Artist Label Cat No CC Media Grade Side 1 Side 2
Acuff, Roy COL 37008 Am 78   Wabash Cannon Ball Freight Train Blues
Arndt, Felix VIC 17671 Am 78   Scotch Songs Home Sweet Home
Autry, Gene VOC 4998 Am 78 E-,C/M Yellow Rose of Texas Little Ranch on Old Circle B
Baritone (?) SLT 39198 Am 78   Do You Take tis Woman... -
Bernard, Barney VIC 18029 Am 78   Cohen At the Telephone Goldstien Goes in the RR Bus.
Bichershaw Colliery Band HMV BD.731 Br 78   Cavalcade of Martial Songs Punchinello
Bishop, Billy CHA 308 Am 78 E-,C/M Medley of Old Favorites - 2 harmonica
Boyd, Bill MTW M-4778 Am 78   Strawberry Roan RidinÕ Old Paint & LeadinÕ Ol
Boyd, Bill BLU B-7088 Am 78   Yellow Rose of Texas Pretty Litle Dream Girl
Brighouse & Rastrick Band COL DX.1346 Am 78   Oliver Cromwell Overture' Concert, Pt. 1 & 2
Brown, Les & Band COR 6493 Am 78 E- Red Wing Azure
Buckley, Eugene COL A253 Am 78   KKK Katy Good Morning Mr. Zip,Zip,Zip
Burr, Henry VIC 18747 Am 78 E,C/M My Mother's Evening Prayer Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep CH
Carter, Wilf BLU 33-0510 Ca 78 E- SittinÕ By the Old Coral That First Love of Mine
Carter, Wilf BLU B-4600 Ca 78 E My Little Swiss & Me I Long for Old Wyoming
Carter, Wilf BLU B-4602 Ca 78 E- Fate of Old Strawberry Roan Yodelling Hillbilly
Carter, Wilf BLU B-4603 Ca 78 V+, x2 Old Barn Dance Broken Down Cowboy
Carter, Wilf BLU B-4649 Ca 78 V+ RootinÕ TootinÕ Cowboy Little Red Patch
Carter, Wilf BLU B-4652 Ca 78 E- ImOnly a Dude in Cowboy Clo My Honeymoon Bridge
Carter, Wilf BLU B-4659 Ca 78 E CowboyÕs Airplane Ride My Dreams Come True
Carter, Wilf BLU B-4980 Ca 78 V+ Lovers Lullaby Yodel Moonlight Prison Blues
Carter, Wilf BLU B-4983 Ca 78 V Life & Death of John Dillinger Awaiting the Chair
Carter, Wilf BLU B-4989 Ca 78 V+ Calgary Roundup Pete Knight
Carter, Wilf BLU B-5871 Ca 78 E- IÕm Gonna Ride to Heaven Two Gun Cowboy
Carter, Wilf BLU B-8149 Ca 78 V+ Roll Along Kentuckey Moon Ans to it Makes No Differenc
Carter, Wilf BLU B-8241 Ca 78 V+ Preacher & the Cowboy Roll on Dreamy Texas Moon
Carter, Wilf BLU B-8425 Ca 78 E ItÕs All Over Now RattlinÕ Cannonball
Carter, Wilf BLU B-8491 Ca 78 E You Are My Sunshine What A Wonderful Mother
Carter, Wilf BLU B-8696 Ca 78 E- I Bought A Rock... Streamlined Yodel Song
Carter, Wilf BLU B-8752 Ca 78 V+ Ita Great to be Back in the Sa Call of the Range
Carter, Wilf BLU B-9032 Ca 78 V+ Put My Little Shoes Away IÕm Thinking Tonight Of Blue
Carter, Wilf DEC 29535 Ca 78 E- Mapleleaf Waltz The Sunshine Bird
Carter, Wilf MTW M7261 Ca 78 V My Faithful Pinto Pal Preacher & the Cowboy
Carter, Wilf RCA 55-3201 Ca 78 E- Waiting for a Train That First Love of Mine
Carter, Wilf RCA 55-3219 Ca 78 E+ My Queen of the Prairie Old Shep
Carter, Wilf RCA 21-0136 Ca 78 E+ When Icw Worm Nests Again Shackles & Chains
Case, Charlie & GH VIC 16547 Am 78 E- How Mother Made the Soup The Liars or My UncleÕs Farm
Collins, Arthur VIC 17221 Am 78   The Preacher & the Bear Bake Dat Chicken Pie, w/H
Columbia Dance Orch. COL 12037-F Am 78   Sidewalks of NY At the Wood-Auction Polka
Criterion Quartet VIC 35095 Am 78 E- Medley of Foster Songs Virginia Minstrels
Crumit, Frank HMV 20137 Am 78   Get Away Old Man, Get Away Pretty Little Dear
Crumit, Frank HMV 21108 Am 78   Bohunkus Kingdom Coming
Crumit, Frank HMV 22154 Am 78   A Tale of the Ticker Return of the Gay Caballero
Crumit, Frank HMV V-40214 Am 78   I DonÕt Work for a Living Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, ...
