Artist 2nd Artist / Title Label Cat No CC Med Shelf Side 1 Side 2
Abbey Tavern Singers   HBR HBR 498 Ir 45 152a Gallent Forty Twa' Off to Dublin in the Green
Alexander Bros.   PYE 7N 15995 Sc 45 181a Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen Down in the Glen
All Star Ceilidhe Band   COP 459-202 Ir 45 7d Reels: Girl I Left Behind Me, Rakes of Mallow Jig: Fire on the Mt., Cook in the Kitchen
Allen, Denis   M8R MER 2300 Ir 45 404a Limerick You're A Lady Little Joe, Good Old Lovin' Days
Aubry, Roger & his Pals   APX 9-26336 Ca 45 236b Pea Soup Reel Express Train Reel
Ball, Chris   DOL DOS 176 Ir 45 426a My Lovely Rose of Clare True Love Never Dies
Bards   POL 2078110 Ir 45 406a Lannigan's Ball Song For A Winters Night
Bards   LAN 999 Ir 45 406b Now You’re Suckin’ Deisel (both sides)
Barley Bree   REG R93 Ir 45 419a Summer Roads Castles in the Air
Barleycorn   CRC CRC 71 Ir 45 180a Men Behind the Wire Freedom Walk
Begley, Eileen An Gortin Eornan CCE CL1 Ir EP E146a An Gortin Eornan, An Draighnean Donn An Beinnsin Luachra, An Clar Bog Deil
Blair, Jimmy & his Band   FON TFE-17062 Sc EP E406b Gay Gordons Eightsome Reel
Blair, Jimmy & his Band   FON TFE-17075 Sc EP E406c Back of Benachie, Strathspeys & Reels LambSkinnet, Highland Schottische
Blair, Jimmy & his Band   FON TFE-17308 Sc EP E406a Bonnie Dundee, Cock O North, H Brigade, Col Rob. Braes of Ballyquidder, Coming Thru the Rye Waltz
Blake, Patricia   GLN EPW 270 Ir 45 531a Skibereen Gay Galtee Mts.
Bowler, Denis   SKL BK 003 Ir 45 445a O'Dwyers Young Men Boys of Barr Na Sraide
Brady, Sean   CRU CRU 005 Ir 45 429a No Place Like Home The Garret Song
Burns, Gerry   GLN EPW 279 Ir 45 530a Steve Casey of Sneem Patrick Sheehan
Butler, Nora   CCE CL-7 Ir 45 E145a Shores of My Native Land, Skibbereen Cathal Brugha, Padraig Og Mo Chroi
Cagney, Mary   GLN EPW 175 Ir 45 186a Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry Dark Slender Boy
Cameron, Ian   GLF SPB.902 Sc 45 1819a Boys of Ibrox Follow Follow and There's Not A Team
Cameron, Jim & His Band   BEL 45BL2494 Sc 45 38s Isle of Skye Waltz Country Dance
Carolan's Kind   LIM AR 4181 Ir 45 196a Three Drunken Maidens Hp: Woodcock Hill, Wonder
Carrick Folk Four   THI TM 90 Sc 45 1818a Radio Scotland Blue Nose
Carroll, Padraig   HRP WRH92567 Ir 45 91a Jacqueline Waltz; Whistling Rufus Reel; Lovely Leitrim Waltz; Quickstep
Carton, Mary   CEL Cl2 Ir 45 457e Irish Soldier Boy Biddy Donohue
Carton, Mary   CEL Cl7 Ir 45 457h Girl From Donegal Take This Message to my Mother
Carton, Mary   COP 459-216 Ir 45 457f No One to Welcome Me Home Rockin' Alone in an Old Rockin' Chair
Carton, Mickey & Mary Orchestra   DEC 9-46164 Ir 45 457k Moonshiner I'll Forgive & I'll Try to Forget
Carton, Mickey Orchestra   CEL Cl1 Ir 45 457g Stack of Barley & Kerry Mills Barn Dance Keel Row & Green Grow the Rushes O
Cash, Johnny   PHL EPB-1148 Ir 45 149a Forty Shades of Green The Rebel - Johnny Yuma
Ceoltoiri Laighean   GAL CES 020 Ir 45 E340a Dinny Delaney's Cnoc Na gClarach agus Bainis na gClarach
Clancy, Willie Michael Gorman & M Barry TOP 89 Ir 45 8008a Hardiman the Fiddler, Coleman's Favorite Tempest, Mountain Road Reel
Coatbridge Harp Flute Band   HRP SPB.918 Ir 45 7513a Green Flag Fenian Martyr
Codd,Martin & Herdsman   REL RL 528 Ir 45 261a Carolan's Concerto Whisper Your Mother's Name
Coipcheart   GAL CGLS7 Ir 45 604a Na hOscail Do Bhaela Coilin
Collins, Donnie Showband   PYE 7N17329 Ir 45 160a Agricultural Irish Girl Todays Teardrops
Corbett, Pat Vivian Leeds BAN 3108 Ir 45 590a Woodlands of Lough Linn Doonaree
Coulter, Phil   QUA Q 2445 Ir 45 1042a Thornbirds Derry Air
Cronin, Paddy   COP 459-116 Ir 45 302g Flax in Bloom, Millstone, Dairymaid Reels Rakish Paddy, Wheels of the World Reels
Cronin, Paddy   COP EP9-18 Ir 45 302c O'Rourke's, Wild Irishman & Farewell Ireland, Girls Maid Behind Barrel & Kerryman's Daughter, Pride of
Crooks, Richard   RCA CAE-112 A 45 122a Old Folkes At Home, Beautiful Dreamer Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming, Camptown Ra
Crooks, Richard   RCA CAE-165 A 45 122b My Old Kentycky Home, Oh! Susanna Old Black Joe, Jeanie
Crosbie, Martin Pres. Kennedy's Favorites SMK 313 Ir 45 1409b Boys of Wexford, Kelly from Killane Croppy Boy, Boolavogue
Crosby, Bing   MCA 65000 Ir 45 449a McNamara's Band Dear Old Donegal
Crosby, Bing   MCA 65002 Ir 45 449c Where the River Shannon Flows Did Your Mother Come from Ireland
Crosby, Bing   DEC 0-23788 Ir 45 449f Rose of Tralee When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Crosby, Bing   MCA 65007 Ir 45 449g St. Patrick's Day Parade With My Shillelage Under My Arm
Crosby, Bing   MCA 65006 Ir 45 449h Danny Boy Dear Little Boy of Mine
Cunningham, Larry   KNG KG 1034 Ir 45 153b Among The Wicklow Hills The World You Left Behind
Cunningham, Larry   KNG KG 1046 Ir 45 153d Wild Raparee Snowflake
Cunningham, Larry   KNG KG 1061 Ir 45 153c Cottage on the Borderline 3 Steps to the Phone
Cunningham, Larry   DEC 31919 Ir 45 153a Lovely Leitrim There's That Smile Again
Cunningham, Larry   REL RL 1012 Ir 45 153e Where the Grass Grows The Greenest Don't Let Me Cross Over; Water For My Horse
Daimond Accordion Band Glorious 12th EMR EMP104 Ir EP 7514a King Billy's March, Derry's Walls, ... Boyne Water, Battle of Garvagh,...
