ARTIST Title Label Cat No CC Media Shelf
20 Country Classics   COL P2S5900 Am LP 834a
Abe's Lily New trad. Music   2010 Am CD 899a
Abshire, Nathan Cajun Pais Do-Do ARH F5004 Am LP 514a
Acheson, Webb Canadian Old Time Fiddling VLY C-003 Ca Cas 5164a
Adlam, Clare Satan's Nightmare MAR ALS282 CA LP 5245a
Allard, Joseph Masters of Fr. Can. Dances FLW RBF110 Ca LP 577a
Allard, Joseph   LET TAM511 Ca LP 577b
Allen, Jim Tribute to the late Ward Allen BAN RBS1253 Ca LP 5110a
Allen, Rex Under Western Skies STE HAT3001 Am LP 831a
Allen, Ward The Best Of ... (double) GRT 9230-1031 Ca LP 521a
Allen, Ward Mapleleaf Hoedown Vol 1 GRT SP203 Ca LP 521b
Allen, Ward Mapleleaf Hoedown Vol 2 SPT SP210 Ca LP 521c
Allen, Ward Mapleleaf Hoedown Vol 3 GRT SP213 Ca LP 521e
Allen, Ward The Unforgetable... - KSC 192 Ca Cas 521d
Allen, Ward Memories of W.A., Vol. 2 - PM-062407 Ca CD 521f
Almost Irish Almost Alive - - Am CD 5243a
Ambo, Lucky Old Time Fiddlin' CNT CTLP4001 Ca LP 5142a
Andres, Lourie Fantastic Hornpipe ROO RSTR122 Am LP 574a
Anthology 16 Folk Songs of Canada BAN RBS1133 Ca LP 5267a
Anthology 16 Great Canadian Fiddlers BAN RBS 1263 Ca LP 5146a
Anthology 20 Succes Grand Violoneux RCA KTL2-7017 Ca LP 522a
Anthology 24 Fiddle Medleys CEL SCX53 Sc Sc 527a
Anthology 25 Old Time Jigs & Reels ARC JR-1 Ca CD 571b
Anthology 50 Fiddle Favorites (2) ROD CM593 Ca CD 581a
Anthology Acoust Harvest 3, Fertile Lnd FKN FN1003 Am CD 864a
Anthology Another Time - Nfld. Songs PGI PIPCD-7326 Ca CD 5155a
Anthology Atlantic Decade TMK 02-50759 Ca CD 5178a
Anthology Borealis Sampler #2 BCD - Ca CD 5194a
Anthology Canadian Jigs & Reels POI P229 Ca LP 5013a
Anthology Catch of the Day DWD PRO 101 Ca CD 5067a
Anthology Ceilidh Collection NJO - Ca CD 5159a
Anthology Close to the Floor (Nfld) PGI PIPCD 7329 Ca CD 5129a
Anthology Contra Roots & Branches GMM GMM2017 Am CD 5241A
Anthology Cowboy Songs on Folkways FLW SF40043 Am CD 854a
Anthology Downhomer AVA 02-50767 Ca CD 5172a
Anthology Fiddle Stars of Tomorrow - RDRCD4478 Ca CD 5218a
Anthology Fiddlers Gold, 50 Hits (2) ARC AS8229-2 Ca LP 582a
Anthology Fiddlers of Cape Breton CEL SCX57 Sc Sc 527b
Anthology Fiddlin' Country Style (5056a) GUS GTS6296 Am Cas 822a
Anthology History of Country Music (6V) SUR - Am LP 839a
Anthology Irish Radio Newfie Sampler DWD 1993 Ca CD 5057a
Anthology K-Tel 25 Fiddle Hits KTL FH1 Ca LP 571a
Anthology Mabou Coal Mines, Vol 1, CB RON 7037-2 Ca CD 5240a
Anthology Meet Me at the Pig & Whistle ARC ACS5013 Ca LP 849a
Anthology Music from Fr. Newfoundland PGI PIP734 Ca LP 570a
Anthology Newfoundland Poets Vol 1 PGI PIP7313 Ca LP 579a
Anthology NYSOT Fiddlers Assoc. '81 - NRS-110 Am LP 5187a
Anthology Old Time Fiddling '76, Vol 10 PHI FR122 Am LP 557a
Anthology Original Songs of WW1, Vol. 2 PEL LP101 Am LP 841a
Anthology Pickin' & Singin' Gathering 04 GGG - Am CD 890a
Anthology Pickin' & Singin' Gathering 04 GGG - Am CD 890b
Anthology Quebec Pure Laine - - Ca CD 5280a
Anthology Railroad Songs And Ballads LCA AFSL61 Am LP 817a
Anthology Reels, Vol 1 PST 1 Ca LP 5041a
Anthology Reels, Vol 2 PST 9 Ca LP 5041b
Anthology Reels, Vol 5 PST 28 Ca LP 5041c
Anthology Rodeo Archives (2) ROD SRLP2-7121 Ca LP 5101a
Anthology Rosin the Bow TMK 02-50778 Ca CD 5158a
Anthology Sounds from Miramichi - PTRD9317 Ca CD 5077a
Anthology Stepdance Fiddle WRC Aug-07 Ca CD 5207a
Anthology Tarbot (Cape Breton) SRS SOTH0001 Ca LP 5253a
Anthology Tales That Fishermen Tell PGI PIP733 Ca LP 591a
Anthology The Song of Wales SAI 1079a Wl Wl 880a
Anthology Tribute to Dan R MacDonald CRA CP-R3 Sc Cas 5008a
Anthology We Will Remain,Pat.Nfld.Songs SSP 9803 Ca CD 5216a
Anthology -Nat Maritime Museum Songs of the Sea FLW FTS37315 Am LP 811a
Anthology-Sea Festival Series 1 Sea Songs FLW FTS37311 Am LP 816a
Applejack N.E. Contra Dance Music GRL SIF1028 Am LP 598a
Aqua String Band Irish Favorites ABC 380 Am LP 878a
Ar Bras, Dan Acoustic GRL SIF305 Fr LP 895a
Arsenault, Eddie Piling on the Bois Sec HPP HPP1 Ca Cas 5052a
Arsenault, Eddy Egmont Baie ILE 1001 Ca LP 5052b
Asselin, Rosaire a'l'harmonica, Vol 2 BNZ B-29635 Ca LP 5125a
Atwater & Donnelly Like the Willow Tree BEA 10133-2 Am CD 847a
Aubry, Roger   CAR C454 Ca LP 5014a
Auger, Jacques Tout l'Monde en Place RCA CGP 165 Ca LP 5153a
Auger, Jacques J. A et son Ensemble RCA CGP 188 Ca LP 5153b
Avon, Adrien et ses Diables Noirs   TRC TC-A-65 Ca LP 5106a
Bb Sisters Versatility - - Ca CD 5282a
Bb Sisters In Cahoots - - Ca CD 5282b
Ball, Tom & Kenny Sultan Who Drank My Beer KIM KM176 Am LP 837a
Bank, Lloyd A Touch of Dobro HOL RLPS-8033 Cas Ca 5272a
Barnacle Maniac - BAR 0199 Ca CD 5183a
Barra MacNeils Timeframe BMC BM3T Sc Cas 5010a
Barra MacNeils Until Now TMK 02-50731 Ca CD 5010b
Barra MacNeils The Christmas Album BRT 99057-0003 Ca CD 5010c
Barrault, Robin Vol 1, Album Souvenir JAD AD8608 Ca LP 5025a
Barrault, Robin Vol 2 BNZ 519-1500 Ca LPs 5025b
Barrault, Robin Rigodon SAL SA8112 Ca LP 5025c
Barski, Dan Irish Accordion - - Am LPs 871a
Barski, Dan Sweedish Waltzes - - Am CD 871b
Barski, Dan Selected Duets - - Am CD 871c
Barton, Cathy & Dave Para On A Day Like Today FLG FSI-107 Am LP 818a
Basker, Tommy The Tin Sandwich CRA 74889013-2 Ca CD 5061a
Bay Boys Down Home Favorites BBR BB1985-1 Ca LP,Cas 588a
Bay Boys Down Home Favorites, Vol 2 - BB1986 2 Ca Cas 588b
Bay Boys Our Home in Newfoundland - BB1989 3 Ca Cas 588c
Beaton, Andrea Branches - Andie04 Ca CD 5277a
Beaton Family of Mabou Fiddle & Piano Music SFW 40507 Ca CD 5001b
Beaton, Kinnon Cape Breton Fiddle 1 DAB 3/26/01 Ca LP 5060b
Beaton, Kinnon & Betty Cape Breton Fiddle, No.2 SLR CCR4-9067 Ca Cas 5060a
Beatons of Mabou   RON ROU7011 Ca LP 5001a
Beaudoin, Family   PHI Ph2022 Ca LP 533a
Beaudoin, Louis   PHI FI2000 Ca LP 533b
Bedard, Lucien ...a l'accordion TRC VIC31002 Ca LP 531a
Bedard, Lucien Quadrilles Chez TRC TCM2949 Ca LP 531b
Bedard, Lucien Au Violon TRC VIC31004 Ca LP 531c
Belanger, Jean-Ives Une Soiree dans le Bas du Fleuv JOU LYB-4-506 Ca Cas 5034a
Bellamy, Peter Barrack-Room Ballads of R. K. GRL SIF1002 Br LP 896a
Benoit, Emile It Comes from the Heart PIP 7311 Ca LP 5231a
Beolach Variations - - Ca CD 5257a
Beolach   - - Ca CD 5257b
Bert & I #11, Bert & I Stem Inflation - - Am Cas 823a
Bert & I #1 - - Am Cas 823b
Bert & I #9 The Return of Bert & I - - Am Cas 823c
Bert & I #2 Maine Pot Helion - - Am Cas 823d
Bert & I #5 More Bert & I - - Am LP 823e
Bing, Dave Fiddlin' Solo JMP C8385 Am Cas 5109b
Bing, Dave & Brothers Just for the Sake Of It JMP C6252 Am Cas 5109a
Blanchette, Louis Reels- Musique a Bouche MCA CB33014 Ca LP 515a
Blanchette, Louis Reels, Vol 2 CAR C-460 Ca LP 515b
Blondahl, Omer Trade Winds ROD RNT-2007 Ca LP 504a
Blondahl, Omer The Great Seal Hunt of Nfld ADC 4611 Ca Cas 504b
Blondahl, Omer Songs of the Sea & Shore ARC 537 Ca LP 504c
Blondahl, Omer Down to the Sea Again Rod RLP.7 Ca LP 504d
Blondahl, Omer A Visit to Nfld. Rod RLP.34 Ca LP 504e
Blondahl, Omer Suiga of Nfld. INR CML1016 Ca LP 504f
Boarding Party Tis Our Sailing Time FLG FSI-97 Am LP 862a
Bok, Gordon A Tune For November FLG FSI40 Am LP 805a
Bok, Gordon Bay of Fundy FLG FSI54 Am LP 805b
Bok, Gordon Rogues Gallery FLG FSI94 Am LP 805c
Boss Tones Jessica & Megan Boss - - Am LP 5119a
Bouchard, Joe   CAR CS530 Ca LP 5111a
Bouchard, Joe Portrait du Vieux Kebec TAM OP-221 Ca LP 5111b
Bouchard, Joe Charlevoix Music/Dance Trad TAM 27019 Ca LP 5111c
Boudreault, Louis Portrait du Vieux Kebec OPS OP219 Ca LP 5236a
Bouliane, Levis   LON SDS.5105 Ca LP 5098a
Bourque, Jacelyne Looking Back ALT 70512 Ca CD 5160a
