Accordion CD 3 - More Tunes


1. Wearing of the Green, Boys of Wexford, Roddy

       McCorley, A Nation once Again Marches

2. Dick OÕKeefeÕs (Lonesome Road to Dingle), Denis

       MurphyÕs Slides

3. Larry OÕGaff, Garryowen Jigs

4. March, Strathspey, Reels: Road to the Isles, Stirling

       Castle, Torryburn Lassies, Roll Her on the Hill

5. Jack Cameron. Drunken Piper Reels

6. If There WerenÕt Any Women in the World, Orange

       & Blue Flings

7. Boys of the Town Jigs (two settings)

8. A Health to the Ladies, Cherish the Ladies Jigs

9. Mugs of Brown Ale Jigs (two settings)

10. Stool of Repentance, Uncle JimÕs Jigs

11. Derry, RickettÕs Hornpipes

12. FisherÕs, Tommy SullivanÕs Hornpipes

13. Merry Blacksmith, Soldiers Joy Reels

14. Rocky Road to Dublin, Boys of Ballisodare Slip Jigs

15. Scotland the Brave, WeÕre No AwaÕ Tae Bide

       AwaÕ Grand March

16. Rose In the Heather, Munster Buttermilk Jigs

17. My Darling Asleep, Black Rogue Jigs

18. Saddle the Pony, Blackthorn Stick Jigs

19. Merrily Danced the Quakers Wife Slide, Johnny

       WalkerÕs (Scartaglen, Ned ConnellÕs) Polka

20. Gan Ainm, Mary WillieÕs Slides

21. Battering Ram, TobinÕs Jigs

22. Miss MonaghanÕs, Blackberry Blossom, Rolling in the

       Ryegrass,  Bonnie Kate Reels


Accordion CD 3 - More Tunes,  Notes


These notes are my for sources for the tunes played on this CD. References to recordings are for 78rpm records except where noted.


1. & 2. We open this CD with well known Marches & Kerry slides.


3. Another couple of tunes learned first from Frank Murphy, Mayo & Rochester.


4. The first 3 tunes are off Jimmy Shand solo 78, Beltona 2230.  I added the last reel from Shand B2314.


5. Jack Cameron is from  Don MesserÕs ÒWay Down East FiddlinÕ TunesÓ pub. 1948. tune book. My version of the Drunken piper is from the Marr & Co. Royal Collection collection pub. By Mozart Allen, Glasgow.


6. I first heard the ÔWomanÕ tune from Johnny PowellÕs Band on Copley, 9-122. I got the Orange & Blue Fling from Jerry OÕBrienÕs tune book.


7. Boys of the Town settings are from Paddy Cronin, Copley 9-119  and George WalkerÕs manuscript.


8. These two jigs are played in the ÓwrongÓ key because it was easier for me to play them on the single row.


9. One of the Mugs was played by Blackthorn; the other is from music.


10. First heard Stool of Repentance from Jimmy Shand B2446. Uncle Jim was played by Blackthorn.


11. Londonderry & RickettÕs first learned from Frank Murphy and recorded by JerryÕs Hayshakers on Copley 8- 508. Frank used to play it for the last figure of a square set.


12. I learned FisherÕs from AllanÕs Irish Fiddler, published by Mozart Allen of Glasgow.I learned Tommy SullivanÕs form a Don Messer tune book. It refers to a Canadian fiddler, not the Tommy Sullivan Irish box player of Springfield Mass.


13. I first heard the Merry Blacksmith from Joe DerraneÕs recording, Copley, 9-147  . It was played by Blackthorn. I first heard SoldierÕs Joy from Don Messer on Copley 8-503. It is a well-known fiddle tune.


14. Blackthorn played the Rocky Road. I first heard the Boys of Ballisodare from the Chieftains and learned it from the music.


15. The Grand March is from the Rochester Harps Band.


16. I first heard Rose In the Heather from Jerry OÕBrien on Copley 9-103,  then learned it from JerryÕs tune book. Munster Buttermilk is from Johnny Walker.


17. I learned My Darling Asleep from Jim OÕLooney, a Killarney box player who settled in Utica NY. I learned the Black Rogue from Frank Murphy.


18. Saddle the Pony and Blackthorn Stick are from Frank Murphy and known by all our local musicians.


19. Merrily DancedÉ is my version. The polka is from Johnny Walker. It, like many tunes, has multiple names which I didnÕt know until much later.

One of them is Scartaglen.


20. Both slides learned from the music.


21. Battering Ram is from the first album by the Tulla Ceili Band on Dublin LP1000, and often played by the Rochester Harps Band in a medley for a ÔSiege of EnnisÕ. TobinÕs was played by Blackthorn fiddler, Marie Brate. I learned it from the music.


22. Miss MonaghanÕs, Blackberry Blossom, Rolling in the Ryegrass, Bonnie Kate Reels, all learned from Frank Murphy. This old style version of the Blackberry Blossom is similar to that recorded by the McNulty Family on Decca 12258.


This CD was recorded using a Beltuna Sara 3 accordion, 3 voice MMM, with 2 sets of Artigianna and 1 set of Binci reeds, tuned in C#D.