These pages contain exerpts of traditional music on 78rpm records from the Irish catalog shown at the right. It was before the big media changes that occurred later in the 1950’s.

Listings of some of the older  artists are not complete as companies continually prune their catalogs of older pressings, for various reasons.

However, it’s a good list of what was available at the end of the 78 era.

The text files with information about the artists and label photos are NOT part of the Catalog; they are from various other sources.

The content includes 31 artists displayed in 5 Groups:

Group 1: Aughrim Slopes, Austin Stack, and Ballinakill Ceilidhe Bands, and Bellhavel Trio.

Group 2: Celii Trio, Colmcille Ceilidhe Band, Sean Dempsey, Dublin Garda Ceilidhe Band,

                Flanagan Bros., Galway Ceilidhe Band, Gargan’s Accordion Band, John Howard,

                Kincora Ceilidhe Band, Terry Lane

Group 3: Lough Gill Quartette, Vincent Lowe Trio, McCusker Bros. Ceili Band, John

                McGettigan and his Irish Minstrels

Group 4: Moate, Mooncoin, and Muinebeag Melody Makers Ceilidhe Bands

Group 5: Neil O’Boyle, Danny O’Donnell, Paddy O’Brien, Seamus O’Keefe, Frank O’Higgins,          

                O’Leary’s Irish Minstrels, Leo Rowsome, Stella Seaver, Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock            

                Band, Malachy Sweeney