266e2. Rakes of Clonmel Cavan Reel (CD)
78IS Flanagan Bros. VOC 14704 Ir 78 266s Green Mountain Reel (CD) Rakes of Kildare
78IS Flanagan Bros. VOC 14804 Ir 78 266f2 Biddy Daly's Jigs Maid That Left Country, More Power Elbow Reels
78IS Flanagan Bros. VOC 84090 Ir 78 266e Flowers of Edinburgh, Soldiers Joy Humors of Bandon Medley
A2ISInst Flanagan Brothers VIV 7 Ir CD 661b
A2ISInst Flanagan Brothers An Irish Delight TOP 12&365 Ir LP 661a
78IS Flanagan Trio COL 33067-F Ir 78 266z Dublin Lassies Medley, Reels Tatter Jack Welsh Medley, Jigs
78IS Flanagan, Joe COL 33002-F Ir 78 266a3 E- Manchester, Fishers Hornpipes Medley of Polkas
78IS Flanagan, Joe COL 33073-F Ir 78 266z2 V+ Mickey the Mauler, Tobin's Jigs Scotch Mary Medley - Irish Reels
78IS Flanagan, Joe VOC 84168 Ir 78 266w2 V++ Sunshine, Off to California Hornpipes The Half Crown Song
78IS Flanagen Bros. STA 9451 Ir 78 266h Gaelic Barn Dance Irish Reels: Holly & Ivy
78IS Flanagen Bros. VIC 79011 Ir 78 266b E-E- Heart of Man Barn Dance Reconcillation Reel
A2ISInst Flatley, Michael ... and Then Came Flatley - 309070 Ir LP 696a
A2ISInst Flatley, Michael Feet of Flames PHL 559562-2 Ir CD 696b
A2ISInst Fleming, Tom CHT CHCS004 Ir Cas 3035a
A2ISInst Fleming, Tom and Fleadh Ramblers CHT CHCS008 Ir Cas 3035b
A2ISInst Fleming, Tom Kerry’s Delight PWK EVE5007 Ir LP 3035c
A1ISVoc Fleming, Tommy Restless Spirit DAR 224 Ir CD 1345a
78IS Flyn, Barney COL 33462-F Ir 78 602a O'Houliban The Growler
78IS Flynn, Jimmy PER 12237 Ir 78 518a My Wild Irish Rose Just A Cottage Small
A3CanMis Flynn, Jimmy East Coast Comedy Club QUA RSPD 269 Ca CD 5175a
78IS Fogarty, John DEC 14000 Sc 78 521a Mary of Argyle Flow Gently Sweet Afton
A2ISInst Foinn Seisiun 1 Trad Irish Session Tunes CCE CL61 Ir CD 3201a
A2ISInst Folan & Davey Skin & Bow SND SUNCD23 Ir CD 6101a
800Ser Foley D & Ragan J CHA 394 Am 78 831a You’ll Never Miss Your M... Poor Little Joe
All45 Foley, Connie COP 459-128 Ir 45 126b2 Tipperary Far Away Shall My Soul Pass Through Old Ireland
All45 Foley, Connie COP 459-212 Ir 45 126m Irish Jaunting Car Bold Jack Donahue
All45 Foley, Connie COP 459-218 Ir 45 126l Soldiers Song Foggy Dew
All45 Foley, Connie COP 459-263 Ir 45 126j Doonaree Connemara Shore
All45 Foley, Connie COP 459-264 Ir 45 126k Boys From The Co. Armagh Homes of Donegal
All45 Foley, Connie COP EP9-2 Ir 45EP 126h Moonlight in Mayo, Lakes of Sligo Star of Donegal, She Lived Beside the Anner
All45 Foley, Connie COP 459-125 Ir 45 126e Wild Colonial Boy Town of Galway
All45 Foley, Connie COP 459-209 Ir 45 126u2 Blarney Roses Molly Bawn
All45 Foley, Connie COP 459-265 Ir 45 126e2. Courtin' in the Kitchen Bold Thady Quill
All45 Foley, Connie COP 459-267 Ir 45 126f2 Sean South of Garryowen Down By the Tanyard Side
All45 Foley, Connie COP 459-138 Ir 45 126a2 Rose of Killarney On the Banks of My Own Lovely Lee
All45 Foley, Connie COP 459-126 Ir 45 126c2 When It's Moonlight in Mayo She Lived Beside the Anner
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-124 Ir 78 126n x2 Eileen McMahon Galway Shawl
78IS Foley, Connie COP 459 & 9-125 Ir 78 126e x2 Wild Col. Boy Town of Galway
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-126 Ir 78 126b2 When It's Moonlight in Mayo She Lived Beside the Anner
78IS Foley, Connie COP 459&9-127 Ir 78 126a x2 Typical Irishman Boys From The Co. Mayo
78IS Foley, Connie COP 459&9-127 Ir 78 126o My Lovely Irish Rose Lakes of Coolfin
78IS Foley, Connie COP 459&9-179 Ir 78 126c Barbara Allen The Ship That Never Returned
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-128 Ir 78 126b Shall My Soul Pass Through Od Ireland Tipperary Far Away
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-131 Ir 78 126b Kevin Barry Nora Daly
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-132 Ir 78 126p x2 A Soldiers Farewell Old Bog Road
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-133 Ir 78 126q Rose of Moray Hills Of Glenswilly
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-136 Ir 78 126r Sweet Irish Town Three Leaf Shamrock From Glenore
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-138 Ir 78 126a2 Rose of Killarney On the Banks of My Own Lovely Lee
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-139 Ir 78 126s The Valley of Knockanure Martha, the Flower of Sweet Strabane
78IS Foley, Connie McManus, Dorothy COP 9-168 Ir 78 128a Old Ballymoe O'Brien Has No Place to Go
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-180 Ir 78 126t Star of Donegal Lakes of Sligo
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-183 Ir 78 126d x2 It Must Be You're Irish Kelly From Killane
78IS Foley, Connie McManus, Dorothy COP 9-184 Ir 78 128c x3 Hello Patsy Fagan Golden Jubilee
78IS Foley, Connie McManus, Dorothy COP 9-185 Ir 78 128b x3 The Sailor's Sweetheart Stone outside Dan Murphy's Door
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-209 Ir 78 126u Molly Bawn Blarney Roses
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-212 Ir 78 126m x2 Bold Jack Donahue My Irish Jaunting Car
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-214 Ir 78 126g Fr. Murphy of Boolavogue My Own Dear Galway Bay
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-219 Ir 78 126f Isle of Innisfree Shannon River
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-250 Ir 78 126i x2 Cottage By The Lee My Beauty Of Limerick
