Baldoni - Misc. Players & Pacc’s


Bobby Gardiner & Joe Derrane

The box Joe received at Wolftrap, used on an album cover.

Joe’s original Baldoni. Note the difference in the harp symbols on the grille.

Bill Sullivan, Headford, Galway,

Brooklyn, NY, & Rochester, NY and his 1929 Baldoni. Bill often played P. Conlon in NYC.

Tom Senier (left) and Jack Storrer with their Baldoni’s, (late 1930’s ?)

This box sold by the Baldoni Co. in Wisconsin, not related to the NY city company (per telephone call to Wis. Co. which is still in business).

Continental Chromatic accordions from probably 1920’a & 1940’s

Three Baldoni Piano accordions.

Joe, with his current (1998) Gaillard

Peter J. Conlon, with his 1928 Baldoni.