Daley, Pat Delaney, Tommy Band DUB DUB101 Ir EP E115a Jigs, Liverpool Lou, Reels Homeward Bound, Marches, Take Me Back
Daley, Pat Noonan, Paddy DUB DUB100 Ir EP E308a Irish Soldier Laddie, Reels, Northern Lights of A. Whistling Rufus, Patriot Game, Highland Polkas
Dana   REX R 11034 Ir 45 163a Patrick O'Donnell Come Along Murphy
Dave & Aubrey Have a Happy Country Christmas COD DAS-4 Ca 45 3305a Santa is a Bayman Like Us Little Jimmy's Christmas
DeDannan   DAR DARAS014 Ir 45 433a Anthem for Ireland Duo in G
Dempsey, Martin   GLN EPW 234 Ir 45 187a Ireland Boys Hurrah Roger Casement
Derrane, Joe Jerry O'Brien, x2 COP 459-111 Ir 45 79b Stack of Barley Primrose Lass, Devil in the Kitchen Highlands
Derrane, Joe & Jerry O,Brien Irish Dance Music COP EP9-4 Ir EP 79d Stack Barley; Primrose Lass, Devil in Kitchen BLackbird; Varsouviana
Devine, Sydney   RCA 43-9529 Sc 45 172a Lunan Bay Betty Fitchet's Wedding
Dingle Spike   PLM PMS 2 Ir 45 413a Jock Stewart Kerry Dances
Din-Joe   GLN EPW 223 Ir 45 189a Old Killarney Hat Needn't Be Nervous of Nolan
Din-Joe   GLN EPW 224 Ir 45 189b Old Irish Style Connemara Bus
Dixies   JUD JS 001 Ir 45 439a Isle of Mare Old Rustic Bridge
Dolan, Jimmy   DEM DMN 502 Ir 45 562a Green Glens of Garrison Shores of Lough Bran
Donaghy, Eileen   FON ETFE 17189 Ir 45 535a Trotting to the Fair, Song of the Backwoods Ballyshannon, My Lagan Love
Doonican, Val   DEC F 11982 Ir 45 157a Walk Tall Only The Heartaches
Doris, Malachy & his Band   FON TFE-17340 Ir EP E323a Seige of Ennis: Jigs Pride of Erin Waltz, Sweets of May
Doris, Malachy & His Band Irish Reels FON TE17406 Ir EP 323b Swallow's Tail…Reels, Silver Spray…Reels Irish Rover...Marches, Phil the Fluter…Barn Dance
Doris, Malachy & His Band Irish Hornpipes FON TE17407 Ir EP 323c Belfast…Hp, Murphy's Hp Boys of Blue Hill…, Slieve Gallon Braes…Waltzes
Doris, Malachy & His Band Irish Jigs FON TE17408 Ir EP 323d Frost is all Over…Kitty's Fancy Jigs Rakes of Kildare…Jigs, Jockey to the Fair Set Dance
Doris, Malachy &His Band   FON TFE17342 Ir EP 323e Irish Marches and Irish Jigs Two Steps; Waltz; 3 Sea Captains
Doyle, Danny   TRI TRS 107 Ir 45 162a Whiskey On A Sunday Reason to Believe
Doyle, Danny   TRI TRS 141 Ir 45 162b Long Winding Road Roundstone River
Doyle, Danny   SOL 142 Ir 45 162c Green Hills of Kerry I Wouldn't Be So Lonely
Drennan, Tommy & The Monarchs   EMB EMB 5213 Ir 45 155a Patriot Game Kevin Barry
Dublin City Ramblers   REL RL 797 Ir 45 197a My Ould Tambourine The Wonder Hornpipe
Dublin City Ramblers   DOL DOS 140 Ir 45 197b Rare Old Times Danny Farrell
Dublin City Ramblers   DOL DOS 168 Ir 45 197d Punch & Judy Man Kidnapped
Dublin City Ramblers   DOL DOS 155 Ir 45 197c Crack Was 90 .... Kidnapped
Dublin City Ramblers   CBS CBS A7147 Ir 45 197e Dublin Rambler Go Thoughts on Golden Wings
Dubliners   MjM MM 521 Ir 45 452a All For My Grog I Know My Love
Dubliners   TRI TRS 138 Ir 45 452b Molly Maguires Bold Princess Royal
Dumas, Omer et ses Menestrels   RCA 57-0008 Ca 45 241f Danse Rustique Le Valse du Souvenir
Dunne, Doreen   GLN EPW 326 Ir 45 188a Wild Irish Hills of Mayo Lad From The Mt.
Dunphy, Sean   REL RL 957 Ir 45 402a Rosie Boolavogue
Edinburgh Players   WAV SLP522 Sc 45 7512a De'il Amang the Tailors, Mrs Hay of Yesters Up in the Air Strathspey: Sir George Clark,..