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-251 Ir 78 126v Neath Her Shawl of Galway Grey Lovely Leitrim
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-252 Ir 78 126w The Boys of Kilmichael Eileen Oge, the Pride of Petravore
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-253 Ir 78 126x The Croppy Boy Westering Home
78IS Foley, Connie COP 9-262 Ir 78 126y The Irish Volunteer Snowy Breasted Pearl
A1ISVoc Foley, Connie The Wild Colonial Boy COP DWL9-609 Ir LP 113a
A1ISVoc Foley, Connie Echoes of Ireland COP DWL9-612 Ir LP 113b
A1ISVoc Foley, Connie Ireland in Song COP DWL9-613 Ir LP 113c
A1ISVoc Foley, Connie Traditional Irish Ballads COP DWL9-600 Ir LP 113d
A1ISVoc Foley, Connie Come Back to Erin COP DWL7-401 Ir LP 113e
A1ISVoc Foley, Connie In Dublin’s Fair City COP DWL9-618 Ir LP 113f
A1ISVoc Foley, Connie Greatest Hits COP DWL9-621 Ir LP 113g
A1ISVoc Foley, Connie An Irish Sing A Long, V2 CNL LP 873 Ir LP 113h
A1ISVoc Foley, Connie Wild Colonial Boy OUT SOLP1018 Ir LP 113i
All45 Foley, Connie & Dorothy McManus COP 459-184 Ir 45 128c Hello Patsy Fagan Golden Jubilee
A3CanMis Folk Songs of Canada COL CSPS858 Ca LP 801a
78Can Folkcraft Country Dance Orch. w/Pete Seeger FLC F1004 Am 78 3020a 10 Little Indians Life On the Ocean Wave
78Can Folkcraft Country Dance Orch. w/Pete Seeger FLC F1005 Am 78 3020b White Cockade, Village Hornpipe Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
A1ISVoc Folklore Galway Bay And Others... GTD C021 Ir Cas 1084a
A1ISVoc Folklore Favorite Irish Ballads GTD C042 Ir Cas 1084b
A1ISVoc Folklore Feast Of Irish Ballads GTD HSMC1001 Ir Cas 1084c
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. COL 683-D Am 78 340e Circle Medley Waltz Varsouvienna
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. COL 556-D Am 78 340k Sicilian Circle (dulcimer)
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. COL 877-D Am 78 340l Baxter's March & Two Step Bisbee's Waltz
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. EAD 107 Am 78 340m Heel & Toe Polka Rye Waltz
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. EAD 108 Am 78 340i Captain Jinks, w/calls Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane, w/calls
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. EAD 112 Am 78 340n Blackcat Quadrille, Pt. 1 Pt. 2
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. EAD 114 Am 78 340o Portland Fancy Circle Quadrille A Good Mixer Novelty March
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. EAD 116 Am 78 340h Ticknor's Quadrille Quadrille, "Cub" Berdan's Favorite
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. EAD 119 Am 78 340j Lady Round the Lady, w/calls Fireman's Dance, Circle Quadrille w/calls
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. EDI 72067 Am 78 340p The Club Quadrille Scotch Reel hill & dale
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. RCA 19907 Am 78 340b E+E Schottische The Ripple
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. VIC 19908 Am 78 340d E+V+V+ Over the Waves Old Southern Waltz
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. RCA 19909 Am 78 340a Seaside Polka Heel and Toe Polka
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. VIC 19910 Am 78 340f Badger - Gavotte Varsouvienna
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. VIC 19963 Am 78 340g EV+ Lancers (Oriental) Fig 1, 2 & 3 Lancers - Fig. 5
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. RCA 19964 Am 78 340c E-V+V+ Money Musk (with calls) Medley of Reels
78Can Ford, Henry Old Time Dance Orch. COL 50018-D Am 78-12 340q Virginia Reel Plain Quadrille
A1ISVoc Forest, Johnny A Scottish Soldier MCA CB30010 Sc LP 207a
A1ISVoc Forest, Johnny My Highland Home MCA CB30015 Sc LP 207b
A3CanMis Formanger, Gerry Side By Each COU CS6022 Ca LP 589a
A3CanMis Forrester, Howdy Stylish Fiddlin' STY STY 168 Am LP 5070a
78IS Forsyth, Jack & his Band BEL 2516 Sc 78 42b Reel; Duran Ranger, Storrers, Bonnie Bonchory Strathglass House, Muir Mackenzie's Fav, Laird ...
78IS Forsyth, Jack & his Band BEL 2517 Sc 78 42a Jig: Kenmures Up & Awa', Miss Stewart's, Arther Reel; De'il Among Tailors, Kirk's, The Cairdin O't
78IS Forsyth, Jack & his Band BEL 2518 Sc 78 42c Machine w/o Horses, Stool Repentance, Sally Hunt Strath: Bonniest Lass World, M Cox, MacKenzie H,
78IS Forsyth, Pipe Major COL 1192 Sc 78 8003a Jenny's Bawbee March Medley Cock O' the North March
78IS Forsyth, Pipe Major COL 1194 Sc 78 8003b Stumpie, Jenny Dang the Weaver Miss Drummomd of Perth S, De'il Amang the T R
78IS Forsythe, Pipe Major Royal Military Band & Pipes GEN 4698 Sc 78 8003c The Campbell's Are Coming Bonnie Scotland March
A3CanMis Fort Hill String Band - - Am CD 5237a
A3CanMis Fortune Bay Sons CLO CS8057 Ca LP 567a
All45 Foster & Allen CMR CM 003 Ir 45 407b Bunch of Thyme Blacksmith
All45 Foster & Allen CMR CM 017 Ir 45 407a Take Me Back to Castlebar Reels
All45 Foster & Allen CMR CM 021 Ir 45 407c William Alice Ben Bolt
All45 Foster & Allen CMR CM 030 Ir 45 407d Old Flames Oslo Waltz
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen Bunch of Thyme CMR CMLP1004 Ir LP 1013a
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen At The Top With... CMR CMLP1005 Ir LP 1013b
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen Maggie RIT LP1002 Ir LP 1013c
