Venanzio Morino was one of Hohner’s top designers. There are 4 types of Morino accordions: Shand, Club, Continental Chromatic, and Piano. This page concentrates on those designed to the specifications of the great Scottish player, Jimmy Shand.

‘Fireman’ Jimmy with his first Morino, about 1939. 40 keys, no couplers.

Above, Jimmy’s granddaughter with a ‘Shand Short’, 40 keys and 5 couplers.

Jimmy with 3 full 46 key Morino’s.

The one on the left is a later model with 7 couplers. Below, Hohner “Artiste” reeds, as used in these accordions.

The Morino 5 row Continental Chromatic shown on the left. The diatonic Morino Club, on the right, has 5 sets of reeds, 33 treble keys, 12 bass keys, a tone chamber, and 10 couplers.

Club reeds, shifts, and pallets shown below.

Irish band leaders with the Shand Morino:

Donal Ring, left

Johnny Pickering, right