Concertina CD by Ted McGraw


1. Frost is All Over Jig

2. Liverpool Hornpipe

3. Honeysuckle Hornpipe

4. Fr. O’Flynn, Jackson’s Jigs

5. Sunshine Hornpipe

6. Waves of Torrey

7. Little Burnt Potato Jig

8. Cliff, Harvest Home, Boys of Blue Hill

9. Lakes of Sligo, Barren Rocks of Aden Polkas

10. Doncha Gerrity’s, Connie Walshe’s Slides

11. Nellie Gray

12. Keel Row, Braes O Mar Flings

13. Sailor’s Hornpipe

14. My Love Is But A Lassie Yet

15. Capt. White, Major Mackie’s Jigs


Concertina CD - Notes on my tune sources


This CD is part of my 7 CD tune documentation project from 2020-2021.


1. Frost Is All Over Jig - one of the first tunes I learned from Frank Murphy.


2. The Liverpool Hornpipe I first heard on a 78 record, Rex 15006, by Frank Lee’s Tara Ceilidhe Band.


3. The Honeysuckle Hornpipe I first heard on a 78 by the Ballinakill Ceilidhe Band, HMV IM 419


4. Fr. O’Flynn another tune learned from Frank Murphy. I learned Jackson’s from Alan’s Irish Fiddler after hearing it played by Jimmy Shand’s Band on BL2471


5. I first heard the Sunshine Hornpipe from a 78 by the Dublin Metropolitan Garda Ceilidhe Band on HMV IM 331 I learned the tune from Tommy



6. I first heard the Waves of Torrey from the Gallowglass Ceilidhe Band. The music is in Roche’s Collection.


7. I first heard The Little Burnt Potato on Copley 9-123 by Johnny Powell’s Irish Band. It had been preserved by Colin Boyd of Cape Breton, and also recorded by Ned Landry.


8. The Cliff and Harvest Home are from a 1930’s 78 by button accordion player Jim McHardy on Beltona BL2417. I learned the Boys of Blue Hill from Frank Murphy.


9. The Lakes of Sligo is another one of the first tunes I learned from Frank Murphy. It is paired with Barren Rocks of Aden on Copley 9-207 by Mattie Toohy’s Irish Minstrels.


10. I put the two slides together.


11. Nellie Gray is from a Ned Landry album.


12. The Sailor’s Hornpipe is from Copley 9-172, a 78 by the the Irish All Stars.


13. I think I got the flings from Frank Murphy. These two were widely

recorded together.


14. My Love is but a Lassie Yet is a well-known Scottish tune. I don’t

remember where I learned it.


15. Capt. White is from a 10” album by Angus Fitchet’s Scottish Country Dance Band, London LD9094. Major Mackie’s is from a 10” London album APB1011 by Jim Magill & his Northern Ramblers. I put them together for the Blackthorn Ceilidh Band.


Recorded between 10/2720 & 11/27/20 on a

Wheatstone Edeophone 41 key anglo in D/A

made in 1935. CD was made 1/19/21.