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen Reflections HAR HSMR739 Ir LP 1013d
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen Reminiscing HAR HSMR623 Ir LP 1013e
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen Very Best Of... CMR CMLP1020 Ir LP 1013f
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen Worlds Of... HAR HSMR861 Ir LP 1013g
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen After All These Years CMR CMCD 1022 Ir CD 1013h
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen F & A's Ireland CMR CMCD 2003 Ir CD 1013i
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen Acc. World of Mick Foster CMR CMCD 1053 Ir CD 1013j
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen Ireland HON CD3003 Ir CD 1013k
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen I Will Love You All My Life HON CD3008 Ir CD 1013l
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen 40 Shades of Green HON CD3007 Ir CD 1013m
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen Best Friends HON CD3011 Ir CD 1013n
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen One Day at a Time HON GLDCD8013 Ir CD 1013o
A1ISVoc Foster & Allen Mick Foster GLE GSGL10487 Ir LP 1013p
78Can Foucault, Ludger Harmonica STA 16654 Ca 78 2273a Reel de St. Tite Gigue de l'Epulchette
A2ISInst Foundry Bar Band SPR SPR1007 Sc LP 414a
A2ISInst Four Courts, Vol 2 GTD C001 Ir Cas 3076a
A2ISInst Four Courts, Vol 3 GTD HC012 Ir Cas 3076b
78IS Four Dukes RON R161 Ir 78 548a Paddy Murphy's Wake When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
78IS Four Irish Masters GRG 4217 Ir 78 71a x2 Irish Washerwoman Medley Miss McLeod’s Medley Reels
A2ISInst Four Men and A Dog Barking Mad CBM CD001 Ir CD 3052a
A2ISInst Four Men and A Dog Shifting Gravel GRL GLCD3084 Ir CD 3052b
78IS Four Provinces Orchestra voc James J. Mullan COL 33324-F Ir 78 67b x2 Leather Away With the Wattle O I Don’t For A Living
78IS Four Provinces Orchestra James Mullen COL 33389-F Ir 78 67h Sunshine Hornpipe Rocky Road to Dublin Slip Jig
78IS Four Provinces Orchestra voc James J. Mullan COL 33404-F Ir 78 67a Johnny Cope Quickstep Polka Murphy
78IS Four Provinces Orchestra John McGettigan OKE 84022 Ir 78 67e Fling: Marquis of Huntly, Skin A Ma Rink, Pride of Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door COL 33258-F
78IS Four Provinces Orchestra VIC 79009 Ir 78 67f The Seven Step & Shoe the Donkey The Fairy & Sheehan's Reels
78IS Four Provinces Orchestra see also J. Lee VIC 79090 Ir 78 67d Sandy Buchanan Highland Strathspey Job of Journeywork, Blackbird - long hornpipe
78IS Four Provinces Orchestra VOC 14875 Ir 78 67i V+ Rattling Boys of Paddy's Land, Leather Away Polkas Highland Schottische
78IS Four Provinces Orchestra Ed Lee, director VOC 14931 Ir 78 67c Katie Connor: Colleen Rua, Foggy Dew, Moll Room First of May Hp: Molly McAlpine, Slieve Gorm
78IS Four Provinces Orchestra Ed Lee, director VOC 14943 Ir 78 67g V+ Kitty's Wedding Reel Reidy Johnson Reels
78IS Four Provinces Orchestra James Muller, vocal VOC 84031 Ir 78 67j V+ Drummer Boy Highland Fling Fish & Chips, voc
78IS Four Ramblers Album LA8 LON 167 Ir 78 524a Mother Machree Teddy O’Neill
78IS Four Ramblers Album LA8 LON 168 Ir 78 524b Dacent Irish Boy I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen
78IS Four Ramblers Album LA8 LON 169 Ir 78 524c Eileen Oge Mountains of Mourne
A1ISVoc Four Ramblers The Emerald Isle             10" LON LB580 Ir LP 1237a
A1ISVoc Four Shillings Short Kelptic Odd Ya See - DIDX043226 Am CD 1291a
A2ISInst Fourgone Conclusion FRH FHR029 Am LP 388a
78IS Fradkin, Fred violin BRW 2298 Ir 78 327a My Wild Irish Rose Missouri Waltz
78Can Frappier, Georges COL 34011-F Ca 78 2262a Sets Canadians Dances et Gigues Populaire de nos C ampagnes, Nos 1 & 2
78Can Frappier, Georges APX 12039 Ca 78 2262b Sets Canadiens, Pt. 3 Pt. 4
A2ISInst Fraser, Alasdair Portrait of a Scottish Fiddler CUL CUL009 Sc LP 441a
A2ISInst Fraser, Alasdair Skyedance CUL 101D Sc CD 441b
A2ISInst Fraser, Alasdair Driven Bow CUL 102D Sc CD 441c
A2ISInst Fraser, Alasdair Skyedance......Hope St. CUL 111D Sc CD 441d
A2ISInst Fraser, Alasdair Return to Kintail CUL 113D Sc CD 441e
A2ISInst Fraser, Alasdair Auld Lang Syne CUL 117D Sc CD 441f
A2ISInst Fraser, Alasdair Skyedance - Labyrinth CUL 116D Sc CD 441g
A2ISInst Fraser, Alasdair Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle CUL 118D Sc CD 441h
78Can Friedenberg, S. Jac & Orch. DOM S5715 Ca 78 389a Rye Waltz French Minuet
A1ISVoc Friel, Eamon Waltz of the Years THR THR1003 Ir CD 1468a
A2ISInst Friel, Pat Humours of Westport GTD C056 Ir Cas 6027a
A3CanMis Friends of Fiddlers Green This Side of the Ocean FOG FCM005 F F 819a
A3CanMis Friends of Fiddlers Green Road to Mandalay FOG FOFG3 Ca LP 519b
A1ISVoc Fry, Albert GAL CEF082 Ir LP 1198a
A2ISInst Furey Bros. I Know Where I'm Going CAP SP-10559 Ir LP 706c
A2ISInst Furey Bros. Furey's Finest HAR HSTAR2311 Ir LP 706k
A2ISInst Furey Bros. Dawning of the Day HSM DN6S3037 Ir LP 706d
A2ISInst Furey Bros. Golden Days KTL ONE1283 Ir LP 706j
A2ISInst Furey Bros. Finbar & Eddie Furey KTL 339 Ir Cas 706l
A2ISInst Furey Bros. Irish Pipes of Finbar Furey NON H72048 Ir LP 706a
A2ISInst Furey Bros. Prince of Pipers POL 264598U Ir LP 706e
A2ISInst Furey Bros. Emmigrant POL 2904009 Ir LP 706f
