Track list and credits for Ted McGraw’s CD

This CD is dedicated to Bridget, my best friend and wife for the past 58 years. Thanks Bridgie for your great patience with this music hobby of mine.

I play a modified Beltuna Sara 3 in C#D. Modified in that I substituted the low reed for a set of medium Binci’s to aid the 2 exisiting Artigiana sets. Tuning was done by Scott Bellinger to specifications I received from Charlie Harris. My ‘session’ box, not used here, is an old 3 row Hohner tuned in BCD.

Major influences on my music include Frank Murphy, Co. Mayo & Rochester, Jim Finucane, Co. Kerry & Rochester, and Scottish accordioninst Jimmy Shand.

This project would not have been possible without the persistence and help from my good friend, Seamus Connolly who added his fiddle to some of the tracks. A big thanks also to the multi-talented Gabriel Donohue for playing all the other instruments and polishing the result in his studio, Cove Island Productions, Philadelphia. The accordion tracks were recorded by yours truly in my home studio in Rochester, NY. The photos were taken by our daughter, Trish McGraw Minty. Thanks Trish! Thanks also to itClix, Pultneyville, NY. for assembling all the graphics on the 3 fold CD insert card.