Egan, John & The Tradewinds     1014 Ir 45 1132e Ireland United Boys of the Old Brigade
Egan, John & The Tradewinds     22497 Ir 45 1132f Destination Donegal I Will Love You
Fitzgerald, Kathleen McPeake Family BAN 3103 Ir 45 15b Courting in the Kitchen Jug of Punch
Fitzgerald, Richard & Ceili Band   SHA SSS 15 Ir 45 15a Reel: Maid of Castlebar, T Maloney, Sally G, Sligo Jig: Battering Ram, Jackson's, Blackthorn Stk
Fitzgerald, Winston Scotty   ROD RO 45-114 Ca 45 3010a S&R: Charles Hardy, J. Scott Skinner Hornpipes: Everybody's, Chandler's
Flaherty, Martin & his Orch.   COP 459-189 Ir 45 32c O'Dwyer's Hp. Old Skillara Hat, If You Ever Go Over…6/8 medley
Foley, Connie   COP 459-125 Ir 45 126e Wild Colonial Boy Town of Galway
Foley, Connie   COP 459-126 Ir 45 126c2 When It's Moonlight in Mayo She Lived Beside the Anner
Foley, Connie   COP 459-128 Ir 45 126b2 Tipperary Far Away Shall My Soul Pass Through Old Ireland
Foley, Connie   COP 459-138 Ir 45 126a2 Rose of Killarney On the Banks of My Own Lovely Lee
Foley, Connie   COP 459-209 Ir 45 126u2 Blarney Roses Molly Bawn
Foley, Connie   COP 459-212 Ir 45 126m Irish Jaunting Car Bold Jack Donahue
Foley, Connie   COP 459-218 Ir 45 126l Soldiers Song Foggy Dew
Foley, Connie   COP 459-263 Ir 45 126j Doonaree Connemara Shore
Foley, Connie   COP 459-264 Ir 45 126k Boys From The Co. Armagh Homes of Donegal
Foley, Connie   COP 459-265 Ir 45 126e2. Courtin' in the Kitchen Bold Thady Quill
Foley, Connie   COP 459-267 Ir 45 126f2 Sean South of Garryowen Down By the Tanyard Side
Foley, Connie   COP EP9-2 Ir EP 126h Moonlight in Mayo, Lakes of Sligo Star of Donegal, She Lived Beside the Anner
Foley, Connie & Dorothy McManus   COP 459-184 Ir 45 128c Hello Patsy Fagan Golden Jubilee
Foster & Allen   CMR CM 003 Ir 45 407b Bunch of Thyme Blacksmith
Foster & Allen   CMR CM 017 Ir 45 407a Take Me Back to Castlebar Reels
Foster & Allen   CMR CM 021 Ir 45 407c William Alice Ben Bolt
Foster & Allen   CMR CM 030 Ir 45 407d Old Flames Oslo Waltz
Furey Bros. & Davey Arthur   BAN SHE 001 Ir 45 401a Green Fields of France Evening Falls
Furey Bros. & Davey Arthur   BAN SHE003 Ir 45 401b Lonesome Boatman Night Ferry
Furey Bros. & Davey Arthur   BAN SHE004 Ir 45 401c Beer, Beer, Beer Lament
Fyffe,Will   COL SEG 7746 Sc EP E202a I Belong to Galsgow, I'm 94 Today Sailing Up the Clyde, Ye Can Come & See The Baby
Gaffney, Austin   BEL 45-BE2750 Ir 45 532a Eileen Oge Come Back Paddy Reilly
Gallagher, Bridie   PYE 7N17332 Ir 45 159a Destination Donegal Turfman From Ardee
Gallowglass Ceili Band   COL SEG 7628 Ir EP E301a Jig: Lark in the Morning, Waltz Reel: Seige of Ennis.., Hp: Honeysuckle..
Gallowglass Ceili Band   TPR JKR 8014 Ir EP E301b Parnell's March, Liberty Bell Two Step Household Brigade, High Caul Cap
Gallowglass Ceili Band   TPR JKR 8015 Ir EP E301c Reel: Sally Gardens.., Rolling in the Rye Grass.. Reel: Mack's Rambles.., Barren Rcks of Aden
Gallowglass Ceili Band   BEL IEP99 Ir EP 301d Piper in Meadow; Rogha An Fhile Jig: Hum of Ballycastle; March: She Lived Beside
Gallowglass Ceili Band   BEL IEP97 Ir EP 301e Hornpipes Marches
Gallowglass Ceili Band   BEL IEP98 Ir EP 301f Waltzes Reels and Hornpipes
Ganum, King   RCA 57-3278 Ca 45 333b I Don't Care Teenage Love is a Loosing Game
Ganum, King   RCA 57-3279 Ca 45 333a Dick McDougall's Reel Oompha Rag
Geary, Mona   GLN EPW 220 Ir 45 190a Avourneen O Cork Beside The Lee
Gillespies   JMP JP 010 Ir 45 430a Waterford My Home 40 Shades of Green
Glenfolk Four   EMR 45-MD1008 Ir 45 534a Foggy Dew Kelly Fron Killane
Gloria   REL RL 873 Ir 45 415a One Day At A Time Old Rugged Cross
Gloria   REL RL 1000 Ir 45 415b It's A lovely Day My Younger Days
Go Lucky Four   LON 45LON102 Ir 45 154a Up Went Nelson Off to Dublin in the Green
Goodfellows Male Chorus   RCA CAE-119 A EP E121a Macushla, Come Back to Erin Killarney, Wearing of Grn, Where River Shannon F
Gordon, Joe Folk Four   HMV 7EG8454 Ca 45 1841c Johnnie Lad, Lassie Wi' the Yellow Coatie Coulter's Candy, Ridin' Doon Tae Glasca…Cairt
Gordon, Joe Folk Four   HMV 45POP-654 Ca 45 1841b Work O the Weavers The Day We Went to Rothsay O
Gordon, Joe Folk Four   HMV 45POP-600 Ca 45 1841a Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden Gotta Travel On
Grace, Brendan   BOT B 014 Ir 45 409b Stutterin' Bum The Incredible Hulk
Grace, Brendan   SOL 139 Ir 45 409a Combine Harvester Bottler At the Circus
Grace, Brendan   SOL 155 Ir 45 409c Bottler's Visit To Dallas Bottler & Whacker
Grace, Brendan   LOO 34 Ir 45 409d My Heart Is In Ireland Long Before You're Time
Grace, Brendan   RIT Ritz 077 Ir 45 409e I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen Father of the Bride
Greehy, Anne   AVO 45-5016 Ir 45 151a Connemara Lullaby My Dublin Bay
Gunner, Jim   WAV SLP 537 Ir 45 529a Men of Ireland's 32 The West's Awake
Haas, Gaby & Barndance Gang   APX 9-26384 Ca 45 396a Good Wine Jug Ostinelli's Reel
Hanna, Fred & his Band Scottish Special BEL IEP 55 Ir EP E309b Reels; Reels Jigs; Reels
Hanna, Fred & his Band Irish Special BEL IEP 56 Ir EP E309a Reels; Marches Hornpipes; Jigs
Hanna, Fred & his Band   BEL IEP 38 Ir EP E309c Waltz and Pride of Erin Waltz Marches and Two-Steps
Hanna, Fred Band Irish Dance Time No. 2 BEL IEP.39 Ir 45 309d Marches No. 2, Two-Steps No. 2 Irish Waltz Medley No. 2, Pride of Erin No. 2