A2ISInst Furey Bros. Morning on a Distant Shore POL 2904010 Ir LP 706h
A2ISInst Furey Bros. Finbar & Eddie Furey PWK HPE654 Ir LP 706i
A2ISInst Furey Bros. When You Were Sweet 16 RIT 4 Ir LP 706g
A2ISInst Furey Bros. Finbar & Eddie Furey TNS TRA168 Ir LP 706b
A2ISInst Furey Bros. George, Paul & Eddie CEO 8 Ir CD 706m
A2ISInst Furey Bros. In Concert RIT LP0025 Ir LP 706n
A2ISInst Furey Bros. The Scattering HAR HM47 Ir LP 706o
All45 Furey Bros. & Davey Arthur BAN SHE 001 Ir 45 401a Green Fields of France Evening Falls
All45 Furey Bros. & Davey Arthur BAN SHE003 Ir 45 401b Lonesome Boatman Night Ferry
All45 Furey Bros. & Davey Arthur BAN SHE004 Ir 45 401c Beer, Beer, Beer Lament
A2ISInst Furey, Ted Toss the Feathers OUT OUP1020 Ir LP 626a
A1ISVoc Furlong, Noel The Final Furlong TUL TUPOZICD Ir CD 1373a
A2ISInst Furlong, Patty - - Ir CD 6215a
78IS Fyffe, Will COL 9928 Sc 78-12 184b I Belong to Glasgow I'm 94 Today
78IS Fyffe, Will COL 993-D Sc 78 184c The Engineer Sandy's Holiday
78IS Fyffe, Will COL 37013 Sc 78 184d The Gamekeeper The Centenarian
78IS Fyffe, Will COL 960-D Sc 78 1804e Dr. McGregor Where the Blue Bells Grow
A1ISVoc Fyffe, Will I Belong To Glasgow WOR SH200 Sc LP 202a
All45 Fyffe,Will COL SEG 7746 Sc 45EP E202a I Belong to Galsgow, I'm 94 Today Sailing Up the Clyde, Ye Can Come & See The Baby
78IS Fyffe,Will RGL G9390 Sc 78 184a Twelve & A Tanner A Bottle She Was the Belle of the Ball
A1ISVoc Fynes, Mary MT1944 Ir Cas 1134a
A1ISVoc Gaberlunzie Legends of Scotland KLB ZCLLS 710 Sc Cas 228a
A1ISVoc Gaberlunzie Highland Lines KLB ZCLOC 1056 Sc Cas 228b
A1ISVoc Gael Sli Siobhan Warfield The Irish Century - -2003 Ir CD 1477a
A2ISInst Gaelforce Orchestra Scotland Again LIS LICS5169 Sc Cas 3040a
A1ISVoc Gaelic Storm ONT OMCD46112 Ir CD 1426a
All45 Gaffney, Austin BEL 45-BE2750 Ir 45 532a Eileen Oge Come Back Paddy Reilly
78IS Gaffney, Patrick COL 251-D Ir 78 320b V+V+ Girl I Left Behind Me Maggie in the Woods
78IS Gaffney, Patrick OKE 21011 Ir 78 320c Mulligar Races Jolly Corkonian Jigs
78IS Gaffney, Patrick PAR E3052 Ir 78 320d V Maid Behind the Bar Reel Paddy Ryan's Dream Reel
78IS Gaffney, Patrick COL 289-D Ir 78 320e My Love is A Lassy Quadrille Southern Shore Hornpipe
78IS Gaffney, Patrick, violin Flynn, Bert, violin OKE 4840 Ir 78 320a x2 Plain Quadrille: McAllistister’s Fling, Girl I Left Be The Blackbird
78IS Gagan, Ed Geoghegan, piano solo VIC 21483 Ir 78 72g Let Erin Remember the Days of Old Has Sorrow Thy Young days Shaded
78IS Gagan, Ed and his Orchestra GRG 4016 Ir 78 72e V+V+ Irish Jigs & Reels, Part 1 Irish Jigs & Reels, Part 2
78IS Gagan, Ed and his Orchestra HMV 21088 Ir 78 72d x2 Highland Schottische The Banks of the Shannon Hornpipe
78IS Gagan, Ed and his Orchestra VIC 20711 Ir 78 72b Jig: Paddy the Dandy, Bells of Shannon, Far Down Reels: Mullinavat, Ballina Trooper
78IS Gagan, Ed and his Orchestra VIC 20887 Ir 78 72c Slip Jig: Drops of Brandy The Milliner’s Daughter Reel
78IS Gagan, Ed and his Orchestra VIC 21004 Ir 78 72f Casey the Tinker Hornpipe Sweeney's Musical Party
78IS Gagan, Ed and his Orchestra VIC 79345 Ir 78 72a Stirling Castle - Highland Schottische Hornpipes: Flowers of Adrigole, Showman’s Fancy
78IS Gagan, Ed and His Orchestra MAD 5083 Ir 78 72h Irish Jigs & Reels - Series 1 Irish Jigs & Reels - Series 2
78IS Gagnier, R. HMV 216012 7C 78 321a Irish Jigs: St Pat’s Day, Garryowen, Sprig of Shil Scotch Jigs: Come Under My Pladdie, Logie O Buch
78IS Gagnier, R. HMV 216013 7C 78 321b Reels: Warm Stuff, Paresis, Morpeth, Old Friend,. Clog Dance
800Ser Gallagher & Sheen VIC 18941 Am 78 800a Absolutely Positively
All45 Gallagher, Bridie PYE 7N17332 Ir 45 159a Destination Donegal Turfman From Ardee
78IS Gallagher, Bridie BEL BE.2706 Ir 78 587a Kylemore Pass Cutting the Corn in Creeslaugh
A1ISVoc Gallagher, Bridie A Little Bunch of Violets LON SW44965 Ir LP 127a
A1ISVoc Gallagher, Bridie In The Heart of Donegal LON SW99528 Ir LP 127b
A1ISVoc Gallagher, Bridie Girl From Donegal LON SW99541 Ir LP 127c
A1ISVoc Gallagher, Bridie Moonlight in Mayo BEL LBA25 Ir LP 127d
A1ISVoc Gallagher, Bridie Ireland’s ... CAP T10332 Ir LP 127e
A1ISVoc Gallagher, Colm The Dove MRS MS200 Ir LP 1045a
A1ISVoc Gallagher, Colm The Dove MRS MS200 Ir LP 1045a
A1ISVoc Gallagher, Ian My Ireland; Belfast, & ... - 522139 Ir Cas,CD 1138a
78IS Gallagher, Michael pipes GEN 5451 Ir 78 214a Moran’s Hp: Plains of Boyle, Leitrim Fancy Reels: Lucy Campbell, Cup of Tea
A1ISVoc Gallagher, Vincent and Friends - 2515VG Ir Cas 1142a
All45 Gallowglass Ceili Band COL SEG 7628 Ir 45EP E301a Jig: Lark in the Morning, Waltz Reel: Seige of Ennis.., Hp: Honeysuckle..
All45 Gallowglass Ceili Band TPR JKR 8014 Ir 45EP E301b Parnell's March, Liberty Bell Two Step Household Brigade, High Caul Cap
All45 Gallowglass Ceili Band TPR JKR 8015 Ir 45EP E301c Reel: Sally Gardens.., Rolling in the Rye Grass.. Reel: Mack's Rambles.., Barren Rcks of Aden
All45 Gallowglass Ceili Band BEL IEP99 Ir 45EP 301d Piper in Meadow; Rogha An Fhile Jig: Hum of Ballycastle; March: She Lived Beside
All45 Gallowglass Ceili Band BEL IEP97 Ir 45EP 301e Hornpipes Marches
All45 Gallowglass Ceili Band BEL IEP98 Ir 45EP 301f Waltzes Reels and Hornpipes
78IS Gallowglass Ceili Band COL DB.3901 Ir 78 23d Gallowglass Polka Druken Piper, Boys of Co. West M., Dashing White Sgt.
