2020 - 2021 CD Project

Teds Tunes on Concertina and Accordion


This is a documentation project to record some of the tunes I have learned over the years while Im still able to play the instruments. There are 7 CDs in this project. These, along with my 80 Years in the Making CD, include 300 tunes. There is a playlist, notes, mostly about my source for the tune, and an MP3 file for listening to each track. These are NOT professionally recorded, so the files include flaws, with no apology. Also, there is no accompanyment; its just me sitting in front of a microphone in my office. I did a little editing to remove some dead space in the files. Three instruments were used, 1. 41 key Wheatstone Edeophone Anglo concertina in D/A. 2. Beltuna Sara 3 in C#D modified to be MMM. It has 2 sets of Artigiana and 1 set of Binci reeds. 3. Hohner Xtreme 3 row, 2 voice, 34 key box in BCD with 2 sets of Ciccarelli reeds. Click HERE to view instruments.


CD 1 Mostly Set Dances, 10 trks.

CD 2 Tunes, 22 trks

CD 3 More Tunes, 22 trks

CD 4 Irish Waltzes, 19 trks

CD 5 Scottish, etc. Waltzes, 18 trks

CD 6 Square & Contra Dance Tunes, 17 trks

CD Concertina, 15 trks