Hardie, Bill   BEL Sep-46 Sc EP E404a Scotland the Brave, Laird O Drumblair, 5 more Bluebell Polka, Bonnie Lass O Bon Accord, 3 more
Hayden, Dorothy Micky Carton's Orch COP 459-238 Ir 45 147b Ireland's 32 The Jim Hayden Polka
Haymes, Dick Little Shamrocks, Album 9-214 DEC 9-23830 Ir 45 547a How Are Things in GloccaMora Twas Only An Irishman's Dream
Haymes, Dick Little Shamrocks, Album 9-214 DEC 9-24290 Ir 45 547b Eileen Allanna There's A Dear Little Plant
Haymes, Dick Little Shamrocks, Album 9-214 DEC 9-24291 Ir 45 547c The Blarney Roses My Snowy Breasted Pearl
Haymes, Dick Little Shamrocks, Album 9-214 DEC 9-24292 Ir 45 547d The Ould Plaid Shawl Hush-A-Bye (Wee Rose of Killarney)
Hayriders   APX 9-26454 Ca 45 397a Pride of Miramichi Jig Durelle's Victory Breakdown
Hayward, Richard   FON TFE 17268 Ir EP 130i Wee Shop, Muskerry Sportsman Believe me..., Bard of Armagh
Hayward, Richard Loyal Brethren/Orange & Blue BEL IEP 48 Ir EP 130m Dolly's Brae, Blackman's Dream Derry's Walls, Green Grassy Slopes of Boyne
Hearst, Jackie & Ceili Band   GLN EPW 276 Ir 45 20a Jig: A Visit to Ireland, Fisherman's Widow, Munster Reel: Jessies, Lass O Paties Mill, White Cockade
Hearst, Jackie & Ceili Band   GLN EPW 277 Ir 45 20b Set Dance: King of the Fairies Hp: Derry, Cork, Belfast
Hearst, Jackie & Ceili Band   GLN EPW 281 Ir 45 20c Reel: Mulhair's, Green Gates, White Leaf Slip Jig: Barney Brannigan
Hegarty, Dermot & Plainsmen   REL RL 533 Ir 45 164a 21 Years Sing Me Back Home
Henry, Dermot   - RS 10001 Ir 45 179a The Banks Are All Broken A Lonesome Mother's Call
Hinchey, Josie   GLN EPW346 Ir 45 607a Cottage By the Lee Bring Me a Shawl
Hum & Strum   COP 459-148 Ir 45 1331a Knock the ‘L’ Out of Kelly What Happened to McCarthy
Irish National Orchestra   EMI IP 1302 Ir 45 3039a National Anthem Amhran Dochais
Islanders   QUY CS-8052 Ca 45 544a Woodcutter's Lament Mother
Jerry's Hayshakers   COP 458-509 Ir 45 26a Winnepeg Reel, Raggedy Ann The Road to the Isles
Jerry's Hayshakers   COP 458-514 Ir 45 26e Hundred Pipers Balkan Hills
Jerry's Hayshakers   COP 458-415 Ir 45 26f Petronella Silvery Bells, Down Yonder
Jerry's Hayshakers   COP 458-416 Ir 45 26g High Level Hp. Circle Hall Breakdown, Year of Jubilo
Jerry's Hayshakers   COP 458-417 Ir 45 26h Cape Breton Breakdown Mrs. McLeod's, Lord MacDonald's Reels
Johnstone's Scottish Accordion Band   WAV SLP510 Sc EP 7511a Military Two Step: Old Comrades' March St. Bernard's Waltz: Saturday Night
Kelly, Frank   LOO 3 Ir 45 411a Christmas Cuntdown Charlie Stepped In/Yuletide Moonshine
Kelly, Johnny   PYE 7N17322 Ir 45 158a Black Velvet Band The Nightingayle
Kennedy, Charles   GLN EPW 130 Ir 45 191a Rich & Rare Cushendun
Kennedy, Charles   GLN EPW 134 Ir 45 191b Sweet Rose Of Old Ireland The Young May Moon
Kennedy, Charles   GLN EPW 144 Ir 45 191c Bridgeen When Thro Life Unblest We Roam
Kennedy, Charles   GLN EPW 236 Ir 45 191d Love's Young Dream My Heart... Wild Irish Rose
Kennedy, Charles   GLN EPW 238 Ir 45 191e Valley of Sweet Aherlow Glencree
Kenny, Tony   LOO 35 Ir 45 428a Any Dream Will Do Pretty Paper
Keynotes   TGT 7N17890 Ir 45 183a Lowlands of Holland Come By the Hillls
Killoran, Paddy   DUB DUB 101 Ir 45 304c Reel: My Love is Fair & Handsome, 1st Mo of Spri Jig: Pride of Rockchapel, Sarsfield's
Kiltormer Ceili Band   DUB 202 Ir 45 16a Waves of Tory Jig: Maids of Glenroe, Over the Ocean, New York
Laheen, John   GLN EPW 122 Ir 45 192a Michael Dwyer & His Mt. Men Mountains of Pomeroy
Landry, Ned & Newbrunswick Lumberjacks RCA 55-3312 Ca 45 301o Rambler's Hornpipe Smash the Window
Landry, Ned & Newbrunswick Lumberjacks RCA 57-3277 Ca 45 301g Whistling Rufus Silver & Gold
Landry, Ned   RCA 57-5030 Ca 45 301m Mocking Bird St. Anne’s Reel
Landry, Ned & Newbrunswick Lumberjacks RCA 57-5066 Ca 45 301e Buffalo Gals Angus Campbell
Landry, Ned & Newbrunswick Lumberjacks RCA 57-5069 Ca 45 301h Mason's Apron Red River Rag
Landry, Ned   RCA 57-5075 Ca 45 301n Logger’s Breakdown Year of Jubilo
Landry, Ned & Newbrunswick Lumberjacks RCA 57-5084 Ca 45 301j Snow Deer MacEachern's Breakdown
Landry, Ned & Newbrunswick Lumberjacks RCA 57-5087 Ca 45 301i Monkey's Wedding Lumberjack's Waltz
Landry, Ned & Newbrunswick Lumberjacks RCA 57-5144 Ca 45 301f Crooked Stovepipe Girl I Left Behind Me
Lee, Frank Tara Ceilidhe Band   COL SEG 8378 Ir EP E322a Hornpipes: Friendly Visit; Jigs: Paddy From Portla Salamanca Reel; Garden of Daisies, Rodney's Glory
Lewis, Douglas   RCA 751131 Ca 45 5251a Ballad of Don Messer House on Weaver Road
Locke, Josef   COL SEG 7626 Ir 45 E119a Blaze Away; The Soldiers Dream March of the Grenadiers, Goodbye
Logan, Al   GHR - Ir 45 422b Belfast Four Roads to Glenamady
Logan, Al   GNP GP 565 Ir 45 422a St. Theresa of the Roses The Wedding
Ludlows   PYE NEP24252 Ir EP E114a The Sea Around Us; Last Thing On My Mind Kisses Sweeter Than Wine, Butcher Boy
Lynch, Joe   GLN EPW 112 Ir 45 144c Cottage By the Lee Pretty Little Galway Girl
Mac Murraugh Golden Dawn GAL CES 018 Ir 45 E150a Cuan Bhaile ne Cuirte Ar Bhruach Loch Lein
MacEwan, Fr. Sydney   PHL NBE 11056 Sc EP E200a Eriskay Love Lilt, Maries Wedding, To PeopleWho Song of the Seals, Island Shirling Song
MacEwan, Fr. Sydney   PHL NBE 11057 Sc EP E200c Westering Home, Birlinn of Wht Sh, Skye Fishers Island Moon, Till I Return
MacEwan, Fr. Sydney   PHL NBE 11083 Sc EP E200b Rose of Tralee, Eileen Oge Londonderry Air, Old House, Believe Me...
