CD 2 Tunes

1. Bluebell Polka

2. Looking for a Partner Two Step

3. Australian Ladies, Dovecote Park Marches

4. Mount CashelÕs Brigade March

5. Morgan Magan, Harp tune

6. Planxty Davis, Harp Tune

7. Give Me Your Hand, Harp tune

8. South Wind, Harp tune

9. Si Beag, Si Mor, Harp tune

10. Lord Inchiquin, Harp tune

11. Dingle Regatta, Kesh Jigs

12. Kinnegad Slashers, Treble & Double Jig

13. Biddy the Boul Wife, Dan the Cobbler,

      JerryÕs Beaver Hat Jigs

14. Mary Douglas, Pet of the Pipers Jigs

15. HardimanÕs Fancy, Bit of Ginger Jigs

16. Nora Criona, Kitty Magee, Single Jigs

17. Scattery Island, Going to the Well for Water Slides

18. Irishwasherwoman Jig, McLeodÕs Reel

19. Heathery Breeze, Come West Along the Road,

      Trip to Durrow Reels

20. FrankÕs Jig, ConnaughtmanÕs Rambles in G & D

21. OÕNeillÕs, The Foggy Dew, OÕDonnell Abu Marches

22. Kildare Fancy, MinstrelÕs Fancy, New York Hornpipes




Notes for Accordion CD 2 by Ted McGraw


These notes include my sources for the tunes. CD 2 is the 2nd in this documentation series of tunes I collected over the years. Recorded 1/2021 - 2/2021 in my office using a Beltona Sara 3 (3 voice) accordion in C#D with two sets of Artigiana Reeds and one set of Binci reeds.



1. Bluebell Polka. Jimmy ShandÕs recording, Parlophone F3436 made the British pop hit parade for several weeks in the mid 1950Õs.


2. Looking For A Partner Two Step from J. Shand Parlophone F3434, written by James Braidwood.


3. Australian Ladies, Dovecot Park Marches, also from Jimmy Shand records, Beltona BL2314 and BL2449.


4. Mount CashelÕs Brigade March, as recorded by the Gallowglass Ceili Band, London LL1713. The music is in one of the Roche collections.


5. Morgan Magan, harp tune by T. OÕCarolan


6. Planxty Davis, recorded by Leo Rowsome, CC1, learned from from OÕNeillÕs 1850 tunes.


7. Give Me Your Hand, harp tune written by Rory Dall OÕCathain for Lady Eglington in Scotland.


9. Si Beag, Si Mor, The Little Fairy Hill and the Big Fairy Hill, OÕCarolan harp tune.


10. Lord Inchiquinn, a British invader famous for burning women & children, first heard from the Chieftaons.


11. Dingle Regatta, a great 3 part Kerry slide from the west of Ireland, Kesh Jig is from its first by recording by the Kincora Ceilidhe Band, RCA 26-7518


12. Kinnegad Slashers was the name of the local hurling team in Kinnegad, Co. Westmesth. From Columbia recording 33531F by the Moate Ceilidhe Band.


13. Biddy the Bowl Wife, from J. Shand solo F3319, Dan the Cobbler from J. Shand BL2440, JerryÕs Beaver Hat from Limerick fiddler George Walker of Rochester.


14. Mary Douglas learned from Tommy Finucane, Kerry & Rochester, Learned later it was also recorded by J. Shand on F-3380. Pet of the Pipers learned from several recordings; it was a favorite of Jimmy Finucane,


15. HardimanÕs Fancy & Bit of Ginger from Joe Derrane & Jerry OÕBrien Copley 9-142. The music is in Jerry OÕBrienÕs tune book.


16. Nora Criona, tune from Delia Murphy, Kitty Magee tune from Tommy Makem.


17. Scattery Island, from the 2nd Ceoltoiri Laighean album, Gael-Linn CEF047. The tune came from John Kelly whose mother was from Scattery.


18. Irishwasherwoman Jig & McLeodÕs Reel as learned from Frank Murphy, Mayo & Rochester.


19. 3 reels learned from various music collections.


20. FrankÕs Jig, as learned from Frank Murphy. It was recorded by Michael Grogan as WyperÕs Fancy on Regal Zonophore IZ1222. 3 Decades later, Seamus Connolly told me it was called The VictorÕs Return, OÕNeillÕs #886. ConnaughtmanÕs Rambles in G is from Frank Murphy, in D was popular in our early sessions; an accordion arrangement.


21. 3 well known marches


22. Kildare Fancy from Frank LeeÕs Tara Ceilidhe Band, Rex 15041, Minstrels Fancy and the New York  from Fred HannaÕs Band BL IEP 56.