78IS Gallowglass Ceili Band COL IDB.615 Ir 78 23e E+ Cotillion, Mrs. Grace Bowie, Cumberland jig Harvest Home, Boys of Blue Hill Hornpipes
78IS Gallowglass Ceili Band COL IDB.617 Ir 78 23a Triumphal March Believe Me ... Waltz
78IS Gallowglass Ceili Band COL IDB.618 Ir 78 23b Capt. Dunne March The Breakdown Reels
78IS Gallowglass Ceili Band COL IDB.619 Ir 78 23c O'Connor's Hornpipe Kerry Dances, Rose of Tralee Waltz
A2ISInst Gallowglass Ceili Band LON LL1713 Ir LP 301a
A2ISInst Gallowglass Ceili Band Come To The Ceili TOP RM310 Ir LP 301b
A2ISInst Gallowglass Ceili Band Happy Sounds Of Ireland EPI BF19041 Ir LP 301c
A2ISInst Gallowglass Ceili Band Irish Night TRA TRAD2090 Ir LP 301d
A2ISInst Gallowglass Ceili Band Gallowglass PWK HPE614 Ir LP 301e
A2ISInst Gallowglass Ceili Band Wild Colonial Boy ERI ERIN201 Ir LP 301f
A2ISInst Gallowglass Ceili Band Dancing Time ERI ERIN202 Ir LP 301g
A2ISInst Gallowglass Ceili Band A Date With... LON TW91289 Ir LP 301h
A2ISInst Gallowglass Ceili Band Come to the Ceili Vol. 2 TOP 30/026 Ir LP 301i
A2ISInst Gallowglass Ceili Band Let's All Dance to … LON SW99605 Ir LP 301l
A2ISInst Gallowglass Ceili Band HAL SHM737 Ir LP 301j
A2ISInst Gallowglass Ceili Band 25th. Anniversary FST FLPS1760 Ir LP 301k
A1ISVoc Galvin, Gerry Last of Iron Arsed Pub Ballad.. - GGCD004 Ir CD 1442a
A1ISVoc Galvin, Mick An Irish Country Home CHT CHCD049 Ir CD 1326a
A1ISVoc Galvin, Patrick Irish Drinking Songs RVS RLP12-604 Ir LP 103a
A1ISVoc Galvin, Patrick Irish Humor Songs RVS RLP12-616 Ir LP 103b
A1ISVoc Galvin, Patrick Irish Love Songs RVS RLP12-608 Ir LP 103c
A1ISVoc Galvin, Patrick RVS 12-613 Ir LP 103d
78IS Galway Ceilidhe Band HMV IM 965 Ir 78 11b Haymakers Jig Donegal Reel
78IS Galway Ceilidhe Band HMV IM 967 Ir 78 11a 16 Hand Reel Corrib March
A2ISInst Galway Suite Hession, Carl; Tony Maher... POL 821-372-1 Ir LP 391a
A2ISInst Galway, James Galway Pops Orch. RCA 60862-2-RC Ir CD 6059a
A2ISInst Galway, James Annie's Song RCA ARL1-3061 Ir LP 6059b
A2ISInst Galway, James Magic Flute RCA LRL1-5131 Ir LP 6059c
A2ISInst Galway, James Song of the Seashore RCA ARL1-3534 Ir LP 6059d
78Can Ganam, King RCA 55-3283 Ca 78 333h King Ganam's Special Many Tears Apart
78Can Ganam, King RCA 55-3298 Ca 78 333i Dalhousie Hornpipe Ridin' Ole Paint, Leadin' Ole Ball
A3CanMis Ganam, King Square Dances RCA CAS2131 Ca LP 512d
A3CanMis Ganam, King Ridin' the Fiddle RCA CAL2207 Ca LP 512e
A3CanMis Ganam, King Reels & Rags RCA CAL2250 Ca LP 512f
A3CanMis Ganam, King King of the Fiddle RCA CAS966 Ca LP 512a
A3CanMis Ganam, King Cherny, Al & Ned Landry PWK CAS2450 Ca LP 512b
A3CanMis Ganam, King Cherny, Al & Ned Landry RCA KCL1-7004 Ca LP 512c
A2ISInst Gannon, John Joe A Blast From the Past CCE CC49 Ir Cas,CD 6124a
All45 Ganum, King RCA 57-3278 Ca 45 333b I Don't Care Teenage Love is a Loosing Game
All45 Ganum, King RCA 57-3279 Ca 45 333a Dick McDougall's Reel Oompha Rag
78Can Ganum, King RCA 55-3248 Ca 78 333d The Shelburne Reel The Tipsy Sailor Jig
78Can Ganum, King RCA 55-3264 Ca 78 333c Ridin’ the Fiddle First, Last and Always
78Can Ganum, King RCA 55-3303 Ca 78 333e Farmer’s Scottische Marilyn Bell Reel
78Can Ganum, King RCA 20-5870 Ca 78 333f Kiley’s Reel Ridin’ the Fiddle
78Can Ganum, King RCA 55-3308 Ca 78 333g Hot Canary Cactus Blossoms
A2ISInst Garda Siochana 75 Years-A Musical Celebrati DOL TOL CD2 Ir CD 3100a
A2ISInst Gardiner, Bobby Memories of Clare COP GL2-101 Ir LP,CD 607a
A2ISInst Gardiner, Bobby Memories of Clare #2 COP GL2-103 Ir LP 607b
A2ISInst Gardiner, Bobby Master's Choice OSS CD86 Ir CD 607c
A2ISInst Gardiner, Bobby Clare Shout - BG007 Ir CD 607d
A2ISInst Gardiner, Bobby Old Country Dances CNL 794 Ir LP 607e
78IS Garland, Judy DEC 3604 Ir 78 520a It’s A Great Day For The Irish A Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow
78IS Garryowen Irish Recording Orch. John McCormick, voc TAR 429 Ir 78 59a O'Sullivan Mor They Were All Far Down But Me
78IS Garryowen Irish Recording Orch. TAR 430 Ir 78 59c Waves of Tory Catherine's Favorite Barn Dance
78IS Garryowen Irish Recording Orch. TAR 431 Ir 78 59b Bridge of Athlone Garryowen, Fr. Finlay's Fav. Jigs
78IS Garryowen Irish Recording Orch. TAR 434 Ir 78 59d Katie Connor Bluebell Polka
78IS Gartsherrie Crimnson Star Prize Flute Band BEL 2541 Sc 78 47a Belmont Til We Meet Again
78IS Gartsherrie Crimnson Star Prize Flute Band BEL 2542 Sc 78 47c Orange Standard Free & Easy
78IS Gartsherrie Crimnson Star Prize Flute Band BEL 2545 Sc 78 47b The Sash The Battle of Stirling Bridge
A1ISVoc Garvey, Sean Out of the Ground HSM HS010 Ir CD 1322a
A1ISVoc Garvey, Sean The Bonny Bunch of Roses HSM HS002 Ir CD 1322b
A1ISVoc Gary, John A Little Bit of Heaven RCA LPM2994 Ir LP 1193a
A3CanMis Gaudet, Carmen A l'Harmonica BNZ B-29712 Ca LP 5022b
A3CanMis Gaudet, La Famille Les Gens de Par Chez-nous BNZ B-29711 Ca LP 5022a