MacEwan, Fr. Sydney   TMS 500 Sc 45 141i Hail GLorious St. Patrick Garden Where the Praties Grow
Magill, Jim & Northern Ramblers   LON BEP.6140 Ca EP 28h Little Balck Hen, Major Mackie's Jig Northern Hoedown, Calgary Breakdown
Magill, Jim & Northern Ramblers   LON BEP.6141 Ca EP 28p Doc Boyd's Jig, Crooked Stovepipe Fiddle & Foot, Fred Roden's Reel
Maguire, Sean O'Brien, Paddy COP CEP9-20 Ir EP E606a McDermott's Reel; Brennan's & Falls Rd Jig Reel: Peter St, Bonnie Kate; Hp: Maguire's Fiddle,
Maguire, Sean   GAL GL11 Ir 45 E606b An Trumpa Hp, Rogha UiDhrisceol Reel Duille den Phoipin Hp, An Tinceir Bui Reel
Makem, Tommy Clancy, Liam BLB BB111 Ir 45 408a A place In The Choir Sliabh Gael gCua
Margo   REL MRL 2001 Ir 45 410a Cliffs of Dooneen, Dear God Eyes of a Child, Destinaton Donegal
Margo   ARA 4 Ir EP 410b Shamrock from Glenore, Bonny Scotland Cliffs of Dooneen, Road & Miles to Dundee
McBride, Celine   GLN EPW 246 Ir 45 194a Boys From The Co. Armagh Wake in Kildare
McCann, Jim   LOO 4 Ir 45 416a Easy & Slow Foggy Dew
McCann, Jim   REG R 99 Ir 45 1051a Grace Spancil Hill
McCarthy, Nicholas O’Doherty, Sam IAB IRS018 Ir 45 519a To My Children I’m Irish Mick Maguire
McCarthy, Sean   CaR CR 5218 Ir 45 142b New Land Your Land
McCarthy's   LEP L411 Ir 45 591a When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Jigs
McCauley, Johnny, Trio   DEN DMC 1009 Ir 45 561a Leeds Irish Center Song Any Tipperary Town
McEvoy, Johnny   LOO 5 Ir 45 161c Ballad of John Williams Lake Onterio
McEvoy, Johnny   PLA 237 Ir 45 161e Michael Pat Murphy's Meadow
McEvoy, Johnny   PYE 7N17196 Ir 45 161a Muirsheen Durkin Those Brown Eyes
McEvoy, Johnny   PYE 7N17303 Ir 45 161d Boston Burglar I Still Miss Someone
McEvoy, Johnny   PYE 7N17472 Ir 45 161b Tarry Flynn Nora
McGee, Charlie   GLN EPW 199 Ir 45 195a Ignatious the Leprachaun Rosaleen
McGee, Charlie   GLN EPW 241 Ir 45 195b It's A Grand Old Country Old Bog Road
McGonigle, Mary   MGD MGD 101875 Ir 45 151l Praise the Lord I Have A Dream
McKellar, Kenneth   DEC 45-F.11022 Sc 45 1800b It's A Long Way To Tipperary Song of the Clyde
McKellar, Kenneth   DEC DFE 6274 Sc EP 1800e Morag's Faery Glen, Rothesay Bay My Love is Like A Red Red Rose, Cameron Lad
McKellar, Kenneth   DEC DFE 6394 Sc EP 1800c Skye Boat Song, Granny's Highland Home Loch Lomond, My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
McManus, Dorothy   COP 459-153 Ir 45 127d Irish Soldier Boy A Mother's Love is a Blessing
McNulty Family   COP 459-225 Ir 45 136c2 The Darling Girl From Clare Look in the Heart of a Shamrock
McNulty Family   COP 459-260 Ir 45 136t2 Irish Rover We'll Take You Back to Ireland
McNulty Family   COP 459-256 Ir 45 136h3 When You're Winging Your Way Back to Ireland Someone's Waiting for Me Back in Ireland
McNulty Family   COP 459-261 Ir 45 136l3 The Hat My Father Wore St. Patrick's Day Likeable Lovable Leitrim Lad
McNulty Family   COP 459-257 Ir 45 136m3 McNulty's Irish Showboat Boy of the Co. Cork
McNulty Family Harry Lauder Songs COP EP9-12 Ir EP 136n3 Breakfast in Bed…, It's Nice to Get Up… Roamin' in the Gloamin', When I Met McKay
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26220 Ca EP 27d Souris Lighthouse, Mouth of the Tobique Reel Favorite Polka, By the Fireside
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26222 Ca EP 27e Big John McNeil, Dusty Miller's Reel Don Messer's & Johnny Wagoner's Breakdown
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26272 Ca 45 27f Flanigan's Polka MacKilmoyle's Reel
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26277 Ca 45 27g Angus Campbell Flop Eared Mule
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26286 Ca 45 27h Dawn Waltz White River Stomp
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26297 Ca 45 27i Rippling Water Jig Roll Away Hornpipe
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26298 Ca 45 27j Lamplighter's Hornpipe Billy Wilson's Clog
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26300 Ca 45 27k Operator's Reel, Ploughboy Belfast, Cock O' The North
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26302 Ca 45 27l Mississippi Sawyer Honest John Jig
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26303 Ca 45 27m Old Man & Old Woman Liverpool Hornpipe
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26310 Ca 45 27n Money Musk Tuggerman's Jig
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26311 Ca 45 27o Fisher's Hornpipe Durang's Hornpipe
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26318 Ca 45 27p Cec McEachern's Breakdown Silvery Bell
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26321 Ca 45 27q Goose Feathers Ladies Slipper Reel
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26326 Ca 45 27r Jimmy's Favorite Jig (Jim Magill) Dill Pickles
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26327 Ca 45 27s Norwegian Waltz Alley Crocker Reel
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26328 Ca 45 27t Vails Breakdown Bride of the Wind Jig (Jim Magill)
Messer, Don & His Islanders McEachern, Cec, guitar APX 9-26329 Ca 45 27u Mac's Polka Guitar Breakdown Boogie
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26332 Ca 45 27v Tina's Reel Montreal Reel
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26333 Ca 45 27w Harvest Home Hornpipe Gypsy Hornpipe