Boyd, Colin Pioneer Scottish Fiddler SHA CB-1 Sc Sc 551a
Brakin Tradition Presence in the Past - CD0905 Ca CD 5133a
Brand, Oscar Vol. 2 AFD AFLP1806 Am LP 838a
Brand, Oscar Vol. 3 AFD AFLP1824 Am LP 838b
Brand, Oscar Rollicking Sea Shanties AFD AFLP1966 Am LP 838c
Briand, Elmer The Cape Breton Fiddle of... CEL SCX56 Sc Sc 548a
Briand, Elmer ...and His Cape Breton Fiddle CEL SCX58 Sc Sc 548b
Brisson Bros. Can. Square Dances BAN RBS1274 Ca LP 5042c
Brisson, Denis Fiddle Favorites & Originals HOL ICT 5024 Ca Cas 5042a
Brisson, Denis Good Old Country Fiddling HOL ICL 5015 Ca LP 5042b
Brogan, Mac Grand Lake Fiddling MEX WRC1-3433 Ca LP 576a
Brothers Dooley Folk Songs that Sold A Million DIP DS2274 Am LP 884a
Brown, Johnny Paul Jones ARC 708 Ca LP 5232a
Bruneau, Philippe   PHI Ph2003 Ca LP 530a
Bruneau, Philippe Dances for Vielles Canadiennes PHI FR2006 Ca LP 530b
Bruno et son Ensemble Ca Swing NUA NS6012 Ca LP 593a
Buckley's The (Taylor) No Limits - FBCD001 Ca CD 5214a
Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers Making for the Harbour TWP 1 Ca CD 5176c
Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers Nods & Winks TWP 2 Ca CD 5176d
Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers Flatout TWP 3 Ca CD 5176e
Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers The Miracle Cure TWP 5 Ca CD 5176f
Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers 100% Pure TWP 6 Ca CD 5176a
Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers Salt Beef Junkies TWP 7 Ca CD 5176g
Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers UP On Bust TWP 8 Ca CD 5176b
Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers Pop the Rivets TWP 9 Ca CD 5176h
Buddy Wasisname & Other Fellers d'Laird Liftin TWP 10 Ca CD 5176i
Burnell, Sarah Sarah'ndipity SFM SFM001 Ca CD 5261a
Burtnik, Tony Standard Fiddle Tunes CAW TB0181 Ca LP 586a
Burtnik, Tony Fiddle Standard Tunes - TB0282 Ca LP 586b
Butler Family Miramichi's Own - PTR 9310 Ca CD 5078a
Butler, Geoff & Hank Williams Buttons & Bows WOR WRC1-4617 Ca LP 5232a
Byrne, Pat & Joe Toward the Sunset SSP 20311 Ca CD 5239a
Byrne, Pat & Joe Towards the Sunset SSP SS020311 Ca CD 5239a
Cameron, John Allan Minstrel of Cranberry Lane MCA CB35003 Ca LP 523a
Cameron, John Allan Get There By Dawn COL ELS382 Ca LP 523b
Cameron, John Allan Lord of the Dance COL EL383 Ca LP 523c
Cameron, John Allan Wakes, Weddings, etc COL GES90343 Ca LP 523d
Cameron, John Allan Song for the Mira GLC GMI 003 Ca LP 523e
Campbell Family Champion Fiddlers PHI FR101 Am LP 556a
Campbell, John Cape Breton Violin Music ROU 7003 Ca LP 5151a
Campbell, John Dedication to … Clans - JC-127 Ca LP 5151b
Canadian Grand Masters - 1991 Live, Vol 1 - - Ca Cas 5050a
Canadian Grand Masters - 1991 Live, Vol 2 - - Ca Cas 5050b
Canadian Grand Masters - 1991 Live, Vol 3 - - Ca Cas 5050c
Canadian Grand Masters - 1998   CGM 9 Ca Cas 5050e
Canadian Grand Masters - 2000 Old Time Fiddle Tunes CGM 11 Ca Cas 5050d
Canadian Grand Masters - 2002   CGM 13 Ca Cas 5050f
Canadian Grand Masters - 2003   CGM 14 Ca CD 5050g
Canadian Grand Masters - 2004   CGM 15 Ca CD 5050h
Canadian Grand Masters - 2005   CGM PM1114 Ca CD 5050i
Canadian Grand Masters - 2006   CGM PM-06-111 Ca CD 5050j
Canadian Grand Masters - 2007   CGM - Ca CD 5050k
Canadian Grand Masters - 2008   CGM - Ca CD 5050l
Canning, Wilson St. John's Waltz WOR WRC!-3847 Ca LP 5249a
Cape Breton Symphony - Fiddle   GLC GMI001 Sc Sc 536a
Cape Breton Symphony - Fiddle   BRG BRGCCBS001 Sc Sc 536b
Cape Breton Symphony - Fiddle Pure Cape Breton BRG BRG013 Ca LP 536c
Cape Cod Fiddlers Concert Collection 2 - - Am CD 5221a
Carawan, Evan & Guy Hammer Dulcimer FLY FF329 Am LP 813a
Carignan, Jean Old Time Fiddle Tunes FLW FG3531 Ca LP 513e
Carignan, Jean Fr. Canadian Fiddle Songs LEG LEG120 Ca LP 513b
Carignan, Jean Ti Jean LON MB4 Ca LP 513f
Carignan, Jean Bruneau, Phillipe LON MB32 Ca LP 513g
Carignan, Jean Ti-Jean-le Violoneux LON MB52 Ca LP 513h
Carignan, Jean   PHI PH2001 Ca LP 513a
Carignan, Jean Joe Allard Tribute PHI Ph2012 Ca LP 513c
Carignan, Jean Coleman, Morrison & Skinner PHI Ph2018 Ca LP 513d
Carignan, Jean Alan Mills - Songs FLW FG3532 Ca LP 513i
Carignan, Jean l'Orchestre des Grande Ballets MUR 80010 Ca LP 513j
Carignan, Marcel L'Espirit d'Bois TRC Coll1837 Ca LP 5117a
Caron, Gerald Dansons RST RMN 689 Ca LP 5104a
Carpenter, David Eclectic Yankee DCS 001-2 Am CD 5212a
Carter, Wilf 32 Wonderful Years RCA CAS 846 Ca LP 843a
Carter, Wilf Remincin' RCA CAL668 Ca LP 843b
Carter, Wilf Songs of the Rail & Range RCA CAS2208 Ca LP 843c
Carter, Wilf Old Prairie Melodies RCA CAS2175 Ca LP 843d
Carter, Wilf Nuggets of the Golden West RCA CAL840 Ca LP 843e
Carthy, Martin The Collection GRL GLCD1136 Br CD 846b
Carthy, Martin & D. Swarbrick Life and Limb GRL GLCD3052 Am CD 842a
Chafe, Winnie Highland Mel.. of Cape Breton RON 7012 Ca LP 5059b
Chafe, Winnie Cape Breton Scottish Music IMS WRC1-759 Ca LP 5059c
Chafe, Winnie Bonnie Lass of Headlake - WRC1-1546 Ca LP 5059a
Chafe, Winnie Echoes CEI 8001 Ca CD 5059d
Chafe, Winnie Legacy - WCL 1996 Ca CD 5059e
Chaisson Brothers of PEI   - WRC1-677 Ca LP 5089a
Chaisson's mix copy from Bill Chaisson - - Ca CD 5089b
Chamberlain, Charlie With My Shillelagh Under My.. MCA CB30014 Ca LP 190a
Chamberlain, Charlie Best of Marg & Charlie MCA CB35006 Ca LP 190b
Chamberlain, Charlie Marg Osborne - Golden Era BAN SBS5329 Ca LP 190c
Chamberlain, Charlie & Marg Sacred Songs ROD RLP 36 Ca LP 190d
Chamberlain, Charlie & Marg Best of Marg Osborne ARC 686 Ca LP 190e
Chamberlain, Charlie & Marg They Never Grow Old POI P 318 Ca LP 190f
Chanteurs D'Acadie Folklore du Canada Francais ROD RLP39 Ca LP 5229a
Charette, Marcel et ses Mantagnards; Reels... ADA A-1 Ca LP 5073a
Cherny, Al   ARC 520 Ca LP 520b
Cherny, Al The Last Recordings, Live HOL RLPCD8050 Ca CD 520l
Cherny, Al Golden Slippers RCA CAS2274 Ca LP 520a
Cherny, Al On Stage w/... RCA CAL2167 Ca LP 520d
Cherny, Al Blue Ribbon Fiddle RCA Cal 989 Ca LP 520e
Cherny, Al Old Time Fiddle RCA Cal 887 Ca LP 520f
Cherny, Al Hits of ... RCA Kel1-8100 Ca LP 520g
Cherny, Al Big Sound of ... RCA CASX2535 Ca LP 520i
Cherny, Al Fiddle Magic RCA CASX2605 Ca LP 520h
Cherny, Al Rural Roots RCA KCL1-7008 Ca LP 520k
Cherny, Al Fiddle Party (dbl) SER SE10602 Ca LP 520j
Cherny, Al Fiddle Country TEV TA1019 Ca LP 520c
Chiasson, Merel Gully Fish Favorite SLM SLM-2 Ca LP 5090a
Chipman, Gary Down East WRR WRR1 Ca LP 5079a
Chisholm, Angus Early Recordings of ... SHA SH14001 Sc Sc 534a
Circle Dance Hockey Pokey Charity Group GRL GLCD 3054 Am CD 841a
Clark, Randy Square Dances PRO SP337 Am LP 5209a
Clarke, Douglas Michael Lonesome for Home HER 4457 Ca CD 5203a
Clayton, Paul Whaling And Sailing Songs TRA TLP1005 Am LP 808a
Clayton, Tommy Square Dances ACO 652 Am LP 5210a
Cleavers La Ribambelle & Cleavers - CLRIB991 Ca CD 5056b
Cleavers Leave It To the Cleavers - CL2001 Ca CD 5056c
Cleaver's World Breakin' Tradition - CL941 Ca CD 5056a
Clemens, Alice Fiddling Fun OSC 9030803113 Am LP 596a
Clemens, Alice Fiddlin' Fever UCA OVLS-167 Am LP 596b
Clouston, Al Proper Ting RCA KXL1-0226 Ca LP 592a
Coffey, Eddie Girls From Nfld. COU CS6011 Ca LP 565b
Coffey, Eddie 20 Hits GCM WEE80-002 Ca LP 565a
Coffey, Eddie Live at the Newfoundlander COU CS6020 Ca LP 565c
Collins, Judy A Maid of Constant Sorrow EKL EKL209 Am LP 828a
Collins, Vince Lifting Out the Stove SSP - Ca CD 5222a
Connemara Near & Distant Shores - 02-50385 Ca CD 5226a
Conners, Jim et ses Voyageurs Jigues, Dances, Canees,etc ARC ACF20&588 Ca LP 5071a
