Baldoni - White

Tom Treacy played with Tom Treacy’s Irish Orchestra, Chicago, starting in the 1920‘s. Photo supplied by Bill Conroy, 2/10/2010. Tom was Bill’s wife’s uncle.

Shift lever behind keyboard for low octave reeds.

On some boxes, a key lever operated two pallets

Bill Sullivan from Clifden, Galway lived in Brooklyn and sometimes played with Peter Conlon. He added the extension to his 1929 Baldoni fingerboard.

These little 10 key accordions in the key of D were made in the late 1920’s to early 1930’s, usually had 4 0r 6 sets of reeds, and were sold by Baldoni of 60 Mulberry St., NY City.

See also ‘Ma’ McNulty’s little Baldoni.

Bass reeds in the Likely box.

A rare unmarked box that, per P. Groff, may be the ‘raw material’ used by Baldoni & Walters to make a fully engraved instrument.

A sad ol’ lad looking forward to being restored to his former glory.