Messer, Don & His Islanders Munro, Waldo, piano APX 9-26335 Ca 45 27x Abequet Reel Free & Easy
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26340 Ca 45 27y Opera Reel Old Red Barn Jig
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26341 Ca 45 27z Hi-Lo Schottische Swamplake Breakdown
Messer, Don & His Islanders Munro, Waldo, piano APX 9-26343 Ca 45 27a2 Twilight Reel Cotton Eyed Joe
Messer, Don & His Islanders with calls APX 9-26346 Ca 45 27b2 Uncle Jim's Jig Haste to the Wedding
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26349 Ca 45 27c2 Dry River Waltz Exhibition Special
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26387 Ca 45 27d2 First Western Change Great Eastern Reel
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26394 Ca 45 27e2. Globetrotter's Jig Liberty Two Step
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26412 Ca 45 27f2 White Water Jig Lord Alexander's Reel (Abbie Andrews)
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26419 Ca 45 27g2 C.N.E. Breakdown Maple Leaf Two Step
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26426 Ca 45 27h2 Television Reel Happy Times Schottische
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26429 Ca 45 27i2 Skipping Mouse Polka Johnny's Jig
Messer, Don & His Islanders with calls APX 9-26432 Ca 45 27j2 Rainbow Square Dance: Little Burnt Potato Arkansas Traveler
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26440 Ca 45 27r3 Peace River Breakdown Uncle Henry's Reel
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26442 Ca 45 27k2 Chinese Breakdown Strathbrook Schottische
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26445 Ca 45 27l2 Red River Jig Graham's Hornpipe (Graham Townsend)
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX 9-26472 Ca 45 27s3 Fiddle Strings Black Velvet Waltz
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX EPAS1 Ca 45 27j3 Charlottetown Centenial Bk., Shenannagins Honeymoon Waltz, Silver Threads
Messer, Don & His Islanders   APX EPAS2 Ca 45 27k3 Norwegian Waltz, I Had A Hat Alley Crocker Reel, Till We Meet Again
Mills, Alan   SCH CC 0640 Ca 45 344b Curious George Take A Job, Part 1 Part 2
Mitton, Earl & the Valley Rythm Boys QUA K548 Ca 45 341b Maple Sugar York County Hornpipe
Molly McGuires   PUN PH 001 Ir 45 403a Sean South, Golden Jubilee Newport Town, Polkas
Moncoin Ceilidhe Band   RCA EPAT424 Ir EP 18b Set Dance, O'Rielly's March Galway Hp., O'Brien's Fav. Jigs
Moore, Christy   WEA IR 9718 Ir 45 420a Lannigan's Ball Don't Forget You Should
Moore, Christy   WEA SAM 100 Ir 45 420b Hey Ronnie Reagan  
Moore, Christy   WEA IR 8735 Ir 45 420c Sweet Music Roll On  
Morgan, Dermot   LOO 16 Ir 45 421a John Paul Taoiseach's Lament
Morin, Aldo & Oscar   PAL FC.756 Ca 45 2278a Gigue Caroline Gigue Caroline
Morrissey's   CMR CM 002 Ir 45 405b The Wind Doth Blow Galtee Mt. Boy
Morrissey's   CMR CMR 010 Ir 45 405a Carlingford Galtee Mt. Boy
Mulhare, Martin   DUB 110 Ir 45 124a Sheep in the Corn, Cat in the Corner Jig O'Brien's, Yellow Tinker Reels
Murphy, Delia   GLN EPW 165 Ir 45 133g Dan O'Hara Shores of Lough Bran
Murphy, Pat   PtM PM 002 Ir 45 427a Barry McGuigan Danny Boy
NiBheaglaoich, Eibhlin   CCE CL-1 Ir EP E146a An Goirtin Earnan, An Draighnean Donn An Beinnsin Luachra, An Clar Bog Deil
Noonan, Paddy McGee, Charlie REG 500 Ir 45 92a Five Hundred Years Kelly From Killane
Noonan, Paddy Noel Kingston REG 502 Ir 45 92b Irish Coffee Glorious Green
O'Brien, Dermot   CON CEN 42 Ir EP E317a Hp: High Level, Btm. of Punch Bowl; Waltz Jig: Cock O the North; Reel: Duke of Atholl
O'Brien, Paddy Connolly, Seamus CCE CL-6 Ir EP E337a Reel: Mayor Harrison's Fedora, Slip Jig, Reels Reel: Youghal Quay,; Hp: Munster Grass, Reels
O'Brien, Thomas   AVO 45-2852 Ir 45 549b Soldiers Song Irish Emigrant
O'Connor, Rory   GLN EPW337 Ir 45 545a Battle of Derry Boston Burglar
O'Donnell, Eugene   LEP PJF101 Ir 45 3008a Jig - Double & Treble Jig - fast
O'Donnell, Eugene   LEP EPS 107 Ir EP 3008b Kilkenny Races and Madame Bonaparte Hurling Boys and Three Sea Captains
O'Duffy, Michael   PYE NEP 24143 Ir EP E109b Sweet Marie, Leprechaun Lullaby Tobermory Bay, Dying Stockman
O'Duffy, Michael   PYE NEP 24501 Ir EP E109a Come Back Paddy Reilly, Slattery's Mounted Fut Rising of the Moon, Eileen O'Grady
O'Duill, Brendan   GAL CES 014 Ir EP E149a Fan A Mhic, Ta Tu Ro-og Anach Cuain
O'Hagan, Patrick   BEL IEP-50 Ir EP E118a Shannon River, Lark in the Clear Air Little Town in Old Co Down, A Good Roaring Fire
O'Hara, Mary   BEL IEP 49 Ir EP 150a Shepard's Lamb, Next Market Day, Bonnie Boy Spinning Wheel, Ballynure Ballad, Bonnet Trm Blue
O'Kelly, Fergus   GLN EPW 258 Ir 45 193a Rose of Aranmore My Mary of the Curling Hair
O'Kelly, Fergus   GLN EPW 259 Ir 45 193b Snowy Brreasted Pearl My Own irish Rose
O'Kelly, Fergus   GLN EPG.610 Ir 45 193c Lark in the Clear Air My Dublin Bay
O'Kelly, Patricia & The Hiltons   PYE 7N 17099 Ir 45 533a Carlingford Bay Yesterday's Gone
O'Neill, James John O'Neill's Band SHA SSR 308 Ir EP 581a Come Back Paddy Reilly, Moon Behind the Hill Marches and Waltzes
O'Riada, Sean   GAL CEF 002 Ir EP E339a Mise Erie, Cogach na mBarach, Bachelor's Walk,.. Luan Casca, Cathair Bhriste, Caitherim,..