Connors, 'Stompin' Tom Pistol Pckin' Momma CYN CNS1003 Ca LP 860a
Connors, 'Stompin' Tom Bud the Spud BOT BOS-7114 Ca LP 860b
Connors, 'Stompin' Tom Sings 60 (5 rec. set) BOT STC-1 Ca LP 860c
Cook, Shane Sundry - - Ca CD 5205a
Cook, Shane   - - Ca CD 5205b
Cook, Shane & Jake Charron Head to Head - - Ca CD 5205c
Cormier, J. P. Heart & Soul BCD 114 Ca CD 5173b
Cormier, J. P. Another Morning BCD 4 Ca CD 5173a
Cormier, Joe The Cheticamp Connection HIT PLP1012 Ca LP 524b
Cormier, Joe The Dances Down Home RON 1166-11593 Ca CD 524c
Cormier, Joseph Scottish Violin...Cape Breton RON 7001 Ca LP 524a
Cormier, Paul see M. Pointu     Ca LP  
Cormier, Ricky Can. Jr. Fiddle Champion MAR MM576054 Ca LP 5199b
Cormier, Ricky N. Am. Fiddle Champion CND 977-1461 Ca LP 5199a
Cortese, Laura Hush - - Ca CD 5274a
Cortese, Laura Even the Lest Creek - - Ca CD 5274b
Cortese, Laura 3 Song Promo - - Ca CD 5274c
Cortese, Laura Acoustic Project - - Ca CD 5274d
Cote, Denis et son accordeon AMI 1042 Ca LP 546b
Cote, Denis Generation en generation ECH EC131 Ca LP 546c
Cote, Denis Album Souvenir JAD AD8607 Ca LP 546g
Cote, Denis   SOL SO21102 Ca LP 546a
Cote, Denis Swingnez vot Compagnie TOT TO9215 Ca LP 546d
Cote, Denis A son Meilleur TOT TO9224 Ca LP 546e
Cote, Denis 15 Plus Grande Succes TOT TO-9228 Ca LP 546f
Cote, Denis Tout l'monde en place ...set TOT TO9210 Ca LP 546h
Cote, Paul Un Nouveau Violon LON SDS-5142 Ca LP 5152a
Cottars Fore Runner RON 11661-7064 Ca CD 5220b
Cottars Made in Cape Breton - COT-CD1 Ca CD 5220a
Cottars   RON 11661-7068-2 Ca CD 5220c
Couture, Hughes Dance Chez-nous RES TCT1049 Ca LP 5026a
Cranford, Paul The Lighthouse CRA CPR-4CD Ca CD 5143a
Cranford, Paul More Tunes from the Lighthouse CRA (dbl) Ca CD 5143b
Crawford, Winston The Dancers Favorite PRT PTR105 Ca LP 5086a
Crawford, Winston Family Band -   Ca LP 5086b
Cremo, Lee ...and the Eastern Variation AUD 477-9010 Ca LP 528a
Cremo, Lee Cape Breton Fiddle of ... AUD 477-9032 Ca LP 528e
Cremo, Lee   AUD 477-9050 Ca LP 528d
Cremo, Lee The Flying Fiddle of ... AUD 477-9077 Ca LP 528c
Cremo, Lee Cape Breton Fiddlin' AUD 477-9088 Ca LP 528b
Cremo, Lee Champion Fiddler LIB ML903 Ca LP 528f
Cuillerier, Yvon Violon du Chez-Nous ENC 2-3005 Ca CD 5171a
Dagenais, Robbie Ottawa Valley Fiddler HOL ICT 5022 Ca Cas 5044a
Dalhart, Vernon Railroad Songs M56 794 Am LP 866a
Dalhart, Vernon Ballads & Railroad Songs OLH OHCS129 Am LP 866b
Dawson, Peter Old Country Fiddle Tunes ARC AS835 Ca LP 5005b
Dawson, Peter Old Tyme Fiddle ARC AS808 Ca LP 5005c
Dawson, Peter Star of Calabogie FFR FF1010 Ca CD 5005d
Dawson, Peter Owl in the Hen House FFR FF1999 Ca CD 5005e
Dawson, Peter For Pete's Sake FFR FF2001 Ca CD 5005f
Dawson, Peter Fiddlin' for Folk LOF LP1002 Ca LP 5005g
Dawson, Peter Home Sweet Home Fiddlin' SNO SCN-519 Ca LP 5005a
Dean, Dixie The 3 Keyboards of D.D. ON ZLP668 Ca LP 5225a
Deighan, Erwin Haste to the Wedding MAR ALS301 Ca LP 5081a
Deighan, Erwin w/calls Let's Square Dance MAR ALS175 Ca LP 5081b
DeJarlis, Andy Red River Echoes LON EB 5 Ca LP 525k
DeJarlis, Andy Square Dances LON EB 40 Ca LP 525n
DeJarlis, Andy Original Old-Time Music LON EB 45 Ca LP 525f
Dejarlis, Andy Old Time Waltzes LON EB 46(MB73) Ca LP 525o
Dejarlis, Andy Let's Do the Two-Step LON EB 59 Ca LP 525p
DeJarlis, Andy Favorite Old Time Tunes LON EB 60 Ca LP 525i
Dejarlis, Andy Early Settlers Old Time Tunes LON EB 90 Ca LP 525r
DeJarlis, Andy Red River Echoes Vol. 2 LON EB.28 Ca CD 525s
DeJarlis, Andy Centennial Album LON EBX4108 Ca CD 525t
DeJarlis, Andy Good Old Time Music LON EBX4109 Ca LP 525v
DeJarlis, Andy Backwoods Fiddle Tunes LON EBX4118 Ca LP 525a
DeJarlis, Andy Canadian Old Time Music LON EBX4123 Ca LP 525c
Dejarlis, Andy Cross Canada Old Time Music LON EBX4124 Ca LP 525q
Dejarlis, Andy Square Dance with Calls LON EBX4127 Ca LP 525m
DeJarlis, Andy Waltzes to Remember LON EBX4153 Ca CD 525u
DeJarlis, Andy Tribute to Jim Magill LON EBX4168 Ca LP 525b
DeJarlis, Andy Turn of the Century LON EBX4180 Ca LP 525d
DeJarlis, Andy Travelling West LON EBX4185 Ca LP 525w
DeJarlis, Andy The Happy Old Days LON EBX4190 Ca LP 525e
DeJarlis, Andy Un Vrai de Vrai LON MB 132 Ca LP 525h
DeJarlis, Andy Et Domino Les Femmes Ont Ch.. LON MB 71 Ca LP 525j
DeJarlis, Andy Chainez les Hommes...Femmes LON MB 72 Ca LP 525l
DeJarlis, Andy Tour de Danes...Tour de Valse LON MB 73(EB46) Ca LP 525g
Deroy, Charly L’as de l’Accordeon AMI 51075 Ca Cas 5036a
Deseret String Band   SHA SH79041 Am LP 832a
Dinelle, Yves LesVielles Dances de Quebec DOM LPS48015 Ca LP 543a
Dingle's Regatta   DIN DIN301 F F 803a
Dorey, Delmer Mr. Happy Music CDR CD77-1005 Ca LP 5091a
Dorymen 1497' CMD ALS398 Ca LP 5238b
Dorymen A Musical Catch CND ALS365 Ca LP 5238a
Doucet, Michael DIT Beausoleil ARH 5025 Am LP 867a
Doucet, Tommy   RON 7010 Ca LP 562a
Doyle, Wilf   ROD CCLP2012 Ca LP 547a
Doyle, Wilf Orch. The Sailor's Alphabet PGN ALS306 Ca LP 547b
Driscoll, Adam & Peter Doiron Grandpa & Adam WMP BMC402 Ca Cas 5075a
Duchesne, Tommy Une Vielles de Chez Nous ALU ALP5 Ca LP 511b
Duchesne, Tommy Dances avec ... APX ALF1503 Ca LP 511a
Duchesne, Tommy Une Soire du Bon Vieux Temps APX ALF1521 Ca LP 511g
Duchesne, Tommy Mes Plus Belles Soirees de La.. BNZ B-29744 Ca LP 511h
Duchesne, Tommy Les Dances de no Campagnes CAR C473 Ca LP 511c
Duchesne, Tommy Les Dances du Vieux Quebec CAR C436 Ca LP 511d
Duchesne, Tommy Le Bon Vieux Temp CAR C446 Ca LP 511e
Duchesne, Tommy " (same as above) CAR C521 Ca LP 511g
Duchesne, Tommy Collection Quebec Musique DEX 114 Ca CD 511i
Duchesne, Tommy 20 Grand Succes MCA CB37002 Ca LP 511f
Dumas, Omer & ses Minstrels Reel - Gigue - Polka RCA CGP 250 Ca LP 509b
Dumas, Omer & Ses Minstrels   RCA CGP103 Ca LP 509a
Durlacher, Ed Square Dances 10" VST LP5 Am LP 5103a
Edwards, Star Arc of Promise - - Am CD 6091a
Eikhard, June and her Tantramar Ramblers BAN RBS 1076 Ca LP 585b
Eikhard, June Canada's 1st Lady of Fiddle BAN SBS5311 Ca LP 585a
Elliott, Carl Down Home Fiddler MAR ALS373 Ca LP 532a
Elliott, Carl Good Old Down Home Fiddlin' MAR ALS348 Ca LP 532b
Elliott, Carl & his brothers Nova Scotia Fiddlers POI P-235 Ca LP 532c
Elliott, Carl & Nova Scotians Square Dance Tonight ARC 508 Ca LP 532d
Elliott, Carl & Nova Scotians   ARC 565 Ca LP 532d
Engelhardt, Bill & Foothills Trio Songs for a Winter Night - FH3-01002 AM CD 8004a
Engelhardt, Bill & Skuttlebutt Stand to Your Glass BLU BLR1003 AM CD 8004b
Ennis Sisters Red is the Rose CBT 02-50723 Ca CD 5182a
Erwin, Deighan Haste to the Wedding, etc MAR ALS 301 Ca LP 5081a
Etoiles Rogues, Les Reels, Vol 2 PST PST 9 Ca LP 5041b
Evans & Doherty 2nd Week of Deer Camp DWD PRO 002 Ca CD 5066a
Evans, Meredydd Trad. Welsh Songs TRA 2078 Wl Wl 876a
Fables Tear the House Down - FBL 07272 Ca CD 5184a
Felix & Formanger Between the Jigs & Reels FFD 1 Ca CD 5154a
Felix & Formanger Carrying on the Tradition FFD 100 Ca CD 5154b
Ferrel, Frank Fiddle Tunes VGR VRLP320S Ca LP 573a
Ferrel, Frank Down East, Out West VGR VRLP329S Ca LP 573b
Ferrel, Frank Boston Fiddle RON CD7018 Ca CD 573c
Ferrel, Frank Fiddledance GMM GMM2018 Am CD 573d
Feux Follets, Les Dominion Square Dancing APX ALF 1513 Ca LP 5107a
Filion, Moise Gigues de Chez-Nous BNZ BB-9041 Ca LP 5124a
Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' Classic Cuts - BBMCD 001 Ca CD 503h
Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' Canada's Outstanding Scottish CEL CX17 Sc Sc 503a
Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' The Music of Cape Breton ROD CCLP2002 Sc Sc 503b
Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' ... and His Radio Entertainers CEL CX34 Sc Sc 503c
Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' It's New CEL CX40 Sc Sc 503d
Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' The Inimitable CEL CX44 Sc Sc 503e
Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty'   BAN RBS1245 Sc Sc 503f
Fitzgerald, Winston 'Scotty' House Parties & 78's CRA - Sc Cas 503g
Fivepenny Piece On Stage EMI OU2050 Ca LP 892a
Fivepenny Piece Life is a Game of Chance PHL 9109 234 Ca LP 892b
Flynn, Jimmy East Coast Comedy Club QUA RSPD 269 Ca CD 5175a
FOG (Fiddlers of the Genesee) Live at Mumford, 2008 - 2009 Am CD 5276a
Folk Songs of Canada   COL CSPS858 Ca LP 801a
Formanger, Gerry Side By Each COU CS6022 Ca LP 589a
Forrester, Howdy Stylish Fiddlin' STY STY 168 Am LP 5070a
Fort Hill String Band   - - Am CD 5237a
Fortune Bay Sons   CLO CS8057 Ca LP 567a
Fraser, Kimberley Falling on New Ground - KFCD002 Ca CD 5262a
Friends of Fiddlers Green This Side of the Ocean FOG FCM005 F F 819a
Friends of Fiddlers Green Road to Mandalay FOG FOFG3 Ca LP 519b
Ganam, King Square Dances RCA CAS2131 Ca LP 512d
Ganam, King Ridin' the Fiddle RCA CAL2207 Ca LP 512e
Ganam, King Reels & Rags RCA CAL2250 Ca LP 512f
Ganam, King King of the Fiddle RCA CAS966 Ca LP 512a
Ganam, King Cherny, Al & Ned Landry PWK CAS2450 Ca LP 512b
Ganam, King Cherny, Al & Ned Landry RCA KCL1-7004 Ca LP 512c
Ganam, King and his Sons of the West - GCD1001 Ca CD 512g
Gaudet, Carmen A l'Harmonica BNZ B-29712 Ca LP 5022b
Gaudet, La Famille Les Gens de Par Chez-nous BNZ B-29711 Ca LP 5022a
Gillis, Wilfred Arisaig Airs CEL CX45 Ca LP 5058a
Givens, Johnny Champion Fiddler MAR ALS352 Ca LP 5252a
Golden Eagle String Band Body, Boots & Britiches FLW FTS32317 Am LP 800a
Golden Eagle String Band The Canaller's Songbook - AL32318 Am LP 800b
Gorman, Skip New Englander's Choice FLG FSI95 Am LP 597a
Gorman, Skip A Herder's Call - 006 Am CD 597b
Gorman, Skip Yankee Porridge - 1102 Am CD 597c
Gossellin, Gilles a l’Harmonica BOU EC5-141 Ca Cas 5032a
Gray, Ann (see also Seanachie) Shouting At Magpies AGM AGSM-002 Ca CD 5168a
Great Big Sea The Hard & the Easy RON 01143-1080 Ca CD 5132c
Great Big Sea Up WEA CD12277 Ca CD 5132a
Great Big Sea Sea of No Cares RON 1026-2 Ca CD 5132b
Great Big Sea In Concert RON 01143-1106 Ca CD 5132d
Grimoldby, Charlie Fiddlin' At Its Best MRK MC23552 Ca LP 5233a
Guest, Bill 30 Great Fiddle Hits AUD 477-9082 Ca LP 529a
Guest, Bill Tribute to Don Messer GCM 477-4011 Ca LP 529b
Guest, Bill Mr. Country Fiddle AUD 477-9013 Ca LP 529c
Guest, Bill & the Cumberlands Twin Pianos AUD 477-9034 Ca LP 529d
Guillette, Wilfred Vermont Fddlers GMS 1061 Am CD 5219a
Guillmette,Hilaire et son Harmonica OUS GR-349 Ca LP 5150a
Guinchard, Rufus Step Tunes & Doubles PGI PIP737 Ca LP 539c
Guinchard, Rufus Newfound Fiddler BKW BW1002 Ca LP 539a
Guinchard, Rufus Humouring the Tunes SSP RDR 178 Ca CD 539b
Gyurki, Ed Fiddlin' Around MRP EG8003 Ca LP 560a
Gyurki, Ed The Best Of ... MRP EG7002 Ca LP 560b
Gyurki, Ed Contest Favorites - EG7501 Ca LP 560c
Hall, Freddy & Orch. Gay Nineties PRM 2094 Am LP 885a
Hamblen, Stuart Spell of the Yukon COL CS8388 Am LP 883a
Hamilton, Mark Song & Tunes from Wolf Run SMP 9223 Am CD 5192a
Hardy, Jack The Passing PRI PCD061 Am CD 853a
Harrington, Dennis Old Time Cacadian Fiddling VLY CD-004 Ca CD 5165a
Hart, Laurie Gravity Hill - - Am Cas 5108a
Hartman, Jo Ann There Is Love PCI PCI5130 Am LP 833a
Harvey, Jean-Paul Le Bal du Petit Soulier CHA BL5-704 Ca Cas 5029a
Hector, George Singing Banjoman - ST58031 Ca LP 5188a
Hemsworth, Wade Songs of Canadian N. Woods FLW FW6821 Ca-10" LP-10" 580a
Hesperus Colonial America MSM MM227 Am CD 888a
Hewitt, Dick   WES DHC193 Ca Cas 5062a
Heywood, Earl Tales of the Donnelly Feud DOM 21013 Ca LP 5189a
Hibbs, Harry At the Caribou Club ARC AS794 Ca LP 518a
Hibbs, Harry More Harry Hibbs ARC AS809 Ca LP 518d
Hibbs, Harry Join Us At the Caribou Club ARC AS813 Ca LP 518i
Hibbs, Harry The Incredible ARC AS818 Ca LP 518h
Hibbs, Harry Harry Hibbs 4th ARC AS821 Ca LP 518b
Hibbs, Harry A 5th of Harry Hibbs ARC AS826 Ca LP 518c
Hibbs, Harry With Shrimp Coctail ARC CCLP7007 Ca LP 518e
Hibbs, Harry Somewhere At Sea CBU CCLP7004 Ca LP 518g
Hibbs, Harry All Kinds of Everything MAR MMS76026 Ca LP 518f
Hibbs, Harry Bell Island Boy - RDRCD-1261 Ca CD 518j
Hibbs, Harry & Caribou Showband At the Caribou Club ARC AS798 Ca LP 518k
Hicks, Curtis Portrait of an Old Time Fiddler MEP WRC-1869 Ca LP 5198a
Hicks, Ivan   GEP SR36 Ca LP 559a
Hicks, Ivan Frendly Fiddling the Maritime GEP SR48 Ca LP 559b
Hicks, Ivan Swinging Fiddlers in Nashville MEP KBME001 Ca Cas 559g
Hicks, Ivan Strength of God's Hand MEP ME1010 Ca CD 559h
Hicks, Ivan Most Requested MEP ME1011 Ca CD 559i
Hicks, Ivan Connections MEP ME1012 Ca CD 559j
Hicks, Ivan Swinging Fiddles MEP ME1003 Ca CD 559k
Hicks, Ivan Purple Violet Fiddling MEX ME1001 Ca LP 559f
Hicks, Ivan Shingle the Roof MEX ME1007 Ca LP 559e
Hicks, Ivan Fiddlingly Yours MEX ME1004 Ca LP 559c
Hicks, Ivan Old Time Christmas MEX ME1006 Ca LP 559d
Hill, Reg Ottawa Valley Hoedown, V2 BAN RBS1221 Ca LP 5028d
Hill, Reg 14 Great Fiddle Favorites BAN RBS1244 Ca LP 5028e
Hill, Reg Ottawa Valley Fiddling BAN SBS 5213 Ca LP 5028b
Hill, Reg Ottawa Valley Melodiers BAN SBS 5244 Ca Cas 5028a
Hill, Reg Tribute to a Fiddler's Friend BAN SBS 5405 Ca LP 5028f
Hill, Reg (also SBS5190) Ottawa Valley Hoedown BAN RBS 1190 Ca LP 5028c
Holland, Jerry Master CB Fiddler BOT BOS 7231 Ca LP 544f
Holland, Jerry Crystal Clear CRA CP-0200 Ca CD 544g
Holland, Jerry A Session With ... FDS ACC49205 Sc Cas 544b
Holland, Jerry Fathers & Sons FDS ACC49397 Ca Cas 544c
Holland, Jerry Fiddler's Choice FDS 98-CD Ca CD 544e
Holland, Jerry Fiddlesticks Collection GRL GLCD 1156 Ca CD 544d
Holland, Jerry   RON 7008 Sc LP 544a
Holland, Jerry & Friends   FDS FM20092 Ca CD 544h
Holmes, Kinberly Kimberly's House Party - - Ca CD 5281a
Honky-Tonks Sing-A-Long SOS P-11300 Am LP 886a
Ives, Burl Wayfaring Stranger COL CL 628 Am LP 826b
Ives, Burl Return of Wayfaring Stranger COL CL 1459 Am LP 826f
Ives, Burl The Versatile DEC DL4152 Am LP 826c
Ives, Burl My Gal Sal DEC DL4606 Am LP 826h
Ives, Burl Funny Way of Laughing DEC DL74279 Am LP 826d
Ives, Burl Pearly Shells DEC DL 74578 Am LP 826e
Ives, Burl The Best of.... MCA MCA2-4034 Am LP 826a
Ives, Burl Greatest Hits MCA 114 Am LP 826g
Jackson, Tommy Square Dances w/o Calls DEC DL895 Am LP 5211a
Johnson, Mathew Young Matt Johnson HOL RLPS-8041 Ca Cas 5269a
Johnson, Ray A Breath of Newfoundland PGI PIP738 Ca LP 566a
Johnson, Ray At the Newfoundlander AUD 477-9003 Ca LP 566b
Johnson, Ray The Warm Hearted Nfldlander AUD 477-9078 Ca LP 566c
Joudrey, Clell Fantastic Fiddle CAD CD78-1010 Ca LP 583a
Joudrey, Robert Barn Dance Fiddling - - Ca Cas 5156a
Joyal, Gerard Le Bon Temps des Fetes TRC TRC1080 Ca LP 5095a
Joyce, Chuck Hometown Specials OAK C-109 Ca LPs 5035a
Joyce, Chuck Great Old Time Fiddlin' MAR ALS329 Ca LP 5035b
Joyce, Chuck Great Old Tyme Fiddlin' MAR ALS 340 Ca LP 5035c
Kelly, Hilton and His Sidekicks - - Am Cas 5224a
Kibler, Vic Adirondack Fiddler SMP 8914 Am Cas,CD 5039a
Kilt Four in the Crib KMG 50798 Ca CD 5185a
Kingston Trio Early American Heroes PAI PDL2-1067 Am LP 829a
Kittel, Jeremy Roaring - (copy) Am CD 5256a
Kolodner, Ken Journey to the Heartland MSM MM231 Ca CD 5244a
Korona, Ray Band $5 Working People Music Tape HSM CD0733 Amc CDc 863a
Kusturok, Patti Stringin' Them Along BAN SBS5513 Ca CD 5131a
Labbe, Gabriel Masters of Fr. Can. Music V 3 FLW RBF114 Ca LP 563a
