CD 4, Irish Waltzes, V.1


1. Gentle Maiden , Teddy O’Neill

2. Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow, Moonlight in Mayo

3. She Lived Beside the Anner, Erin’s Lovely Lee

4. Believe Me…, Where the River Shannon Flows

5. Pull Down the Blind, Hummingbird

6. Snowy Breasted Pearl, Mary of the Curling Hair

7.  Kevin Barry, Bold Jack Donohue, Tipperary Far Away

8. Wild Col. Boy, The Star of Logie Bay, Irish Soldier Boy

9. Fr. Murphy of Boolavogue (in 3 keys)

10. Seamus O’Brien, I’ll Remember You Love in My Prayers,

         Far Away in Australia

11. Don’t Tread on the Tail of My Coat, O’Brien Has

         No Place to go.

12. Castle of Dromore, The Three Flowers

13. My Own Dear Galway Bay, The Town of Galway

14. My Irish Jaunting Car, Boys of the Co. Armagh

15. Connemara Lullaby, Old Bog Road, Slievenamon

16. Limerick Waltz Redowa

17. Noreen Bawn, Molly Bawn, Girl From Donegal

18. Rosin the Bow, Lovely Leitrim, Green Hills of Kerry

19. Rose of Aranmore, A Mother’s Love is a Blessing,

         Eileen McMahon



CD 4, Irish Waltzes is one of 2 CD’s of Waltz tunes commonly played for Irish social dances all during the 1900’s. These tunes, mostly song tunes, would fill an Irish dance floor. This is now 2021 and you would be hard pressed to find an old Irish social dance now. They seem to have been replaced by ceili dances consisting mostly of sets and rince fada with an occasional waltz. Many of these old song tunes are forgotten and no longer played by Irish traditional musicians. These notes are my sources for the tunes. I recorded  them with a Hohner Xtreme 3 row, 2 voice box in BCD with Ciccarelli reeds.


1. Gentle Maiden, Teddy O’Neill are the first 2 tunes in one of Jimmy Shand’s Waltz books. We played the Gentle Maiden a lot in our early sessions.


2. Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow, Moonlight in Mayo, 2 tunes from Frank Murphy, paired in the Blackthorn repertoire.


3. Two old songs. I got their melodies from the music.


4. Believe Me… & Shannon River learned from  John McCormack records, HMV DA1432 & Victor 758.


5. Pull Down the Blind came from Frank Murphy. The Hummingbird as recorded by the Gallowglass Ceili Band. Music for both are in one of the F. Roche collections.


6. Snowy Breasted Pearl is from our early sessions. I learned Mary of the Curling Hair from a Johnny McEvoy album.


7. Three tunes from Frank Murphy’s house parties of the 1950’s.


8. The Star of Logie Bay is from a McNulty Family recording, Copley album 9-604 . It’s a Nfld. song. The other two tunes were from the old house parties.


10. Seamus O’Brien, both are from The McNulty Family Decca 12247 & Far Away in Australia from Decca 12256. I’ll Remember You Love in My Prayers is from another unrecallable album.


11. Don’t Tread on the Tail… is from a Patrick Galvin album. O’Brien… is from McNulty Family Decca 12236.


12. Two waltzes from Frank Murphy. Dorothy McManus recorded the Three Flowers on Copley 9-151.


13. My Own Dear Galway Bay is from the music, Town of Galway is from the singing of Connie Foley, Copley 9-129.


14. Marty O’Keefe used to sing the Irish Jaunting at all our early sessions. I had it from Connie Foley’s record, Copley 9-212. Boys From the Co. Armagh is from the singing of Margaret Slavin on a McCusker Bros. Ceili Band album.


15. I first heard the Connemara Lullaby from Brendan Hogan on a Ballinakill Ceili Band album. The Old Bog Road and Slievenamon are from the singing of Glen Curtin, Rego R-46000.


16. The Limerick Waltz Redowa as recorded by the Gallowglass Ceili Band. The music is in one of the Roche collections.


17. and 18. well known popular songs - waltz tunes.


19. From two McNulty Family records, Decca 12252 & 12254. Eileen McMahon is from a Connie Foley 78, Copley 9-124.