I've decided to sell my first accordion.   Sometime in 1954, when I was eight, my father, Patrick Winch, and his best friend, P.J. Conway, took me to Manhattan, where this box was purchased.  It's an abbreviated D/C#, with just 3 buttons on the inside row. As you can see from the photos, it was made by "A. Butti & son," whomever they may be.  It's in excellent condition and still sounds great.  Straps and case included.  I'd like to get ca. $2500. Terry Winch.

Butti made mostly piano accordions.

The following is from “Golden Age of the Accordion”, page 123,

My Life and Career by Charles Nunzio.

Nunzio played piano accordion. One of his teachers was Frank Umbriaco of Superior Accordions. Notice that A. Butti’s shop at that time was located in the same area as the Baldoni Bartoli shop, possibly Mulberry St.

This strange box looks like it might be a piano accordion with buttons instead of piano keys. The maker seems to be Dallape in Italy, but it has a Butti grille, so it may have been imported incomplete and its assembly finished in NY by Butti.