Labrador Black Spruce Love of the Land CBC RDRC-273 Ca Cas 5063a
Lacroix, Hubert Le Champion Musique a bouche LON MB76 Ca LP 5126a
Lajeunesse, Benoit Vol. 4 CAN C-7204 Ca LP 5024a
Lajoie, Gerard et son Accordeon MCA CB33028 Ca LP 516a
Lajoie, Gerard Quadrille BNZ B-29719 Ca LP 516b
Lajoie, Gerard Reels d'Accordeon CAR C-481 Ca LP 516c
LaMadeliene, J. O. Albert Vol. 2, Sets Calles BNZ Br29573 Ca LP 5137a
LaMadeliene, J. O. Albert   CHA BL5-702 Ca Cas 517c
LaMadeline, J. O. Swing La Baquese CAR C412 Ca LP 517a
LaMadeline, J. O. Les Chasons d’aurore CAR C465 Ca LP 517b
Lamb, Grant Tunes From Home VGR VRLP312-s Ca LP 541a
Lambert, Dave The Clearing CRD HT917 Am CD 865a
Lambert, Dave Plaids CRD HT918 Am CD 865b
Lamey, Bill Classic Recordings of Scottish SHA SH14002 Ca LP 545a
Lamey, Bill Full Circle RON 7032 Ca CD 545b
Lamouthe, Willie a l' harmonica LON SDS5085 Ca LP 5127a
Lanctot, Denis For the Love of Tara - DLCD-0597 Ca CD 587b
Lanctot, Denis Papineauville Quebec HIT PLP1013 Ca LP 587a
Landry, Charlie   PAS PST-23 Ca LP 5017a
Landry, Charlie Violonneux AMI 1002 Ca LP 5017b
Landry, Henri   PHI Fl2002 Ca LP 553a
Landry, Jean Musique et Chnsons P'ici FDI FR5008 Ca LP 5116a
Landry, Jean Quadrilles Acadien's TRC 1005 Ca LP 5116a
Landry, Ned Ned Landry & His Fiddle ARC A610 Ca LP 506c
Landry, Ned Fiddlin' Favorites ARC 650 Ca LP 506g
Landry, Ned Centennial Tour ARC AS251 Ca LP 506h
Landry, Ned Girl I Left Behind Me ARC 265 Ca LP 506l
Landry, Ned Silver Anniversary PRT PTLP102 Ca LP 506k
Landry, Ned Lightning Fiddle RCA CAL2188 Ca LP 506n
Landry, Ned Fiddlin' Around RCA CAL2236 Ca LP 506m
Landry, Ned Saturday Night Breakdown RCA CAL780 Ca LP 506j
Landry, Ned Bowing The Strings RCA CAL891 Ca LP 506f
Landry, Ned   RCA CAL893 Ca LP 506d
Landry, Ned Old Time Fiddlin' RCA CAL894 Ca LP 506e
Landry, Ned Me & My Fiddle RCA CAS2125 Ca LP 506b
Landry, Ned The Best of ... RCA CAS2287 Ca LP 506i
Landry, Ned Fiddlin' Favorites RCA LCP1039 Ca LP 506a
Landry, Ned Grand Masters Series ATG NL 00102 Ca CD 506o
Landry, Ned The Golden Years of Fiddling - VNR24-3-2K Ca CD 506r
Landry, Ned My Little Bear Waltz - - Ca CD 506s
Landry, Ned Singing Fiddler - - Ca CD 506q
Landry, Ned 4 Waltzes (special) - - Ca CD 505t
Landry, Ned Easy Listening - - Ca CD 506u
Landry, Ned & Ken Wood The Master & The Apprentice - KWWL 99-6 Ca Cas 506p
Laurel Fork travelers Bound to Ride HER HRC-C-117 Am LP 851a
Laurendeau, La Famille Soiree Quebecoise de Reels NUA NS6009 Ca LP 594a
Lavin, Christine Happy Dance YEL 10022 Am CD 897a
Leahy   NAR ..4295523 Ca CD 1021b
Leahy Leahy Live (promo CD) NAR ..61320022 Ca CD 1021c
Leahy   NAR 4571627 Ca CD 1021d
Leahy Family   DON A-100 Ca LP 1021a
Leahy, Donell My Heritage - NBHC-5 Ca Cas 5054a
LeBlanc, Scotty Fiddlin' French Can. Scot CEL CX29 Ca LP 5097a
Legare, Roger Le Chef....Au Violin LON SDS5146 Ca LP 5138a
LeGere, Eddie Bluenose Songbook ARC 702 Ca LP 595a
LeGere, Eddie My Home By The Sea ARC 784 Ca LP 595b
Lemelin, Michel Du Reel a la Valse BNZ B29742 Ca LP 5023a
Lemelin, Michel Le Bal A l’Huile BNZ B29718 Ca LP 5023b
Lemoire, Michael     RLPS 8034 Ca Cas 5047a
Lepage, Richard and Sons BOT BOS7204 Ca LP 569a
Lewis, Tom Surfacing SPM ASM101D Ca CD 856a
Lewis, Tom Sea Dog - See Dog SPM FF70547 Ca CD 856b
Lewis, Tom Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Singer SPM ASM104D Ca CD 856c
Lombardo, Guy Square Dances DEC DL5277 Am LP 500a
Losier, Gilles Salut, Belle Acadie - - Ca CD 5278a
Lubiniki, Michelle Ridin' the Fiddle HOL RLPS-8037 Ca Cas 5270a
Lunenburg Co. Fiddlers Club Fiddling Around - LCF01 Ca Cas 5190a
Lusk, Bob Slainte from Ulster Co. NY - - Am Cas 848a
MacDonald, Dan R. Maritime Dances ADC ADC4614 Sc Cas 5007a
MacDonald, Dan R.   CEL CX28 Ca LP 5007b
MacDonald, Dan R.   ROD RLP,108 Ca LP 5007c
MacDonald, Dougie Staying in Tune - ACC49195 Sc Cas 5009a
MacDonald, Howie The Dance Last Night - HMO 123 Ca CD 5167a
MacDonald, Howie Live & Lively ATG 250231 Ca CD 5167b
MacDonald, Howie Cape Breton Fiddler WOR SAR-A-017 Ca LP 5167c
MacDonald, Little Jack Bard of Scottish Fiddling CEL CX23 Ca LP 5105a
MacDonald, The Five Fiddlers Scottish Reels, Jigs & Straths CEL CX48 Ca LP 526a
MacGillivary, Ray Collection of Accordion Instru COU CS6009 Ca LP 550a
MacGillivray, Kendra Clear the Track - - Ca CD 5166a
MacGillivray, Kendra Over the Waves - KMGCD3 Ca CD 5166b
MacInnis, Dan Joe Scottish Canadian Fiddle CEL CX-14 Ca LP 5264a
MacIsaac, Ashley Close to the Floor BMG .-63247-2 Ca CD 5147a
MacIsaac, Ashley Hi, How Are You Today? A&M .-0522-2 Ca CD 5147b
MacIsaac, Ashley & Dave Fiddle Music 101 - 155329 Ca CD 5147c
MacIsaac, Ashley Fine, Thank You Very Much - - Ca CD 5147d
MacIsaac, Dave Celtic Guitar UNG U1002 Ca LP 5003a
MacIsaac, Joe Sound of Cape Breton ARC 527 Ca LP 5246a
MacIsaac, Wendy The 'Reel' Thing - WMR002 Ca CD 5163b
MacIsaac, Wendy That's What You Get - WMT-002 Ca CD 5163a
MacIsaac, Wendy Timeline - WS031703 Ca CD 5163c
MacIsaac, Wendy& Mary Jane Lamond Seinn - TTLMJ5 Ca CD 5163d
MacKay, Alex Francis A Lifelong Home RON CD7020 Ca CD 5120a
Mackeel Plaid AMR 268842002 Ca CD 5181a
MacKenzie, Carl Welcome to Your Feet Again RON R7005 Sc Sc 538a
MacKenzie, Carl and his Sound Is Cape Breton WOR WRC1-1548 Sc Sc 538b
MacKenzie, Carl Celtic Ceilidh WOR WRC1-5063 Ca LP 538c
MacKenzie, Carl Fiddle Medleys SAM CLM8 Ca CD 538d
MacKenzie, Carl Tradition WOR WRC1-3982 Ca LP 538e
MacKenzie, Carl Highland Fiddle & Dance - CLM-9 Ca CD 538f
MacKenzie, Carl Tullochgorum - CLM1000 Ca LP 538g
MacKenzie, Carl Cape Breton Fancy WOR WRC1-2733 Ca LP 538h
MacLellan, Jimmy, Cozy Cotters Barn Dance BAN RBS.1032 Ca LP 5139a
MacLellan, Jimmy, Cozy Cotters Play Old Time Favorites BAN RBS.1046 Ca LP 5139b
MacLellan, Theresa & Marie A Trip to Mabou Ridge RON 7006 Ca LP 5265a
MacMaster, Buddy Judique on the Floor SCM ACD 9020 Ca CD 5053a
MacMaster, Buddy The Judique Flyer SDP SMPCD1012 Ca CD 5053b
MacMaster, Natalie Road to the Isles HRC ACC49290 Ca Cas 5040a
MacMaster, Natalie Four on the Floor HRC ACC4979 Ca Cas 5040b
MacMaster, Natalie Fit As A Fiddle - NMAS-1972 Ca CD 5040c
MacMaster, Natalie No Boundaries RON CD7023 Ca CD 5040d
MacMaster, Natalie A Compilation RON CD7021 Ca CD 5040e
MacMaster, Natalie My Roots Are Showing WEA 22715 Ca CD 5040f
MacMaster, Natalie In My Hands RON 7025 Ca CD 5040g
MacMaster, Natalie Live (double) RON 7048 Ca CD 5040h
MacMaster, Natalie Blueprint RON 11661-7056 Ca CD 4050i
MacMaster, Natalie Your's Truly RON 7065 Ca CD 5040j
MacMaster, Natalie Cape Breton Girl MMA 5559 Ca CD 5040k
MacNeil, Rita Vol. 1 EMI E2-35747 Ca CD 5174a
MacNeil, Rita Flying on Your Own LUP RM1001 Ca LP 5174b
MacNeil, Ryan Piper - RJCD2005 Ca CD 5259a
Macon, Uncle Dave Keep My Skillet Good & Greasy OLH OHCS-148 Am LP 830a
MacPhee, Doug Cape Breton Piano RON R7009 Sc Sc 537a
MacPhee, Doug C. Breton Master of Keyboard - NQD5447 Sc Cas 537b
Magill, Jim & His N. Ramblers from Canada Nat. Library - - Ca LP 501b
Magill, Jim & His N. Ramblers Square Dances w/o Calls LON APB1011 Ca LP 501a
Magill, Jim & His N. Ramblers The Immortal Fiddle, Vol. 1 HER 4511 Ca CD 501c
Magill, Jim & His N. Ramblers The Immortal Fiddle, Vol. 2 HER 4512 Ca CD 501d
Maher, Frank Mahervelous BCD 168 Ca CD 5247a
Majcan, August A Breath of Nfld. BLR BA1987 Ca LP 5092a
Malley, Gerry Truck Drivin' Fiddler PGN ALS199 Ca LP 5195a
Maple Creek Old Time Fiddlers   BCH BC0824 Ca LP 5234a
Marshall, Jody Cottage in the Glen MSM MM232 Am CD 5250a
Martin, Philippe Champion de la Guitare FRM MF-20 Ca LP 5093a
Matapat Petit Fou BCD 133 Ca CD 5217a