A2ISInst Gaughan, Dick Coppers & Brass TOP 12TS315 Ir LP,CD 672a
A2ISInst Gaughan, Dick Handfull of Earth TOP 12TS419 Ir LP 672b
A2ISInst Gaughan, Dick Parallel Lines GRL SIF3201 Ir LP 672c
78Can Gauthiers, Conrad et ses Folkloristes HMV 263587 Ca 78 2267a Les Veillees du Bon Vieux Temps: Les Sucres, Pts. 1 & 2
A2ISInst Gavin, Frankie Traditional Music of Ireland SHA SH29008 Ir LP 637a
A2ISInst Gavin, Frankie Up & Away GAL CEF103 Ir LP 637b
A2ISInst Gavin, Frankie Frankie Goes To Town BKN BKL001 Ir LP,CD 637c
A2ISInst Gavin, Frankie Brock, Paul Tribute to Cooley GAL CEF115 Ir LP 637d
All45 Geary, Mona GLN EPW 220 Ir 45 190a Avourneen O Cork Beside The Lee
A1ISVoc General Humbert SHA Sh79032 Ir LP 1034a
A2ISInst Geneseo String Band SMP AAFM7903 Am LP 370a
A2ISInst Geneseo String Band Sackett's Harbor SMP 8809 Am Cas 370b
78IS Gerrity, John COL E7084 Ir 78 3001 Gerrity Reel Night Cap Jig
A1ISVoc Gerrity, Sr. Mary Beata Precious Hymns of Happy Mem BMG62888 Ir Cas 1141a
A1ISVoc Gerrity, Sr. Mary Beata Songs of Ireland Old & New BMG22289 Ir Cas,CD 1141b
A1ISVoc Gerrity, Sr. Mary Beata Mother of Christ - BMG111797 Ir CD 1141e
A1ISVoc Gerrity, Sr. Mary Beata Christmas Joy - BMG 81288 Ir LP 1141c
A1ISVoc Gerrity, Sr. Mary Beata The Harp & the Eagle - BMG72892 Ir CD 1141d
78Can Gerson, Albert Violin HMV 216058 Ca 78 362a Reel: Walker St, Fife Hunt, Maid Argyle, Doneg Jigs:Bully for You,1 Bottle More,Trip to Cotta
A1ISVoc Ghriallais, Sarah Idir Dha Shaile GTD 69 Ir Cas 1158a
800Ser Gibbs/Watson Tom HAR 5095-H Am 78 828a Chicken Roost; I Don’t Love Johnson’s Mule
A1ISVoc Gilhooley, Kathleen Serene Moments - - Ir CD 1419a
A1ISVoc Gilhooley, Kathleen Aires of Erin - - Ir CD 1419b
A1ISVoc Gilhooley, Kathleen Mystic Land - Irish Dreams - - Ir CD 1419c
78IS Gillespie, Hugh DEC 12171 Ir 78 305a Dowd's Favorite Reel Versouvanna
78IS Gillespie, Hugh DEC W.4688 Ir 78 305b V Pigeon on the Gate, Lady of the House Reels Girl That Broke My Heart, Dick Cosgrove's Reels
78IS Gillespie, Hugh DEC 122105 Ir 78 305c Master Crowley's Reels Irish Mazurka
A2ISInst Gillespie, Hugh Classic Recordings of ... TOP 12TP364 Ir LP,CD 6052A
All45 Gillespies JMP JP 010 Ir 45 430a Waterford My Home 40 Shades of Green
A1ISVoc Gillies, Alasdair LON SW99503 Sc LP 221a
A2ISInst Gilligan, Frank Ceili Band The Kerry Dances LON TW91242 Ir LP 319a
78IS Gillis, Alick & Inverness Ser. DEC 12021 Sc 78 308a Great Western Clog Hp: Key West, Corporal
A3CanMis Gillis, Wilfred Arisaig Airs CEL CX45 Ca LP 5058a
A1ISVoc Giltrap, Joe Distant Memories N2K N2K59 Ir CD 1461a
A1ISVoc Giltrap, Joe The Soldiers Tree WEV GWCD007 Ir CD 1461b
A1ISVoc Ginnity, Noel V Sunshine of Your Smile REG R3014 Ir CD 1101c
A1ISVoc Ginnity, Noel V. The Lilt of Irish Laughter REG R66000 Ir LP 1101a
A1ISVoc Ginnity, Noel V. Blarney Galore REG RC91000 Ir Cas 1101b
78Can Girard, Rosaire et ses Joyeux Trifluviens STA 16465 Ca 78 2263a Reel des Pays en Haut Reel Commandos
78IS Girls Pipe Band ROD RO126 Ir 78 208a Road to the Isles Wi A 100 Pipers
A1ISVoc Give Up Yer Aul' Sins EMI FBDM 1 Ir Cas 1242a
A2ISInst Glackin P,M O'Brien,Gavin Flags of Dublin TOP 12TS383 Ir LP 6032a
A2ISInst Glackin, Kevin & Seamus Northern Lights GAL CEF140 Ir LP 6044a
A2ISInst Glackin, Paddy GAL CEF060 Ir LP 6067a
A2ISInst Glackin, Paddy Michal O'Domhnaill GAL CEFCD180 Ir CD 6067c
A2ISInst Glackin, Paddy & Robbie Hannon Seidean Si GAL CEFCD171 Ir CD 6067b
78IS Glasgow Orpheus Choir HMV B.9663 Sc 78 1842a Ellan Vannin The Dashing White Sergeant
A2ISInst Glen Road BPR 2003 Ir CD 3198a
78IS Glen, Sandy PAR F-3365 Sc 78 1827a It's Clinkin' to be Linkin' The Toorie on His Bonnet
All45 Glenfolk Four EMR 45-MD1008 Ir 45 534a Foggy Dew Kelly Fron Killane
A1ISVoc Glengarry Bhoys The Gathering KCE - Sc CD 461a
A1ISVoc Glengarry Bhoys Mountain Road KCE GB007 Sc CD 461b
78IS Glenside Ceili Band GLN W-150 Ir 78 13a Hp: Derry, Groves of Slaney Reel: Bush in Bloom, Teetotaler, Shaskeen
A2ISInst Glenside Ceili Band PLA PLC5002 Ir LP 3034a
A1ISVoc Glenstal Abbey Monks ANM CD202 Ir CD 1332a
All45 Gloria REL RL 873 Ir 45 415a One Day At A Time Old Rugged Cross
All45 Gloria REL RL 1000 Ir 45 415b It's A lovely Day My Younger Days
78Can Gluck, Alma VIC 64729 Am 78 178b Darling Nellie Gray -
78Can Gluck, Alma VIC 64422 Ca 78 178a Comin’ Thro’ the Rye -
78Can Gluck, Alma VIC 74420 Am 78 178c Carry Me Back to Old Viginny -
78Can Gluck, Alma VIC 74465 Am 78 178d Listen to the Mocking Bird -
78Can Gluck, Alma VIC 87525 Am 78 178e Oh, The We Two Were Maying -
78IS Glynn, Michael COL 33441-F Ir 78 3028a Ulster Reel Kitty's Wedding Reel
All45 Go Lucky Four LON 45LON102 Ir 45 154a Up Went Nelson Off to Dublin in the Green
78Can Golden & Hughes COL A2859 Am 78 803a Fishing and Drinking Back Home on the Farm
800Ser Golden & Hughes COL A 2859 Am 78 803a Fishing & Drinking Back Home on the Farm
800Ser Golden & Hughes COL A 1291 Am 78 803b Turkey in the Straw Whistling Pete
