Sean Maguire - His Masters Voice HMV 78’s

  1. 1.IP.1142 Mason’s Apron Reel; Sligo Maid, Sean Maguire’s Reel

  2. 2.IP.1143 Brennan’s Favourite, Idle Road Jigs; Roaring Mary, Tim Maloney Reels

  3. 3.IP.1144 Mathematician, Golden Eagle Hornpipes; Maid of Castlebar, George White’s Favourite Reels

  4. 4.IP.1145 Four Courts, Fr. Feildings Favourite Jigs; Boys of the Lough, Reavy’s

           Also issued on 45 rpm.

  1. 5.IP.1146 Sunshine, Bee’s Wing Hornpipes; Speys Spat, Gladstone Reels

The above are also re-released on album Celtic Music CM043

Sean Maguire - Decca/London 78’s

  1. 1.W5272/ ? Paddy on the Railroad, Kiss the Bride, Col. Rodney; Kildare Fancy,

    Green Castle Hornpipes.

  1. 2. ? /P.18238 Tim Hogan’s Fancy, My Darling Asleep Jigs; King of the Fairies

  2. 3.W5274 or MU6/ ? Skylark, Copperplate, Maid Behind the Bar; Honeysuckle, Friendly Visit Hornppipes (S.Maguire’s Ceilidhe Band)

  3. 4.W5275/ P.18236 Foxhunter’s Jig; Madame Bonaparte Set Dance

  4. 5.W5276/P.18237 Ride A Mile, Dusty Miller Slip Jig; Lodge Road Set Dance

  5. 6.MU10/P.18239 Sally Gardens, Dawn Reels; Three Sea Captains Set Dance