McCarthy, Jacqui Courting & Trees - - Am CD 898a
McCurdy, Ed Songs of the West TRA TRA2061 Am LP 836a
McCurdy, Ed Children's Songs TRA TLP1027 Am LP 836b
McCurdy, Ed Blood, Booze & Bones ELK 108 Am LP 836c
McCurdy, Ed Best of Dalliance ELK EKL-213 Am LP 836d
McGraw, Connie & Paul My Father's Songs MRM 100002 Ca CD 5186a
McGraw, Connie & Paul Dancing in the Moonlight - CP2-002 Ca CD 5186b
McKeown, Susan Thru the Bitter Frost & Snow PRI PCD36 Am CD 857b
McKeown, Susan Bushes & Briars ALL 1008 Am CD 857c
McKeown, Susan Lowlands GRL GLCD1205 Am CD 857d
McKeown, Susan & Chant. House Bones PRI PCD027 Am CD 857a
McMillan, Roma Capitol City Fiddle Tunes WOR LPPF-6001 Ca LP 5006a
McMillan, Roma Seaway Valley Tunes GTM LPGU-6004 Ca LP 6006a
McMillan, Roma Fun Fiddling w/Mostly Bows - V5 Ca Cas 5006c
Meeks, Rudy Heritage Fiddle MRP S29397 Ca LP 561a
Meeks, Rudy Canadian Fiddle Sound MRP 1189M Ca LP 561b
Meeks, Rudy Fiddlers od Shelburne MRP 1364M Ca LP 561c
Meilleur, Marcel Festival du Voyageur SSR SSBLP417 Ca LP 5149a
Menage a Quatra Ad Vielle Que Pourra XOP 4048 Ca LP 5113a
Menard, Pat Northern Fiddler POI P236 Ca LP 5087a
Menard, Paul It's Country Time With ... BNZ B29550 Ca LP 5123a
Menard, Paul 10 Best Country Hits BNZ B29555 Ca LP 5123d
Menard, Paul   COL HFL8004 Ca LP 5123b
Menard, Paul   RCA CEPS-322 Ca LP 5123c
Menard, Paul Le 'Country Pop' a son Meilleur RCA CGPX-397 Ca LP 5123e
Menard, Paul All Time Fiddle Fav. POI P242 Ca LP 5123f
Menard, Paul Quadrilles Dirigees HAM HFL8008 Ca LP 5123g
Messer, Don & His Islanders 25th Aniv. Special APX - Ca LP 505f2
Messer, Don & His Islanders Down East Dancin', Vol 1 APX AL1600 Ca LP 505y
Messer, Don & His Islanders Down East Dancin’ Vol 2 APX AL1602 Ca LP 505s
Messer, Don & His Islanders Down East Dancin' Vol 3 APX AL1604 Ca LP 505b
Messer, Don & His Islanders TV Favorites APX AL1606 Ca LP 505c
Messer, Don & His Islanders Down East Dancin' Vol. 4 APX AL1607 Ca LP 505w
Messer, Don & His Islanders D.M. Original Recordings V 1 APX AL1608 Ca LP 505f
Messer, Don & His Islanders D.M. Original Recordings V 2 APX AL1609 Ca LP 505x
Messer, Don & His Islanders D.M. Original Recordings V 3 APX AL1610 Ca LP 105b2
Messer, Don & His Islanders D.M. Original Reocrdings V 4 APX AL1611 Ca LP 505j2
Messer, Don & His Islanders D.M. Original Recordings V 5 APX AL1612 Ca LP 505g
Messer, Don & His Islanders D.M. Original Recordings V 6 APX AL1613 Ca LP 505d2
Messer, Don & His Islanders Don Messer's Jubilee APX AL1616 Ca LP 505l2
Messer, Don & His Islanders Christmas APX AL1618 Ca LP 505u
Messer, Don & His Islanders Goin' to the Barn Dance Tonight APX AL1620 Ca LP 505a
Messer, Don & His Islanders Haas, Gaby; Old Time Waltz APX AL1622 Ca LP 505d
Messer, Don & His islanders More, More, More, More APX AL1623 Ca LP 505g2
Messer, Don & His Islanders More Down East Dancin' APX AL1628 Ca LP 505i2
Messer, Don & His islanders New TV Favorites APX AL1632 Ca LP 505h2
Messer, Don & His Islanders The Down East Music of... APX AL1637 Ca LP 505h
Messer, Don & His Islanders DM Quartet plays Country Mus APX AL1639 Ca LP 105c2
Messer, Don & His Islanders D.Messer's House Party APX AL1641 Ca LP 505k2
Messer, Don & His Islanders Coast to Coast APX AL1643 Ca LP 505z
Messer, Don & His Islanders Centinial Souvenir Album APX AL1644 Ca LP 105a2
Messer, Don & His Islanders On The Air, Apex 25th Aniv. APX SA-3 Ca LP 505 e2
Messer, Don & His Islanders   BAN SBS5266 Ca LP 505e
Messer, Don & His Islanders Don Messer Family BAN SBS5341 Ca LP 505v
Messer, Don & His Islanders A Tribute to Don Messer (2) KTL NC414 Ca LP 505t
Messer, Don & His Islanders Canadian Gold MCA 17002 Ca LP 505l
Messer, Don & His Islanders The Evrerlasting ... MCA 17008 Ca LP 505m
Messer, Don & His Islanders Maitoba's Golden Boy MCA 17014 Ca LP 505q
Messer, Don & His Islanders Forty Yesrs On MCA 17018 Ca LP 505p
Messer, Don & His Islanders Hello Neighbor MCA CB35001 Ca LP 505j
Messer, Don & His Islanders Don Messer's Back MCA CB35004 Ca LP 505k
Messer, Don & His Islanders Best of Don Messer MCA CB35014 Ca LP 505o
Messer, Don & His Islanders The Very Best Of... (double) MCA MCA2-4037 Ca LP 505n
Messer, Don & His Islanders The Good Old Days MCA TVLP79052 Ca LP 505r
Messer, Don & His Islanders Don Messer Family ROD CCLP2003 Ca LP 505i
Meyers, Ray Fiddlin' Fun CSD 477-7710 Ca LP 5088a
Mignault, Aime (fiddle) URA UL29565 Ca LP 5121a
Mignault, Aime Vol. 2 URA UL29607 Ca LP 5121b
Milladoiro   GRL GLCD3134 Ga CD 872a
Miller, Brian & Randt Goss The Falling of the Pine TTN TTM015 AM CD 8005a
Mills, Alan Songs of the Maritimes FLW FW8744 Ca LP 5012a
Mills, Alan O Canada FLW FP3001 Ca LP 5012b
Mills, Alan French Canadian Folk Songs FLW FP29 Ca LP 5012c
Mills, Alan Folk Songs of Newfoundland FLW FP31 Ca LP 5012d
Mitton, Earl & Valley Rhythm B Old Time Dance Party ARC A616 Ca LP 5080a
Mitton, Earl & Valley Rhythm B Fiddlin' for Fun QLT BM510 Ca LP 5080b
Mitton, Earl & Valley Rhythm B Down East Fiddle Fav. QLT V1615 Ca LP 5080c
Montmarquette, Alfred Masters of Fr. Can. Music V 2 FLW RBF111 Ca LP 578a
Montreuil, La Famille Paul Jones PAS PST-23 Ca LP 5021a
Mooring , Johnny Canadian Cavalcade ROD CCLP 2014 Ca LP 540e
Mooring, Johnny Down East Fiddling BAN RBS 1054 Ca LP 540g
Mooring, Johnny Fiddling Fun BAN RBS 1210 Ca LP 540h
Mooring , Johnny Plays Waltzes BAN RBS 1264 Ca LP 540f
Mooring, Johnny N. American Fiddling Champion BAN SBS 5220 Ca LP 540a
Mooring, Johnny Four Strings & I BAN SBS 5291 Ca LP 540i
Mooring, Johnny Champion Fiddler BAN SBS 5413 Ca LP 540b
Mooring, Johnny The Voice of ... BAN SBS 5414 Ca LP 540d
Mooring, Johnny Memorial Album BAN SBS 5420 Ca LP 540c
Morin, Aldor L'Oncle Ademar V2 Sets Calles BNZ B29586 Ca LP 5145a
Morin, Mac   - 1 Ca CD 5259a
Morrison, Jim Music from the Miramichi PRT ACR12873 Ca LP 5084a
Munro, Waldo Piano Stylings POI P290 Ca LP 519d
Munro, Waldo Honky Tonk Down East ROD CCLP2004 Ca LP 519a
Munro, Waldo Old Time Piano POI P313 Ca LP 519b
Munro, Waldo Tap Dance to W. M. BAN RBS 1144 Ca LP 519c
Murdoch, Matilda Plays Some of her Own, V.1 WRC PF0003 Ca LP 5259a
Murphy, Joe & Radio Swing Band Immortal Music of Jim Magill ROD 5RLP.14 Ca LP 502a
Music for Fifes & Drums Spirit of '76 MCR MG50111 Am LP 874a
Myers, Clem N.E. Regional Champion PHI FR103 Am LP 555a
New England Tradition Farewell to the Hollow - CYD101 Am Cas 599a
Nolan, Dick Atlantic Lullaby ARC 627 Ca LP 5100d
Nolan, Dick Truck Driving Man ARC 633 Ca LP 5100e
Nolan, Dick I'se the B'y ARC 694 Ca LP 5100c
Nolan, Dick Movin' Out ARC 740 Ca LP 5100f
Nolan, Dick I Want to Live ARC 776 Ca LP 5100g
Nolan, Dick Echoes of the Atlantic MPL CM1005 Ca LP 5100i
Nolan, Dick Fisherman's Boy RCA CAS 2576 Ca LP 5100a
Nolan, Dick Happy Newfoundlanders RCA KCL1-0012 Ca LP 5100b
Nolan, Dick Best of... RCA KNL1-7062 Ca LP 5100h
Norgaard, Per Jigs and Reels FLW FW8826 Am LP 5260a
Nye, Hermes Ballads of the Civil War FLW FP5004 Am LP 845a
O'Brien, Geri Out Behind the Barn ARC A632 Ca LP 887a
Pancerzewski, Joe Hi-Ball Fiddling VGR VRLP315-S Ca LP 542a
Pancerzewski, Joe The Fiddling Engineer VGR VRLP306-S Ca LP 542b
Pancerzewski, Joe The Fiddling Moods of... VGR VRLP327-S Ca LP 542c
Paradis, Antonine La Bastringue AMI 1007 Ca LP 5018a
Paradis, Antonine   AMI 4-1061 Ca Cas 5018b
Paradis, Antonine Danse de Ligne CHA AP154C Ca Cas 5018c
Pare, Henri-Paul Festival de l’Harmonica JOU Fl2500 Ca LP 5016a
Pare, Henri-Paul Festival de l’Harmonica, V2 JOU Fl2503 Ca LP 5016b
Parry, David The Man from Eldorado BOR BCD106 Ca CD 858a
Pasowisty, Victor Forget Me Nots   RLPS 8018 Ca Cas 5048a