Crumit, Frank HMV 21668 Am 78   Jack is Every Inch a Sailor The Bride's Lament
Dalhart, Vernon APX 8595 Am 78 E+ Wreck of No. 9 Wreck of the Royal Palm
Dalhart, Vernon BAN 1221 Am 78 E- My Old Ramshackle Shack -
Dalhart, Vernon CAM 1174 Am 78 V+ Get Away Old Man, Get Away Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
Dalhart, Vernon CAM 1598 Am 78 E,C/M Death of Floyd Collins Just Tell Them that You Saw Me
Dalhart, Vernon CAM 2804 Am 78 V+ HenryÕs Made A Lady Out of L On Mobile Bay
Dalhart, Vernon CHA 682 Am 78 E Golden Slippers When the Moon Shines Down
Dalhart, Vernon CHA 160 Am 78 E- Death of Floyd Collins Letter Edged in Black
Dalhart, Vernon CLT C-75 Am 78 V+ Sleepy Head Sunnyside Sal
Dalhart, Vernon CLT C75-A Am 78   Sleepy Head Sunnyside Sal
Dalhart, Vernon CNQ 7572 Am 78 V+ Don't Marry A Widow Leave the Purty Gals Alone
Dalhart, Vernon COL 1000-D Am 78 V+ Lindberg Lucky Lindy
Dalhart, Vernon COL 1488-D Am 78 V+ Halleluah IÕm A Bum Bum Song
Dalhart, Vernon COL 15039-D Am 78 E Wm Jennings Bryan Last Fight Many Many Years Ago
Dalhart, Vernon COL 15062-D Am 78 E Down on the Farm My Mother's Old Shawl
Dalhart, Vernon COL 15162-D Am 78 E Airship That Never Returned I Know There Is Somebody W
Dalhart, Vernon COL 437-D Am 78 E- The Gilr I Left Behind Me The Sidewalks of New York
Dalhart, Vernon COL 257-D Am 78 E-E Ain't You Comin' Tonight Prisoners Song
Dalhart, Vernon COL A2567 Am 78 V+ Paul Revere France,..Rebuild..Peerless Q'tet
Dalhart, Vernon DOM 3797 Am 78 E Meet at Twilight Stars Are Windows of Heaven
Dalhart, Vernon GEN 3107 Am 78 E- Sneezing Song I Wish I Was Single Again
Dalhart, Vernon GEN 4550 Am 78 V+ Carolina Sunshine Stirling Trio-Tumble Dwn Sh.
