The Lee Brothers.

The Lee family were Joe, Frank, Ed (Ted), Phil, Mary, and Kitty. Frank was in London but the rest of them emigrated to Philadelphia. Frank formed the Tara Ceilidhe Band. His wife, Nora McGowan, recorded one record with the band. Frank was politically ‘active’. In the 1940’s Frank had been referred to as the ‘Paul Whiteman of Irish music’. He had an extensive repertoire all committed to memory. He was arrested once with Brendan Behan when Behan went to England after he got out of jail when he wasn’t supposed to go anywhere. Frank was released and Behan was deported, again. Frank knew DeValera and Collins on a personal level. Frank and Nora had no children. He is buried in Dublin close to Douglas Hyde.

Ed (Ted) Lee played the piano and ran the Four Provinces Orchestra in Philadelphia. Joe Lee sang and recorded with the band. They held weekly dances mostly at the ‘Grand Fraternity Ballroom’ in Philly on Arch St. near 16th. The building was several stories high and had a swimming pool in the basement. If you went down to the basement during a dance, you could see the waves on the pool caused by the thumping on the floor above. Ed Lee and his wife Delia had no children. The Lee’s did ‘The Irish Hour’ radio show in Philly for many years.

The above is based on notes from Bill Bradfield whose mother was Mary Lee.

The above Columbia 45EP, SEG8378, was issued approx. 20 years after the original 78’s.

The Salamanca, Flogging Reels;

Garden of Daises, Rodney’s Glory

on IFB251 or 33524F

Friendly Visit, Sweeps, Slievenamon Hornpipes;

Paddy from Portlaw, Fairheaded Boy, Rambling Pitchfork Jigs on IFB316.

The following discography lists the records by Frank Lee’s Tara Ceilidhe Band and the Four Provinces Orchestra. It was assembled in 2007 with no thought of displaying it publically. Be careful of the columns of record numbers; the label changes at lines 35, 55. 79, and 92. Sorry, but that’s the way it is.

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