Pasowisty, Victor Square dances, some calls ARC 553 Ca LP 5048b
Pasowisty, Victor At The Trembita Club ARC AS806 Ca LP 5048c
Pasowisty, Victor Waltzing Around the World HOL RLPS-8040 Ca Cas 5048d
Paton, Sandy & Caroline I've Got A Song FLG FSK-52 Am LP 861a
Payne, Jim & Fergus O'Byrne Wave Over Wave DWD 02 50440 Ca CD 5201a
Payne, Jim & Fergus O'Byrne A Crowd of Bold Sharmen SSP SS-020210 Ca CD 5210b
Payne, Roy Newfi Boy RCA CASX2568 Ca LP 5215a
Perron, Orchestre Folklore du Quebec CHA BL5-707 Ca Cas 5037a
Peacock, Ken Songs & Ballads of Nfld. FLW FG3505 Ca LP 5266a
Petrie, Bunty Old Time Fiddle Favorites ARC 602 Ca LP 5179a
Petrie, Bunty Maple Sugar MAR ALS299 Ca LP 5197b
Phillips, Utah Good Though PHI PH1004 Am LP 806a
Phillips, Utah All Used Up; A Scrapbook PHI PH1050 Am LP 806b
Phillips, Utah   PHI PHI1016 Am LP 806c
Phipps, Bonnie Autoharpin' KIM KM228 Am LP 820a
Pick 3 A Good Woman's Love FCR P3001 Am CD 855a
Piper Group   DAN LP7501 Ca LP 5082a
Plankerdown Band The Jig is Up PGI PIPCD-7331 Ca CD 5128a
Pointu, Monsieur (Paul Cormier) SOL CHT4001 Ca LP 549a
Pointu, Monsieur (Paul Cormier) SOD SO-7004 Ca LP 549b
Pointu, Monsieur (Paul Cormier) ABL ABC8001 Ca LP 549c
Poirier, Eddie Fiddler Extradinaire OAK C-123 Ca Cas 5030a
Poirier, Eddie Maritime Fiddler DON DS101 Ca LP 5030b
Poirier, Eddy Fiddling in Ir, Sc, & CB Style MAR BT9001 Ca LP 5030c
Poirier, Wilson A l’Harmonica, V2 RQM MR-4-2001 Ca Cas 5038a
Poirier, Wilson A l'Harmonica BNZ 29685 Ca LP 5038b
Ponty, Jean Luc Experience DAZ STEC133 Ca LP 868a
Princes of Folklore w/L'Oncle Adhemard LON MB9 Ca LP 5074a
Puite, Pete All About Square Dances FLW FA2001 Am LP 844a
Ralph, Dorman - SSP SS9908-04 Ca CD 5202a
Rankin Family Fare Thee Well Love - RFCD9001 Ca CD 5011b
Rankin Family   - RF8901 Sc Cas 5011a
Rankin Family Endless Seasons GUA ..383234820 Ca CD 5011c
Rankin family Collection RON 7028 Ca CD 5011d
Rankin Family North Country EMI E2-80683 Ca CD 5011e
Rankin, Mairi First Hand - 250951 Ca CD 5213a
Reconnaissance Irish & French Canadian - ADO 3 Ca CD 5242a
Reeves, Gerry Down East Accordion PGN AL5211 Ca LP 5144a
Renfrew County Fiddlers Command Performance ICE ICL5013 Ca LP 5004a
Rice, Norman Fisherman's Boy PER PER7336 Ca LP 568a
Rioux, Therese Reine du Violin ECH EC120 Ca LP,Cas 5019a
Ritchie, Jean The Most Dulcimer GRH GR714 Am LP 814a
Ritter, Tex Blood on the Saddle CAT ST1292 Am LP 858a
Roach, Nancy Double Scotch -   Ca Cas 5043a
Roach, Nancy Footnotes - NRE 102 Ca Cas 5043b
Roberts, John & Tony Berrand Mellow With Ale From The Hor FRH FHR04 F F 804a
Roberts, John & Tony Berrand Eat Bertha's Mussels FRH FHR031 F F 804b
Robichaud, Jerry Maritime Dance Party PHI FR201 Ca LP 535a
Robichaud, Jerry Down East Fiddling VGR VRLP310-S Ca LP 535b
Robichaud, Jerry The Slippery Stick RON CD7016 Ca CD 535c
Robichaud, Jerry New England Downeasters BAN RBS1067 Ca LP 535d
Robinson, Carson Square Dances MGM E3258 Am LP 5208a
Rodgers, Frankie 100 Years of Old Time Fiddle F POI PS297 Ca LP 5196a
Rogers, Will Vol 3 - - Am Cas 824a
Rose, Sam Nlfd. Accordion BKS BT9011 Ca LP 5141a
Rostad, Wayne Storyteller SCR CD-1013 Ca CD 5064a
Ryan, Denis Mist Covered Mountains ATG 02-77042 Ca CD 5179a
Saloman, Aaron Fiddle Pickin' HOL RLPS-8022 Ca Cas 5271a
Sacketts Harbor   SMP 8809 Am CD 5191a
Savoy, Marc Cajun Accordion VGR VRLP325-S Am LP 802a
Schneckenburger, Lissa Different Game FPR FR2001 Am CD 5223a
Schneckenburger, Lissa Phantom Power FPR FR20031 Am CD 5223b
Schneckenburger, Lissa Song FPR FR2008 Am CD 5223c
Schneckenburger, Lissa Dance FPR FR2010 Am CD 5223d
Schooner Fare Alive! OTG OGR8883 Am LP 807a
Schooner Fare 1st 10 Years (2) OTG OGR8886 Am LP 807b
Schooner Fare Closer To The Wind OTG OGR8882 Am LP 807c
Schooner Fare Day of the Clipper OTG OGR8878 Am LP 807d
Schryer Triplets   BOT BOS7233 Ca LP 564a
Schryer Triplets Triple Fiddle - CD930702 Ca CD 564b
Schryer, Pierre New Canadian Waltz - NCCD-9610 Ca CD 564c
Schuch, Steve Crossing the Waters BSD 128 Am CD 848a
Scotians, (Tom, Jim, Garth) Songs of Canada BAN RBS1271 Ca LP 5083a
Seanachie w/Ann Gray A Quarrel With Whiskey - Sean 002 Ca CD 5169a
Searson Live - - Ca CD 5273a
Seeger, Pete Birds, Beasts, Bugs & Little Fi FLW FCS7610 Am LP 825a
Seeger, Pete Essential Pete Seeger (2) VNG VSD97/98 Am LP 825b
Seeger, Pete Am. Folk Songs for Children FLW CSF45020 Am Cas 825c
Seeger, Pete Birds, .....& Bigger Fishes FLW CSF45022 Am Cas 825d
Seeger, Pete Song & Play Time FLW CSF45023 Am Cas 825e
Seeger, Pete Folk Songs for Young People FLW CSF45024 Am Cas 825f
Seeger, Pete Am.Games & Activity Songs.. FLW CSF45025 Am Cas 825g
Seeger, Pete Abiyoyo FLW CDSF45001 Am CD 825h
Seeger, Pete The Rainbow West FLW FA2454 Am LP 825i
Seeger, Pete Dangerous Songs COL CS2503 Am LP 825j
Seivane, Susana   GRL GLCD3137 Ga CD 873a
Seven Nations   ATL 92946-2 Am LP 877a
Shaw, Christopher Adirondack Stories HRC 61826 Am Cas 842a
Simani Saltwater Cowboys CLO CS8059 Ca LP 590a
Simani Ye Can't Have ... SWC - Ca CD 590b
Slainte Mhath Prophecy TAI 02-50598 Ca CD 5170a
Slauenwhite, Mike Mixing It Up RSD 431 Ca CD 5275a
Smith, Bill Stories & Songs - Featherbed FRH FHR200 Am Cas 821a
Smith, Bill More Featherbed Stories FRH FHR201 Am Cas 821b
Smith, Bill Tall Tales & Poems FRH FHR202 Am Cas 821c
Smith, Christina Fiddle Me This SSP SS-9411 Ca CD 5134b
Smith, Christina & J Hewson Like Ducks! BCD 108 Ca CD 5134a
Smith, Gerry Fiddle & Stepdance WOR WRC1-3410 Ca LP 5046b
Smith, Gerry Fiddle & Stepdance Tunes Vol 2   RMS 001 Ca Cas 5046a
Snotty Var (Nfld) - 02-50717 Ca CD 5130a
Snow, Hank My Nova Scotia Home RCA CAS2257 Ca LP 870a
Snow, Hank Railroad Man RCA LPM2705 Ca LP 870b
Songs of the Singing Cowboys   BDE RBS-119 Am LP 835a
Sons of the Pioneers Country & Western Songbook RCA ANL-12332 Am LP 809a
Sons of the Pioneers The Best of... RCA ANL1-3468 Am LP 809b
Sons of the Pioneers Cool Water RCA AYL1-3679 Am LP 809c
Sorrels, Rosalie Report from Grimes Creek GRL GLCD Am CD 842a
Soucy, Fernando Les Vrais Reels CAT 16008 Ca LP 5114a
Soucy, Isidore Mes Annes D'or Vol 2 CAR C430 Ca LP 510a
Soucy, Isidore Mes Annes D’or CAR C401 Ca LP 510l
Soucy, Isidore Mes Annes D’or Vol 3 CAR C470 Ca LP 510m
Soucy, Isidore 20 Grand Succes D'hier MCA CB37004 Ca LP 510g
Soucy, Isidore Lafleur, Donat CAR C520 Ca LP 510k
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble La Famille Soucy RCA CGP107 Ca LP 510q
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble Du Bon Temps avec LaFamille S CAT CAT16003 Ca LP 510f
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble Party Surprize, LaFamille Souc CAT CAT16010 Ca LP 510e
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble Chez Isidore DOM LPS48004 Ca LP 510i
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble Noel Chez Isidore DOM LPS48006 Ca LP 510h
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble La Famille Soucy-Garden Party DOM LPS48007 Ca LP 510n
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble Cest en m'en Allant a Rigaud DOM LPS48014 Ca LP 510j
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble   RCA CGP105 Ca LP 510d
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble Chez Isidore RCA CGP128 Ca LP 510b
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble LA Veilles Chez Isidore RCA LCP1030 Ca LP 510c
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble Tout L'Monde en Place RCA LCP1014 Ca LP 510o
Soucy, La famille Oubliez vos Soucis CAT 16011 Ca LP 510p
Souriante, La Bottine   DMI CS4-6117 Ca Cas 5027a