A3CanMis Golden Eagle String Band Body, Boots & Britiches FLW FTS32317 Am LP 800a
A3CanMis Golden Eagle String Band The Canaller's Songbook - AL32318 Am LP 800b
78Can Golden, Cal, Ark. Mt. Boys OLT 8056 Am 78 360a Bell Bottom Trousers Old Fashioned Girl
A2ISInst Gonnella, Ron Fiddlers Fancy LIS LILP5017 Sc LP 426a
A2ISInst Gonnella, Ron Playing A Stradivarius - AB003 Sc LP 426b
A2ISInst Gonnella, Ron Plays Fiddles of Gow,Marshall, BRG 4 Sc LP 426c
78Can Gonzales, Nitoy & his Rondalle FLD MH2033 Am 78 3032a Tinikling Mazurka Baholana
All45 Goodfellows Male Chorus RCA CAE-119 Am 45EP E121a Macushla, Come Back to Erin Killarney, Wearing of Grn, Where River Shannon F
A1ISVoc Goodfellows Male Chorus Come Back To Erin RCA CAE 119 Ir LP E121
A2ISInst Gor Jus Rex When the Rambling Boys ... - - Ir CD 3174a
78IS Gordon Highlanders, 2nd. batt. Pipe Band HMV B-8085 Sc 78 216a x2 March, Quickstep, Strathspey, Reel March, Quickstep, Strathspey, Reel
78IS Gordon, Harry BEL 1296 Sc 78 1839a The Inversnecky Barber The Beadle O' the Kirk
All45 Gordon, Joe Folk Four HMV 7EG8454 Ca 45 1841c Johnnie Lad, Lassie Wi' the Yellow Coatie Coulter's Candy, Ridin' Doon Tae Glasca…Cairt
All45 Gordon, Joe Folk Four HMV 45POP-654 Ca 45 1841b Work O the Weavers The Day We Went to Rothsay O
All45 Gordon, Joe Folk Four HMV 45POP-600 Ca 45 1841a Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden Gotta Travel On
A2ISInst Gordon, Rob & Band 4th Caledonian Ball FEL FE029 Sc LP 430a
A2ISInst Gorman, Michael The Sligo Champion, 2 CD set TOP TSCD525D Ir CD 6205a
A3CanMis Gorman, Skip New Englander's Choice FLG FSI95 Am LP 597a
800Ser Goss, John HMV B2420 Am 78 851a Fire Down Below & Hullobaloo.. Haul Away Joe, Drunken Sailor
A3CanMis Gossellin, Gilles a l’Harmonica BOU EC5-141 Ca Cas 5032a
78Can Goulet, Leon Robert HMV 216568 Ca 78 3014a Red River Jig Western First Chain
All45 Grace, Brendan BOT B 014 Ir 45 409b Stutterin' Bum The Incredible Hulk
All45 Grace, Brendan SOL 139 Ir 45 409a Combine Harvester Bottler At the Circus
All45 Grace, Brendan SOL 155 Ir 45 409c Bottler's Visit To Dallas Bottler & Whacker
All45 Grace, Brendan LOO 34 Ir 45 409d My Heart Is In Ireland Long Before You're Time
All45 Grace, Brendan RIT Ritz 077 Ir 45 409e I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen Father of the Bride
A1ISVoc Grace, Brendan His Grace Alive O SOL 7007 Ir LP 164a
A1ISVoc Grace, Brendan Grace Before & After CYN CNS1040 Ir LP 164b
A1ISVoc Grace, Brendan His Grace At Liberty SOL 7004 Ir LP 164c
A1ISVoc Grace, Brendan His Grace At Harvest SOL 7010 Ir LP 164d
A1ISVoc Grace, Brendan Funniest Graces BOR 1313 Ir LP 164e
A1ISVoc Grace, Brendan A Bunch of Grace KTL KLP115 Ir LP 164f
A1ISVoc Grace, Brendan Two Sides of Grace RTE RTE94 Ir LP 164g
A1ISVoc Grace, Brendan Bottler Rides Again - BOCAS1316 Ir Cas 164h
A1ISVoc Grace, Brendan A Happy Hour HOT HTCS001 Ir Cas,CD 164i
A1ISVoc Grace, Brendan Everlasting KTL KCD363 Ir CD 146j
A1ISVoc Grace, Brendan A Night at the Opera House BOD CD001 Ir CD 164k
A1ISVoc Grace, Brendan Live KTL KCD378 Ir CD 164l
A1ISVoc Grace, Brendan The Essential Collection BOD BCD337 Ir CD 164m
A2ISInst Grady, Mance - MG001 Ir CD 61138a
A1ISVoc Graham, Len Ye Lovers All CLA CC41 Ir LP 1055a
A1ISVoc Graham, Len Wind & Water OSS 82 Ir Cas 1055d
A1ISVoc Graham, Len Do Me Justice CLA CC37CD Ir CD 1055g
A1ISVoc Graham, Len (see also 625b) Skylark - All Of It CLA CC49 Ir LP 1055b
A1ISVoc Graham, Len & Joe Holmes After Dawning OSS 78 Ir Cas 1055e
A1ISVoc Graham, Len & Skylark Light & Shade CLA CC57CD Ir CD 1055c
A1ISVoc Graham, Len & Skylark Raining Bicycles CLA CC62CD Ir CD 1055f
78IS Grant, Archie BEL 2183 Sc 78 173d Is Toigh Leam A Ghaidhealtachd Taobh Abhaim Aora
78IS Grant, Archie BEL 4017 Sc 78 173c Mo Dhurachd Eilean Scapaidh
78IS Grant, Archie BEL 4026 Sc 78 173a Gad Chuimhneachadh (Remembering Thee) Mairi Bhan Dhail-an-Eas (Fair Mary of Dalness)
78IS Grant, Archie BEL 4029 Sc 78 173b Slainte Gaidheal An Taobh Tuath,Health to Highland Mo Run A Chruinneag Ghaidhealach,My Highland La
A1ISVoc Grant, Isla Mother CMR 1078 Sc CD 1435a
78IS Grath, Jim, Orch. Pat O'Dwyer, acc. IMP A.542 Ir 78 7533a Varsouvianna Highland Fling Medley
A3CanMis Gray, Ann (see also Seanachie) Shouting At Magpies AGM AGSM-002 Ca CD 5168a
A3CanMis Great Big Sea Up WEA CD12277 Ca CD 5132a
A3CanMis Great Big Sea Sea of No Cares RON 1026-2 Ca CD 5132b
All45 Greehy, Anne AVO 45-5016 Ir 45 151a Connemara Lullaby My Dublin Bay
A1ISVoc Greehy, Anne Ireland My Home (also T.O’B) AVO 33AV107 Ir LP 1202a
78IS Greenock Gaelic Church Choir BEL 2185 Sc 78 189a Martyrdom (Ps. 57) St. David (Ps. 48)
A1ISVoc Greevy, Bernadette Music of Ireland SPA 219 Ir LP 1203a
A1ISVoc Griffin, Annette GTD C007 Ir Cas 1083a
78IS Griffin, Gerald Donovan, Hugh BNR 2076 Ir 78 503a St. Patrick’s Day The Green, White and Gold
