Accordion CD 5, Scottish Waltzes, etc. Vol. 2 Ted McGraw, Mar. 2021


1. Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden, Lunan Bay

2. Westering Home, Comin’ Thro’ the Rye, Waltz & dbl

3. 100 Pipers, Waltz & Jig

4. Flow Gently Sweet Afton, Sally Gardens

5. Jock Mackay, A Gordon For Me

6. Jock O’ Hazeldean, We’d Better Bide A Wee, My Nannies

     Awa’, The Auld Scots Sangs

7. Kelvin Grove, Green Grow the Rashes, The Laird O’

    Cockpen, There Grows A Briar Bush

8. My Love Is Lke A Red Red Rose,

     My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

9. Jelly Well Spread Waltz, Roaring Jelly (Smash the

     Windows), Off She Goes Jig

10, Ash Grove, Jenny Jones, Leezie Lindsay

11. Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Forever & Ever,

       In The Shade of the Old Apple Tree

12. On Top of Old Smoky, Home On the Range,

      Goodnight Irene

13. Ye Banks & Braes, Oft In the Stilly Night,

       Ned of the Hill

14. Northern Lights of Aberdeen, Oh Dear, What Can

      the Matter Be

15. I Belong to Glasgow, Liverpool Lou

16. I Lo’e Nae A Laddie, Logie O Buchan, There’s Nae Luck

17. Black Velvet Band, Twenty One Years

18. Mts. of Mourne, Spancil Hill, Claddagh Ring



The following notes are the sources from which I first got the tunes included here as best as I can recall. There were other sources as well that may have had some influence on what is recorded here. The recordings are not professionally polished. I did some editing to the tune ends and to eliminate some dead space that creeped in from time to time. There may be some mistakes. The purpose was to document my tunes while I’m still able to play the button accordion. This CD was recorded using a Beltuna Sara 3 in C#D, MMM, with 2 sets of Artigianna reeds and one set of Binci reeds.


1. Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden is a unique version off Jim McHardy’s record, BL 2472. Lunan Bay is the first tune written by Jimmy Shand was recorded on Beltona BL2356, solo, and  Parlphone F-3449 with his band.


2. First heard Westering Home sung by Fr. Sydney MacEwan on Phillips EP NBE 11057. I double timed Comin’ Thro’ the Rye at the end.


3. 100 Pipers is a well know tune which I also double timed at the end.


4. Flow Gently… and Sally Gardens I learned from a Paddy Noonan album.


5. Jock MacKay & A Gordon For Me are from Jimmy Shand, F-3463.


6. The Jock O’Hazeldean medley is from one of Jimmy Shand’s waltz books. Shand recorded it on EP GEP 8735.


7. The Kelvingrove medley is also from one of Jimmy Shand’s waltz books. Some of it was recorded by Jimmy on BL2451.


8. My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose is from Kenneth McKellar, EP DFE 6274. My Bonnie… is a common tune I’ve known forever.


9. Jelly Well Spread is from a Jim McHardy 78. BL 2417.


10. The Ash Gave & Jenny Jones is from Jimmy Shand’s first Beltona record, BL 2229. I added Leezie Lindsay to the medley.


11. The Let Me Call You Sweetheart medley is from my memory of Frank Murphy’s playing.


12. Old American songs.


13. Ye Banks & Braes… is from the singing of Fr. Sydney MacEwan, Columbia DC 486. Oft in the Stilly Night is from Jimmy Finucane and John McCormack’s recording. I probably didn’t learn Ned of the Hill until I heard Al O’Donnell singing it.


14. The Northern Lights was sung in the early years of the Harps Club. I first heard the whole song from Robert Wilson accompanied by Jimmy Shand’s Band on HMV 7EG8374.


15. I Belong to Glasgow chorus was also sung locally. I first heard the whole song when I got Will Fyffe’s 1929 recording reissued on a 45, Columbia SEG 7746. I think Liverpool Lou was popular sometime in the ‘70s.


16. Three more tunes from the Jimmy Shand waltz books.


17. Black Velvet Band from Johnny Kelly’s recording, PYE 7N17322. 21 Years from Dermot Hegarty’s recording, Release RL533.


18. Three more well known Irish waltz tunes to finish up this CD.