Stamper, I. D. Red Wing JAP JA010 Am LP 840a
Steele, Cye 5 Time Maritime Champion BAN SBS5425 Ca LP 584a
Steele, Cye Maritime Fiddle Contest BAN SBS5225 Ca LP 584b
Stubbert, Brenda House Sessions FDS ACC49398 Ca Cas 5051a
Stubbert, Brenda Tamerack 'er Down WOR WRC1-5253 Ca LP 5051b
Stubbert, Brenda In Jig Time CEC CECD 001 Ca LP 5051c
Stubbert, Brenda Different Strokes - - Ca CD 5051d
Sullivan, Mark Fiddling for You AMD ARC 9708 Ca CD 5204a
Sullivan, Mark Traditional Styles AMD ARC 2005 Ca CD 5204b
Swift Current O. T. Fiddlers Schoolhouse Dance Party GSL GL7802 Ca LP 5235a
Tanglefoot Sat. Night in Hardwood Lake - TMK12-1194 Ca CD 5076a
Tanglefoot Fuul Throated Abandon BCD BCD115 Ca CD 5076b
Tanglefoot Agnes on the Cowcatcheer BCD 143 Ca CD 5076c
Tanglefoot Captured Alive BCD 157 Ca CD 5076d
Tessier, Gaston Musique A Bouche TRC TCR1004 Ca LP 5099a
Thibault, Fernand   RCA CGP-129 Ca LP 5135a
Thibault, Fernand   RCA CGP-241 Ca LP 5135b
Thieme, Art In Concert KIM KM150 Am LP 812a
Thieme, Art Songs of the Heartland KIM KM148 Am LP 812b
Thomas, Charles Square Dances 10" PLH PL-2012 Am LP 5102a
Ti Blanc Richard (Adalbert) Vol 2, Quadrilles CAN C-7201 Ca LP 508h
Ti Blanc Richard (Adalbert) Les 20 Grande Succes... (2) LON W2-503 Ca LP 508c
Ti Blanc Richard (Adalbert) 35th Anniersary LON SDS5123 Ca LP 508i
Ti Blanc Richard (Adalbert)   LON SDS5100 Ca LP 508j
Ti Blanc Richard (Adalbert) Musique de Danse de Chez Nous MET MET8003 Ca LP 508a
Ti Blanc Richard (Adalbert) Chez Nous, On Danse MET 2420 Ca LP 508f
Ti Blanc Richard (Adalbert) 20 Succes Souvenir... (2) RCA KTL2-7015 Ca LP 508b
Ti Blanc Richard (Adalbert) Reels Favoris RCA QGC-326 Ca Cas 508d
Ti Blanc Richard (Adalbert) et ses Joyeux Copains RCA CGP104 Ca LP 508g
Ti Blanc Richard (Adalbert)   RCA CGP254 Ca LP 508e
Tickle Harbour Brule Boys in Paris PGI PIP7325 Ca CD 5068a
Tickle Harbour Battery Included SSP 02-50750 Ca CD 5068b
Townsend, Eleanor Golden Days CND 977-1490 Ca LP 507r
Townsend, Eleanor Lark in the Morning CND 977-1466 Ca LP 507o
Townsend, Eleanor Mrs. Country Fiddle MAR MMS-76048 Ca LP 507x
Townsend, Eleanor Moorehead   DOM LPS93071 Ca LP 507e.2
Townsend, Fred Sat. Night Square Dance MAR MMS76007 Ca LP 5200c
Townsend, Fred Olde Tyme Co. Mouth Organ KCR 54006 Ca LP 5200a
Townsend, Fred Let's Square Dance (3 Vol.Set) DON DS-3-102 Ca LP 5200b
Townsend, Graham Fancy Fiddlin' ARC 576 Ca LP 507z
Townsend, Graham N. Am. Fiddle Champion ARC AS817 Ca LP 507g2
Townsend, Graham Down Home Fiddlin' AUD 477-9048 Ca LP 507b
Townsend, Graham Supurb Fiddling of ... AUD 477-9079 Ca LP 507l
Townsend, Graham Famous Canadian Fiddlers V1 BAN RBS1083 Ca LP 507e
Townsend, Graham Fiddlin' Favorites BAN RBS1116 Ca LP 507y
Townsend, Graham Introducing... Int. Champion '63 BAN RBS1163 Ca LP 507a
Townsend, Graham Canada's Centennial BAN RBS1258 Ca LP 507f2
Townsend, Graham The Inimitable... BAN SBS5239 Ca LP 507c
Townsend, Graham Salutes Canada's PM's BAN SBS5275 Ca LP 507a2
Townsend, Graham G. T. & his Fiddle BAN SBS5284 Ca LP 507w
Townsend, Graham G.T. & His Country Fiddle BAN SBS5296 Ca LP 507d
Townsend, Graham I Like Don Messer BAN SBS5306 Ca LP 507d2
Townsend, Graham World Champion Folk Fiddler BAN SBS5406 Ca LP 507f
Townsend, Graham Graham & Eleanor- N Am Cham CND 20-001 Ca LP 507n
Townsend, Graham Graham&Eleanor-Live @ Barre CND 977-1489 Ca LP 507q
Townsend, Graham 30th Anniv. CND CAS-1497 Ca Cas 507t
Townsend, Graham Mr. Country Fiddle MAR MMS-76046 Ca LP 507i2
Townsend, Graham Ward Allen Tunes MCA CB30017 Ca LP 507m
Townsend, Graham Harvest Home MCA CB30020 Ca LP 507g
Townsend, Graham Swing Your Partner MCA CB30022 Ca LP 507h2
Townsend, Graham By The Fireside MCA CB30024 Ca LP 507h
Townsend, Graham Best Of ... MCA CB35010 Ca LP 507i
Townsend, Graham On Tour POI PS 367 Ca LP 507c2
Townsend, Graham Introducing... Int. Champion '63 ROD RLP 44 Ca LP 507a
Townsend, Graham Canadian Cavalcade ROD CCLP2010 Ca LP 507k
Townsend, Graham House Party ROD RLP8015 Ca LP 507j2
Townsend, Graham The Fiddle RON R7002 Ca LP 507j
Townsend, Graham Irish, Scottish & Fr. Canadian RON R7007 Ca LP 507p
Townsend, Graham & Eleanor Twin Fiddle Hits HOL ADC4801 Ca LPs 507u
Townsend, Graham & others Fiddling Thru the Years RTK RSP101 Ca LP 507v
Townsend, Graham, etc. The Great Canadian Fiddle SPW S6 Ca LP 507b2
Trottier, Kelli Glengarry Fiddle HOL RBS5-5506 Ca Cas 5031a
Trottier, Kelli More fron Glengarry HOL ICT 5021 Ca Cas 5031b
Trottier, Kelli   - HDCD-1810 Ca CD 5031c
Trottier, Kelli Bridges 2000 - KT002-2 Ca CD 5031d
Trottier, Kelli Daddy's Little Girl - KT0032 Ca CD 5031e
Tune-Up Boys Rigodons FRA FR-910 Ca LP 5094a
Turgeon, Gerard Festival de l’Accordeon JAD AD8620 Ca LP 5020a
Turlutaine, La Tout l’Monde Swing, Vol 3 TOB TB-91185 Ca Cas 5033a
Turlutaine, La Avec Theo Bujeau TRC C-1837-1 Ca LP 5033b
U.S. Marine Band   RCA LSP 2687 Am LP 875a
Ungar, Jay & Molly Mason Relax Your Mind ANG 35703 Am CD 5228a
Vaillancourt, Bob et son violon TOT TO9220 Ca LP 5122a
Van Arsdale, Paul Dulcimer Heritage FLG FSA87 Am LP 575a
Varsity Singers An Irish Song Festival GPH 20112 Am LP 879a
Verch, April Take Me Back RON 11661-7062 Ca CD 5162d
Verch, April Fiddlelicious AVM - Ca CD 5162a
Verch, April Verchuosity RON 82161-7019 Ca CD 5162b
Verch, April From Where I Stand RON 116617-046 Ca CD 5162c
Verret Family   PHI PH2007 Ca LP 558a
Vilbon (Jerry Arsenault) le Violoneux DBC DB1004 Ca LP 5118a
Vollrath, Calvin Red River Jig   CV 4 83 Ca Cas 5045a
Vollrath, Calvin Emma Lake Live   - Ca Cas 5045b
Vollrath, Calvin Something Different BPR BPR-1050 Ca LP 5045c
Wall, Michael The Singing Nflder CLM CCMLP001 Ca LP 5085a
Walsh, Ray Favorite Reels & Jigs of Nfld. ARC 691 Ca LP 5140a
Ward, George All Our Brave Tars GWM CD003 Am CD 893a
Wareham, Baxter Buffett Double PGI PIPCD-7324 Ca CD 5065a
Weavers Greatest Hits VAN VSD15/16 Am LP 827a
Weavers at Carnegie Hall VAN VRS9010 Am LP 827b
Weiler, Jessica & Jay-Jay Fiddlers Choice   TWC 189 Ca Cas 5049a
Welsh Male Choir Favorites EMI NTS 191 Wl Wl 881a
West, Ron Vermont Fiddler PHI FR132 Am LP 554a
White, Amy Golden Wing MSM MM229 Am CD 889a
White, John Come All Ye Home to Nfld. RCA MG4248 Ca LP 5230a
White, Minnie Nfld. Accordion & Mandolin AUD 477-9058 Ca LP 5157a
White, Minnie The Hills of Home SSP 9478 Ca CD 5157b
Williams, Edison Roving Nflder AUD 477-9006 Ca LP 5096a
Williams, John, St. Albans Band Sound of Welsh Rugby SAI 1197D Wl LP 882a
Williams, Vivian Twin Sisters VNG VRLP316-S Ca LP 572b
Williams, Vivian Fiddler VNG VRLP323S Ca LP 572a
Williams, Vivian We Love Contra Dances VNG VRLP333 Ca LP 572c
Williamson, Robin A Glint of the Kindling FLY FF096 Am LP 815a
Williamson, Robin Songs of Love And Parting FLY FF257 Am LP 815b
Williamson, Robin Mabinoch FLY FF340 Am LP 815c
Williamson, Robin Legacy of the Scottish Harpers FLY FF358 Am LP 815d
Williamson, Robin Celt Story - Culhwch & Olwen PGW PWMD5007 Wl Wl 815e
Wilmont, John Scottish-Canadian Fiddle CEL CX43 Ca LP 5015a
Wilson, George & Selma Kaplan Off With the Good St. Nicholas HPP HPP101 Am Cas 5002a
Wood, Richard Fire Dance - WRC8-7113 Ca CD 5161a
Wood, Richard Come Dance With Me - - Ca CD 5161b
Woodhull's Old Tyme Masters Square Dances RCA CAL220 Am LP 5069a
Woods, Scott Keeping Tradition MMP 20397 Ca CD 5206a
X Seaman's Institutue Heart of Oak FLW FTS32419 Am LP 810a
X Seaman's Institutue South St. Seaport FLW FTS32418 Am LP 810b
X Seaman's Institutue Favorites - Sea Heritage FLW FTS37325 Am LP 810c
Yankee Ingenuity Kitchen Junket PHI FR200a Am LP 552a
Young, Adelbert Reels MON 15401 Ca LP 5148a