O'Se, Sean Ceoltoiri Chualann GAL GL2 Ir 45 148b An Poc ar Buile An Spealadoir
O'Se, Sean Ceoltoiri Chualann GAL CES004 Ir 45 148c Priosun Chuain Meala The Valley of Knockanure
O'Se, Sean Ceoltoiri Chualann GAL CES012 Ir 45 148d Bhi Bean Usual (Carrickfergus) Inion an Phailitinigh
O'Se, Sean   GAL CES 019 Ir 45 E148a Babero Maidin i mBearra
O'Shea, Eamon   GLN EPW-250 Ir 45 148b Maureen Bawn Dreamy Shannon River
O'Shea, Eamon   GLN EPW-272 Ir 45 148a Katie Daly The Leprechaun
O'Shea, Eamon   GLN EPW-286 Ir 45 148c The Irish Soldier The Kerry Ballad
O'Shea, Eamon   GLN EPW-287 Ir 45 148d Put More Turf on the Fire Homeward Bound
O'Shea, Eamon   GLN EPW-288 Ir 45 148e Katy Daly's Father The Blarney Stone
O'Shea, Eamon   GLN EPW-294 Ir 45 148f Little Thatched Pub Cruiskeen Lawn
O'Shea, Eamon   GLN EPW-295 Ir 45 148g The Matchmaker Bucket of the Mt. Dew
Our Lady's Choral Society   ARG GR-1 Ir 45 546a Irish National Anthem O'Donnell Abu
Owens, Jesse   HMV IP 1310 Ir 45 156a Irish Soldier Laddie Mary of the Wild Moor
Pagan's   NUA N1 Ir 45 440a Carrig (2 sides)  
Pariseau, Edmond et ses Paper Makers’ du Saguenay RCA 57-0286 Ca 45 380a Reel du Commonwealth Danse du Procureur
Patterson, Frank   STR SP 001 Ir 45 1031g Farewell My Derry Love  
Pickering, Johnny solo SHA SSR303 Ir 45 17c House in the Glen Jig, Housemaid Reel Casey's Jig, Friendly Visit Hp.
Pickering, Johnny Ceili Band   DUB 224 Ir 45 17a Reel: Bird in Bush, Mt Cisco, Turkey in the Str. Jig: McCormick's Fancy, Rose in the Heather, Jeff
Pickering, Johnny Ceili Band w/ Tommy McParland SHA SSR 310 Ir 45 17b Sean South and Wild Colonial Boy Reels, Dinny O'Brien's; Jigs, Jackson's
Planxty   WEA IR 18711 Ir 45 414a Nancy Spain Time Dance
Prendergast, Kevin   FLT FACS 1003 Ir 45 431a Leitrim, The Pride of the West My Old Home in Mayo
Purcell, Noel   GLN EPW 352 Ir 45 145b The Dublin Saunter Kilcock
Reilly, Paddy   J&B JB 001 Ir EP 1032f Flight of the Earls, O'Connell's Steam Engine Sally Gardens, Snowy Breasted Pearl
Reilly, Paddy   DOL DOS.75 Ir 45 1032m Irish Soldier Boy Sam Hall
Rising   RIS H-100 Ir 45 184a Maid of Fyfe Buachaill O'n Eirne
Roche, Jackie   AVO 45-5004 Ir 45 3036a Bag of Potatoes, Bessie Sweeney's Dream Reels Blackthorn Stick, Saddle the Pony Jigs
Ronan, Barry   GAL CESN 008 Ir 45 441a SeasfaidhMe Suas Siar Sios An Bothar
Rowsome, Leo   CLA CC E1 Ir EP E703a Reel: Stony Steps; Casadh an Sugain; Jigs Bright Lady Air; Reel: Ash Plant, Jenny Tie the Bo
Ryan, Paddy   - - Ir 45 114a Bonnie Kate, etc. (home recording)  
Scott, Bob   SPR 4-1015R Ca 45 343d Angler's Jig Brampton Breakdown
Scottish Country Dance Players   RCA 57-5047 Sc 45 7505a Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh Reel Scottish Waltz
Shand, Jimmy   PAR 45-R 4452 Sc 45 E400e Whistling Rufus Shufflin' Samuel
Shand, Jimmy   PAR 45-R 4576 Sc 45 77z2 Accordion Polka Fluther's Barn Dance
Shand, Jimmy   PAR 45-R 4691 Sc 45 E400m Gaelic Waltz: Come to Scalpay, Ho Ro.. The Turra Trot
Shand, Jimmy (AU: GEPO-70011) PAR 45-R 4853 Sc 45 E400n Lily of Laguna Lilliburlero, Tight Little Island, Come Landlord
Shand, Jimmy   PAR R4897 Sc 45 E400o Moonstruck, Swanee Am. Waltz: Roll Along Kentucky Moon, Omaha…
Shand, Jimmy Whistle With Jimmy Shand PAR GEP 8780 Sc EP E400f Whistling Rufus; The Whistler & His Dog Baby Sweetheart; Policeman's Holiday, Narcissus
Shand, Jimmy Memories of Scotland PAR GEP 8866 Sc EP E400j Rabbie Burns Waltz, Quicksteps Scott Skinner Waltzes, Marches
Shand, Jimmy & His Band   CAP 72304 Sc 45 E400i Mapleleaf Waltz Maxwell's Rant
Shand, Jimmy & His Band   PAR R 4422 Sc 45 E400r My Native Highland Home Loch Rannoch
Shand, Jimmy & His Band   PAR R4978 Sc 45 76s4 Ragtime Medley Bonnie Strathure Waltz
Shand, Jimmy & His Band   PAR R 5050 Sc EP E400p La Cumparsite, Square Tango The Stein Song, Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty
Shand, Jimmy & His Band   PAR R5220 Sc 45 76f4 A Welcome Christmas Morning Copenhagen Polka
Shand, Jimmy & His Band   PAR R5323 Sc 45 76r4 Howard Lockhart Polka Dundee City Police Pipe Band Jigs
Shand, Jimmy & His Band   PAR GEP8535 Sc EP E400t White Cockade, Madge Wildfire St. Lord Rosslyn Fancy Jig, Moneymusk
Shand, Jimmy & His Band SCD No. 2 PAR GEP 8549 Sc EP E400k Mason's Apron, Lamb Skinnet Todlen Hame, Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes
Shand, Jimmy & His Band Dancer’s Delight PAR GEP 8602 Sc EP 76q2 Gay Gordons: Dundee Mil.., Dashing Wht Sergeant Waltz: My Bonnie, Won't You Buy.., Wyoming L.
Shand, Jimmy & His Band A Swirl of the Kilt PAR GEP 8618 Sc EP E400b Angus Reel, Punchbowl Reel Phyllis Waltz, Silver City Waltz
Shand, Jimmy & His Band Dance With Jimmy Shand PAR GEP 8641 Sc EP E400l Eightsome Reel Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes
Shand, Jimmy & His Band Happy Hours PAR GEP 8669 Sc EP E400d Happy Hours, Sweetheart Waltz Call O The Pipes, Robertson's Rant
Shand, Jimmy & His Band Waltzing Thru Scotland PAR GEP 8735 Sc EP E400a Waltz: Jock O Hazeldean,... Within A Mile,.... Waltz: Auld Hoose,... Loch Lomond,...