78IS Griffin, Gerald OKE 4635 Ir 78 503b The Coulin The Risin’ of the Moon
78IS Griffin, Gerald OKE 4699 Ir 78 503c The Lass From The Co. Mayo Sweet Inniscarra
78IS Griffin, Gerald O’Hara, Emmet OKE 4895 Ir 78 503d The Bard of Armagh Eileen Alanna
78IS Griffin, John COL 33145-F Ir 78 436d My Beauty of Limerick Real Old Mt. Dew
78IS Griffin, John COL 33206-F Ir 78 436i E The Old Counttry Party Oh, Where is Kathleen
78IS Griffin, John COL 33231-F Ir 78 436e St. Patrick's Day The Land Where the Shamrocks Grow
78IS Griffin, John COL 33268-F Ir 78 436b Pride of Mayo The Irish Clock Maker
78IS Griffin, John COL 33270-F Ir 78 436f Come Back Reilly My Auld Skillara Hat
78IS Griffin, John COL 33290-F Ir 78 436h My Kerry Colleen The Old Irish Jig
78IS Griffin, John COL 33317-F Ir 78 436a Green Above The Red Bunch of Shamrocks he was 19 in 1901
78IS Griffin, John COL 33382-F Ir 78 436c My Heart It Is In Leitrim When You And I Were Young Mary
78IS Griffin, John Paddy Muldoon, piano GEN 5526 Ir 78 436j E The Girl Ileft Behinf Me Reel Gap of Dunlow, The Three Lakes Jigs
78IS Griffin, John O'Leary's Irish Minstrels RGZ MR1802 Ir 78 436g The Autumn Leaves Are Falling Irish Rover (Health to the Ladies Jig)
78IS Griffin, Larry VIC 29033 Ir 78 560a Irish Christening Molly, I Can't Say You Are Honest
78IS Griffin, Larry Dan Sullivan, piano VIC 29001 Ir 78 560b V/V+crk The Boys From Home Little Johnny Dugan
A2ISInst Griffin, Mickey & His Sh. Orch. Folk Dances of Ireland CNL LP181 Ir LP 3057a
A2ISInst Griffin, Mickey & His Sh. Orch. 12 Irish Dances CNL LP199 Ir LP 3057b
A2ISInst Griffin, Vincent Trad. Music from Co. Clare OSS 73 Ir Cas 6097a
A2ISInst Griffin, Yvonne Meet the Musician 2000 - - Ir CD 6209a
A1ISVoc Griffith, Grace Every Hue & Shade GGR 1 Ir CD 1211a
A3CanMis Grimoldby, Charlie Fiddlin' At Its Best MRK MC23552 Ca LP 5233a
A2ISInst Grogan Brothers The Lakes Near Killaloe GTD C081 Ir Cas 3022a
78IS Grogan, Michael RGZ IZ 673 Ir 78 102a Jig: Queen of the Fair, Lark in the Morning Reel: Mountain Lark, Traveller
78IS Grogan, Michael RGZ IZ 947 Ir 78 102b Hp: Cliff, Harvest Home, Jig: Mug of Brown ALe, Swallowtail
78IS Grogan, Michael RGZ IZ 985 Ir 78 102c Hp: Sunshine, Pleasures of Hope Reel; Pigeon on the Gate, Miss Monaghan
78IS Grogan, Michael RGZ IZ 1078 Ir 78 102d Hp: Leitrim Fancy, Chief O'Neill Jig: Fasten the Leg in Her, Hag With the Money
78IS Grogan, Michael RGZ IZ 1222 Ir 78 102e Polka: Jenny Linn, Off to Galway Jig: Smash the Windows, Wyper's Fancy
78IS Grogan, Michael RGZ IZ 1223 Ir 78 102f Reel: Lord Gordon, Boyne Hunt Jig: Sweet Biddy Daly, Geese in the Bog
78IS Grogan, Michael RGZ IZ 1281 Ir 78 102g Jig: Blackthorn Stick, One Horned Sheep Hp: Dwyer's, Friendly Visit
78IS Grogan, Michael Howard, John RGZ IZ 1285 Ir 78 102h Reel: Drunken Tailor, Teetotaler Jig: Jerry's Beaver Hat, Widow Brady
A1ISVoc Guaranteed Irish Out in Front (Bruce Foley) KIL - Ir CD 1172a
A1ISVoc Guaranteed Irish Live - - Ir CD 1172b
A2ISInst Guard, Charles Avenging & Bright CLA CC26 Ir LP 666a
A3CanMis Guest, Bill 30 Great Fiddle Hits AUD 477-9082 Ca LP 529a
A3CanMis Guest, Bill Tribute to Don Messer GCM 477-4011 Ca LP 529b
A3CanMis Guest, Bill Mr. Country Fiddle AUD 477-9013 Ca LP 529c
A3CanMis Guest, Bill & the Cumberlands Twin Pianos AUD 477-9034 Ca LP 529d
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A1ISVoc Guiness Gentle Land of My Home - - Ir Cas 1087a
A1ISVoc Guiness - - Ir Cas 1087b
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A1ISVoc Guiness An Island Fair MRK MCD2253 Ir CD 1087d
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A2ISInst Gunn, Douglas Ensemble Carolan agus Ceolta eile GAL CEF77 Ir LP 375a
All45 Gunner, Jim WAV SLP 537 Ir 45 529a Men of Ireland's 32 The West's Awake
A2ISInst Gunning, Carmel Around St. James Well SND SunCD44 Ir CD 6219a
78Can Guy, Bob VTY BG-1023 Am 78 358a Chicken Reel,Golden Slippers,Red River Valley Arkansas Traveller, Little Brown Jug, Tyrkey
A3CanMis Gyurki, Ed Fiddlin' Around MRP EG8003 Ca LP 560a
A3CanMis Gyurki, Ed The Best Of ... MRP EG7002 Ca LP 560b
A3CanMis Gyurki, Ed Contest Favorites - EG7501 Ca LP 560c
78IS H. M. Scots Guards Pipe Band RGZ MR251 Sc 78 8005a Mrs. MacDougal, Lady Louden, High Road to Linton Lock Katrine, Marquis of Huntley, De'il Among Tailors
78IS H.M. Grenadier Guards COL DB942 Sc 78 7520a Songs of Scotland, Pt. 1 Songs of Scotland, Pt. 2
78IS H.M. Irish Guards Band LON 217 Ir 78 37a Col. Bogey Sons of the Brave
78IS H.M. Irish Guards Band GEN 4613 Ir 78 37b Maid of the Mountains, Part 1 Part 2
All45 Haas, Gaby & Barndance Gang APX 9-26384 Ca 45 396a Good Wine Jug Ostinelli's Reel
A1ISVoc Hair of the Dog Release of the Hounds OCT OECD262 Ir CD 1303a
A1ISVoc Hair of the Dog Gaelic Bark OCT OECD0275 Ir CD 1303b
A1ISVoc Hair of the Dog Let It Flow OCT OECD510 Ir CD 1303c
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