Dalhart, Vernon HMV V40132 Am 78 E- SippinÕ Cider Polly Wally Doodle
Dalhart, Vernon HMV 19627 Am 78 EE+ Never Forget Mother Baggage Coach Ahead
Dalhart, Vernon HMV 19999 Am 78 EE+ Freight Wreck at Altoona Behind These Grey Walls
Dalhart, Vernon HMV 20387 Am 78 E+ Crepe on the Cabin Door Sad Lover
Dalhart, Vernon JEW 2184 Am 78 E- Little Marion Parker That Old Wooden Rocker
Dalhart, Vernon LIN 2666 Am 78 V+ Bury Me Not ... The Cowboy's Dream
Dalhart, Vernon PER 12276 Am 78 E Lay My Head Beneath a Rose Old FiddlerÕs Song
Dalhart, Vernon PER 12330 Am 78 EE+ GypsyÕs Warning ButcherÕs Boy
Dalhart, Vernon PER 12349 Am 78 E Wreck of the C & O The Last Flight
Dalhart, Vernon PER 12365 Am 78 E- When the WorkÕs All Done Th Bad Companions
Dalhart, Vernon PER 12369 Am 78 E- A Memory that Time CanÔt E I Know There is Someone Wa
Dalhart, Vernon PER 12386 Am 78 N+ Cindy I Wonder If You Still Remem
Dalhart, Vernon VEL 1634 Am 78 E+ Song of the Failure MinerÕs Prayer
Dalhart, Vernon VEL 1721 Am 78 E+ Treasure Untold Mother Was A Lady or If ...
Dalhart, Vernon VEL 1767 Am 78 E+ WanderinÕ Watching the Trains Come In
Dalhart, Vernon VEL 1831 Am 78 E Wreck of the N & W CannonB Low Bridge Everybody Down
Dalhart, Vernon VEL 1992 Am 78 E+ Crow Song Farm Relief Song
Dalhart, Vernon VEL 2184 Am 78 E- Yukon Steve & Alaska Ann Pony Express
Dalhart, Vernon VEL 7042 Am 78 E- Little Brown Jug Old Gray Mare
Dalhart, Vernon VEL 7046 Am 78 E+ I Wish I Was A Single Girl .. Can I Sleep in Your Barn ...
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 18737 Am 78 E Lightning Express Letter Edged in BLack
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 18782 Am 78 E Emaline H.Burr-You Made Me Forget...
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19427 Am 78 V+E-E Wreck of the Old 97 Prisoner's Song
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19667 Am 78 E- He Sure Can Play Harmonica Ain't You Comin' Out Tonight
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19684 Am 78 E- The Runaway Train Chain Gang Song
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19717 Am 78 E- Dear Oh Dear Who's It Who Lovers You...
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19811 Am 78 E BLue Ridge Mt Blues SheÕs CominÔ Round the Mt.
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19812 Am 78 E Wreck of the 1256 MotherÕs Grave
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19821 Am 78 E Death of Floyd Collins Dream of a MinerÕs Child
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19867 Am 78 E Zeb Turney's Gal Naomi Wise
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19919 Am 78 E- Little Black Mustache Putting on the Style
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19951 Am 78 E Jealous Lover of Lone Grn V.. OH, Capt,Capt, Tell Me True
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19983 Am 78 E EngineerÕs Child GovernorÕs Pardon
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 19997 Am 78 E Floyd Collins Waltz Better Get Out of My Way
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 20058 Am 78 E Nellie Dare & Charlie Brooks Kitty Wells
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 20109 Am 78 VE+ Old FiddlerÕs Song We Sat Beneath the Maple on
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 20502 Am 78 V+ Casey Jones Willie the Chimney Sweeper
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 20539 Am 78 V+ Golden SLippers My Blue Mt. Home
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 20611 Am 78 E Mississippi Flood IÕll Be With You When the ..