Shand, Jimmy & His Band Scottish Country Dances PAR GEP 8774 Sc EP E400g Gay Gordons; Waltz: KOSBies... Balintore Fisherman's Polka, Bridge of Nairn Strat
Shand, Jimmy & His Band Dance With Jimmy Shand No 2 PAR GEP 8823 Sc EP E400h Bluebell Polka, Veleta Dundee Reel, St. Bernard's Waltz
Shand, Jimmy & His Band SCD in Strict Tempo PAR GEP 8873 Sc EP E400e Eva Three Step, Pride of Erin Waltz Somebody Barn Dance, Square Tango
Shand, Jimmy & His Band   PAR GEP 8890 Sc EP E400q Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh Waverly
Shand, Jimmy & His Band   PAR GEP8905 Sc EP E400s White Heather Jig, Lomand Waltz Baldovan Reel, Caledonian Soc. of Lon
Shand, Jimmy Jnr. & His Band   WAV ELP 147 Sc EP E407a Boston Two Step, Highland Schottische Strip the Willow, West Country Barn Dance
Shannon Four   SEE 100 Ir 45 589a Starving for Their Rights We're Coming Home
Shields Family   SCO SMD 50 Sc 45 182a The Water Is Wide Maureen
Shine, Brendan   PLA 75 Ir 45 185a Abbyshurle Ballinsloe Fair
Shine, Brendan   PLA 86 Ir 45 185b Boyle in the Co. Roscommon Dunlaoire
Shine, Brendan   PLA 122 Ir 45 185c Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down Carlingford
Shine, Brendan   PLA 135 Ir 45 185d Catch Me If You Can Coastline of Mayo
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble (55-5393) RCA 57-0001 Ca 45 226c3 Reel des Cheminots Gigue des Trappeurs
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble   RCA 57-0108 Ca 45 226v2 Reel des Gais Lurons Le Vendredi D'la Paye
Soucy, Isidore et son Ensemble   RCA 57-0196 Ca 45 226c Reel des Bretelles L'Homme de Minuit
Spailpin   PLM PMS 7 Ir 45 424a The Thatcher Song Tonight is Our Last Night Together
Spailpin   PLM GAA 1 Ir 45 424b GAA Centenary My Lovely Rose of Clare
Starr, Will   PAR GEP 8621 Sc EP E403a Jacqueline Waltz, Swiss Polka Tapwood Polka, Robert Wilson Waltz
Stewart, Andy   HMV POP-1246 Sc 45 1840c Campbeltown Loch Morag O' Dunvegan
Stewart, Andy   TPR JAR565 Sc 45 1840b Tunes of Glory The Batles' O'er
Stewart, Andy   TPR JAR512 Sc 45 1840a A Scottish Sodier The Muckin' O' Geordies Byre
Stewart, Gene & Homesteaders   REL RL 805 Ir 45 199a Far From Erin's Shore Life of the Party Charlie
Stewart, Ian piano PAR GEP8510 Sc EP 395a Scottish Waltz, Irish Waltz Scottish Quickstep: I Love A Lassie...
Stockton's Wing   TAR TS 007 Ir 45 412a Fiddler John Cameron Highlanders
Stockton's Wing   POL 885-1767 Ir 45 412b New Clare Revival Silent Dreams
Stout   MNT CHEV 48 Ir 45 417a Sandcastle Sam Kerry Polkas
Tanahill Weavers   GRL GLS8 Sc 45 442a Rovin' Heilandman Bustles & Bonnets
Taylor, Charlie & Irish Minstrels   LEP L404 Ir 45 592a Irish Soldier Laddie Four Green Fields
Thibault, Fernand et ses Pionniers RCA 57-0264 Ca 45 227f Reel de Kirkland Lake Reel du Grand Frise
Ti-Blanc Richard   RCA 57-0185 Ca 45 228d Reel des Cahots Valse Elizabeth
Ti-Blanc Richard   RCA 57-0269 Ca 45 228f Reel de la Biere D'Epinette Reel de la Fete des Meres
Tip Splinter   - TS-03 Ir 45 1137b MacRory, Paddy When You Die Hills of Glenshee, Fields of Saskatchewan
Toner, Eleanor   BEL BE 2758 Ir 45 528a Spinning Wheel Boolavogue
Toohy, Mattie & Irish Minstrels   COP 459-205 Ir 45 36c Hp: 1st of May, Green Fields of America Waltz: Wild Col. Boy, A Mother's Love
Toohy, Mattie & Irish Minstrels   COP 459-206 Ir 45 36d Hp: Minstrel's Fancy, Smoky Chimney Waltz: Moonlght in Mayo, Men of the West
Toohy, Mattie & Irish Minstrels   COP 459-208 Ir 45 36b Lakes of Sligo, Blue Ribbon Polka Ben Lourie, Kenmare Fancy Flings
Tulla Ceili Band   HMV 7EGC28 Ir 45 E304a Jig: Lark on the Strand, Reel: Dilon's Fancy Hp: Tim the Turncoat, Reel: Geo. White's Favorite
Tune-Up Boys, Les Brisebois, Marcel TRC OR720 Ca 45 388a Reel du Diable Reel de l’Oiseau
Urquhart, James   THI RWEP 625 Sc 45 183a Dark Island, Bonnie Lass O Ballochmyle Highland Way, Piper McCrimmon
Vallee, Rudy Old Sow Song RCA 20248 A EP 891a Drunkard Song, Old Sow Song The Tattooed Lady, Whiffenpoof Song
Westmeath Bachelors   RDB RB 8401 Ir 45 425a Tumbledown Shack Bonnie Scotland
Wild Geese   EGG EG 001 Ir 45 443a Gort na Mona Down Our Alley
Wilson, Robert   HMV 7EG8246 Sc EP E203a Scotland the Brave; We're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa' Gathering of the Clans; Westering Home
Wilson, Robert North of the border HMV 7EG8374 Sc EP E203b Dashing White Sergeant; Northern Lights of Aberdeen A Gordon For Me; Pride of Donaghadee
Wolfhound   FLK FS 206 Ir 45 198a Brave Frank Stagg Roger Casement
Wolftones   TRS TRS 4 Ir 45 400a Padraic Pearse Ta Na La
Wolftones   DOL DOS 109 Ir 45 400c Ireland Over All Gloria
Wolftones   DOL DOS 123 Ir 45 400d Rockall Deportees
Wolftones   DOL DOS 59 Ir 45 400b Seven Old Ladies Slievenamon
Wolftones   DOL DOS 92 Ir 45 400e Snowy Breasted Pearl Big Strong man
Wolftones   TRS TRS 5 Ir 45 400f The Punt 14 Men
Wolftones   TRS TRS 9 Ir 45 400g Admiral William Brown Cait Ni Dubhir
Wolftones   TRS TRS 14 Ir 45 400h Song of Liberty Health to the Bards; Planxty Maguire
Wolftones   TRS TRS 16 Ir 45 400i Dream of Home Far Away in Australia