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 21169 Am 78 EE+E+ Oh Susanna When the Sun Goes Down Aga
Dalhart, Vernon VIC 21457 Am 78 E Little Green Valley Climbing Up the Golden Stairs
Dalhart, Vernon (AC) COL 15065-D Am 78   Freight Wreck at Altoona Kinnie Wagner
Dalhart, Vernon (GM) PER 12183 Am 78   DoinÕ the Best I Can The Time Will Come
Dalhart, Vernon (JC) RAD 4141 Am 78   I Wish I Was Single Again If You Want to Find Love
English Orchestra COL 9269 Br 78-12   The Triumph Pop Goes the Weasel Flk Dnc
Fisher, Joe & Conc. Orch. DEC 5043 Am 78   Happy Go Lucky Polka Suitor's Waltz
Foley D & Ragan J CHA 394 Am 78   YouÕll Never Miss Your M... Poor Little Joe
Gallagher & Sheen VIC 18941 Am 78   Absolutely Positively
Gibbs/Watson Tom HAR 5095-H Am 78   Chicken Roost; I DonÕt Love JohnsonÕs Mule
Golden & Hughes COL A 2859 Am 78   Fishing & Drinking Back Home on the Farm
Golden & Hughes COL A 1291 Am 78   Turkey in the Straw Whistling Pete
Goss, John HMV B2420 Am 78   Fire Down Below & Hullobaloo.. Haul Away Joe, Drunken Sailor
Henry, John & Blossom HMV B2485 Am 78   Story of Lady Godiva, Pt. 1 Pt. 2
Hobson, George SLT 3052 Am 78   Bald Headed End of Broom New Market Wreck
Hunting, Russell HMV 216238 Am 78   Casey at the Dentist Casey Takes the Census
Ives, Burl DEC 23591 Am 78 E-,C/M CowboyÕs Lament Down in the Valley
Jones, Billy &E.Hare COL 875d Am 78   Bridget Flynn Wher Do You Walk-A, John
Kaufman, Jack BAN 7203 Am 78 E,C/M Prune Song Bum Song
Kaufman, Jack CAM 3055 Am 78   Irish & Germans Get Together They Landed Over Here from...
Kincaid, Bradley SLT 8217 Am 78 V+ The Fatal Wedding Barbara Allen
Kincaid, Bradley VOC 02685 Am 78   The Blind Girl Barbara Allen
Kline, Oliver VIC 19891 Am 78   Riggity Jig.. 5 tunes Jack in the Pulpit.. 6 tunes
Kreisler, Fritz VIC 10-1203 Am 78   Rondino on a Theme by Beatho.. Midnight Bells
Kreisler, Fritz VIC 64565 Am 78   Berceuse Romantique -
Manners, Zeke RCA 58-0076 Am 78   The Strangest Family Old Piano Polka
McClintock, Harry HMV 21704 Am 78   Bum Song No. 2 Big Rock Candy Mountain
McClintock, Harry HMV 21343 Am 78 E,C/M Bum Song Halleliajah IÕm A Bum
McFarland, Lester BRW 107 Am 78 V+ Hand Me Down My Walking Cane My Carolina Home
Mills, Alan RCA 56-0058 Ca 78   Kelligrew's Soiree She's Like the Swallow,Luckey's
Moody, Clyde KNG 693 Am 78   RockinÕ Alone in an old Rock Waltz of the Wind
Murphy, Lambert VIC 55069 Am 78   Mavourneen Roamin' Sunshine of Your Smile
Perry, Mario VIC 20282 Am 78   Over the Waves Sirens Waltz
Pryor, Arthur Band VIC 17380 Am 78   The Whistler & His Dog The Warbler's Serenade
Reeves, Goebel PER 13132 Am 78   Where the Mississipi Washes Reckless Tex from Texas
Richardson, Albert ZON 5178 Br 78 E+ The Old Sow Buttercup Joe
Robertson, Texas Jim RCA 27550 Am 78   Home on the Range CowboyÕs Dream
Robinson, Carson VIC 20382 Am 78   Nola Whistle-itis
Rogers, Jimmie HMV 40072 Am 78   My Little Lady You & My Old Guitar
Sam & Henry VIC 20032 Am 78   Sam Phoning his Sweetheart l S & H at the Dentist
Slim Dusty COL DB(1)4212 Am 78   A Pub With No Beer Once While I was Mustering
SousaÕs Band VIC 1625 Am 78   HandelÕs Largo Narcissus - Intermezzo
SousaÕs Band & Pryor Band VIC 16273 Am 78   Invincible Eagle March Royal TrumpeterÕs March
SousaÕs Band VIC 17302 Am 78   Washington Post El Capitan
SousaÕs Band VIC 18430 Am 78   US Field Artillery March Liberty Loan March
SousaÕs Band VIC 19056 Am 78   Nobles of the Mystic Shrine The Dauntless Battalion
SousaÕs Band VIC 20276 Am 78   Pride of the Wolverines Gridiron Club
Sousa's Band VIC 17162 Am 78   Sardinia March 7th Regiment March
Sousa's Band VIC 18504 Am 78   Sabre & Spurs March Solid Man to the Front March
Sousa's Band VIC 20132 Am 78   Stars & Stripes Forever The Fairest of the Fair
Spencer & Girard BER 857 Am 78   Auction of Household Goods -
Spencer & Jones BER 4756 Am 78   FlaniganÕs St. PatrickÕs Day  
Stewart, Cal CLI K215 Am 78   Harrigan's Reel Uncle Josh & the Billipen
Stewart, Cal COL A 1742 Am 78 V+ UJ at the Opera UJ & Aunt Nancy Visit NY City
Stewart, Cal COL A 391 Am 78 V UJ Invites the City Folks to the Farm  
Stewart, Cal COL A2962 Am 78 E UJ Takes the Cenus UJ Meeting School House Dir
Stewart, Cal HMV 18595 Am 78 E-,E Train Time UJ Put Up the Kitchen Stove
Stewart, Cal HMV 16068 Am 78 V+,E UJ in the Chinese Laundry UJ on a Bicycle
Stewart, Cal RCA 16676 Am 78 E U Josh & the Photographer Farmyard Medley
Stewart, Cal VIC 16109 Am 78 V+,E Uncle JoshÕs Huskin Bee Dan Last Day of School at Pumpkin.
Stewart, Cal VIC 16193 Am 78 V+,E Troubles in a Hotel UJ at a Circus
Stewart, Cal VIC 16225 Am 78 E UJÕs Trip to Boston Arrival in NY City
Stewart, Cal VIC 16228 Am 78 V+ Uncle Josh Playing Baseball Uncle Josh on a 5th Ave. Bus
Stewart, Cal VIC 16403 Am 78 E UJ Joins the Gangers IÕm Old But IÕm Alfully Tough
Stewart, Cal VIC 16931 Am 78 E UJ at the Fire Dept. UJ at the Roller Skating Rink
Stewart, Cal VIC 17854 Am 78 E- UJ Buys an Automobile Vilage Gossip
Stewart, Cal VIC 18711 Am 78 E UJ in a Cafeteria Honey Bees
Stewart, Cal VIC 18793 Am 78 E- UJ Buys a Victrola Opera At PunkinÕ Center
Stoneman, Ernest CHA 153 Am 78   May I Sleep in Your Barn T.. Silver Bell
Stoneman, Ernest CHA 152 Am 78   Pretty Snow Dear Barney McCoy
Stripling Bros. MEL M12173 Am 78 E Moonlight Waltz Red River Waltz
Taggart, Charles Ross VIC 17700 Am 78   Old Country in NY Violin Mimicry
Taggart, Charles Ross VIC 17918 Am 78   Sister Sorrowful Entertains Old Country Fiddler, School
Thomas, Shirley RGZ C24464 Au 78   Mother's Old Red Shawl Down on the Farm
Thomas, Shirley RGZ G24338 Au 78   The Happy Cowgirl Memories of Home
Trevor, Harry JBR 40522 Am 78   Red Wing When Fields Ar White wDaisies
Veteran, Vel & Jeff Cahoun MAD 5085 Am 78   Wreck of the Old 97 Casey Jones
Viking Accordion Band PER 16040 Am 78   Norska Waltz Le Crosse Schottische Medley
Wabash Trio RAD 4158 Am 78 V+,C/M Old Time Jigs & Reels Favorite Barn Dance
Watson, George P. VIC 20247 Am 78   Emmett's Favorite Yodel Alpine Specialty (German)
Westerners (Massey) PER 13008 Am 78   Rounded Up in Glory CowboyÕs Dream
White, Fred APX 427 Ca 78 E+ Killarney's Kicks Jig Fairy Kisses Dance
Wills, Bob COL 37212 Am 78   Cotton Eyed Joe Staccato Waltz
Wills, Nat VIC 17222 Am 78   No News on What Killed the Dog Three Trees (TomMcNaughton)
Younger E & Gaunt, J&Z CLR 5165-C Am 78   JewÕs Harp Bill I Love Virginia
Younger,Eddi Mountainers VEL 7077 Am 78   Where the Colorado's Flowing Rocky Mountain Sal